June 21, 2021
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MG Hector Resale Value By CarDekho -- How Much Will You Get After 3 Years?

MG is offering a buyback plan with the Hector that ensures buyers will get an assured 60 per cent of the Hector’s ex-showroom price if they sell it after three years.

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MG Hector Resale Value By CarDekho -- How Much Will You Get After 3 Years?
MG Hector Resale Value By CarDekho -- How Much Will You Get After 3 Years?

MG has launched the Hector SUV in India with introductory prices ranging between Rs 12.18 lakh to Rs 16.88 lakh (ex-showroom, India). Since it is a new brand trying to find a foothold, MG is offering a series of segment leading aftersales packages with the Hector, including a 3-60 buyback program, which is in partnership with CarDekho.

The 3-60 program assures a buyback value of 60 per cent of the Hector’s ex-showroom price after three years of purchase. This comes at a cost, of course, and is in combination with two types of maintenance packages on offer with both petrol and diesel versions of the SUV. Here are the prices for the plans:

The Classic maintenance plan covers scheduled maintenance only while the Premium plan includes wear and tear parts as well, excluding tyres and battery, though.

The 3-60 assured buyback program does come with a host of terms and conditions. This plan must be opted for at the time of purchasing the MG Hector and cannot be availed at a later date. These prices are a one-time cost that cover the full 3-year tenure. The plans are available for Hector cars bought on a company’s name too. However, this program is not available to those who purchase the Hector under lease.

Customers can include this under their purchase loan depending on the terms of their financiers. The ownership of the vehicle cannot be transferred during the plan’s tenure. MG Hector owners can opt to refinance during this tenure if they choose to retain the SUV after 3-years. If not, you can return it to any MG dealer in the same city as purchased and settle pending payments if any, or return and upgrade to a different MG car.

The mileage is capped at 30,000km for a petrol variant of the Hector and 45,000km for a diesel variant for the assured buyback value program. If an owner stays well within the mileage cap, no additional value will be added under the buyback program. However, the penalty for going over the cap is to lose Rs 7 on the assured value for every additional kilometre. For Hector’s bought with the 3-60 program, insurance must also be taken from MG dealership only and must cover until the end of the buyback tenure.

There is also a restriction on modifications to the MG Hector under this program. No after-market retro fitments on the car are allowed, only modifications carried out by MG’s dealer workshops are permissible. Also, any damage done during application or removal of advertising decals would also void the terms of the 3-60 assured buyback value.

In case you do void the terms and conditions of the 3-60 program, MG and CarDekho will still try to offer the best-possible resale value for your Hector SUV.

Source: cardekho.com

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