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Windmill AC Reviews - Is The Windmill Air Conditioning Unit With WhisperTech Worth Buying?

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Windmill AC Reviews - Is The Windmill Air Conditioning Unit With WhisperTech Worth Buying?

The Windmill AC is a smart, elegant, efficient, and quiet window air conditioner. The Windmill team promises that their take on keeping cool was designed with the highest standards of energy efficiency in mind while also minimizing the environmental impact that air conditioners are known to have.

Windmill AC
Windmill AC

Are you looking for ways to keep cool this summer? Don't want to let go of your window AC even though it is clunky, hard to clean, and makes far more noise than your blender? Though some people might have grown accustomed to the flaws, others might rely on it for the reason of need. Sure, personal coolers can eliminate some of these flaws, but the cooling coverage is too small that it might only inconvenience people some more. For the longest time, our editorial team was convinced that window ACs would unlikely get an upgrade. They haven't in almost decades; what will change now? Let's say one group founded on 60 years of experience passed from generations has accepted the challenge to introduce a modern take on window ACs. The following review aims to reveal the different layers of the one and only Windmill AC

What is The Windmill AC? 

The Windmill AC is a smart, elegant, efficient, and quiet window air conditioner. The Windmill team promises that their take on keeping cool was designed with the highest standards of energy efficiency in mind while also minimizing the environmental impact that air conditioners are known to have. Furthermore, this team has incorporated a carbon offset, an eco-friendly refrigerant, remote control efficiency, and recycling/trade-in programs. Air conditioners are rarely considered elegant, let alone quiet, so what distinguishes the Windmill AC from the crowd? This is where unearthing the underlying mechanism and its features becomes relevant. 

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What Features Does The Windmill AC Have? 

People who have wondered for decades why no one has questioned the shortcomings of traditional air conditioners have finally found a solution that accounts for it all. After navigating through the Windmill AC, our editorial team was impressed by the following features: 

Easy Installation 

Windmill AC is sold as a pre-assembled installation kit. In other words, all that is asked of individuals is that they take the air conditioner out of the box, follow the included simple-to-follow instructions, and it will be up and running in no time. If any problems arise throughout the installation process, individuals are strongly advised to contact customer care via chat for assistance. For those requiring more help, seeking a contractor through TaskRabbit is highly suggested. Finally, people in NYC may wish to consider Windmill's custom plexiglass and city-compliant installations by professional technicians. 

Completely Smart 

The Windmill AC, as noted earlier in the introduction, is an innovative window air conditioner, which means it can be operated via the Windmill app. The ability to control from just about anywhere is an overlooked benefit. On a hot summer day when the heat is boiling, individuals can turn on their unit 10 minutes before getting home. Similarly, people who left their homes and forgot to turn off their air conditioners can do so using the app. Finally, the Windmill AC may be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control. 

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The Windmill AC is unique because it uses a technology no other unit carries. In particular, we are referring to WhisperTech. The team maintains that WhisperTech is powered by advanced inverter technol'perience whisper-like cooling nine times quieter than non-inverter air conditioners. The whisper-like air flow is related to the near-silent linear fan, i.e., a small DC motor that propels the horizontal fan, delivering a comprehensive, uniform, and smooth atmosphere. 

Perfect Size 

The Windmill AC is perfectly sized, as it fits single- and double-hung windows with an opening width ranging between 23 and 37 inches (or 8,300 BTU with WhisperTech), 22 and 36 inches (or 10,000 BTU with WhisperTech). The original versions, without WhisperTech, are also available, with widths ranging between 23 and 37 inches (8,000 BTU) and 22 and 36 inches (6,000 BTU). 

Cleaner & Efficient Air Flow 

A dual-filtration system has been integrated into the Windmill AC to offer the freshest, cleanest, and most pleasant environment imaginable. Adding vents at the bottom is reported to have enhanced efficiency (35% more than legacy, non-inverter ACs). The latter enables amplified indoor air intake and improved performance at a 45-degree angle. Lastly, the Windmill AC includes an antimicrobial-protected mesh filter to capture dust and larger particles. Individuals will also have access to an activated carbon filter, which is reckoned to filter out gases, odors, and smoke. 

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When it comes to Windmill AC's eco-friendliness, there are several factors worth highlighting. To begin, the team created an air conditioner that employs a responsible refrigerant (R32). Compared to the typically used R410a, the R32 emits 68% less global warming potential. Second, there is a recycling program for anyone who wants to recycle their old units. This is also financially beneficial, as the team pledges to give $10 off on a new Windmill AC. 

Next, the Windmill team has launched Eco Rewards, the first-ever energy management program for window air conditioners. The idea is for individuals to register their ACs on the app and have the team assist them in using less electricity when it matters the most (i.e., during a heatwave). In turn, cash can be earned for helping the planet and supporting energy saving. This program is currently only offered in parts of New York and California. Actual earnings can be used to buy activated carbon filters, a Windmill gift card, or to withdraw as cash. 

Regarding the Carbon Offset Program, the Windmill team collaborated with EcoCart. This organization employs carbon offsets to address climate change (by saving forests or providing communities with non-renewable fuel). So, using advanced technology, EcoCart verifies that Windmill's contributions create enough impact to offset carbon emissions. 


Windmill AC Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What's included with each purchase of the Windmill AC? 

A: Each Windmill AC includes one Windmill AC and installation kit, reusable antimicrobial-protected mesh and activated carbon, decorative side panels, and one remote control. 

Q: What are the dimensions of the Windmill AC? 

A: It depends on the model. Currently, there are four models to choose from, two of which do not rely on WhisperTech. To be more specific: 

  • 13.2 inches high by 19.3 inches wide by 19.4 inches long (suitable for mid-sized rooms); 
  • 12 inches tall by 18 inches wide by 15.6 inches long (ideal for small-sized rooms); 
  • 13.3 inches high by 19.3 inches wide by 22.5 inches long – with WhisperTech (suitable for mid-sized rooms); 
  • 13.3 inches high by 19.3 inches wide by 22.5 inches long – with WhisperTech (suitable for larger rooms). 

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Q: How much does the Windmill AC weigh? 

A: The Windmill AC units with WhisperTech weigh between 61 and 63 lbs, whereas the original versions are slightly lighter (48 to 59 lbs). 

Q: How far does the Windmill AC stick out? 

A: It depends on the Windmill AC model of choice. Below is a breakdown of how far the AC sticks out, inside and out: 

  • Original Model 1: 5.5 inches (inside) and 13.5 inches (outside); 
  • Original Model 2: 5 inches (inside) and 9.25 inches (outside); 
  • WhisperTech Models: 7 inches (inside) and 13.25 inches (outside). 

Q: How many fans and cool settings are on the Windmill AC? 

A: There are four fans (low, medium, high, auto) and three cool (cool, eco, fan) settings. 

Q: What makes the Windmill AC unique? 

A: Windmill AC is unique for its elegant, quiet, innovative, and easy-to-install design. Moreover, the recent versions celebrate WhisperTech and an eco-responsible refrigerant called R32. How can anyone overlook the recycling, Eco Rewards, and Carbon Offset programs? 

Q: Is it safe to use the Windmill AC through the wall? 

A: The Windmill AC should not be used with a wall sleeve, slider windows, casement windows, or other non-single/double-hung windows. 

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Q: What is the Plexiglass installation? 

A: Windmill partnered with Keep Cool NYC. This fully insured local company can do traditional Windmill AC installs (with or without a support bracket) and custom plexiglass installs in the NYC area. Individuals must book an appointment by visiting here to get started with this service. 

Q: Why won't my Windmill AC pair with the app? 

A: The Windmill AC will pair with the app if individuals use a 2.4G WiFi network. The team also asks everyone to confirm that they are using the right app and have followed the instructions per Windmill's direction. The device must first be deleted from the app to re-connect the AC. Then, individuals are asked to reset the WiFi on the AC by holding down the WiFi button for five seconds. Finally, the device must be added back to normal. 

Q: Does the Windmill AC need a support bracket? 

A: It depends on one's residence. Some landlords and buildings in NYC require a support bracket to be used during installation. Therefore, individuals must contact their respective landlord or building management team before proceeding. 

Q: What is the red circle on the Windmill AC display? 

A: The color of the display panel should change from white to red. When it does, it means it's time to wash or change the filters. 

Q: Is installing the Windmill AC in a storm window possible? 

A: Installing the Windmill AC in a storm window is possible. However, preparation work is needed on the consumer's end. Per the team's recommendation, the key is raising the unit in the front to maintain the correct pitch. 

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Q: What measures can I take to ensure efficient use of the Windmill AC? 

A: To ensure efficiency while saving on the energy bill, the Windmill team recommends: 

  • Cleaning the filter: The cleaner the filter, the easier the airflow; 
  • Maximizing airflow: Ensure nothing is blocking airflow; 
  • Provide the AC some shade: The lower the sun exposure, the better; 
  • Do little things: Run appliances that generate a lot of heat when it is cold; 
  • Use the app: Shut off the AC remotely; 
  • Sign up for Eco Rewards: Reduce AC power at peak demand and increase the reliability of the air cleaner and electric grid. 

Q: What colors does the Windmill AC come in? 

A: The Windmill AC is available in Sky, Lavender, Dusk, and Sunset colors. 

Q: What is Clyde? 

A: Clyde is an insurance technology company allowing Windmill to offer its customer's product protection. 

Q: What's included in the Clyde Protection Plan? 

A: The Clyde Protection Plan covers accidental damage from the time of arrival of shipment. 

Q: How do I know if I qualify for Clyde Protection Plan options? 

A: The Clyde Protection Plan is available to people based in the United States (excluding territories), who purchased the Windmill AC from the official website ( ), placed an order on or after August 4, 2020, and the purchased product is eligible. 

Q: Where does the Windmill AC ship? 

A: Windmill AC ships to 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). 

Q: Does the Windmill AC include a warranty? 

A: The Windmill AC has a one-year limited warranty covering accidental damage. 

Q: Does a money-back guarantee protect the Windmill AC? 

A: A 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy protects the Windmill AC. Individuals are asked to email the Windmill team at [email protected], and they will provide instructions on returning the units. 


Purchasing The Windmill AC 

The Windmill AC is priced based on the model, as each one represents different coverage and technological inputs. Listed below is a summary of the pricing options available at checkout: 

  • Small AC (Up to 250 square feet coverage): $299 each; 
  • Medium AC (Up to 350 square feet coverage): $349 each; 
  • Medium AC with WhisperTech (Up to 350 square feet coverage): $399 each; 
  • Large AC with WhisperTech (Up to 450 square feet coverage): $499 each. 

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The Windmill Story 

The Windmill Story began in the 1960s when Grandpa Tony and his son established a small air conditioning company in New York City. Today, the company is in its third generation and provides services to some of the country's most significant structures. We can all agree that a lot has changed since the 1960s, but his family believed that modifications to window AC units were lacking. 

The standard unit is clumsy, noisy, and unappealing to look at, not to forget how exceedingly difficult it is to pick out. Windmill wants to break this narrative by combining 60 years of experience in ACs with the new and inventive insights of the younger generation. How has this worked out for the team? In response to those above, here's the Windmill team's viewpoint: 

“We started a new company and built a quality unit with today’s needs in mind. We think Grandpa Tony would be proud. We believe in beautiful, simple technology, better urban living, cleaner, healthier air, and friendly support. We strive for the highest standard of energy efficiency and do what we can to lessen the environmental impact of our ACs.” 

The Windmill AC Concluding Remarks 

Ultimately, Windmill, as a company devoted to bringing modern and upgraded to market, takes on window ACs. AC units with WhisperTech are considered a recent innovation among the several versions available at the time of writing. This technology assures not only silent or whisper-like airflow but also enhances overall efficiency (i.e., perfect for lowering energy costs), indoor air cleanliness, and simplicity of use, and improves the influence said applications could have on the environment. Our editorial team was captivated by Windmill's environmental efforts, whether transitioning to an eco-friendly refrigerant, encouraging consumers to recycle their oil units, offering Eco Rewards, or participating in the Carbon Offset Program. 

Every goal is either in progress or has been achieved, and the same goes for defining how people should keep cool. Innovative technology makes the Windmill AC matchless next to conventional ACs. The idea that an app has been designed to increase or reduce cooling and track usage is appealing. How can anyone overlook the sleek design and color options? It must also be acknowledged that this team established a thorough FAQ section and communication tools to assist consumers at any installation stage. All-in-all, if a brand out there accepted the challenge of upgrading window ACs and triumphed, it is undeniably Windmill. To find out more about Windmill ACs, visit the official website today! 

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