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Will I Have Love Marriage

What do you need for a good marriage: good longevity of your partner and compatibility on some essential factors for a happy married life. Forget whether I have love marriage: what is better love marriage or arranged marriage?


Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

In my practical experience of over two decades practicing Vedic Astrology, marriage, and marriage-related issues have been more than 50% of the consultations I offer. With the females' changed perception of marriage, hobnobbing at the professional platforms, increasing use and freedom on the Internet and social media, and many similar factors are prompting more and more people towards love marriage. Will I have a love marriage: is a very common question in the young generation in present times. Another debate is what is better- love marriage or arranged marriage? If a Love marriage, should we match the charts or how to make love marriage a success? I will try to explain something unconventional on the subject of Love or arranged marriage here. 


What do you need for a good marriage: good longevity of your partner and compatibility on some essential factors for a happy married life. Forget whether I have love marriage: what is better love marriage or arranged marriage? The essence of any marriage is Love in the relationship, respect for your partner, and how you cope with the expectations of your partner's professional, family, and social life. If two partners have compatibility on these three fundamentals, I think there should be no debate about what is better, love marriage or arranged marriage. You read on many websites that love marriages have greater failure rates but try to summarise what can be the reasons for this. This can be true if you miss just one fundamental of marriage: checking compatibility between two persons. I firmly believe that love marriage can be the best if you follow a simple step: get your compatibility checked through an unbiased opinion.  


What is better arranged or love marriage

There is a lot written about: what is better Love or arranged marriage: Love vs. arranged marriage. Let me start with saying I am a firm supporter of love marriages with just one rider: marry after matching the charts. Do not make any short cut or feel shy about getting the charts matched before marrying. Also, there are indications of love/arranged marriage in birth chart itself. Your Horoscope indicates if a person will have Love or arranged marriage. First, let me deal with the point: what is better Love or arranged marriage. 

Consider marriage a bond of relationship and the factors that help a person to carry the relationship before saying what is better Love or arranged marriage, or to get over the debate of Love vs arranged marriage. Now try to think of some points that can help you decide what is better love marriage or arranged? 

1. Love before marriage can be a fantasy, a blindfolded belief in opposite partner. It can change 360 degrees after the marriage with changing responsibilities and family conditions.

2. Love, affection, and inclination towards a particular person for a few years, or months cannot and should not ignore/ prevail upon the relationship bonding for much longer years with parents, siblings, and others in life thus far. Now, if one can ignore all relationships for one person for a cause, what is the guarantee that the person will not take a U-turn in a love relationship?

3. Love can be spontaneous but then we need to understand life after marriage is not spontaneous. A person has to live with many bindings, responsibilities, and adjustments to the new family and social conditions. 


4. Celebrities are the best examples of love marriages, but cases of unrest after marriage are also more in their cases.

5. In love marriages, you sometimes ignore all advice from parents/well-wishers and cross many social boundaries. Then in case of the smallest issue post-marriage, can you expect any support from these sources? Instead, you find yourself in no man's land and even feel shy to approach others for any help/resolution.

6. In Love marriage, sometimes, you are bent upon performing any remedy to marry. Can you carry human relationships simply based on remedies? Such remedies can give you what you want for some time but cannot help you carry the marriage for long. 


7. I have a very candid message for people in Love: not to marry based only on rituals and remedies. Many astrologers/Pandits, seeing your intentions, can suggest to marry by performing some remedies; please do not do it. Have patience; consult any good astrologer to check the overall compatibility of both charts. Try to check the strengths and weaknesses of both the horoscopes, cancellation and counterbalancing effects if there are any Doshas. But do not go by any advice to marry after performing some remedies and rituals as a shortcut. In a love marriage where both partners are professionals, will they sacrifice to other partners' need if the time demands?


8. You would agree that the chances of love marriage with professionals are more compared to other segments. But then their individual aspiration towards their profession can also become a cause of differences post-marriage. Love before marriage can be contemporary, but post-marriage, it can make you competitive with each other. 

9. In the same context, sometimes the desire to have a child can be a point of difference. I am saying this because, of late, I witness a large no's of cases where couples miss the best time to plan a child and then want to resort to artificial methods like IVF, etc. 


It is very easy to find if the person will tend towards a love marriage or go for an arranged marriage. So, my advice here is that on reaching the marriageable age, just get the below points checked. Astrology can help to know whether a person will have a love or arranged marriage. Then it is very easy to follow your love relationship for marriage or mend your ways to go for a marriage settled as arranged marriage. Now, I will explain how to know about love marriage. Can one know about Love or arranged marriage from the Horoscope? 

How to know about love marriage


Now comes the question: how to know about love marriage from Horoscope of the person? When we talk about a person's marriage/ married life, the seventh house of the Horoscope is the main house of marriage. In any horoscope, the seventh house, the seventh lord, Venus, and Jupiter are the main karakas or significators of marriage. While the seventh relates to marriage, the fifth house of the Horoscope is the house of Love, romance, and your love partner. To know about Love and arranged marriage, an astrologer has to analyze various astrological yogas in the Horoscope. One can read more on how to know about love marriage from birth chart. Now, let us read about different yogas for Love and arranged marriage as follows-Yogas for love marriage.


Horoscope has clear yogas for love marriage. Read in brief combinations for love marriage in a horoscope as below:

1. The conjunction of the lords of the fifth and seventh houses indicates a love marriage.

2. The interchange of the fifth and seventh Lords in each other's zodiac sign (Rashi), also known as parivartan yoga in astrology, gives a love marriage.

3. If the fifth and seventh lords are in mutual aspect to each other in the Horoscope, it also gives a love marriage.

4. If the fifth lord sits in the seventh house, it indicates the desire to have a love marriage.


5. The placement of the seventh lord in the fifth house shows a love marriage.

6. Love marriage is possible if the fifth lord, the seventh lord, or both are retrograde.

7. If Mars, Saturn, or Rahu are in the ninth house, Jupiter is under affliction, and the seventh lord is more powerful than the ascendant, love marriage can occur.

8. The conjunction of the ascendant lord (Lagnesh) or the Moon with the seventh house in the quadrant/Kendra house gives love marriage.

9. Love marriage can happen if Moon and Venus are in conjunction in the seventh house.

10. If Venus is in the seventh house, a person can have a love marriage.


11. Rahu in the seventh house gives a love marriage.

12. If Venus is in the seventh house and is also under the aspect of Mars, then love marriage takes place.

13. If Mars, Venus, and Rahu are in the seventh house, love marriage can occur.

14. If the Moon is in conjunction with the seventh lord while Venus is also under the aspect of Saturn or Mars, then love marriage can take place. 

Combinations for arranged marriage

In the same way, Horoscope has combinations for an arranged marriage. These Yogas/combinations in a birth chart indicate that a person will have an arranged marriage. Read in brief what combinations in astrology indicate arranged marriage.


1. If Jupiter sits in the seventh house, the person has arranged marriage.

2. If Jupiter aspects the seventh house, it forms a yoga for an arranged marriage.

3. If Jupiter aspects Venus in the Horoscope, then an arranged marriage is possible. 

4. If Jupiter is the seventh lord, then an arranged marriage is possible.

5. An arranged marriage can occur if Venus or the seventh lord forms a conjunction with Jupiter.

6. Arranged marriage is possible if the seventh lord gets placed in the Kendra house with an auspicious planet.

7. An arranged marriage is possible if an exalted Jupiter (placed in Cancer) aspects the seventh house.


All the factors mentioned above to know what will be better: arranged marriage or love marriage, depends on the individual charts as the practical situations in each case can be different. 

Is Horoscope matching necessary in love marriage

Should we match horoscopes in love marriage is nothing but a short cut question to a very important decision of your life. I say when two people know each other and have a bond of understanding/relationship between them, then why can they not spend a few minutes with an astrologer to check their relationship compatibility? People might say I am being greedy to get some money for matching horoscopes: I don't mind, but to all who consult me for marriage, I insist people marry after matching the horoscopes. This I am saying because I hate when people come to me to discuss about unsuccessful marriage. In my opinion, kundli matching is necessary for Love marriage/arranged marriage both. By matching charts in love marriage, you come to know the situation one can face due to incompatibility. Just read how horoscope matching helps you to take a decision of marriage: re-call any case that you have heard of an unsuccessful marriage. Try to figure out what would have caused issues in their married life. You will find those reasons cannot be different than what could have been avoided if horoscopes were matched. You may be surprised to note that the Horoscope matching for love marriage differs from matching horoscopes for an arranged marriage


I don't say you don't go for love marriage, go for love marriage, it is better. Just think of life after marriage, check the factors that decide the compatibility between two partners and make a decision. I support love marriage with a small rider for the reasons explained above. Anything in specific, connect with my office on +919278555588/9278665588.