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Know How To Have A Successful Love Marriage: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

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Know How To Have A Successful Love Marriage: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

The trend of love marriages is on the rise, but somehow, relationship failures are also adding more to ears off late. Love is a passion that starts like floweret to blossom throughout the life of two individuals. It sees no barriers. It is a bond of relationship that tends to jump or ignore hurdles, leaps fences and simply wants to get going with the loved ones. Then why there is a point of discussion on the success of love marriage and why there is a debate on Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage? Why does it happen: is it that the Love marriage is a wrong decision, or do we need to do a little bit of vetting before deciding on love marriage? The latter sounds better, so to know how to have a successful love marriage, we spoke to Dr Vinay Bajrangi-one of the best astrologers in India, practising Vedic Astrology. We asked him how to get love marriage predictions from date of birth: how to have a successful love marriage and what is better, a Love Marriage or arranged Marriage. He explained all these questions with the help of Love Marriage Astrology. He explained effective ways of Love marriage problem solutions which one can follow to have a successful love relationship for life. Here are the excerpts of our discussions with him.

QHow to get predictions for love marriage from date of birth?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – Predictions for love marriage by date of birth means considering your birth chart, which has your date, time and place of birth, and planets' position at the time of birth. And yes, one can get all predictions for love marriage by date of birth. Love marriage astrology by date of birth has all indication for giving love marriage predictions. Now I will explain a few astrological aspects that are seen for making predictions for love marriage.

  • We start with Lagna, Lagnesh and their relationship with the 5th and 7th House to know all virtues and traits of the person you want to marry. This tells us how strong is the Love marriage Yoga in a horoscope. We see the planets in 5th, and 7th House are friendly like Jupiter, Moon and Mercury or are malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
  • Then we see the position of Venus, which is the natural planet for love, romance, beauty, sexual pleasures, desires, attraction and similar traits. Any love problems solution astrologer will see the status of Venus: whether it is exalted or debilitated and whether it has the association of malefic or friendly planets as said above?
  • A malefic Jupiter in the 9th House drives a person away from the religious virtue & inclines a person for love marriage.
  • The presence of Rahu and Ketu in the Lagna, Venus and Moon also prompts a person towards love marriage as per Love marriage by date of birth.

These are astrology combinations for making predictions for love marriage which generally a love marriage astrologer will know. But there are some very specific factors that are seen for love marriage predictions. Only a specialist love marriage astrologer can see these things using love marriage astrology by date birth. These specific combinations responsible for love marriage are: 

  • Togetherness, aspect and intrinsic relationship of Saptamesh & Panchamesh: Asthamesh (the lord of 8th House) in the 7th House with a weak Moon prompts a person towards love, inter-caste or secret marriage:
  • Sun in the 7th House with Rahu also makes a person inclined towards love marriage.

Now you see, if the predictions for love marriage by date of birth are possible, so many factors need to be seen in Love marriage astrology and that where I said you need a specialist who is love problems solution astrologer.

Q- How to make a love marriage success love life?

DVB – I will first explain this from a commoner's viewpoint here. The couple must respect and share the values of each other. Better understanding with each other and adjustment capabilities when there are differences in opinion at the different aspects of life. The habit of giving and being submissive rather than always demanding. Respect towards each other's family also is a crucial factor in India. Honesty and transparency in the relationship. Whenever there are negativities in life, one must stand by the opposite partner rather than being critical or opposing. In case of crises, one must support each other than pulling the plank and spreading each other's failures. All this means you respect each other, and if you can do that, you are sure to have a successful love relationship beyond any doubts. 

I don't think I have said something out of the box that a person should adopt in his/her personality and nature for a successful love marriage life.: be it love or arranged marriage. These are few points a person has to inculcate within her/himself, and all others will fall in line. Then there are certain hidden points in some individuals like infidelity, sexual compatibility, severe health issues and longevity, which need to be vetted through an expert. Once you take care of these points & I assure you of the successful married life and love relationship for ever. You miss or ignore even a single factor out of these; it will complicate many other factors, and a relationship starts getting into trouble one after the another. You can do a preliminary check of your love marriage predictions by date of birth on my website also.  

Q – How can astrologer help to improve love relationship?

DVB – Astrologer does not have a magic stick or can give you a platter for successful love marriage. You see, in a love relationship, two persons know each other on many such factors. In most cases, you find both claim to know most of these things about each other as they must have had a good time with each other. This is quite logical, and nothing wrong with this but a small cross-verification of these characteristics and traits before finally tying the knot is what I recommend as a love problems solution astrologer. And why one should not do it? You see, in love, when you already have proximity to each other, know each other, where is the harm to spend a few minutes with a good marriage astrologer to understand strengths and weaknesses of each other. Get clarity of love compatibility by date of birth between both of you.

Q – What is the best way to have a successful love marriage?

DVB- In love, where two people know each other on many aspects, they should simply take a small plunge to get their relationship compatibility factors checked through any good astrologer. Once you do this, you will know all weakness and strengths of a person and where and what adjustments you will have to make to succeed in your love marriage? I do not recommend resorting to rituals and remedies if there are considerable gaps in the compatibility factors. 

Q – Should we match horoscopes in love marriage?

DVB – You see, if you mean matching horoscope like a scorecard or taking computerised tabulated results, then you match or don't match the horoscopes is the same thing. Many go for simply Gun Matching to complete formalities or convince others that their marriage horoscope match. But yes, if you are matching overall relationship compatibility factors as per Vedic astrology standards, it means a lot: be it love or arranged marriage. A marriage, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, is a matter to carry the love relationship for happy married life. Therefore, matching marriage horoscope is always a good decision; at least, it will not do any harm to you. And if you are shy or apprehensive about marriage horoscope matching, another strong reason one should match horoscope in love marriage. It can foretell and prepare yourself for what you may eventually have to face and relish post-marriage. Another strong point for a need to match marriage horoscope in Love marriage is that in love, sometimes we ignore social and family boundaries. Later even for a small problem, we may not get support from the avenues that we ignored. Please do not take it as a test but treat it as a small healthy exercise. But here need is to meet a marriage problems solution astrologer who acts as counsellor and not like a typical astrologer who will tell you rounds of remedial measures.

Q – What is better love or arranged marriage?

DVB – Marriage, be it love or arranged, is how you respect and carry your relationship. The debate regarding which is better, love or arranged does not hold much significance as long as you have satisfied yourself with the essential characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, behaviour, transparency and honesty of the opposite person. I sincerely hope you understand what I am trying to say. And if you check these factors as explained, both marriage will have the same level of success. 

Let me also clarify here that be it a love marriage or arranged marriage, be very logical and transparent in selecting the life partner as any issues in the married life affects your career also. The 7th House, the House of marriage has a direct impact on your professional life. Take marriage astrologer as your buddy as your guardian to check your love compatibility by date of birth and why not when love marriage astrology has all the tools for making predictions for marriage and make your love marriage a success.

This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi – one of the best astrologers in India in this series of unveiling many useful secrets of Vedic Astrology. One can read about him on www.vinaybajrangi.com or contact his office on +91 9278665588/9278555588