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Wicked Musical Tickets 2023-2024: Broadway NYC And Tour In Philadelphia, Detroit, Austin, Denver

The Wicked Tour is a multi-awarded show dominating Broadway in different parts of the world.

Wicked Musical Tickets

This theatrical extravaganza has been taking the center stage of New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Austin, and Denver by storm. It has a unique storyline where the world of good, evil, enchantment, melodies, tales, and darkness meets.

If you plan to watch the musical tour, we've put everything you need to know about getting Wicked Tour tickets in 2023. Let's unveil the gateway to experiencing the Wicked Musical Tour that will make you think, laugh, and cry. Learn where you can secure your tickets, the show's location, and schedule to book your seat with a breeze.

Wicked Musical Tickets

Broadways Contribution To Live Musical Performances

In the heart of the bustling streets of New York City, there is a rhythm of the Wicked NYC. The magic and excitement happen at the Gershwin Theatre. It's the perfect spot to watch the world's most talented performers under the glittering marquee lights to give justice to witches' stories.

The performance runs from Tuesdays to Sundays, and sometimes two performances on Saturdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. Although it runs for more than 2 hours, you'll never feel bored because every phase of the story is worth watching - live!

From the moment you enter the Broadway, you'll feel the energy and anticipation, knowing there's an excellent enchantment to come. The majestic and sophisticated architecture of the theater will also make you think you're part of the story. The stage design, lighting, and comfortable seats are next to nothing. It's definitely worth booking Wicked tickets for the NYC show.

Broadway theaters are more than just stages. It has been offering great performances and artistry that captivated thousands to millions of hearts. The contribution of grand productions to live performance is a true testament to Broadway's legacy in the musical industry.

Each year, there are a lot of theater enthusiasts around the world who flock to the coliseum to witness a magical night of entertainment. There are different seating options - Orchestra and Mezzanine - that offer various viewing experiences. For Wicked Broadway ticket reservations, you may check their official website.

Securing Your Seat: How to Get Broadway Tickets

With its gaining popularity, it is no wonder many people want to book the Wicked Tour tickets. So, what's the best way to book a seat? The safest method is securing a seat through Wicked's official website. There are some online platforms, official box offices, and authorized resellers that you can try.

It's essential that you get your Broadway tickets only from legitimate sources. It will give you a smooth experience and avoid any scams. Here are some ways where you can buy tickets:

  1. Official Wicked Website - Start your magical journey by checking the available dates on the Wicked's official website. It is often the most reliable source of securing tickets. You can find the available seats, prices, and available dates for watching.

Can you buy tickets in person? Yes, you can. However, buying tickets on-site doesn't guarantee a seat. There may be limited seating options as well.

  1. Online Ticketing Platforms - Make sure to buy only from reputable online ticketing platforms. It includes the Broadway Direct and Ticket Master. Look for affiliated Wicked media to avoid having problems when purchasing your tickets.
  2. Authorized Resellers - Some authorized resellers like TKTS in Times Square and Today Tix sell the Wicked tickets. They also offer same-day ticket discounts, but they still vary.
  3. Why Not Try a Season Subscription? If you're a theater enthusiast, you can also subscribe to Broadway's subscription. This way, you can see Wicked and other Broadway shows for a certain period. It will offer some savings and even priority tickets.

Beware of scalpers and second-hand tickets. These may be illegal and often overpriced. Worst of all, you may end up getting scammed. The Wicked also offers discounts on group bookings, advance bookings, and other special offers. Follow their social platforms to get the latest updates.

The show runs for the entire year:

Date: September 2023 - May 2024

Place: Gershwin Theatre

Ticket Prices: $110 - $252

Touring Enchantment: "Wicked" Across the Nation

The Wicked continues its magic beyond New York City. People from Philadelphia, Austin, and Denver can enjoy the synergy of great performances, costumes, choreography, and artistry unfolding in each act. In addition, there's a moral to the characters' journey of friendship in the midst of competition and self-discovery on a human level.

The nationwide tour is a spectacular journey of bringing the magic of Oz to different states across the US. It's the same experience, story, magic - different cities. This geographic diversity ensures that the Wicked audiences can enjoy its magic without traveling to New York.

It offers better accessibility to people from all walks of life to appreciate theater and live storytelling. Let's look at the tour's stops in Philadelphia, Detroit, Austin, and Denver.

"Wicked" in Philadelphia

The Wicked Philadelphia holds a particular spot in the musical's nationwide tour because of its vibrant theater scenes, cultural heritage, and the number of theater enthusiasts in the area. Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most influential cities, offering a unique cultural event layer. This state is a hometown of renowned museums, music venues, galleries - and theaters. Thus, it's unsurprising that the production chooses this state as one of its homes.


Starting from November 1st to 26th - it's almost a month of magic-filled nights for the locals of Philadelphia. Kimmel Cultural Campus is an iconic venue with a deep theatrical history and exquisite floor designs. It reflects the city's vibrant culture, heritage, and arts matched with the Wicked's storyline.

Each theater enthusiast can have an unforgettable experience by witnessing an extraordinary story filled with magic. Grab your ticket and watch it live in a world-class theater with stunning sets and top-notch performances that made The Wicked a global sensation.

Date: November 1 - 26, 2023

Place: Kimmel Cultural Campus

Ticket Prices:

  • Amphitheatre - $30.00 - $130.00
  • Family Circle - $40.00 - $130.00
  • Balcony - $50.00 - $200.00
  • Parquet - $50.00 - $200.00

"Wicked" in Detroit Opera House

The Wicked Musical Detroit offers a different magical experience. Detroit itself is a top-tier destination for many Broadway products, including Wicked. This place features a vibrant theater scene and historical culture in performing arts. The rich history dates back to the 19th century when theaters had crucial roles in developing actors, writers, and directors.

For this tour, the perfect location is the Detroit Opera House. It is one of the historic theaters with stunning architecture and provides an authentic Broadway feel for audiences. The Wicked Detroit continues to soar in this vibrant city of Philly.

Although the tickets aren't open yet for selling as of the time of writing, theater enthusiasts have been anticipating its arrival. On top of it, more Detroit locals are eager to catch the Wicked live.


The arrival of the Wicked in Detroit generated so much buzz and local excitement. Philadelphia is home to cultural enthusiasm, Broadway enthusiasts, historic theaters, and thematic relevance. It's a cultural event that brings an entire community together while enjoying the magic of the Wicked.

Date: January 24 - February 18, 2024 (Wicked Detroit tickets not open for selling yet)

Place: Opera House

Ticket Prices: TBD

Austin's Turn: Experiencing "Wicked" Live

Austin is also a part of the Wicked National Tour 2023. It is a place with one of the rave reviews about Wicked Broadway musicals. After months of waiting, theatergoers are eager to witness yet another magical night of the Wicked. The stage is almost set and ready to transport the audience to the enchanting land of Oz for this year's tour.

As you can witness on Broadway, the live performances are spectacular as the actors bring life to the witches' characters. It will be a night of magical journey that every theater lover will remember for the rest of their lives.

The home for this year's Wicked musical show is at the Bass Concert Hall. This location offers excellent sound quality to hear every note and lyric for a total immersion. It also provides various comfortable seating options - from orchestra seats to balcony views.

Attending the Wicked at the Bass Concert Hall is another unique cultural event as it unfolds creativeness and storytelling. As of the writing, tickets still need to be available for sale for the upcoming performance. So, stay tuned to their social media platforms to be in the loop.


Date: March 13 - 31, 2024

Place: Bass Concert Hall

Ticket Prices: TBD

Mile-High Magic: "Wicked" in Denver

The Wicked Denver is another, yet, magical experience. Denver is a place of vibrant and thriving arts with a firm hold on theatrical productions. The city's love for arts and culture is evident in its numerous theaters and passionate theatergoers.

The Buell Theatre is the perfect venue for the Wicked in Denver. It is a popular cultural hub located in downtown Denver. The venue has excellent architecture, outstanding acoustics, colossal capacity, comfortable seating options, and an accessible site.

The impeccable theater, high-performing actors, pleasing stage sets, and clear acoustics enhance the theater experience. Thus, more and more theatergoers are anticipating the magic of the Wicked in Denver and trying to get their ticket to the perfomance.

.Date: July 24 - August 25, 2024

Place: Buell Theatre

Ticket Prices:

  • Golden Circle - $179.00
  • Price Level 2 (Orch/Mezz) - $95.00 - $99.00
  • Price Level 2 (Balcony) - $95.00 - $99.00
  • Price Level 3 - $75.00 - $79.00
  • Price Level 4 - $45.00 - $49.00
  • Price Level 4 (Limited View) - $45.00 - $49.00

Tickets for the Nationwide Tour: Your Gateway to Oz

If you're looking for tickets for Wicked, let's look at this show's schedule from 2023-2024 in different cities. Here's the complete program of the Wicked nationwide tour.




Durham, NC 

August 23 - September 17, 2023 

Durham Performing Arts Center 

Louisville, KY 

September 20 - October 8, 2023 

The Kentucky Center 

Nashville, TN 

October 11-29, 2023 

Tennessee Performing Arts Center 

Philadelphia, PA 

November 1-26, 2023 

Kimmel Cultural Campus 

New Orleans, LA 

November 29 - December 17, 2023 

Saenger Theatre 

San Antonio, TX 

December 20, 2023 - January 7, 2024 

The Majestic Theatre 

Knoxville, TN 

January 10 - 21, 2024 

Tennessee Theatre 

Detroit, MI 

January 24 - February 18, 2024 

Opera House 

Oklahoma City, OK 

February 21 - March 10, 2024 

Civic Center Music Hall 

Austin, TX 

March 13 - 31, 2024 

Bass Concert Hall 

Memphis, TN 

April 3 - 21, 2024 

Orpheum Theatre 

Hartford, CT 

April 24 - May 12, 2024 

The Bushnell 

Grand Rapids, MI 

May 15 - June 2, 2024 

DeVos Performance Hall 

Denver, CO 

June 24 - August 25, 2024 

Buell Theatre 

Only early birds get cheap Wicked Tour tickets, so do not wait and book the best seats for the performance of the year.

Making Your Choice: Best Seats and Packages

Regardless of the theater, the best seats are primarily on the middle rows - in between the acoustic speakers, head level towards the stage, and enough distance for you to see the artists perform.

If it's your first time, check the venue layout. It's a nationwide tour, so the performances happen in different city theaters. You can either check it online or request one from the venue to ensure it's the latest copy.

Most Broadway theaters have Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony seats. Orchestra seats are the closest to the stage. It provides the vest front-row view and an immersive experience since it's close to the stage. Mezzanine offers an elevated perspective without costing you too much. Finally, Balcony seats are the cheapest but the farthest from the stage. Still, it has a unique vantage point to appreciate the entire show.

When it comes to seating, decide whether you want center stage or off-center. Center-stage seats often have a balanced view, while off-center seats still have views and better acoustics. More important, get the best seat according to your budget.

Groups of 15+ can avail of discounts, which are valid for all sections. Students and military personnel may also get special rates for Wicked tickets, which are only available at the box office. But note that there are no refunds or exchanges of the tickets.

History Behind: The Phenomenon of "Wicked"

Wicked: The Musical almost has a similar theme to what happened in The Land of Oz from a different perspective. The story revolves around a young, intelligent, fiery woman with extraordinary talents who meets a bubbly blond, exceptionally popular woman. Although the two women have different personalities, their initial rivalries and misunderstandings have become the unlikeliest friendships. Until unforeseen situations happen, the world calls one as 'good' and the other as 'wicked.'

Based on the Land of Oz, The Wicked is an untold story of its witches that delight the audience with an inventive story. It's an original tale that will bring the audience into a roller coaster of emotions.

How long is Wicked the Musical? This musical Broadway show runs 2 hours and 45 minutes. It also has a 15-minute intermission that will delight the crowd. It may look long, but it's the standard running time for a Broadway musical. In addition, the recommended audience age is eight years and older.

The Wicked features a book written by Winnie Holzman. On the other hand, the Award-winning Stephen Schwartz composed the soaring music and lyrics - and Joe Mantello directed the whole live recital.

The Rise Of The Wicked

Based on Gregory Maguire's 1995 adult version of the Wizard of Oz mythology, the Wicked musical show offers a prequel to the story. It answers complex topics tackled in the book, such as beauty standards, morality, and opposing fascism.

Since the musical show opened on Broadway in 2023, the wicked continues to soar. This spellbinding story still plays in a packed crowd of Gershwin Theater even after 20 years.

With 10 Tony Award nominations and a film adaptation in the works - there is no doubt that The Wicked is a unique story to tell and loved by many. It continues to bewitch and stun people with its characters' emotional journey. It's a great experience to take your mind behind the curtain of The Wizard of Oz's famously acrimonious witches.

Conclusion: Captivated by "Wicked"

The Wicked Musical show allows you to experience a one-of-a-kind story. The allure of this live show extends from Broadway to other states. So, you can witness its spellbinding story, feel its excellent music, and connect with the enchanting characters. Whether you're planning to watch Wicked on the iconic Broadway stage or in the heart of Manhattan - you can expect greatness from this multi-awarded live performance.

As you search for tickets, know the venue's layout and always set a budget. Find the best seating option that will give you the best possible view. Book a date and get your tickets, but wait to settle just because you found the Wicked cheap tickets. Always buy only from reliable sources regardless of which city you're in - whether in Broad or other cities in the nationwide tour.

It's time that you also experience this magical night of the world of Oz. It's a true testament to creative storytelling that has touched many souls. A fascinating adventure awaits - and it's time to catch it live.

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