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White Borneo Kratom Effects: Full Review Of The White Borneo Kratom Strain

In this guide, I’m going to be telling you about some high-quality kratom products.

White Borneo Kratom Effects

The white Borneo kratom strain (mitragyna speciosa) is one of the most popular kratom types. In this complete review, I’m going to tell you exactly why that is.

It’s one of my “go-to” strains because white Borneo kratom effects are exactly what I need, and I’ve used it for three years. It’s changed my life because of the positivity and energy boost it has delivered me.

In this guide, I’m going to be telling you about some high-quality kratom products.

If you want to get the lowdown right now, you can view White Borneo kratom pricing here:

I’ll cover White Borneo kratom effects in detail, and what the benefits are. I’ll also talk about when white vein kratom and other strains are not suitable.

We will cover dosing, my experiences, the experiences of a friend who benefited massively, and how White Borneo compares to other white vein strains, as well as other strains such as White Maeng Da kratom.

Why White Borneo Is My White Strain Of Choice

White vein Borneo kratom effects are the exact reason why love this kratom strain.

Over the past three years, I’ve used many kratom varieties. But white vein strains have been fantastic because it’s lifted my mood dramatically. I have more than energy levels, and more enthusiasm, yet governed by the calmness that absolutely wonderful, when using a few grams of good quality White Borneo.

It’s a clean strain of kratom, with a clean white set of effects, as long as you can buy good quality white Borneo kratom with a high alkaloid percentage.

Let’s give you a snapshot of my White Borneo Review here:


  • Considered one of the clean white strain experiences
  • White kratom gives you physical and mental boosts
  • White Borneo is a very traditional kratom strain


  • Can induce nausea in some people

About nausea, although there does seem to be a slightly higher number of people who talk about this online, the truth is all kratom can make you nauseous. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t, and some people never experience it.

White Borneo Kratom Effects Explained

White Borneo kratom has all the effects and benefits of any other type of white kratom strain. In reality, the actual strain of kratom is less important than the vein color, and the dosage range you use.

But white Borneo kratom that’s sourced from a company that has expertise in getting kratom direct from the regions of South East Asia, will have a clean and crisp kratom hit you will notice.

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of using the White Borneo kratom strain:

  • A lift in physical energy levels
  • Improvement in cognitive energy levels
  • Mental sharpness
  • Confidence and contentment
  • A feeling of happiness
  • Coolness and detachment

If you want to get things done then White Borneo, or a similar white kratom strain, will be the most energizing and have the most uplifting alkaloid profile.

That’s why white kratom is known as morning kratom in Southeast Asia. Then you have green kratom is afternoon kratom, and red kratom is evening kratom. That should tell you exactly what the benefits of the white strains are.

This Is Why People Love White Kratom Strains Like Borneo

I’ve had problems with motivation. As I got older, it’s become far more difficult to get motivated in the mornings and get things done.

Some of it is depression, and some of it is a lowering testosterone level that is not addressable through replacement therapy yet.

Caffeine did its best, but I couldn’t keep knocking back 400 mg of caffeine pills a day to just try and keep going. It was jittery, even when smoothed out with L-Theanine.

So I started looking at white kratom to bridge the gap. All kratom at low doses is stimulating, because of the alkaloid profile.

At low doses, as a member of the caffeine family, all kratom is stimulating, with white, particularly so.

I found just three or 4 g of good quality white kratom that I was able to focus for longer, with higher levels of energy.

Overall, I felt the following benefits from using white Borneo kratom:

  • I felt sharper for a 3-4 hours after taking it
  • I was able to focus for longer on a single task
  • I felt calmer and more rational
  • I was detached and cool and didn’t let things phase me
  • White kratom delivered happiness to my day

White Borneo Vs White Maeng Da

I think the thing to say here is that Maeng Da kratom isn’t a strain. You may read people talking about it as if it is, but it’s not real at all.

Maeng Da actually translates from Thai as “pimp grade”. So the name simply alludes to it being stronger kratom. It's usually the mix of the strongest kratom strains.


White Maeng Da could be literally any white kratom that’s stronger than normal. It could be a batch of Borneo kratom that has a higher alkaloid content than usual, so they back it up as White Maeng Da.

It could be blended with kratom. White and red strains together. White veins blended even with red strains that’s stronger, to create an overall stronger kratom that’s a predominantly white vein.

So there’s no comparison between the strain White Borneo and white Maeng Da. White Maeng Da could literally be just White Borneo kratom that’s been found in one batch to be stronger, so they label it up to sell it a little more expensively.


If you want to experiment with a slightly richer and stronger kratom, then white Maeng Da should be stronger than standard white kratom powders. Always make sure to buy kratom online from trusted companies with good feedback. If the kratom's quality is bad you won't get the desired effects.

The Different Kratom Vein Colors Explained

It’s actually more important to choose the right vein color than it is the exact white, green, or red kratom strain.

These are the characteristics of the three vein colors:

1. White vein kratom, good quality White Borneo and similar, is energizing, stimulating effects focusing, and until you get to a higher dose, keeps you alert. It gives you calmness, but with more energy, and focus. As the dose increases, as with all kratom though, it starts to become increasingly sedating and analgesic.


2. Green vein kratom has some of the energy and focus of white, but has higher levels of calmness and pain relief at lower doses than does white vein kratom. It sits in the middle between white and red in terms of its alkaloid balance. Some people do find it can make them feel nauseous at higher doses though.

3. Red vein kratom is the most sedating and analgesic. At low, to moderate doses, it’s not much difference between white and green kratom, but as the dose increases, it increasingly calms you out to the point of complete detachment, while totally alleviating pain at moderate to high doses.


How Important Is The Exact White Kratom Strain You Choose?

People do focus on the strains too much. If you’re here searching for White Borneo kratom effects, what I can tell you is will only be subtly different from any other white kratom strain.

The thing is, different kratom companies can also bag up the same kratom with different names. For example, they harvest leaves of the kratom trees in Borneo, they could bag it up as Borneo, Malay, or Kalimantan, as all of those countries on the island.

That’s why seeing out stocks at a kratom seller is actually a good thing. A poor kratom seller never has out-of-stock kratom products, because they simply bag up white kratom leaves, under a different name, and sell it as that as well.


Also, each batch is different. Think about it; It’s harvested from a wide area and prepared often under slightly different conditions and during different seasons.

That means the alkaloid profile will inevitably be slightly different, and it means that over the course of the year, kratom from exactly the same trees will have a different profile, and therefore a slightly different effect.

Sure, focus on buying White Borneo kratom. Experiment with this strain from different sellers. That way, you’ll get to know who’s selling you genuine White Borneo that gives you a consistent experience.

Kratom Capsules Or Kratom Powder?

If you’re a beginner kratom user, I’m going to recommend you use kratom capsules.


They are slightly more expensive than loose powder. But you will get several key benefits from using white Borneo kratom capsules over powder:

  • You don’t have to experience the bitter taste of kratom
  • You don’t have to find a way to consume kratom easily
  • No weighing kratom powder on a micro-scale
  • Kratom powder deteriorates and quality faster
  • Exact dosing is easy

So kratom capsules are more expensive usually. Not a lot, and prices are getting closer to powder prices.

Once you get more experienced with kratom, you can switch to powder. It’s cheaper, and you can even blend it with other types of kratom to make your own best experience.


But for the beginner, the exact dosing, ease of consumption, discreetness, and all round user experience make White Borneo capsules a strong recommendation from me.

This Is Why My Friend Loved White Borneo Kratom

It’s not just me saying that White Borneo is a fantastic and clean kratom strain. Look online, and on communities like Reddit, you’ll see a lot of good quality user reviews over several years talking about this strain.

Just make sure you get it from a reputable seller, so you are getting genuine Borneo kratom of good quality, and you’ll have a good experience with well being a “classic” white kratom. Last year, one of my friends expressed an interest in trying kratom. They had a prescription opiate issue that they had kicked but were falling back into.


They wanted to try kratom to try and move away from the aggressive addictive sensations they were feeling.

I suggested good quality White Borneo as a starting point for new users. I also suggested they start with 4 g and work up a couple of grams to get a good, rounded white kratom experience. The results were very interesting. She really lost the urge to get back onto opiates and stuck with 5 g of kratom most days, but then tapered down to fewer days of the week than not.

She said that it gave her physical energy and mental clarity which allowed her to focus on everyday life and not get clouded by opiate desires.


It’s another example to me of kratom being able to “scratch the itch” of full opiates, but without the full agonist, aggressive, addiction tendencies of those proper opiate substances.

My Two Favorite Kratom Companies For Buying White Borneo Kratom Powder And Capsules

The conclusion of my White Borneo review is that this is one of the clean, classic strains of kratom. But only if you get your hands on genuine white kratom from Borneo, and not just white kratom that is labeled that way.

Two places that guarantee the purity and highest quality of the best kratom they sell, where you can get a true White Borneo kratom strain set of effects, are:


1. Kona Kratom - they sell high-quality kratom extracts, capsules, and powder for all the main strains, and many lesser-known ones.

Prices are good for capsules and powder. The more you buy, the more they drop significantly. For example, with White Borneo, prices drop from $2.20 per 10 g to $1.60 per 10 g, depending on the volume that you buy.

2. The Evergreen Tree - a company that sells the widest range of kratom you will ever find. Over 40 different types of powder alone. Plus capsules, extracts, and some really unusual formats of kratom.

What’s really good about this company is they do three different grades of kratom. Prices are much lower for the first and second, and higher for the third. You pay for much richer alkaloid content. The higher level is on a strength level with the Kona kratom, while the others are weaker.


So, you can tailor your kratom experience to your wallet and needs. This is something I’ve not seen many other kratom sellers, and it will allow you to experiment with the White Borneo kratom strain with ease.

Kratom FAQ

Does kratom help with severe pain?

Kratom can help relieve pain. However, you have to be careful with your doses, as a high dose of any red vein kratom strains will be needed to dampen down severe physical pain.

Doses above 8 g can lead to increasing sedation as well as increasing analgesia.

Get some good quality red strains like red malay or red borneo kratom, and start with a dose of around 6 g. Then, work up a gram (or less) at a time until the pain is minimized but you still have good levels of cognitive function.


Is kratom addictive?

With normal dosage ranges, and with good breaks, kratom use is not addictive. But, as the dose increases, and becomes more regular, it does act as a full agonist of the opioid receptors.

This is in the same way as drugs like opium and heroin, but far less aggressively. Therefore, you should not get as much addictive potential unless you are hammering the opioid receptors with double-figure doses of kratom in grams every single day.

Kratom withdrawal symptoms are much milder than opiate withdrawal, but still not very pleasant, so make sure to keep the dosage low and not take kratom daily.


What Does White Borneo Kratom Do?

White Borneo kratom is a classic “white” kratom strain, in that it produces all of the classic traits of white vein kratom. Predominantly, these effects are dose-dependent.

At lower doses, white strains are quite stimulating. You’ll feel energized, and focused, but calm. As the dose increases, the calmness increases, while the stimulation and ability to focus with clarity start to diminish.

Does kratom feel similar to opioids?

At low doses, kratom is a partial agonist of opioid receptors. There are other alkaloids in kratom though, some of which are stimulant and coffee-like. So, at low doses, you will feel stimulating energy.


As the dose increases, especially with red kratom and its alkaloid profile, then kratom becomes a full agonist of the opioid receptors and does deliver an experience that is similar to opioids, but not quite as aggressive, and not with the same levels of the addictive outcome.

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