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Top 7 Best AI Writing Software Tool

Here is a list of the top 7 best AI writing software tools to help you create content with the best quality and SEO optimization. You will also find a guide on selecting the best AI writing software tool.


Best AI Writing Software Tool

Only some online business owners have the budget to hire a content writer, and neither do all of them have so much time on their hands to write content. Therefore, why not make the best out of today’s technology?

Yes, you guessed it right, we will now discuss how helpful AI writing software can be and will also provide you with a list of the top 7 best AI writing software tools. Let us get going and look at the best tools to write engaging content through the best AI writing software.

How Can AI Help Your Writing Workflows?

You might first need a justification on how AI writing software can help your workflows to build trust in them. Here are a few reasons to rely on AI writing software to help your writing workflows.


AI Copywriting Tools:

Copywriting is difficult and takes a lot of effort to collect information about each product or survive. Also, it can take a lot of work to develop new ideas every single time. However, AI copywriters can do the same work for you within minutes, if not in seconds.

To create engaging content through AI Copywriters, you only need to decide your topic, give it a few parameters to follow, and sit back and let the magic happen.

AI tools for Content Rewriting:

It can take a lot of work to come up with new ideas every time for your website. However, you already have some content on your website that can be made better with rewriting, as further information all the time could also be hard to process for Google.


Therefore, you can ask AI rewriting software to rewrite your content in a way that is best suitable to rank at the top of Google search ranking, and you will have fresh and more compelling content in no time.

AI SEO Tools:

If you own a website or a business online, you must know the importance of SEO optimization for your content. Without proper SEO optimization, your website will not rank high, and you cannot expect more sales.

Therefore, you can hire someone who knows precisely how SEO works and will create content that matches your viewer's needs. You guessed it right; AI SEO tools can easily optimise your content to reach search engines’ requirements to make your way to the top.

Creative Writing Software:

You can give an important message through stories, which takes up much time and work. Therefore, you can take the help of creative writing software that will create effective creative content that will carry your message boldly.

Our Top Picks - Best AI Writing Software Tools

#1. Best Overall: Surfer AI Tool

Surfer AI enhances the writing experience by combining the capabilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Surfer AI produces unseen analysis and recommendations to improve the efficiency and readability of written content by examining enormous volumes of data, spotting trends, and comprehending user intent.


Surfer dilutes the task of creative writing by offering topic recommendations, headline concepts, and associated keywords, and successfully overcomes the temporary idea blocking.

A guide to summarize Surfer as your ideal writing tool includes:

  • Help with grammar and style to improve writing quality.
  • Inspiration for original ideas and content creation.
  • Tools for collaboration that enable seamless teaming and immediate feedback.
  • A user-friendly design for productivity and ease of usage.

#2. Second In Run: Frase IO

Frase IO provides insightful SEO advice to raise content visibility and search engine rankings. It offers suggestions for keyword placement, content organization, and internal linking. Additionally, it aids users in creating efficient content strategies based on competitor and keyword research.


By offering data on user engagement, click-through rates, and conversion metrics, it primarily targets the basic producer of organic traffic maintaining blogs. This knowledge aids content producers in streamlining their tactics and producing data-driven material that appeals to their target market.

Features that make Frase IO stand out from other tools:

  • Creation of content summaries and frameworks for organized writing.
  • For team projects, collaboration, and workflow management features.
  • Worldwide content creation in multiple languages.

#3. Third In Run: Rytr AI Tool

Rytr obtains a third position in your countdown of best writing tools because of the number of features available, such as translation services, copywriting, and content development. Rytr can produce high-quality material in several languages and tones for a variety of use cases because of its cutting-edge AI technology.


It is a flexible tool that can be used for a range of tasks, such as creating content for social media, blogs, and product descriptions. The tool is well-regarded and has garnered favorable user feedback.

Some of the features of Rytr:

  • Helps with content extension and correction.
  • Straightforward tool and platform integration.
  • AI algorithms are continuously improved.

Top 7 Best AI Writing Software Tools

Now let us get down to business and discuss the top 7 best AI writing software tools to create the best SEO-optimised content.

#1. Surfer


The first AI writing software tool in this list is Surfer. If you are into content creation, you must have heard of it as it ranks as one of the best SEO optimised content creators for your website.


Surfer is the perfect virtual content creation assistant for you. It not only does not create SEO optimised content but trains you to create the best content for search engines. It does that by generating a list of relevant keywords, creating an outline, and writing optimised content, and it also provides feedback from its content editor.

It might take a little longer to create content for you, but it ensures your content is well-researched, optimised, and well-formatted to stand up against your competitors on the internet.

Not just that, it will also save you from issues such as plagiarism and will check every article for authenticity before putting it up only.


Pros And Cons

Let us now look at the pros and cons of Surfer:


  • Acts as an assistant
  • Provides expert feedback
  • Creates content that is SEO optimised
  • Creates catchy headlines
  • Multi-linguistic
  • Checks for the authenticity of your content


  • No free trials
  • AI writer could seem a little pricey
  • Add-ons must be paid for

#2. Frase IO

Frase IO

The following product on this list is another popular AI writing software tool, Frase. This platform is one of the best AI writing software tools. It creates content using AI based on exact facts and not just any content that might not even be true.

To help your website reach on top, Frase optimises your content as per the search engine so that your website gets noticed. It works on each content generation step, such as keywords, research, etc.


If you are new to creating content for your website, you still do not have to worry, as Frase also provides live sessions where you can learn how to use the platform and make the best out of it.

Also, if you still have trust issues, you can pay $1 and use most of the tools, let them gain your trust, and finally make your decision.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Frase:


  • You can test the features at $1 for five days
  • Integrates with Google Search Console, Google Docs, Hubspot CRM, and WordPress
  • Keeps a check of your competitors and gives you updates
  • Creates briefs of content in seconds



  • It might not produce the best introduction and conclusions
  • Cheaper options available

#3. Rytr


Rytr is an all-in-one AI writing software tool. You can run a whole website based on content generated by Rytr. You will not have to manage separate apps for specific tasks; with Rytr, you have tools for SEO, grammar, and more.

It will work with you at every stage, starting from the keyword research, Rytr will do the keyword analysis, create a well-written content brief, and ask for your minimal effort, and your work will be ready in no time.

This platform is responsive to various devices so that your work is not limited to a particular machine and will be extremely fast so that you maintain interest even while they are waiting for the website to load.


Also, if you need help while working on your content, you can immediately contact Rytr customer support, who is ready to help at any minute. Why stop writing? You can meet people who have similar interests as you, and you can grow together.

Pros and Cons

Let us now discuss the pros and cons of Rytr:


  • Can connect with other writers
  • Responsive customer support
  • Multi-linguistic
  • Great at content generation and analysis
  • You can choose the tone of voice while creating content


  • The image generator is not so great
  • Long-form content might need some effort on your side
  • The free plan does not have many features


#4. Copy AI

Copy AI

Copy AI is a well-known AI writing software you must have heard of. The reason why it is so famous is the ease of use it provides and the various features it has to make the best out of your time and money.

Talking of time, you will only have to invest a little of your time on this platform as it generates authentic content ten times faster than most AI writers. And do not worry; these articles are always well-researched, and SEO optimised.

Copy AI writes intending to create content that can convert to a great extent and invite more engagement from viewers and potential customers. Copy AI has that covered if you want to market your content through emails.


This platform can generate engaging emails to increase customer interactions and make outstanding sales faster. Not just content, it also provides you string security so your data is never stolen.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros and cons of Copy AI include the following:


  • Great at copywriting and suitable for e-commerce
  • Helpful for Google ads, Facebook ads, etc
  • Generates engaging emails
  • Helps with grammar and SEO
  • Creates plagiarism-free content


  • The generation of content could lag
  • You might have to do some manual fact-checking
  • Long-form content generation could take effort

You might have already realised by now that we have included the most popular and best ai writing assistants in this list, which brings us to the following product, Writesonic. This platform, again, is one of the best AI content generators and is highly recommended by experts.


This platform is suitable for everyone who wants to create content online. Whether you are a writer, blogger, freelancer, or business owner, it will fulfil all your needs. Writesonic creates content ten times faster with perfect SEO optimization.

It ensures there is no fake information in the generated content and is safe to publish. It is an all-in-one platform; you can create content for websites, ads, rewriting, etc. You can also promote your products through Writesonic, which generates excellent content for Google and Facebook ads.

Also, if you sell their products on Amazon or plan to do so, Writesonic has specific features that will create content suitable for Amazon.


Pros and Cons

A few pros and cons of Writesonic are as follows:


  • Generates startup ideas
  • Can produce meta descriptions for your blogs
  • Follows the traditional AIDA framework
  • Can also create press releases
  • Can elongate content


  • You should check for the best keywords used in the generated content.
  • Does not offer a tone of voice
  • Expensive for beginners

Contentbot.ai is a platform that is best suited for your online business. This platform can take your business to a great height with the help of its highly engaging content generation software.

Here, you can create content if you are an entrepreneur, content marketer, founder, copywriter, SEO, or blogger; Contentbot.ai has it all covered. For bloggers, there is an added benefit of Chrome integration and the WordPress plugin.


This platform can help you with entire AI blog posts, blog topic ideas, intros, bullet point expansion, tone changes, paraphrasing tools, and more. You get a complete package at a small price.

Contentbot.ai makes sure there is a flow in the generated content so that the viewers go through the content, turn it into potential customers, and finally, customers due to the inclusion of a series of triggers, actions, and filters.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of Contentbot.ai:


  • Great for e-commerce
  • Creates a flow in content so that viewers continue to read and finally take action
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Responsive live chat support



  • Some effort might be required on the long-form blogs
  • You might encounter some errors
  • You might have to learn how to use this platform through how to videos

#7. Scalenut


Scalenut, as the name suggests, also helps you with scaling your growth on the internet. Here, you can create engaging content and check whether it is working in your favour and if any changes are required.

Here, you can go through the entire SEO life cycle on a single app and will not require separate ones for different website-related tasks. Also, it creates fresh content as the AI tools look for the latest content to be added to your articles.


Starting from keyword research, Scalenut works thoroughly until the minute you publish your content and further checks for the success of your work. If you still need any help, Scalenut has highly responsive customer support.

Pros and Cons

Let us now look at a few pros and cons of Scalenut:


  • Helpful through the entire cycle of content, right from keyword research to publishing
  • Generates ideas for content
  • AI copywriter
  • Evaluates content mindfully


  • Does not have comprehensive templates
  • Pricey
  • I might have to look for facts

How Can Companies Benefit From AI Writing Tools?

Companies can be the greatest benefactors from AI writing tools. Many small and big companies only sometimes have the time or budget to hire a content writer or a copywriter, and that is where AI writing software comes in.


These platforms require much less money than a human content writer would charge and are highly time-saving. You have to give it a format, whether a blog or copywriting, and give the instructions. In a few minutes, you will be provided with a publishable article.

It reduces a lot of your work, does all the research, generates meaningful content, checks for the tone of the content, SEO optimisation, and more. The objective of every AI content writing software is to create engaging content, and it fulfils that.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best AI Writing Software?

A few things you need to keep in mind before choosing the best AI writing software for your website would be:


Required Content Type

The type of content you want would be a significant criterion for selecting the best AI writer for you. You must choose a platform that can create content that is expertise in your requirement, such as copywriting.

  • Copywriting: if you want to sell your products online and create descriptions for the same, you may choose AI writers who work well with descriptions and online advertisements rather than those who are good at creative writing.
  • SEO Optimised Content: If your main goal is to rank on top and generate sales, select an AI writing software that works best with search engine optimisation.
  • Creative Writing: Various platforms such as AI script writers also generate creative content, and you must select those as their main focus is creativity and message delivery.


Quality of Content

If you have a small business and want an engaging content generator but are not very bothered about the quality of the content, go for the free AI writers online. However, if you wish for highly engaging content which is plagiarism-free, you must opt for highly reputed and often paid platforms.


Budget, of course, plays a significant role in the selection of the best ai tools for content writing. As a beginner, we suggest you go for free plans or cheaper options as you might have to invest more if you want a plan with many features.



1. Which is the best AI Writing software?

We recommend you try Surfer and Frase if you are looking for the best AI writing software. These are pretty cost-effective and work excellently with any content format.

2. What is the best AI long-form writer?

Many platforms that are good at descriptions may need to improve at long-form writing, so you must be careful while selecting one. However, we suggest you try out Frase.

3. How are AI Writing tools effective?

AI writing tools are great at saving your time and other financial resources. It could generate engaging content within minutes which would have required hours if a human had to write it.



In this article, we looked at some of the best AI writing tools and learnt about what they are good at and what you must be careful about.

In this article on the top 7 best AI writing software tools, we also looked at the simple guide on selecting the best AI writing tool. I hope you make the right decision!

Our best option to assist you with a writing tool is Surfer, with best of the features and qualifications it comes as one of the best ways to write without a break of loss of thoughts.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.