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Top 4 Best Cold Plunge Tubs Of 2023

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Top 4 Best Cold Plunge Tubs Of 2023

We’ve done the heavy lifting and picked out the cold plunge tubs for 2023, so you can get a headstart on finding the right one for you.

Best Cold Plunge Tubs
Best Cold Plunge Tubs

Whether it be for injury recovery, stress reduction or simply to improve your sleep and mood, cold plunging offers massive benefits that make it well worth looking into for people of all ages.

But before diving into buying a cold plunge tub, it’s important to understand that there are many models available on the market.

More importantly, the best tub for one person may not be the best for another since each one is designed with a different goal in mind, whether it be to reduce costs or provide maximum comfort.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and picked out the cold plunge tubs for 2023, so you can get a headstart on finding the right one for you.

What is a Cold Plunge Tub?

Cold plunge tubs are similar to mini hot tubs, but with the opposite effect in temperature, so while a hot tub gets hot, well, a cold tub gets cold.

Cold plunges can improve mood and mental health, reduce inflammation, and for athletes, it can boost recovery and performance, as well as increase metabolism by up to 350%.

Unlike an ice bathtub that requires combining cold water and ice, a cold plunge tub is made with integrated technology that controls the temperature of the water without the need for ice.

Besides temperature control features, cold plunge tubs are also made with filtration technology & UV-sanitation systems that ensure that the water is always kept sanitary.

With traditional tubs, water sits until you drain it and run the tap again, water is always on the move in a cold plunge tub as it goes through various filtration and temperature-controlling systems routinely.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Cold Plunge Tub: Plunge by ($4990)

Most Affordable Cold Plunge Tub: Ice Barrel 300 ($1199)

Most Customizable Tub Cold Plunge Tub: Done-For-You Chest Freezer Cold Plunge

Best Vertical Tub Cold Plunge Tub: Nordic Wave - The Viking ($5,999)

Best Overall: The Plunge by Plunge

Best Overall: The Plunge by Plunge
Best Overall: The Plunge by Plunge

Our Ratings

Design: 5/5

Features: 5/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5



  • Easy To Set Up 

  • Needs more space than others 

  • Looks Awesome 

  • Maintenance is a bit like caring for a hot tub, so there's that 

  • Best Cooling, Sanitation, Filtration 

  • Pricey upgrades 

  • Water lasts up to 6 months! 


If you're all in on the cold plunge lifestyle and ready to splurge on the crème de la crème, then The Plunge by Plunge is definitely what you want.

This isn't just a tub; it's a full-on experience. Think of it as the Tesla of cold plunge tubs—sleek, high-tech, and absolutely worth every penny.

This tub is made of acrylic and fiberglass with a reinforced metal bottom, and while it definitely looked and felt intimidating, setting it up was a breeze, we found that the instructions offered were pretty straight forward.

The Plunge uses a standard wall outlet, and needs to be plugged in to remain cool, which is an additional electricity cost, but if you’re an “on-the-go” type of person who can afford it, this is one of the major bonuses with this tub.

The only problem here was that without the Pro version, it took 3-4 hours to cool/heat, but if you buy the Pro, it only takes about an hour (which is why the Plunge Pro is our top pic).

In terms of upgrades, the standard Plunge is already pretty decked out, but there are several upgrades you can make if you have money to spend.

For example, you can upgrade from Standard to XL size. You can add a Hot & Cold plunge feature for an additional $600, which allows you to rub it as sort of a hot tub, and for an additional $1,000, you can also make it cools/heats 3x faster.

If you're looking to go the extra mile with your maintenance, you can snag additional alkalizers and replacement filters straight from their website.

They also have a “gear” store with items like neck pillows, rebounders, even snorkels.

There also isn’t much to complain about when it comes to upgrades, because it’s priced such that, if you buy the most upgraded Plunge, it still competes with the best & most expensive tubs in the market (and on our list).

For example, if you were to buy the Nordic Wave, you’re leaving out the cooling & heating option, the UV sanitation, for not that much more money.

Tubs are generally not easy to maintain, but the Plunge is one of the best cold plunge tubs on our list in regards to that aspect, because they make it extremely simple for you to set up & maintain your tub, you can basically buy everything all in one spot, and forget about it.

Another point to mention is how gorgeous this thing is, unlike most of these tubs, the Plunge is actually beautiful to look at, and it’s that which really seals the deal when it comes to the Plunge on our tier list.

The Plunge is in a league of its own when it comes to features, and as cliche as this sounds, it’s (in my opinion) the Apple of Cold Plunge Tubs.

From its top-notch filtration system to its drop-dead gorgeous design, it's the tub that other tubs wish they could be. Sure, it's a bit of an investment, but trust me, it's worth every cent.


  • Comes in two sizes: Standard and XL
  • Easy Setup & Installation: Fill & Use
  • Cools down to 39 degrees
  • Built-in filtration & sanitation
  • Usable indoors & outdoors
  • Underwater Light
  • Heating Option ($600)
  • XL model holds a whopping 100 gallons of water
  • Easy Financing ($115/mo)

Price at date of publishing: $4990

Most Affordable Cold Plunge Tub: Ice Barrel 300 & 400

Most Affordable Cold Plunge Tub
Most Affordable Cold Plunge Tub

Our Ratings

Design: 5/5

Features: 4/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Value: 5/5



  • Sleek design 

  • No sanitation 

  • Cheap but effective 

  • Too basic, lacks features 

  • Easy setup 

  • Needs manual care 

  • Works in small spaces 


While cold plunge tubs can definitely get expensive, some people just want the most basic functionality,

and that’s where things can get.. Ugly..

Many cheap cold plunge tubs simply do not look aesthetically appealing, and are usually heavy and require lots of space - and that’s just not the case with Ice Barrel.

Ice Barrel offers 2 great products that top out at just $1199.99.

Unlike the Plunge, this barrel needs a water change every 4 weeks, and you can keep it sterile with their water sterilizers and maintenance kit.

What we like the most about these tubs is their sleek design, because every other cheap cold plunge tub we reviewed looked out of place in our - otherwise - modern looking yard.

The cheapest cold plunge tubs we looked at ranged from $899-1299, and at that price range, it’s really all about the basic things like the size, aesthetic, and how long it can keep water cold.

Another reason this tub won in terms of design, is that it fits people 6”2-6”6 - and as an athlete myself, this was a huge issue with other cheap tubs.

This is why we gave the Ice Barrel a 5/5 for Design & Value. When it came to the ease of use, it all really had to do with the fact that you do need to maintain it to keep it clean, and you have to replace the water anyway, so while it lasted less weeks than say, the Plunge, the water still remained relatively clean - especially when we maintained it with their standard kit.

The barrels are deceivingly well insulated and durable, by the end of our 6 month trial, this thing literally did not have a scratch, it really is the most convenient yet cheap tub of all the cold plunge tubs on this list.

There aren’t many upgrades to the Ice Barrels, but the 300 and 400 are super versatile and work for a wide range of sizes, both the Ice Barrel 300 & 400 will fit on your balcony (if it can support 700 pounds).

Ice Barrel 300 Specs:

  • W 35.5” x H 30.5” (Fits most body types up to 6’2” and 250 pounds)
  • 77 Gallons (292 liters)
  • 61 lbs empty, 700 lbs full

Ice Barrel 400 Specs:

  • Holds 105 gallons (397 liters)
  • W 31” x H 42” (Fits most body types up to 6’6” and 300 pounds)
  • 55 lbs empty, 930 lbs full

Price at date of publishing: $1199.99

Most Customizable Cold Plunge Tub: “Done-For-You” Chest Freezer Cold Plunge Tub by Fire Cold Plunge

Most Customizable Cold Plunge Tub
Most Customizable Cold Plunge Tub

Our Ratings

Design: 3/5

Features: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Value: 5/5



  • Massive, fits people of all sizes 

  • Massive.. Hard to move 

  • Great features & benefits 

  • Looks like a freezer 

  • Easy setup 

  • Needs space/room 

  • Auto-sanitation 


Of all the cold plunge tubs on the market, we looked for a happy middle, somewhere between the cheapest cold plunge tub (Ice Barrel), and the best cold plunge tub (The Plunge by Plunge), and this is where we found this obscure product that actually turned out to be one of our favorites.

The cold tub in question is the “Done-for-you” Chest Freezer Cold Plunge by Fire Cold Plunge.

This tub has been the somewhat happy middle - starting at just at just $2,595 (around half the price of a Plunge), you get all the features and more, and while it’s not as small/sleek as either of the tubs above, this tub does somewhat look presentable.

It’s slightly larger than the others, so it’ll fit in your garage or back yard, it also cools down to 38 F, circulates water, has 8 layers of filtration, and is pretty easy to set up.

The whole thing is made of reinforced steel with reinforced seams with a layer of faux wood on the outside, coated with non-toxic liner to ensure water doesn’t leak.

The Chest Freezer Cold Plunge also has wifi temperature control, so you can both monitor temperatures, or get it ready before your plunge, it also has its own chemical-free sanitation system that oxidizes the tank, destroying contaminates while keeping your water clean the whole time.

The only thing I disliked about this plunge tub, is that it’s significantly larger than all the others, so you definitely need more space, but if you have the space, don’t care about looks, but want all the features, the Fire Cold Plunge is the best choice for you.


  • 10-16 Cu Ft leg room
  • Dimensions that fit small/large people
  • 75-120 gallon capacity
  • Fits 2-5 people (3-5 minute plunges)

Price at date of publishing: $2,595-$3,395

Best Vertical Cold Plunge Tub: Nordic Wave Viking

Best Vertical Cold Plunge Tub
Best Vertical Cold Plunge Tub

Our Ratings

Design: 5/5

Features: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Value: 4/5



  • Unique vertical design 

  • No space for laying down 

  • Insulated walls 

  • Prices starting at $5,999 USD 

  • Sloped floor for draining 

  • “Average” features 

  • Sold with a powerful 4 HP chiller 


The Viking, Nordic Wave’s take on cold plunge tubs is different from other models because of its unique design.

Built taller than it is wide, the Viking is one of few vertical cold plunge tubs on the market. Available in three colors, the viking stands at 41 inches and weighs just 60 lbs, making it easy to install, and easier to move around.

The Nordic Wave Tub comes with its own chilling system, filters and generators for temperature control and cleanliness, and with 2” of insulation, you can bet that this thing stays cold.

It also comes with a lid that seals in temperatures, and a cool looking stepping stool.

The Nordic Wave Viking is without a doubt on the pricier side of cold plunge tubs we've looked at, but there's a good reason for that. Not only does it offer all the essential features you'd expect, but it's also got a stunning appearance that's caught the eye of many social media influencers and celebrities.

The tub's slender, vertical design is ideal for those who are short on horizontal space but still want to reap the benefits of a cold plunge.

One of the best features? Its efficient cooling system and superior insulation mean you'll be able to enjoy cold water much quicker compared to other models on the market.

And don't worry if you're the type who likes to switch things up; its lightweight build makes it easy to relocate. Whether you're an elite athlete or just someone seeking some much-needed relaxation after a hectic day, the Nordic Wave Viking is definitely worth considering.


  • Dry weight of 60lbs
  • Seating capacity of 1 person
  • Max water volume of 95 gallons
  • Insulated with 2” foam walls
  • Sloped floor for easier draining after use
  • Built-in chiller system included with tub

The Nordic Wave Viking has a powerful and efficient 4 HP chiller that allows for the water to become cold in a short amount of time.

This much power in a chiller is not often seen in plunge tubs, so this means you can enjoy colder temperatures more quickly than with other models. The chiller can also get water as cold as 38 F, which is lower than some competitors have managed.

The tub is also made with 2" thick insulation walls, which help to keep the water at a consistent temperature throughout your plunge.

While it's not uncommon for tubs to have insulated walls, the thickness of the Nordic Wave Viking's walls means it performs far better than many others.

Finally, this tub is made of stainless steel making it extremely durable and long-lasting. This means that you can enjoy the same quality of cold plunging year after year without having to worry about replacing your tub.

Overall, the Nordic Wave Viking offers a number of technical benefits that make it stand out from the crowd. In my opinion, it was a bit underwhelming, but it was definitely beautiful, so whether or not it is the right fit for you will depend entirely on your financial situation.

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient cold plunge tub that looks even more amazing than the Plunge, but has the same/less features, then the Viking is definitely worth considering.

Final Verdict

Overall, if money or space wasn’t an issue, I would definitely rate the Plunge Pro as the best cold plunge tub in 2023, however, if I were to happen to not live a luxury lifestyle, but still wanted the full effect of cold plunges, I would go for the Ice Barrel, simply because it fits everywhere, and costs 1/5th of the plunge, but delivers the full desired effect of a cold plunge.

What to look for when buying a Cold Plunge Tub

When shopping for a cold plunge tub, it’s important to think of the size compared to the available space, if you’ve got plenty of space, you’ve got less of a problem, but if you’ve got limited space, but a big body, this is where the size and capacity really matter.

If you’re a small guy with a small space, you might only need a small tub, like the Ice Barrel 300, but if you’re a big guy in a small space, you might need the 400, or even the Nordic Wave.

The second thing to look out for is how easy it is to clean/sustain, because some are more of a hassle than others. The best cold plunge tubs out there, like The Plunge, have UV-sanitation and temperature regulation features that are the best quality of life features money can buy.


How do these cold plunge tubs work?

All the cold plunge tubs mentioned include a tub, pump and chiller, as well as other maintenance tools you need to keep them clean. All you need to do is follow the instructions, in most cases you just fill up the tank and wait for it to cool, and it’s ready to go!

Why are cold plunges popular?

Cold plunges offer various health benefits such as increased alertness, clarity, and energy levels, as well as the release of mood-boosting endorphins. They can also reduce inflammation, trigger the release of immune cells, and convert white fat into metabolically active brown or beige fat.

What is the ideal temperature for a cold plunge?

The ideal temperature for a cold plunge is between 10-15°C (50-60°F), but it really comes down to what you can tolerate, our advice is to start slow, and build up your tolerance over time!


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