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Thorchain (RUNE) vs. Anarchy (ANA): Comparing Two Emerging Projects' Profit Potential

Analysis shows ThorChain (RUNE) could be up for a price rally soon, but Anarchy's ROI is still unmatched throughout the crypto-verse. Read more on the Anarchy (ANA) project here.


Thorchain (RUNE) vs. Anarchy (ANA)

When it comes down to DeFi projects and meme coins, many traders feel their crypto investments are safer on a DeFi platform. But how about a meme coin that offers advanced use cases?

Well, that's the case with Anarchy (ANA) here, and its practical utilities has had several crypto whales questioning their previous stances and hopping on its presale. Of course, ThorChain (RUNE) might be a DeFi project, but Anarchy (ANA) is matching it feature for feature. 

And one thing ThorChain's (RUNE) price can't do is Anarchy's massive profit potential. With over 100x potential gains, users are hurrying to bag as many ANA tokens as possible.


Here's more of what the budding meme coin is about. 

ThorChain Price Is Looking to Spike Soon: Should I Buy RUNE?

From its whitepaper, ThorChain (RUNE) has promised to provide an interaction between blockchains, allowing users to swap tokens from one network to another without leaving the ThorChain (RUNE) platform. It currently operates across eight blockchains, ensuring that the users can exchange their coins without having to use intermediaries like decentralized exchanges. 

Lately, ThorSwap has further improved the interoperability of the blockchains by adding ThorChain Streaming Swaps. The Streaming Swaps feature, as Inside Bitcoins reports, will enhance smooth, permissionless cross-chain trading by offering faster and cheaper token-swapping options.


The Coin Republic's ThorChain (RUNE) price prediction reveals an incoming price surge for the RUNE, although the token has not been spectacular lately, suffering a 1.5% drop in the past 24 hours. While ThorChain's price spike is not quite defined, there is Anarchy (ANA) who's backed by the experts to deliver the best profits in 2023. The token's presale is doing the numbers, as the presale has crossed the two-million-dollar mark and is inching towards three million. 

Let's get down to some of what Anarchy (ANA) offers.

Anarchy's ROI Is Unbeatable This Year!

Anarchy (ANA) is a cryptocurrency project that aims to disrupt the traditional financial systems and empower its users through decentralized and innovative solutions. It emphasizes financial freedom, community engagement, and philanthropy. ANA token holders are involved in decision-making through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and the project offers a unique blend of fun and mouth watering profit potential. As a meme coin with a mission, Anarchy seeks to challenge the status quo and provide investors with the potential for significant returns.

While the Anarchy (ANA) developers have been concerned about giving their users the best deals in the cryptocurrency market, they have largely invested in the platform's security system. Anarchy (ANA) wants to ensure none of those profits are affected by external attacks, so its network will feature security you won't find on your typical meme coin.

The first layer of security comes from the fact that Anarchy (ANA) will launch on Ethereum. The Ethereum blockchain is one of the most secure servers in the crypto-verse, and with its switch to proof of stake, Ethereum's security got advanced too. At the minimum, Anarchy (ANA) users will not have to bother about glitches in their transactions or server blackouts leading to loss of assets. 


The next security measure will occur in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which decides Anarchy's projects and development. The DAO wallet will hold the funds for such expenses and the wallet will be secured with the Gnosis Safe protocol, which uses multi-signatory features to protect the funds. The multi-signatory mechanism ensures that only the DAO administrators can access the wallet, thus eliminating external interference like hackers and other cyber threats. 

Anarchy (ANA) is all about standing out, and is outdoing the rest of the meme coin sector with its presale and protocol. Wonder what's next? 

Anarchy (ANA) Presale Is In Phase 2!


The presale is over $2 million in revenue already, and it is still keeping its charm, attracting whales from all over the crypto-verse. Your luxury dreams could be fulfilled before Christmas!

And all for $0.00024 per token. Yes, that's how much each ANA coin costs now, and you only need to click here to get yours today!

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