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The Inspiring Story Of Astrologer Manisha Koushik Who Makes The Most Accurate Tarot Predictions Every Single Time

To date Manisha Koushik attributes her successful predictions to the blessings of her Goddess, ‘Mata Raani’ and her mentor and guru, her father.

Manisha Koushik, Astrologer

From accurately forecasting the winner of World Cup Matches to helping people make the best choices for their business, personal, and professional lives through Tarot Readings, Astrologer and Numerologist Manisha Koushik’s predictions are always spot-on. So how does this exceptional Tarot Reader in India make such precise projections? Read the full story to find out.

Astrologer and Numerologist Manisha Koushik has carved her name as one of the best tarot readers in India with her accurate predictions. Having appeared on several media channels and successfully forecasted the outcomes of many political, entertainment and sporting-related events, she has become one of the most famous astrologers in India. By following in the footsteps of her father, the renowned celebrity Astrologer, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, Manisha always credits her success and her gift of clairvoyance to him and God. 

So How Did Manisha Koushik Become Such An Accurate Tarot Card Reader?
In addition to astrology and numerology, Manisha Koushik is extremely passionate about Tarot readings. She candidly calls it her “first love”. This deep connection that she has painstakingly cultivated over the years for this art of divination first began when her father gifted her a deck of 78 Raider Waite Tarot cards - the most authentic tarot deck - for her sixteenth birthday. She humorously recalls how she was exceedingly underwhelmed by this unexpected gift, as most sixteen-year-olds tend to appreciate being surprised with gadgets or games instead. 

Motivation and Encouragement By Her Father To Learn More
Belonging to a family that had never played cards, Manisha didn’t know what to do with her new deck of cards. This is when her father explained to her that each Tarot Card in the box had a story behind it that he had told her during their evening walks. He encouraged her to read more about the Tarot Cards and asked her to make notes about each card based on what she recalled from those stories. He motivated her to study them in-depth and learn the predictive permutations and combinations of Tarot readings. 

When she still seemed unsure about whether this was the right path for her, Manisha Koushik’s father, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, a celebrated astrologer and clairvoyant himself, smiled and assured her that one day she would be known for it.

To date Manisha Koushik attributes her successful predictions to the blessings of her Goddess, ‘Mata Raani’ and her mentor and guru, her father. She acknowledges that the incredible things she has learnt under her father’s guidance, that he taught her from his own experiences as a well-known astrologer, are those that she has never come across in any of the several books, courses, or videos that she has gone through over the years. One of the most important learnings that she received from her father was to never let greed get in the way of her blessings and her craft.

Manisha Koushik Believes That Practice And Patience Makes Perfect Predictions
To become an expert tarot reader, Manisha Koushik had to go through a challenging amount of reading, but more importantly, practice. To be able to make accurate predictions out of the various permutations and combinations that tarot cards present themselves during a reading, she believes it is essential to first know the background and detail behind 78 cards, something that only comes with hard work and dedication. 

She Is Passionate About Constant Learning 
Over the course of learning this difficult form of divination, Manisha developed a passion for Tarot Readings. She says it is a continuous learning journey, as her clients come to her from different aspects of life and ask her for predictions from various perspectives. As a believer in the ideology that when you are passionate about what you do, you never work a day in your life, she believes that her connection to the Tarot surpasses the 14 odd years of professionally practising the divine sciences, and transcends to her other passions - astrology and numerology. 


Through all these years of experience and practice, Manisha Koushik is able to combine her knowledge of Astrology and Numerology through Tarot Readings. She is even able to successfully predict which planet is activated in a client’s horoscope, or which ‘mahadasha’ or ‘antadasha’ they are undergoing, without even asking for their birth details, just through her Tarot cards. Even when her clients are not able to fully express their situations clearly, Manisha is able to guide them accurately through her Tarot readings.

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