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The Best HIV Dating Sites & APPs For Positive Singles

In the past, when someone got an HIV diagnosis, they may have felt like their chances for romance were broken. But now, there are special sites that help rebuild those romantic bridges, going beyond the virus to create connections with understanding partners. These sites are like friendly guides, supporting individuals in moving forward positively and becoming stronger together. They make sure people are aware and caring, creating a space where relationships can grow despite the challenges of HIV. It's about building a community where love and support triumph over judgment, making the journey of dating with HIV a little bit easier and a lot more hopeful. 

The Best HIV Dating Sites & APPs for Positive Singles

There are lots of different sites and apps available for dating while HIV positive. You have the freedom to pick a positive dating site based on the features that matter most to you.

Best Overall – PositiveSingles.com

Best for Discreet One-on-One Connection – PozSpaces.com

Best for Community Support – Personals.Poz.com

Best for Black Positive Singles – BlackPoz.com

Each of these platforms has its own unique purpose, catering to different needs within the positive singles community. Come along with us as we explore different HIV dating sites and apps. We'll share which ones are great for different reasons, helping you to discover the right platforms that make dating with HIV a more positive and confident experience.

Our Criteria for Evaluating HIV Dating Platforms

So, you might wonder how we picked the best HIV dating sites. First, we explored the search and matching tools. We wanted sites with searching and matching features that really help you find someone special. Privacy was also key. We made sure sites keep your personal information safe. We also peeked at the member database to see diverse positive singles ready to mingle. Being mobile-friendly is essential these days, so we checked for apps to use on the go! Now for money - we looked into pricing because no one likes cash surprises. Finally, we examined the community support. We wanted sites that feel like a group of friends cheering you on as you date with a positive mindset. We ensured each site ticks the right boxes so you can dive into dating with confidence!

Searching and Matching

Let's talk about why "Searching and Matching" is such a big deal in the world of HIV dating sites and apps. When you're connecting with someone, it usually starts with finding common ground. These platforms give you a dating superpower – the ability to use advanced search filters. It's like a personalized search engine, turning your preferences into potential partners based on shared interests, location, or qualities important to you. Now, sometimes you want more options without compromising preferences. Matching features can be the best wingman pairing you with potential matches, saving time and effort. With clever algorithms and smart search functions, you meet hopeful connections on the same wavelength. And for search and matching capabilities, PositiveSingles takes the number 1 spot.

Privacy Protection

When you're sharing your journey of dating with HIV, keeping things private is super important. Trust takes its time to unfold and while creating emotional connections you want to make sure you feel comfortable on the platform you choose before sharing everything. A great HIV dating platform understands this and comes armed with tools and features to make sure your info stays safe. They create a secure space where you can be open about your status without worries. Even small things such as using a username instead of your real name or limiting personal info at the start gives you control. You decide what to share and when, taking things at your own pace. Safety tools also block sketchy folks trying to take advantage. Considering all this, PositiveSingles stands out in this area.

Member Database

An active member database is key. It means there are plenty of folks engaging and making connections. And having a large number of members on a great HIV dating platform is great for expanding your circle of support, understanding and connection. Plus, with more members, you have a better chance of finding someone who really clicks with you. Think of it this way: a lively member database on an HIV dating platform is like having a vibrant party where everyone's invited. The more people, the more possibilities for meaningful connections and friendships. That's why PositiveSingles took the top spot in this as well with its expansive member base.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly HIV sites and apps meet singles right where they are – whether grabbing quick moments during subway rides or waiting for appointments. These apps need to give members control and convenience even on days when schedules are all over the place. You want to be able to have access to all the cool features just like on the regular site, which is why PositiveSingles excels in this area too. Being able to check out complete profiles, break the ice, chat, and see algorithm results on your mobile makes the journey of meeting new people and building connections a bit simpler and more accessible.


Finding the right platform to connect with others who understand your journey is priceless. But, of course, we all want to know that it won't break the bank. The cost should make sense, fitting into your budget without any surprise fees. While most dating sites do have some free features, the premium features are the ones that allow you to engage and build those real connections when meeting someone online. The best HIV platforms ensure that what you pay for includes the whole package, whether you're on your computer or using the mobile app. It makes your HIV dating experience smooth, easy, full of possibilities and worth every cent. The best site for this category is Personals.Poz.com.

Community Support

Being part of a supportive community is important. Let's be real, having friends who truly understand your journey makes it way better. On an HIV dating platform, having an active group of people who get what you're going through is like a breath of fresh air. No tiptoeing around topics or sugarcoating anything – it's real and genuine. And here's the thing, they're not just there for dating; they're your go-to for life advice, tips, and guidance. Whether you're navigating the highs and lows of relationships or sharing insights on overcoming obstacles, this community has your back. Being one of many in a judgment-free zone makes dating with HIV a whole lot easier and a lot more fun. So, when you're picking the right platform, having a supportive community is the secret sauce that makes it truly special. And in the realm of community support, PozSpaces.com is leading the way.

PositiveSingles.com – Best Overall


As the premier HIV dating app, PositiveSingles is a community of over 2 million members strong. For two decades since its founding in 2001, the site has made more positive connections between HIV+ singles than any other HIV dating community—sparking countless beautiful friendships, relationships and marriages along the way. Members join an accepting environment where they can focus on living fulfilling lives without judgment about their condition.

After an HIV or STD diagnosis, many feel scared and alone, assuming dating and relationships are no longer possible. PositiveSingles helps members see their diagnosis does not have to limit their social life. When members link up with others going through similar challenges on PositiveSingles, they find out that many share their experiences in dealing with diagnosis, treatment, sharing their condition, and dating. This unity gives them comfort and confidence, helping them keep up the active lifestyle they rightfully deserve.

PositiveSingles stands out as the only inclusive HIV dating app with top features like FLAME, Live Chat Room, and Mobile Apps that support dating and building friendships. Unlike regular dating sites where members may feel judged for sharing their condition, PositiveSingles is a poz dating site that ensures fairness right from the beginning. By bringing together people with various STDs, not just HIV, members gain from sharing different outlooks while connecting over shared experiences that bring them together.

PositiveSingles has created a space where members openly discuss topics rarely talked about elsewhere. With complete anonymity and no fear of judgment through an Anonymous STD Q&A forum and sharing treatment stories, PositiveSingles becomes the best poz personal dating site for STD education and emotional support. This support is crucial for thriving physically and socially after a diagnosis. Members can get information on interpreting their diagnosis, updates on treatments, and tips on disclosing their condition.

The combination of understanding and intuitive matching has led to PositiveSingles' unparalleled success stories over 20 years. Whether someone is looking for companionship, romance, or a long-term relationship, HIV singles find the freedom to be themselves and make meaningful connections that lead to exciting possibilities.

Key Features

  1. FLAME Profile Matching – FLAME makes finding profiles that match your preferences simple with a "swipe right to like" and "swipe left to pass" system. When both parties show interest, it's easy to start a conversation and connect with potential matches. FLAME's well-known success in creating romantic connections adds to PositiveSingles’ success, bringing together members based on shared experiences, perspectives, and sensibilities.
  2. Anonymous STD Q&A Forum – You don't have to rely on medical textbooks alone. Members can ask health or dating questions anonymously on forums, connecting with both experts and peers. Besides getting answers, just expressing concerns gives a sense of therapeutic relief after a diagnosis. The forum is like a knowledge-sharing hub where seasoned members share experiences and insights with those newly diagnosed, creating a beneficial exchange for everyone involved.
  3. Mobile Apps – Stay connected on the go with the comprehensive iOS and Android apps from PositiveSingles. These apps offer forums, chat, match search, and blogs, ensuring your matches and conversations don't go cold even when you're offline. The apps also provide assistance during health emergencies through the clinic database, literally allowing you to carry support in your hand anywhere, anytime. Download for Android or Download for iOS.
  4. Advanced Search Capabilities – No need to settle – customize your partner preferences with advanced search filters. Beyond just location and age, you can filter by STD status, relationship goals, personality traits, vices, and more. Start with a broad search, and then fine-tune your matches for compatibility. With these personalized tools, you can be selective while still making meaningful connections.
  5. Live Chat Room – Feel like having a spontaneous chat? PositiveSingles' chatroom is lively around the clock, with singles mingling in real time. The chatter peaks during nights and weekends when members unwind, sharing dating mishaps and wellness victories. Friendships often begin with shared laughs before exchanging contact info. The lively discussions in the chatroom showcase vibrant personalities worth getting to know better.
  6. Share Treatment Stories – Members build connections through intimate storytelling by sharing their journeys of STD treatment and dating revelations through published posts. This not only forges bonds but also provides hope and practical advice for those newly diagnosed, showing how others are thriving years beyond their diagnosis. Longer-term members find satisfaction in giving back by sharing their treatment victories, healthy living routines, and dating successes over time.
  7. 24/7 Dating Advisor – Not sure how to make your profile stand out for better matches? Need help keeping the conversation going from online to the first date? PositiveSingles members can reach out to dating advisors 24/7, either online or by phone. These advisors help with understanding all site features, suggest positive changes to your profile, and offer personalized tips for dates and conversations that suit you. Think of the advisors as your own personal dating coaches!
  8. STD Care Database – PositiveSingles gathers member suggestions to create a searchable STD Care Directory covering clinics, doctors, and specialist resources across the country. This directory is especially useful for those recently diagnosed, as they can quickly find nearby facilities and practitioners. When dealing with urgent health issues, quick access brings peace of mind. Members can also rate and review the listings, contributing to ongoing improvements in referrals.
  9. Member Blogs – Write your own blog or explore thousands of daily entries on PositiveSingles. Lovesick poets share stories of both date fails and triumphs. Fitness enthusiasts break down healthy routines, and dietary enthusiasts exchange recipes. Those newly diagnosed find comfort in diaries, realizing they are not alone. Engaging in comments helps build connections and presence. Let blogs showcase your personality beyond your profile.


  • Judgment-free supportive community of 2+ million members
  • Top-notch security and privacy
  • Safe, anonymous HIV dating app for discussing health topics and conditions
  • Anonymous STD Q&A and treatment guidance
  • Industry-leading matching capabilities with FLAME
  • 24/7 access to personal dating advisors
  • STD clinic & doctor recommendations nationwide
  • Customizable advanced search filters
  • Ongoing conversations via chat room and blogs
  • Convenience of mobile apps


  • Free members have limited abilities to send messages.

How We Rate HIV Dating Sites Like PositiveSingles.com

When evaluating any dating platform, important factors include the size of the user base, the user experience, privacy protections, and the value in relation to the cost. When using a 10-point scale for these criteria, PositiveSingles consistently receives top ratings across the board for its service catering to the HIV community.

User Base – 10/10

PositiveSingles stands out with over 2 million active STD members. While the exact numbers are not disclosed, more women than men use the platform, with an estimated ratio of 3:2 (60% women, 40% men). This community goes beyond HIV to embrace individuals managing various STDs such as Herpes, Hepatitis B & C, HPV, and more.

PositiveSingles is a website that focuses only on people with STDs. It helps those who may feel left out on regular dating sites. Everyone using the site understands the challenges of living with a condition. This makes it easier for them to connect with others who are going through the same things.

User Experience – 10/10

PositiveSingles focuses on making the user's time enjoyable with a simple, easy-to-use interface and special support features. The design is clean and intuitive, making it pleasant to browse profiles, message matches, and join forums without feeling overwhelmed.

What sets PositiveSingles apart is its community tools that encourage meaningful conversations and connections. Features like Q&As, sharing treatment stories, and access to a dating advisor allow members to share insights and build relationships in ways not offered by regular dating sites. For those with HIV looking for understanding partners after a diagnosis, PositiveSingles provides unmatched support, earning it a highly-rated user experience.

Security & Privacy – 10/10

PositiveSingles takes user privacy seriously, especially when it comes to health information. The platform has built-in controls that allow members to limit who can see their full profile, sharing it only with preferred matches. Privacy extends to photo albums, which can be kept private and revealed as relationships progress.

Strict privacy terms ensure that only registered PositiveSingles members can view profiles. In addition to these measures, a blocking feature is in place to prevent any unwanted interactions, ensuring user comfort. PositiveSingles is highly rated for providing essential privacy protections, allowing members to concentrate on building connections without worrying about their data.

Cost & Value – 10/10

PositiveSingles provides excellent value for those in the HIV dating community, offering premium features tailored to their needs. Membership plans are available for 1, 3, and 6 months, with discounted rates for longer durations.

A one-month plan costs $29.95, giving full access to key features. The three-month plan is $59.95 ($19.98 per month), and the best value is the six-month plan at $95.95 ($15.99 per month).

Members can also explore the platform for free, including chatting and searching for profile matches before committing to a subscription. Overall, PositiveSingles stands out by providing exceptional service, fostering a supportive community, and offering tools that help build meaningful connections. All of this is available at reasonable prices, reinforcing its value for the unique audience it serves.

PozSpaces.com – Best for Discreet One-on-One Connection


With a main goal of bringing together singles living with HIV, PozSpaces has become a top HIV dating site for building discreet relationships within the positive dating community. Being an HIV dating site managed by people with HIV, PozSpaces truly knows the poz dating scene and highlights empowering features such as local search and anonymous profiles. By customizing the experience to suit members' feelings, PozSpaces values comfort, letting personalities—rather than status—stand out.

At the heart of its supportive atmosphere, PozSpaces employs a verification process to ensure all members are genuine positives seeking compassionate connections. With protected identities and complete confidentiality regarding personal details, members enjoy privacy to openly discuss sensitive topics.

Key Features

HIV Chat Room – Encouraging open discussions, the HIV Chat Room receives hundreds of messages each day, covering topics from HIV dating experiences to treatment routines and the various aspects of life with HIV. Joining ongoing conversations fosters a sense of presence and community, and the choice to start private chats allows for personal connections with special members on an individual basis.

Privacy and Authenticity – Through the verification of identities before joining, PozSpaces ensures that its members are genuinely HIV+ singles looking for genuine relationships, not just curiosity seekers. The site maintains full confidentiality by practicing privacy measures, keeping member information secure and separate from individual identities.


  • Large community of verified HIV+ singles
  • A personalized dating journey for positive individuals
  • HIV Chat room for instant connections
  • Confidential identity and profile privacy


  • Only serves singles living with HIV

Personals.Poz.com – Best for Community Support


Since 1994, Poz Personals has been a welcoming hub for the HIV community. Connecting hundreds of thousands of positive singles, it's not just about HIV dating but also about building meaningful relationships. Poz Personals is a helpful lifestyle resource offering healthcare insights and tools for community building to people living with HIV. Stay in the loop with news feeds, hot topics, magazines, and blogs that cover wellness, treatment advances, intimacy issues, and more – all while connecting with others who share your perspectives.

Interactive features make networking, support, and potential romance easy for poz members. Connect with kindred spirits who understand common experiences like coping with a new diagnosis, navigating dating after diagnosis, and thriving as a long-term survivor. You can also explore a broader community through book groups, job forums, and local HIV service directories. Poz Personals is here to make connections and support you every step of the way.

Key Features

Interactive Community – Poz Personals is loaded with networking features. Members can participate in polls, quizzes, and Poz 100 spotlights on members who are living well even years after their diagnosis. Engage in conversations through topic discussions, where experienced veterans offer advice to those who have recently been diagnosed. It's a space where conversations flow, and everyone is encouraged to share their insights and experiences. Join in, connect, and find the support you need on your journey.

Basic & Premium Memberships – All members on Poz Personals create profiles and can access community resources. For enhanced features, Premium membership unlocks profile priority listings, new member alerts, and unlimited messaging.


  • 20+ year trusted HIV dating community
  • Several networking tools for an interactive
  • Premium membership options


  • A reduced focus on features exclusively designed for dating

Catering to black positive singles living with HIV, BlackPoz is a cherished gathering place for blacks with HIV. For more than 22 years, it has been a hub for creating meaningful connections within the community. This black HIV dating site serves as a warm digital home where members uplift and encourage each other's growth.

With a member base of over 2.5 million registered profiles, BlackPoz offers an energetic space for black with HIV to explore friendships, relationships, and more. The daily chat messages surpass millions, showcasing the genuine bonds formed on the platform. Testimonials filled with enthusiasm further breathe life into the community's values, capturing the joy of relationships formed.

BlackPoz warmly welcomes individuals from the straight, LGBTQ+, and non-binary spectrum, encompassing the African diaspora. Whether residing in the United States, Canada, the UK, the EU, or beyond, all are embraced. United by a shared cultural heritage and the common experience of living with HIV, members discover comfort and the potential for romance in a wonderfully diverse dating pool.

Key Features

Mobile Apps – BlackPoz offers seamless connectivity on the move through user-friendly iOS and Android apps. Whether you're chatting, browsing profiles, or sharing moments, these apps make it easy to stay connected even during life's quieter moments. Enjoy continuous access to this empowering community right at your fingertips.

Free Signup – Explore the features of the site as a single individual and start networking immediately with no hindrances, all thanks to the free registration. Simply post a profile to unlock complete access and embark on your adventurous journey.


  • Celebrated black HIV dating site since 2001
  • Diverse community of blacks with HIV
  • Lively and spirited community chat
  • Completely free to join


  • Not many dating and social features

More HIV Dating Sites for Meeting Positive Singles

PositiveSingles, PozSpaces, Poz Personals, and BlackPoz stand out as some of the leading brands in the HIV dating realm. However, the niche includes several other high-quality platforms dedicated to positive singles.

HIVDatingOnline.com – Established in 2002, this verified HIV dating community actively promotes dating, friendships, and support among HIV+ members. It empowers positive singles by providing health guides that offer insights into leading happy and fulfilling lives after a diagnosis.

MeetPositives.com – MeetPositives has been making global dating connections possible for singles dealing with HIV, Herpes, HPV, and Hepatitis. This HIV dating platform ensures robust privacy protections and verification procedures, providing members with control over their online experience.

PosDate.com – A passionate and positive HIV community with a focus on advancing treatment access, reducing stigma, and fostering happy, healthy relationships among its members.

HZone App – A leading HIV social community and dating site specifically designed for all people living with HIV and AIDS. Serving as a thriving dating site for HIV singles, it aims to end isolation within the HIV dating community.

Although each site has distinctive features and focal points, they all share a common mission: to educate, empower, and connect positive singles seeking meaningful relationships without judgment about their status.

HIV Dating FAQ’s

How can I find a partner if I’m HIV positive?

Receiving a diagnosis doesn't alter your core self. Your personality continues to shine brightly, even amid unexpected news. Possibilities still abound. With self-care and courage, stand taller, finding understanding partners. Fantastic sites like PositiveSingles nurture stories like yours daily. Matches appreciating your emotional journey and unique experiences await. Non-judgmental partners open the door to smooth, nurturing conversations and even laughter! Scroll through profiles, each nudging you forward. When ready, take that step!

Can I still have sex if I am HIV positive?

Certainly! Individuals living with HIV can maintain healthy and satisfying sex lives and long-term relationships through open communication and necessary precautions. It's crucial to disclose your diagnosis to partners before intimacy, ensuring informed decisions about consent and safety. Consistent adherence to recommended treatment lowers viral loads, making virus transmission during sex highly unlikely. When partners combine prescribed medication with barrier methods like condoms, the risk is further minimized. Through self-education, expressing needs, and engaging in respectful partnerships, positive intimate connections can endure.

Should I tell my partner that I am HIV positive?

Absolutely! Openness about being HIV positive with your partner is vital. Sharing this information builds trust and facilitates informed decisions together. While it may seem challenging, discussing your HIV status is crucial for the well-being of both you and your partner. It enables honest conversations about safe practices, support, and any concerns. Remember, relationships flourish with understanding, and sharing such important aspects is a step toward building a strong, supportive connection. Express your feelings and concerns, encouraging open communication for a healthy relationship based on trust and mutual care.

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