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The Best 5 Low Supply Penny Cryptos on Presale Now

Here are our pics of 5 low-supply penny cryptos that are on presale now and are at the same time the best value you can get for your money’s worth.


Dash 2 Trade

The true gems all investors are looking for are penny cryptos with low-supply that are set for a bullish ride just around the corner. But where to find these gems is an everlasting puzzle. Here are our pics of 5 low-supply penny cryptos that are on presale now and are at the same time the best value you can get for your money’s worth.

1.    Dash 2 Trade (D2T) - The Most Popular Penny Crypto on Presale Now;
2.    RobotERA (TARO) - Top low-supply Penny Crypto Presales in The Gaming Metaverse;
3.    Calvaria (RIA) - The Best Play-to-earn Penny Crypto Presales;
4.    EstateX (ESX) - New Penny Crypto Connected to Real Estate;
5.    The Hideaways (HDWY) – Crypto-driven Luxury Real Estate Investment Platform.


Dash 2 Trade (D2T) - The Most Popular Penny Crypto on Presale Now

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is the best low-supply penny crypto on presale you can invest in today. The project provides true value for the investor community as it targets their everyday needs for timely and accurate information on the market trends.

Almost 70% of all Dash 2 Trade presale tokens were sold as as of December 7th. It won't take long for the effort to attain its $13.4 million objective if the daily pace of $500,000 continues. There aren't many tokens left at all because $9.03 million worth of them have already been sold.


The news that Changelly Pro will list Dash 2 Trade after its presale concludes only heightens interest in this outstanding new project. The D2T coin had previously been accepted for listing by LBank and BitMart at the time.

The Dash 2 Trade is the new data platform dedicated to helping investors find the best new crypto presale projects by equipping them with a range of useful tools and analytics for market assessment.

Dash 2 Trade has secured listings with LBank and BitMart and passed an audit and verification with industry authorities CoinSniper and SolidProof.
The Dash 2 Trade platform is expected to go live in Q1 of 2023. This launch along with the two planned listings indicates good potential for a fast return on investment. This makes D2T coin the most popular amongst penny cryptos currently on presale.

RobotEra (TARO) – Top Low-Supply Penny Crypto Presales in The Gaming Metaverse

RobotERA (TARO) is the hottest new low-supply penny crypto presale in the gaming metaverse. TARO is powering a play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem that is centered around robots as the only inhabitants of an alien world that needs to be rebuilt with skill and wit of RobotERA players. 

The project has allocated 270 million tokens to the presale targeting a hard cap of close to $7 million. Robots that populate the game will be available as a limited collection of 10,000 NFTs.

The project has been fully audited and verified by market experts and is expected to be among the next year’s top crypto performers. This top low-supply penny crypto is selling out fast, so make sure to get your coins in time.


Calvaria (RIA) – Best Play-to-earn Penny Crypto Presales

Calvaria (RIA) is the new P2E project targeting both traditional gamers and crypto-enthusiastic players. What differs this from dozens of crypto gaming projects is a powerful in-game design and the game's ease of access for crypto-shy players with free versions available on Google Play or App Store. 

The project is unique in many ways, especially for exploring the theme of the afterlife. Calvaria will have an in-game store and a staking platform offering players options to earn income from their passion for the game. 

Calvaria’s native token RIA is currently on presale, with just 15% of the total supply offered with a zero vesting period, meaning all bought tokens will be unlocked at launch. Be the first one to grab a piece of this bold project.


EstateX (ESX) – New Penny Crypto Connected to Real Estate

EstateX(ESX) is a new cryptocurrency project making real estate ownership accessible to all by offering ‘shares of ownership' that can be bought, sold, or traded. This real estate ‘fractional ownership’ plan is meant to be affordable and appealing to people worldwide.

With EstateX all ownership stakes will be tracked through blockchain, which will make them safe, transparent, and pure fun to possess. EstateX will secure a marketplace and even enable loans all backed with the project’s native coin ESX.

The project is talked about as the most interesting new low-supply penny crypto connected to real estate on presale now.


Hideaways (HDWY) – Crypto-driven Luxury Real Estate Investment Platform

Hideaways (HDWY) is a luxury real estate investment platform also offering portfolio management and fractional investing. With Hideaways luxury properties are offered to the market in the form of NFTs that can be broken down and sold to different owners. 

Hideaways also offers real estate NFT holders to passively generate income by renting their properties out. The project’s native token HDWY can also be staked to generate profit. All investors also get a Club Hideaways membership with special perks.

Because of its bold approach to the luxury real estate market the project is regarded as the top low-supply penny cryptos you can find on presale today.


Which Low-Supply Penny Crypto is The Best to Buy?

All of the low-supply penny cryptos on presale made an outstanding start and will be getting scarce before you know it. 

Dash 2 Trade would be your best choice if you are a firm believer in market statistics and you appreciate timely and accurate information on crypto trends. This project gives the investor community all they ever dreamed of - information and income.

Those passionate about the P2E niche will like Calvaria. Its subtle design and a good story will appeal to both traditional and modern gamers, potentially grabbing a much larger audience.


For a more grandiose immersive metaverse experience choose RobotERA , as the most interesting P2E story we’ve seen in a while. This new low-supply penny crypto presale is expected to be amongst the top crypto performers of 2023.