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Telangana Is The Epitome Of Welfare

The Telangana government is currently providing Rs. 976 crores 42 lakhs per month as financial security under various support pension categories.

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao meeting people from his state

After the formation of the Telangana Government, the Asara Pension Scheme was launched in November 2014 to support the most vulnerable sections of society and provide financial assistance for the daily minimum needs of those who have lost their livelihood with increasing age, allowing them to lead a dignified life with social security. Initially, the Telangana government provided pension support to the elderly, differently-abled, HIV-AIDS victims, handloom workers, and stone masons. Furthermore, the government implemented the Asara Pension Scheme for beedi workers from March 2015, single women from April 2017, filaria-affected persons from April 2018, and dialysis victims from August 2022. Telangana State is the only state providing pensionable support to beedi workers. The government has also reduced the eligibility age for old age pension from 65 to 57 years. With this decision, the government approved in August 2022 to grant new old-age pensions as well as new support pensions to 10 lakh beneficiaries across various categories.

The Telangana government is currently providing Rs. 976 crores 42 lakhs per month as financial security under various support pension categories. The government stands with every household in the country that needs financial security. When Telangana State was formed in 2014, the number of beneficiaries receiving pensions was only 28,47,855. As of June 2023, the number of Asara pension beneficiaries has reached 43,81,338. The government has acted in a humanitarian sense to provide financial security to various communities who are facing difficult times. The monthly pension amount has also been significantly increased in a phased manner.

Earlier, the government used to provide a pension of Rs. 200 per month to elderly people, differently-abled people, handloom workers, and AIDS victims. They used to give a pension of Rs. 500 to civilians. After the formation of Telangana state, the government increased the monthly pensions to Rs. 2016 and Rs. 3016 for the differently-abled. Additionally, the government is giving a support pension of Rs. 2016 to beedi workers, single women, teachers, and dialysis victims. Due to the provision of pensions to eligible individuals, the number of beneficiaries has increased by an additional 15,33,483 compared to 2014, taking the total number of beneficiaries of support pensions to 43,81,338. Also, in 2014, the amount given per month under pensions was only Rs. 67.47 crores. Today it has reached Rs. 976.42 crore. The Telangana government has provided Rs. 58,696 crore 25 lakh as financial assistance from 2014 to 2022-23 under Asara pensions. Now, with the increased support for the disabled, the annual pension under this scheme will reach 11,712 crores 24 lakhs. Compared to 2014, the number of Asara pension beneficiaries has also significantly increased.

The Telangana government has increased the pension for differently-abled individuals to Rs. 4016. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao revealed that the state government stands with everyone who needs support. The state government has increased the pension from Rs. 3016 to Rs. 4016, providing financial security to the disabled. He explained that due to the increase in pension, the disabled in the state will receive financial support of Rs. 205 crore 48 lakh per month. He further explained that before the advent of Telangana, only 3 lakh 57 thousand differently-abled persons were receiving only Rs 17 crores at the rate of 500 per month. Steps have been taken to identify eligible persons through self-government, and as a result, their number has increased to 5 lakh 11 thousand 656.


PR,RD and RWS Minister E.DayakarRao  has cited CM KCR's rule as an ideal humanitarian approach for the country. The increase in disability pension has brought joy to the differently-abled community. Telangana has become the stage for another historical event by further increasing the financial security provided to the unfortunate and needy  individuals. They will now receive Rs. 4,016, making Telangana a model for other states in terms of providing the highest pensions.

Monthly pensions given to differently-abled persons in various states (in Rs.)

  • Karnataka: 1,100
  • Rajasthan: 750
  • Chhattisgarh: 500
  • Uttar Pradesh: 1,000
  • Maharashtra: 300
  • Madhya Pradesh: 300
  • Andhra Pradesh: 3,000
  • Bihar: 500
  • Mizoram: 100
  • Odisha: 200
  • Jharkhand: 700
  • Tamil Nadu: 1,000
  • Kerala: 1,300

The government of Telangana has increased the monthly pension given to the disabled by providing financial security to those unfortunate disabled individuals who need support. Disability pensions of Rs. 3016 have been increased to Rs. 4016 starting this month of July. No state in the country is providing such an amount of pension. Telangana state has become an example in the welfare of disabled people.

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