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Spiritual Reading: Best Psychic Sites For Live Chat, Phone & Video Reading

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Spiritual Reading: Best Psychic Sites For Live Chat, Phone & Video Reading

If you wish to try spiritual reading, check top sites with skilled psychic reading advisors who will guide you on your life-altering journey!

Spiritual Reading
Spiritual Reading

Prepared by Terry Kite from Psychic House of Magic

The moment comes when many of us recognize life as an actual quest for self-discovery. We start seeking answers to the question, "How can I make my love and relationship issues, career choices, personal growth, etc., more profitable?"

The answer is that there is a diverse range of options to explore the depths of our souls. And one of them is spiritual psychic readings. Psychics possess the wisdom and intuitive insights that draw us. 

With advancements in technology, connecting with spiritual experts has become easier than ever, allowing us to shed light on our problems in real time through online psychic reading sites.

Today, you will not only learn more about spiritual psychic reading in general but also get a chance to explore websites that can provide such assistance. Accurate psychic readings, compelling per-minute cost, and other additional perks are guaranteed if you address one of the available spiritual sources!

Best Sites for Accurate Online Psychic Readings

  1. California Psychics — a spiritual company for effective chat & phone tarot reading sessions at low cost.
  2. Nebula — an excellent psychic reading site for exotic chat divination consultations to test through a welcome credit package.
  3. Keen — a long-established website for text & call psychic readings on various topics at a discounted price.
  4. Kasamba — reliable spiritual source with skilled love psychics specializing in romantic divination sessions via chat, email, and phone calls.
  5. Purple Garden — a trusted source to find a cheap psychic on love, astrology, dream interpretation, etc., via chat, call, and video.

California Psychics

California Psychics
California Psychics
  • Experience: 22 years
  • Website visitors last month: 1.1M
  • Experts for spiritual online psychic readings: 200+
  • Delivery methods: chat and phone
  • 🔥Special deal: three discounted 20-minute packages for new clients

Pros and Cons

✅ Best features:

  • Three packages with 20 minutes at discounted price
  • Commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Access to complimentary articles and horoscopes across different subjects
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Exclusive promotions for loyal members

❌ Worst features:

  • Absence of completely free psychic reading online
  • Absence of video readings

💲Prices and Discounts

Regular psychic reading prices at California Psychics?

  • From $4 to $9 per minute

Discounts and offers for psychic readings at California Psychics?

  • Three introductory packages: $1/min. with affordable psychic reading experts, $2/min. with popular advisors, and $4/ min. with the best online psychics.

Final Thoughts

California Psychics is a perfect service to enjoy a chat and phone spiritual consultations at a reasonable price and get discounts for your first experience. With over 20 years of experience, this platform gathered a wide selection of the best psychic readers and evolved into a professional website.


Nebula psychics
Nebula psychics
  • Experience: 4 years
  • Website visitors last month: 156.7K
  • Experts for spiritual online psychic readings: 300+
  • Delivery methods: chat
  • 🔥Special deal: free credits worth $14 for new clients

Pros and Cons

✅ Best features:

  • $14 worth of free psychic reading credits as an introductory offer
  • A variety of features, including accurate horoscopes, biorhythm checkers, beauty & health calendars, and personalized lists of psychics
  • Guaranteed refunds
  • Complimentary blog articles
  • User-friendly mobile app

❌ Worst features:

  • No video and phone psychic reading options

💲Prices and Discounts

Regular psychic reading prices at Nebula?

  • From 40 credits per minute

Discounts and offers for psychic readings at Nebula?

  • Welcome 100 credits equal to $14, which you can spend on 3 minutes of your first chat session

Final Thoughts

It's worth ordering spiritual assistance at Nebula because that is one of the online psychic reading platforms that provide not only free credits, free horoscopes & calendars, but also very exotic divination types. Thus, you can order from past life readings to consultations on shamanism, spell casting, and even feminine power activation.


Keen Psychics
Keen Psychics
  • Experience: 24 years
  • Website visitors last month: 1.7M
  • Experts for spiritual online psychic readings: 500+
  • Delivery methods: chat and phone
  • 🔥Special deal: 10 minutes for $1.99 for new clients

Pros and Cons

✅ Best features:

  • A welcome 10-minute package for $1.99 only
  • Advanced mobile application
  • Professional search filters to find skilled online psychic readers
  • Access to a wide range of horoscopes and engaging blog articles
  • Reward program for loyal customers

❌ Worst features:

  • Absence of video psychic readings

💲Prices and Discounts

Regular psychic reading prices at Keen?

  • Ranging from $3 to $10 per minute

Discounts and offers for psychic readings at Keen?

  • The initial 10 minutes of your first consultation with any psychic reader will cost only $1.99

Final Thoughts

The Keen platform can guarantee the best online psychic readings. Discounts, a professional interface, psychic readers working 24/7, and a fair pricing policy make Keen a reliable spiritual platform for receiving guidance from higher powers.


Kasamba Psychics
Kasamba Psychics
  • Experience: 24 years
  • Website visitors last month: 495.1K
  • Experts for spiritual online psychic readings: 300+
  • Delivery methods: chat, email, and phone
  • 🔥Special deal: 3 free minutes for new clients

Pros and Cons

✅ Best features:

  • Welcome three minutes for a free psychic reading
  • A compensation guarantee, which can be up to $50
  • A mobile application for added convenience
  • Love forecasts, compatibility tests, articles, and horoscopes to gain insights into the love aspect
  • A fast and convenient sign-up process

❌ Worst features:

  • No video online psychic reading services

💲Prices and Discounts

Regular psychic reading prices at Kasamba?

  • Ranging from $4 to $19 per minute and depending on the communication method selected

Discounts and offers for psychic readings at Kasamba?

  • Free psychics let you enjoy the first three free psychic reading minutes 

Final Thoughts

The Kasamba online psychic reading platform can offer a bevy of opportunities to receive spiritual assistance of high quality and at a low price. Online psychic advisors here will provide free consultations, love horoscopes, various tests and forecasts on romantic issues, guaranteed compensations, and a streamlined process of ordering a session.

Purple Garden

  • Experience: 6 years
  • Website visitors last month: 203.8K
  • Experts for spiritual online psychic readings: 2,000+
  • Delivery methods: medium chats, video & phone calls
  • 🔥Special deal: free credits worth $10 for new clients

Pros and Cons

✅ Best features:

  • Exclusive discounts — a Tryout credit and a 4% cashback — available for loyal members
  • A comprehensive selection of online psychics
  • An advanced website design
  • Convenient search engine for a personalized experience
  • An informative blog accessible to all users at no cost

❌ Worst features:

  • No free psychic reading for newcomers

💲Prices and Discounts

Regular psychic reading prices at Purple Garden?

  • Ranging from $0.99 to $17.99 per minute and defined by the selected communication way and professionalism of a psychic reader

Discounts and offers for psychic readings at Purple Garden?

  • There are no free psychic readings online on the platform, but you can compensate it with a Tryout credit and a 4% cashback you can earn when ordering sessions

Final Thoughts

The number of positive features and perks put Purple Garden on the list of reliable psychic reading websites. Although the platform doesn't offer free online psychic reading services to new customers, it ensures other excellent options that will make your spiritual experience unforgettable. It includes cashback for loyal users, a vast number of online psychics, various divination specialties from dream analysis to tarot readings, and budget-friendly pricing.

What are Online Psychic Readings?

Sometimes it seems that life is a never-ending struggle for the discovery of truth. For each person, it is essentially unique, but at the same time, all our truths are united by one thing — the desire for spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual psychic readings are one of the ways to reach the state of enlightenment and discover the resolution to the majority of your problems.

You can choose between different psychic readers. Before enlisting the reading types, we should emphasize the importance of selecting a suitable service for your spiritual journey:

  • Personal alignment. Different psychic reading types cater to different needs and preferences. By choosing a reading type that resonates with you, you create a stronger alignment between yourself and the method of divination being used. It enhances the connection and allows for more meaningful and accurate psychic reading.
  • Specific focus. Each psychic reading type has its area of expertise and focus. For example, tarot readings can provide insights into various aspects of life, while mediumship sessions specialize in connecting with departed loved ones.

Now, let's discuss the categories of online psychic readings:

  1. Mediumship Psychic Readings. Mediumship psychic readings aim to connect with spirits or deceased loved ones. Mediums may convey information, offer comfort, or provide closure to individuals seeking contact with the spirit realm.
  2. Tarot Readings. Tarot readings are considered the most popular divination tool. Often, it's because it's easy to learn this skill: you only need to know the explanation of each spread and card. However, professional tarot readers also possess a divine connection with the world of spirits.Tarot readings utilize a deck of 78 tarot cards to gain insights into various aspects of life, including relationships, career, personal growth, and spiritual matters. Each card represents different aspects of life and can reveal information about past events, present circumstances, or future possibilities.
  3. Astrology Readings. Astrology readings involve the interpretation of a person's birth chart, which is based on the positions of cosmic objects at the time of their birth. Astrologers analyze the positions of planets and other astrological elements to provide insights into personality traits, life events, and future trends.
  4. Energy Healing Readings. Energy psychic readings combine intuitive insights with energy healing techniques. Practitioners may identify energetic blockages, offer guidance on personal growth, and suggest ways to restore balance and promote well-being. This type of spiritual psychic readings has several subcategories, one of the most popular being: a) Reiki healing: is a form of energy healing where the practitioner channels universal life force energy to promote relaxation and balance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels; b) Chakra & aura healing: focuses on clearing and balancing the energy centers in the body (chakras) and the electromagnetic field surrounding it (aura) to enhance overall well-being and restore energetic harmony; c) Crystallomancy: utilizes the energies and properties of crystals to gain insights into a person's life, providing guidance, clarity, and healing through the messages and vibrations of different crystals.
  5. Rune casting. This type of psychic reading uses ancient runic symbols for divination and gaining insight into different aspects of life. The runes, typically made of stone or wood, bear unique markings representing letters of the runic alphabet. During a rune casting, the reader selects runes from a bag or casts them onto a cloth or surface. 
  6. Numerology readings. Numerology online psychics examine the mystical significance and vibrations of numbers to gain insights into an individual's life path and future potential. During this type of psychic reading consultation, a numerologist analyzes various aspects of a person's birth date, name, and other significant numbers to uncover patterns and meanings. These experts use calculations and formulas to interpret the numbers and their relationships, such as the Life Path Number, Destiny Number, or Personal Year Number.

How to Get Your First Online Psychic Reading?

  • Your Needs First!

Take some time to reflect on what you hope to gain from a spiritual psychic reading. It should include the specific type of guidance or insight you are seeking, whether it's related to relationships, career, personal growth, or communication with departed loved ones. Also, consider your financial abilities, preferences in communication, and reading styles.

  • Reviews & Recommendations Are a Client's Best Friends.

Learn if your acquaintances have tried such assistance and ask for reputable online psychic reading services. You can also explore online forums, spiritual communities, or review websites to gather feedback and insights from other people who have had online readings.

  • Time for Research!

Once you have a list of potential psychic readers, research each one individually. Visit their websites, read their profiles, and explore their areas of expertise, experience, and qualifications. Pay attention to their approach and any testimonials or client feedback psychic readers may have. It will give you a better sense of their style and whether it resonates with you.

In addition, you should determine the availability of the psychic readers you are interested in and see if their schedule aligns with yours. Check if they offer online booking options and review their rates and payment methods. Some psychic readers may require a deposit or upfront payment, so make sure you are aware of their booking process and any associated terms or conditions.

  • Let's Start It!

Once you have chosen a psychic reader, reach out to them through their preferred communication channel, such as email or contact form on an online psychic reading website. Introduce yourself, express your interest in their psychic services, and inquire about their availability. You can also ask any specific questions you may have regarding the psychic reading process, duration, or preparation.

Additional recommendations:

  • Prepare for the psychic reading. Before you schedule an online psychic reading session, take some time to prepare yourself. Choose a quiet place and think about the questions or topics you want to discuss. Having a pen and paper nearby is also helpful to take notes or jot down any crucial insights. However, some psychic reading services provide free recordings of phone and video consultations. Thus, you can re-watch/listen to them later.
  • Have an open mind and trust the process: During the psychic reading, approach it with an open mind and trust the process and remember that psychic readings are not guarantees of specific outcomes. Instead, they offer guidance and support to help you make informed decisions and navigate your spiritual journey.

Online Psychic Reading vs Local Psychics

First things first, online psychics offer several advantages over their offline counterparts.

Firstly, the possibility to access online psychic reading websites from anywhere with an internet connection eliminates the need for travel, making it more accessible for those with busy lifestyles or living in remote areas.

Secondly, the online psychic reading providers offer a wide selection of psychic readers and specialties which increases the chances of finding a reliable psychic reader that resonates with you.

Additionally, virtual platforms often provide reviews and testimonials from previous clients, allowing you to assess the credibility and quality of psychic services. Anonymity is also enhanced, making it easier for clients to discuss personal or sensitive matters.

However, offline psychic readers have some advantages. In-person connections can establish a deeper level of trust and comfort, while the physical environment can contribute to the overall spiritual experience.


How Does an Online Spiritual Psychic Reading Work?

During an online spiritual psychic reading, you connect with a psychic reader through digital platforms such as video calls, chat applications, or email. The psychic reader uses their spiritual abilities, tools such as cards or astrology charts, etc., and intuition to help you find answers to the most burning questions or provide reassurance and grief support.

What Types of Spiritual Readings Are Available Online?

Spiritual psychic readings include a wide selection of types, such as readings with psychic mediums, tarot card readings, astrology & numerology consultations, energy healing sessions, etc. There are also exotic types, for example, pet psychic readings, feminine power activation, spell casting, shamanism, or Reiki. These psychic readings are conducted through digital platforms and offer connections with the spiritual realm.

How Can I Choose a Reputable Online Spiritual Reader?

To choose a reputable online psychic reader, don't forget to research practitioners' backgrounds and qualifications, read client reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputation, and analyze thoroughly the pricing & refund policies and ethical practices. And finally, trust your intuition and choose a psychic reader whose approach and specialties align with your needs and beliefs.

Are Spiritual Psychic Readings Secure and Confidential?

The best psychic apps prioritize the security and confidentiality of their customers, implementing measures to protect your personal information and maintain the privacy of your sessions. However, it's important to review the privacy policies of the specific online psychic reading platform or practitioner you choose and ensure they have appropriate safeguards because some fraud platforms can share your details with undesired third parties.

Can I Ask Follow-up Questions After an Online Spiritual Reading?

Yes, it is often possible to ask additional questions after your psychic reader makes a divination. Some psychic readers may offer additional support or clarification via email, chat, or scheduled follow-up sessions. However, the availability and terms for follow-up communication may vary depending on the practitioner's policies and individual arrangements. Usually, additional questions via email imply additional costs for reading since psychic mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, and all spiritual email consultants often allow only 1-2 questions per email.

What Is the Cost of an Online Spiritual Reading, and How Does It Vary among Different Readers?

Usually, the price rate is determined by the experience and reputation of online psychics, and the type and duration of the psychic reading. You can pay for a one-minute session from $0.60 to $30. It's best to check with an individual psychic medium for specific pricing details. But don't forget that many virtual consultants provide free online psychic sessions, offering free credits or minutes to their new clients.

Are There Any Risks or Potential Negative Experiences Associated with Online Spiritual Readings?

Unfortunately, there are some risks you should be aware of. These include encountering fraudulent practitioners, misinterpretations, or dissatisfaction with the reading. It's essential to research and choose professional psychic readers, read reviews, trust your intuition, and approach readings with an open mindset to mitigate these risks.

Can an Online Spiritual Reading Provide Guidance for Major Life Decisions?

Skilled psychic mediums can offer insights, perspectives, and intuitive guidance that may assist you in making informed choices. However, it's important to remember that the ultimate decision-making responsibility lies with you, and reading should be used as a source of helpful information, not as a source of infinite truth.

How Can Psychics Help You Choose the Right Career Path?

A psychic reader can help you choose the right career path by tapping into his intuitive abilities. Psychic mediums can describe your strengths and passions, which can assist you in pursuing a career, and draw potential opportunities awaiting you in the future. Their intuitive perspective can offer fresh perspectives and help you align your career choices with your authentic self.

What Can You Expect from a Spiritual Online Psychic Reading Session?

Although even the best online psychic reading websites can't guarantee 100% accurate divinations, still, reliable sources can offer the following:

  • Guidance and insights about your spiritual journey, personal growth, and life's purpose
  • Clarity and support
  • A deeper understanding of your path


Spiritual psychic readings are not meant to dictate your life. Instead, they offer you a source of empowerment, enhanced by the great level of knowledge and intuition you get with online psychics.

Whether you need clarity or validation, the convenience and accuracy provided by the online psychic reading sites we showed today can ensure an enriching experience that will teach you to make more informed life decisions.

Every person deserves to have a bright future, but not every person is ready to welcome it. Are you such an individual? Or do you want to turn life difficulties into opportunities?


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.