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Spell Token Price Won’t Recover, But Tamadoge Meme Coin Is Pumping To The Moon

Tamadoge is a memecoin that is currently on its presale status, and has already raised over 1M USD 14 days into its presale. The whole project is wrapped around the idea of a play to earn platform, which allows their investors to have a pet-like doge as an NFT, and interact with it on the go.


Just like the vast majority of cryptos, Spell Token reached its all-time high in November 2021 but ultimately plummeted in the past few months due to the severe bear market.  

The current price of $0.001033 is almost 95% lower than it was just a few months ago.  

What’s more, the total value locked (TVL) has also decreased from $6.4 billion to $376 million, a 90% fall.  

But what exactly will change for crypto and what do experts have to say about the Spell Token price prediction? And why are cryptocurrencies like Tamadoge being the new hottest thing during the bear market?  

Let’s check out the recent news and analyses.  

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Spell Token Price Prediction 2022-2025 

Before we begin, let’s check out Spell Token Price Prediction 2022-2025.  










As you can see, analysts expect the price of Spell to go slightly higher by the start of 2023. By the end of 2025, the predictions are that it will more than triple the price it’s expected to be in 2022. That’s not a bad average. However, is it worth waiting for three years for your investment to slightly pay off? It’s been proven historically that when you are one of the first people to jump onboard a new coin on presale such as Tamadoge, the earning potential is much higher. This means that the chances of your investment making 10x are even higher when you get into a hot project like Tamadoge. 

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What is Tamadoge? 

Tamadoge is a memecoin that is currently on its presale status, and has already raised over 1M USD 14 days into its presale. The whole project is wrapped around the idea of a play to earn platform, which allows their investors to have a pet-like doge as an NFT, and interact with it on the go. Similar to the 90’s virtual pet Tamagotchi, Tamadoge plans to have its Tamaverse to allow their users to bring their NFTs cross platform and interact with them 

People are comparing Tamadoge to Dogecoin, and rumors are that this is the perfect use case for a meme coin, which is something that the first meme coin Dogecoin lacks. Tamadoge and its Tamaverse will allow the ecosystem to grow in due time, and a lot of people are excited not only for the project itself but for the potential for gains. 


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How to Buy Tamadoge – Step-by-Step Guide  

If you’re thinking about investing before missing the boat, here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to purchase your first Tamadoge token.  

Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet  

If you don’t already have one, you first need to create a crypto wallet to buy Tamadoge.  

Most wallets are simple to create and are completely free. With that said, we recommend that you go with MetaMask since it includes multi-chain support.  

Step 2 – Buy ETH/USDT 

You can buy TAMA coins only through Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Both of these cryptos can be acquired through the major crypto exchange platform.  

However, you also have the option to purchase ETH directly via credit/debit card on Tamadoge’s official presale platform.  

After you buy ETH/USDT, transfer the tokens into your crypto wallet.  

Step 3 – Connect the Crypto Wallet with Tamadoge’s Presale Platform  

Go to the official Tamadoge website and press ‘Buy’.  

Next, click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and pick your wallet provider. You’ll see a bunch of instructions pop up; follow them to finish the connection process.  

Step 4 – Purchase Tamadoge  

Type in the exact amount of TAMA coins that you want to buy (the minimum is 10,000) and press ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT’.  

Double-check the information you entered and confirm the transaction if everything is correct.  

Step 5 – Claim the Tokens  

Lastly, all that’s left for you to do is claim the Tamadoge tokens.  

But you should know that the ‘Claim’ option will be available only once the presale comes to an end.  

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Tamadoge vs Spell Token: Which has the highest potential for growth?  

Spell Token (SPELL) is the native currency for Abracadabra.Money, a decentralized platform for lending services.  

The token is primarily used for staking purposes. By staking Spell Tokens, platform users can acquire Staked Spell tokens (sSPELL) as a reward.  

Those who own SPELL tokens gain voting power on Abracadabra.Money and have a chance to earn interest on the lending profit.  

Spell Token has a total supply of 196 billion – 30% is reserved for the team behind the currency and 63% goes to farming incentives around the world.  

The remaining 7% was distributed to Uniswap and Sushiswap through a decentralized exchange platform.  

Right now, with companies like hodlnaut and other crypto lending platforms halting their withdrawals and deposits, it's safe to say that any crypto that has something to do with lending is not the best way to go in a bear market. On the other hand, a cryptocurrency that is being developed around a play to earn system, is something that is moving towards the future. 

A lot of the newest and most successful cryptocurrencies that were launched around the world with a p2e ecosystem have made a lot of people into millionaires. The first investors who believed in projects such as Axie Infinity have been able to invest their money and make it back in a short amount of time. 

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Spell Token Controversy  

Before we get into the price technicalities, it’s worth mentioning that Spell Token has gone through a few controversies in January 2022 which largely affected its value.  

To be precise, there was a huge scandal related to Frog Nation.  

The Frog Nation is a partnership consisting of blockchain initiatives that are operated by Daniele Sestagalli, the developer of the project.   

This partnership included DeFi platforms like Wonderland, Popsicle Finance, and Abracadabra.Money.  

By the end of January, there was a huge sell-off of tokens that were connected to Frog Nation. The main reason for this was that many media outlets reported that Michal Patryn was allegedly in charge of Wonderland.  

This was a huge issue since Patryn is a former convict and one of the founders of QuadrigaCX, the fraudulent crypto exchange that scammed millions of traders out of their money.  

The news turned out to be true when Sestagalli posted a tweet confirming Patryn’s role in Wonderland.  

Wonderland’s community was shocked and quickly decided to vote Patryn out of his position as treasury manager.  

Unfortunately, the damage had already been done and Wonderland went through a 50% decline.  

This directly affected the price of Abracadabra’s Spell Token and the founders decided to come out with a statement to reassure existing investors and the overall community.  

They released a blog post explaining that Michael Patryn was never in control of Abracadabra’s treasury, neither directly nor indirectly.  

What’s more, the day before this news about Patryn came to light, Wonderland and Abracadabra were making deals and talking about a potential merger.  

This changed with the circumstances.  

Even though Wonderland’s community was strongly against project closure, the founder announced its end shortly after.  

A project like this, which has been involved in controversies, is bound to get involved into other scandals. If you’re looking for a project that has a clean slate, Tamadoge looks like it's set to be a successful crypto from the get go. 

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Spell Token Price Prediction 

In July, many experts were expecting a bearish trend towards the end of 2022, but with new features being announced over the past month, the situation changed.  

To be precise, there were around 20 indicators that gave bullish signals and led professionals to change their opinion from ‘sell’ to ‘hold’.  

However, even though the long-term future is looking solid, there doesn’t seem to be much hope that the price of Spell Token will greatly increase towards the end of 2022.  

In fact, some even predict a 10% decrease by December.  

But this shouldn’t stop you from making investments.  

Many crypto media outlets have stated that it’s possible for Spell Token to reach a $0.008 mark by the end of 2021, which is over a 500% increase.  

Platforms like WalletInvestor don’t agree with this prediction, but expect a $0.000134 price by the end of 2025. In July 2027, they believe that the price will be around $0.000143.  

On the other hand, we have DigitalCoinPrice with a whole different outlook.  

They made forecasts for each year: 

  • 2022 - $0.00125 

  • 2023 - $0.00130 

  • 2024 - $0.00134 

  • 2025 - $0.00180 

  • 2026 - $0.00164 

  • 2027 - $0.00206 

  • 2028 - $0.00298 

  • 2029 - $0.00382 

After that, they estimate that the price could even reach $0.00450 by mid-2030.  

Similar predictions can be found on a few more websites, with projecting a $0.006 mark by 2025 and a $0.060 price in 2031.  

However, you should keep in mind that most of these platforms make predictions based on algorithm calculations.  

The algorithm primarily takes into consideration the technical performance of a crypto’s historical performance, which isn’t really a guarantee for future accomplishments.  

That’s why it’s always recommended that you also do your own research before investing in a token. This is especially the case if you plan on investing large sums of money.  

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Is Spell Token the Best Crypto Investment in 2022? The Verdict 

Even though Spell Token does have the potential to make investors a 10x profit, the chances of it happening are still quite slim. If you want to see huge profits from crypto investing by the end of 2022, you’re much better off checking out a project like Tamadoge.  

As we mentioned earlier, Spell Token does have the potential to bring huge profits – but not nearly as much as Tamadoge.  

We examined the Spell Token price prediction and saw that a gradual increase is very likely, however, it most likely won’t happen by the end of 2022.  

On the other hand, Tamadoge is one of the hottest cryptos currently on the market and experts are already forecasting a 1000% increase in the first few weeks after its release.