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Shiba Inu Price Pumps Nearly 20% In A Week - 3 Alternative Coins To Buy Now

Shiba Inu broke the barriers of meme coins and is ready to introduce innovations and use cases in the industry.


Shiba Inu Price

Meme coins have been rising for the last few years because of their unique identity and association with a particular trend. The value of such coins depends on the hype and loyalty of the community, as meme coins usually don’t have a definite use.

Even for Shiba Inu (SHIB), 2022 was a disastrous year, but 2023 has brought new hope for such coins. The price of crypto tokens has risen as traders return to their favorite places. Due to this, SHIB has been gaining momentum for the past week.

Apart from SHIB, you can invest in three alternative coins: Tamadoge, Meta Masters Guild, and Fight Out. Due to their unique use cases and innovations, these coins are gaining much-needed hype. So don’t miss out on these coins, as an overview is below.


But before that, let’s talk about Shiba Inu and its rise in the last few days.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Overview

Shiba Inu broke the barriers of meme coins and is ready to introduce innovations and use cases in the industry. It is the second-biggest meme coin in the crypto market. And is one of the top 15 tokens people love to trade in.

Until 2020, there was no sign of SHIB anywhere, but suddenly a meme coin arrived and took the crypto market but surprise. In 2021, when the bull run was in full flow, SHIB took full advantage of it and gained over 1,600,000% in just one year. Anyone who took a leap of faith and invested in it became a millionaire within a few months.


Shiba Inu Price Analysis

The price of SHIB has been fluctuating for a while now. As you might have read in the headline, the price of Shiba Inu increased by 20% in the last week. So let’s look at its chart, but before that, let’s look at the yearly stats of SHIB.

Yearly Price Action

Looking at the yearly chart of SHIB, you’ll see that last year in Feb, SHIB was at a fairly stable position, but it was when its real downfall started. Shiba Inu went down by 60 to 70% from that position and then kept consolidating at those levels.

It tried to break the major resistance of $0.00001692 in mid of August but couldn’t and went down to previous levels again. In 2023, SHIB is trying to do the same, but only time will tell how much SHIB can achieve this year.

Weekly Price Action

Now let’s come to the main topic of the rise of SHIB in the last seven days. This price chart shows the price movement of SHIB in the last seven days from 30th January. The price was still consolidating under the major resistance level of $0.00001280, but suddenly, the price pumped due to a huge influx of money into the token.


The pump started on 4th February and continued for the next few hours until it reached $0.00001562 but couldn’t hold the level and was rejected back to $0.00001463. Now SHIB is at $0.00001438 as of 6th February 2023. As more money gets dumped into this coin, its price will increase again.

Three Alternate Coins to Fill your Wallet

So here we will discuss the three coins that we mentioned above. These coins have been showing great potential for the past few weeks. And as these platforms grow more, they will eventually become the best crypto projects.

Let’s have a brief look at all of these coins.


1. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge aims to become one of the biggest meme coins, surpassing the DOGE coin. It plans to invade the boundaries of Play-to-Earn (P2E) space by introducing addictive, competitive, and reward-based games.

It recently released its first-ever arcade game, Super Doge, which immediately gained popularity. People from around the world are participating in this game by using the free NFT doge. Whoever comes at the top will earn the most TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge will incorporate Augmented reality in its Metaverse, where users can use their NFT to socialize with others. These unique features make TAMA a worthwhile investment in the long run because of the upcoming releases.


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2. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild is the fastest-growing Web3-based mobile gaming platform that will change how games are seen. Most people think gaming is a waste of time, but the MEMAG platform will change the perception of gaming forever.

The main aim of this platform is to make fun and interactive games that people will play for fun and not only to earn an income. Also, whatever you achieve in the game, you are the owner of it and can cash out whenever you desire.

Because MEMAG is the first-ever mobile gaming guild on the blockchain network, its usage, and hype are increasing with every passing day. So take quick action and buy MEMAG now.


3. Fight Out (FGHT)

The next token on the list is Fight Out, which will revolutionize the fitness industry with its incentive-based platform. It has a Metaverse where you can create your avatar based on your real-life physique and participate in different challenges.

Fight Out will also release a Mobile App that will cater to your workout needs and track your progress as you progress. The app will also assign you a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

The user can also participate in different battles and earn FGHT tokens. As you level up, the competition becomes fierce, as well as the rewards. It is in its initial stages right now but is gaining popularity quickly. So it's now or never for you.


Summing Everything Up

Shiba Inu is trying to pump hard again after a dreadful year, but according to experts, it will take some time now. But until then, you can invest your savings in TAMA, MEMAG, and FGHT. These are the upcoming stars of the crypto world, and all of these bring something that has never been experienced.