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Ritual Reviews - Is Ritual.com Trustworthy? Personal Vitamin Supplements That Work?

Based out of Venice, Ritual produces all its supplements under careful medical guidance. The brand has an advisory board formed by physicians and professors who have excelled in health and nutrition.


Ritual Supplements

Regarding health, women want the best medication or the most effective treatment. But, while choosing vitamins, the same women often resort to a brand without looking into who they are and how they produce their products.

What if we tell you that multivitamins are just as crucial to your health as a prescribed medication, and choosing a brand that is not reliable can have severe consequences?

Now, searching for a manufacturer who is ethical and worthy of trust can be a tricky venture. This is why our team has done the legwork for you, and today we present before you Ritual - a holistic brand with an ethical approach to women's health through multivitamins.


Based out of Venice, Ritual produces all its supplements under careful medical guidance. The brand has an advisory board formed by physicians and professors who have excelled in health and nutrition.

The main motto of Ritual is to provide vitamins that contain ethically-sourced ingredients from all over the world. Ritual has disclosed all the ingredients and their regions on its main website. This lets you make a well-informed decision.

As of today, Ritual has served thousands of customers across the USA, UK, and Canada. Interestingly, almost all Ritual reviews on the official website are positive, and people can't stop raving about the brand and its authenticity.


On top of all this, Ritual maintains a journal where you can easily access crucial information about women's nutrition and health. So, apart from ordering your favorite supplements, you can learn about supplementation from industry experts.

Considering all of these factors, Ritual seems like the best brand of vitamins on the market, and if it has piqued your interest too, keep reading our article on the brand.

  • Brand Name: Ritual

  • Brand Category: Vitamin Supplements

  • Best-Sellers:

    • Multivitamin 18 +

    • Prenatal Vitamins

    • HyaCera

  • E-Mail ID: my@ritual.com

  • Pricing: Starts from $39

  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

  • Official Website: Click here

Why Was Ritual Created?

Ritual is the brainchild of Katerina Schneider, who believes that good health begins with the best ingredients.

When Katerina was pregnant, she turned her house upside down to get rid of products with ingredients she couldn't get behind and were not reliable. She replaced everything from cleaning supplies to the deodorant.

But, while searching for the ideal prenatal vitamin, she came across questionable ingredients yet again. She couldn't find a brand worth the trust and the money, so she built her own.

This is how Ritual came into being with the solitary goal of providing quality health supplements to everyone and changing the bleak scenario of the supplementation industry. Katerina slowly partnered with physicians and other health experts to grow her brand and produce some of the safest and most effective vitamins.


If you are looking for trustworthy prenatal and daily vitamins and supplements for your skin and gut, Ritual is a dependable option.

The Best-Selling Products Of Ritual

In this section, we will take a brief look at some of the best supplements by Ritual:

  • Multivitamin 18 + For Women

  • HyaCera For The Skin

  • Prenatal Vitamins

Multivitamin 18 + For Women

Made with nine natural ingredients, Multivitamin 18 + serves varied benefits. From better cognitive functioning and blood building to getting rid of harmful toxins, this supplement can do it all easily.

Be patient and follow a good diet; you will experience excellent results in three months. Some of the key ingredients in Multivitamin 18 + are omega 3, folate, iron, and vitamin D; these components have optimal backing from the scientific community.


Furthermore, as soon as the supplement was formulated, it was tested by an independent lab. Rest assured that the product's label is truthful and the brand is transparent, with nothing to conceal.

Dosage Recommendations

The official website has recommended taking two capsules daily, preferably after your meal. Once you start taking this multivitamin, ensure that you are not consuming other OTC vitamin supplements that can offset the recommended dosage.


You can choose to buy one bottle of Multivitamin 18 +, which will cost you $33, or you can select up to 6 bottles, where you'll receive a bundle discount of $10, and your final price will be $188. All purchases have free shipping, so you don't have to worry about extra charges.


HyaCera For The Skin

HyaCera contains two of the best clinically-studied ingredients shown to help minimize wrinkles and hydrate skin - hyaluronic acid and wheat oil extract. This skin supplement is a new addition to Ritual, and the brand is exploring more prospects around skin health.

HyaCera has Ceratiq, a plant oil extract to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and, therefore, it is one of the best skincare products for aging skin. Additionally, each capsule has Hyabest - a lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid to help promote glowing, moisturized skin.

With these key ingredients, you can expect brighter and well-nourished skin within 90 days of regular consumption. Moreover, the capsules have a moisture control bottle technology to protect hygroscopic hyaluronic acid from absorbing water.


Recommended Dosage

For the best results, consume one HyaCera capsule every day. Also, you can follow a good skincare routine to ensure your skin gets the best of both worlds.

Price Point

  • One bottle of HyaCera that will last you a month retails for $54

  • Six bottles of the capsules are priced at $307.80

You can opt for a number between 1 and 6 bottles; the price will vary accordingly. However, buying more than one bottle will save $16.20, thanks to the 5% bundle discount.

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins are the next-generation supplementation with 12 critical nutrients before and during pregnancy. The supplement is OB/GYN recommended; multiple women have rated it a solid 4.5 stars out of 5.


The capsules have folate and choline to support neural tubes and fetal brain development. Additionally, vitamin B12 contributes to red blood cell formation, and the essential minerals support and maintain your baby's bone health.

The supplement features delayed-release capsules designed to dissolve in the small intestine, an optimal place for your body to absorb all the nutrients. It's the perfect solution for keeping your growing baby happy and nourished.

Prescribed Dosage

Two capsules daily during your entire pregnancy will be enough. You can take them at any time of the day. However, consult your physician before taking these vitamins, as they might not suit every pregnant woman.



Like the other supplements, one bottle of Prenatal Vitamins retails for $39, and you can opt for six bottles for $222.30, featuring a 5% bundle discount.

Do The Supplements Have Any Return Policy?

Ritual has a strong belief that all its products are effective and harmless. However, they acknowledge that even the best supplements won't work for some people. This is why they have a 30-day money-back guarantee in place.

This guarantee extends to everyone - whether you are a new subscriber who just made your first order or an existing subscriber who placed a first order for a new product.


If you have made your purchase online, you can file a return on the main website, and if you have purchased from the retail store, you will need to return your supplement at the store.

Do People Love Ritual? - Some Real Ritual Reviews

As mentioned, positive Ritual reviews have flooded the virtual world since its inception. Below, we will take a look at some of these reviews.

Vanessa's take on Ritual -

“I have been taking my ritual vitamin for FOUR YEARS! I can tell you that I feel my best and I love this multivitamin! It has never made me sick and I mostly take it without food. It has been a part of my morning routine and I love that it’s just two capsules a day! Btw they smell amazing! I have gotten my sisters and friends to try it as well. Don’t hesitate to subscribe, health is wealth!”


Mark's Ritual review reads,

“I have been taking the multi for a few years and love it. The company also has wonderfully kind and helpful staff who answer questions and deliver some of the best customer services I have ever experienced. I highly recommend it!!”

Why Does Ritual Source Its Ingredients From Specific Locations Only?

Ritual, a prevalent vitamin brand, is known for sourcing its ingredients from specific locations worldwide. Each component is chosen for its quality and effectiveness, and the sites where they are sourced are carefully selected.

Nottingham, UK, for Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and teeth and plays a role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Ritual sources its vitamin D from Nottingham, UK, because it is home to a leading vitamin D research group at the University of Nottingham.


This group has conducted extensive research on vitamin D's benefits and found that the vitamin D produced in the skin after exposure to sunlight is the most effective form. The vitamin D used in Ritual's vitamins is sourced from a vegan, lichen-based form that is sustainably harvested.

Naugatuck, Connecticut / North Brunswick, New Jersey, for Vitamin B12

Ritual seeds its vitamin B12 from Naugatuck, Connecticut, and North Brunswick, New Jersey, because these locations have a high concentration of dairy farms that produce high-quality milk. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal products, such as meat, fish, and dairy, making these locations ideal for sourcing high-quality vitamin B12.


Saskatoon, Canada, for Omega-3 DHA

Omega-3 DHA is an essential nutrient for brain and eye health. Ritual sources omega-3 DHA from Saskatoon, Canada, because it is home to a leading producer of sustainable algae-based omega-3 DHA.

Algae are the source of omega-3 DHA in the food chain, and sourcing it directly from algae rather than fish eliminates the risk of contaminants and overfishing.

Ogden, Utah, for Magnesium

The company brings its magnesium from Ogden, Utah, because the magnesium in this region is naturally occurring and of high quality. Magnesium is extracted from the Great Salt Lake, which is known for its high mineral content. The magnesium in this location is also free from contaminants, making it an ideal source for Ritual's multivitamins.


Pisticci, Italy, for Folate

Folate is a B vitamin essential for cell growth and development, and pregnant women need to ensure proper fetal development. Ritual sources its folate from Pisticci, Italy, because it is home to a type of spinach called "violetto di Pisticci" that is naturally high in folate. This spinach is grown using traditional methods without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Oslo, Norway, for Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for bone health and blood clotting. It is found in animal products, such as meat, eggs, and dairy, and fermented foods like natto. Ritual sources its vitamin K2 from Oslo, Norway, because this location has a high concentration of grass-fed cows that produce high-quality milk. The vitamin K2 in this milk is naturally occurring and of high purity, making it an ideal source for Ritual's multivitamins.


Naugatuck, Connecticut/North Brunswick, New Jersey, for Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for nerve function and the production of red blood cells. Ritual sources its vitamin B12 from Naugatuck, Connecticut, and North Brunswick, New Jersey, because these locations are home to a leading vegan, non-GMO vitamin B12 producer. This vitamin B12 is produced using a fermentation process that mimics how it is naturally produced in the human body.

Momence, Illinois, for Boron

Boron is a trace mineral essential for bone health and brain function. It is found in fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but the concentration is often low. Ritual sources its boron from Momence, Illinois, because this location has a high boron concentration in the soil.


The boron in this location is naturally occurring and of high quality, making it an ideal source for Ritual's multivitamins.

Ogden, Utah, for Iron

The company sources iron from Ogden, Utah, because the iron in this location is naturally occurring and of high quality. The iron is extracted from the Great Salt Lake, known for its high mineral content. The iron in this location is also free from contaminants, making it an ideal source for Ritual's multivitamins.

Is Ritual Worth The Hype? - The Pros And Cons Of Ritual

Despite being the best brand on the market, Ritual has pros and cons that must be weighed before you decide to subscribe. Let's discover them below.



Online And Offline Stores

Most online vitamin brands do not offer their products in retail stores because they fear duplication. Ritual is also concerned about this, so they have launched retail stores selling only Ritual products. You can buy the supplements online or offline if you are comfortable with the respective return policies.

Multiple Good Reviews

Currently, all the Ritual reviews are positive. The brand is thriving in ratings and customer testimonials. You can trust Ritual's products as they have not caused any side effects yet.


Subscription Is Required

Sign up for the brand's monthly supplement delivery to enjoy savings and perks. Many people might see this as a commitment, but considering the reputation of Ritual and the quality of the ingredients they use, it's safe to say that subscription will be risk-free.


What Is Made -Traceable? Why Does Ritual Stick To It?

In simple terms, traceability means the ability to track the journey of a product from its origin to the point of sale.

For Ritual, traceability is not just a buzzword but a core value that drives their business. The company believes transparency and accountability are essential for building customer trust. By making their products traceable, Ritual can provide consumers with detailed information about the ingredients used in their supplements, where they come from, and how they are processed.

But traceability is not just about building trust with customers. It also helps companies to ensure the quality and safety of their products.


Moreover, traceability is also essential for sustainability. By knowing where their ingredients come from, companies can ensure they are sourced ethically and sustainably. This helps to reduce the environmental impact.

Final Word on Ritual

In conclusion, all we can say is that Ritual has made nutrition easily accessible. You can trust the brand with your health concerns.

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