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Psychic Reading Online - Top 4 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Live Chat Readings

we’re going to delve into our review of 4 best psychic reading platforms in detail next. But here’s the short run-through to get you excited (bonuses included).


Psychic Reading Online

Psychic Reading Online - Top 4 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Live Chat Readings Best Psychic Readings

We’re going to delve into our review of 4 best psychic reading platforms in detail next. But here’s the short run-through to get you excited (bonuses included).

Uncertainties are a part of our lives — we all experience them in our relationships, family, or work. So feeling anxious and eager to get answers on what is ahead of us is totally okay. But where can we find guidance and clarity to navigate these challenging times?

Psychic readers are the answer. They lead and accompany us into our lives to get insights. We can then move through our lives with our interests in mind.


When we find an online psychic for guidance, we get a new perspective on our lives and resolve issues we may have, all at an affordable rate.

So now that we have decided to explore our lives and get an insight into our future, which platform can we recommend to find the right online psychic?

In this article, you’re going to find:

  • review of 4 best psychic reading platforms and a guest BONUS for our readers
  • things to look for in a psychic readings website
  • the benefits of psychic readings
  • steps to getting into your first successful online psychic reading

4 Best Online Tarot Readings


Of course, we’re going to delve into our review of 4 best psychic reading platforms in detail next. But here’s the short run-through to get you excited (bonuses included):

  • Mysticsense — Editor's choice, 5 minutes free for the first session
  • Psychic Source — Runner-up, best in Tarot card reading, 3 free minutes + 75% OFF
  • AskNow — High-rated spiritual advisors, $10 for 15 minutes, 5 minutes free of your psychic reading
  • Keen Psychics — Special offer of 10 minutes of online psychic reading for just $1.99

The Most Accurate Tarot Card Reader Sites of 2023 - Ranked and Reviewed

#1. Mysticsense: The Best Online Psychic Reading Website Overall

Mysticsense has established itself as a reputable online psychic reading platform with an impressive record of over 20,000 positive reviews.


Although it doesn’t have a mobile app, the website is available round the clock, ensuring that your needs are catered to at any time.

Let’s explore how Mysticsense works and what services you can get at this top-ranked platform.

How Does it Work

Say you’ve found our article because you decided to get a psychic reading. We recommend you start by checking out Mysticsense and choosing your psychic. You’ll get a lot of online psychics, so turn on the filter by topic, type of reading, and experience.


On Mysticsense, we can choose online psychics based on what we want to talk about, like family, friends, or dreams. There's a lot more on the website too! There are blog posts with spiritual advice and horoscopes that can help us learn more about ourselves.

What's really cool is that we can use Mysticsense any time, even in the middle of the night since psychics are available 24/7. So, we can talk to a psychic whenever we need.

Mysticsence Specialties

Myscicsense offers just everything you can be looking for!

First of all, there are plenty of specialists who work with tools like crystals, cards, reiki, and others.


Or, let’s say you’re looking to dive deeper into your past lives — there’s someone for you on the platform for sure.

We know that some of you may want to connect with a deceased person. We like that Mysticsense offers mediums who can connect you with the person and give you some time together. What we also love about Mysticsense is energy healing. Energy healers help you feel better even during a difficult time.

Features That We Like

Here’s why we love Mysticsense above all services:

  • readings are customized to your personal information
  • seamless website design and the most user-friendly interface
  • refunds for paid time if you are not satisfied
  • choose between phone, chat, and video readings
  • high-level privacy and confidentiality
  • 5 minutes of free reading as our guest
  • the best rates available


Our Rating

Here’s how we’ve rated our winning platform for psychic readings online:

  • Psychic screening process: 5.0
  • Types of readings variety: 5.0
  • Contact methods: 5.0
  • Satisfaction guarantee: 5.0
  • Guest bonus and other discounts: 5.0

Promotions and Free Psychic Reading

We are happy to give you an extra 5 minutes for free when you have an online psychic reading at Mysticsense.

You can use this amazing bonus to get an insight into the guidance Mysticsense’s experience psychics offer for some clarity on the most disturbing questions you have right now.

#2. Psychic Source: Runner-up, Best in Tarot Card Readings


Psychic Source offers users to connect with authentic online psychics who can offer personalized guidance and transformative insights, allowing you to explore and tap into your inner wisdom.

Psychic Source provides a space where you can unlock the power within and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Let’s dive deeper into what you can get at this highly-ranked online psychic reading platform.

How Does Psychic Source Work

To get a psychic reading on Psychic Source, you'll first need to sign up as a user — don't worry, it's completely free.

The next step we recommend you take it choose your plan and complete the payment.


We've been told that 10 minutes isn't long enough to learn anything from the psychic. So, we believe it's better to pick 20 or 30 minutes for $20 or $30. Plus, we're giving you an extra 3 minutes for free!

So if you're unsatisfied with the psychic or don't feel a connection, you can end the online chat or call before the trial period ends, and you won't have to pay for anything.

Services Available

Psychic Source boasts a diverse selection of over 200 psychic readers who specialize in various areas to meet each client's unique needs.

Let us introduce you to the most requested categories we know of:


  • energy healers: we recommend them if you want to feel better
  • shamans: we’ve heard shamans are great for spiritual healing
  • mediums: we love mediums for connecting with people who’ve passed away
  • Tarot readers: we recommend these for getting a new perspective on what’s going on in your life

Besides these, we like that you can find mystic channeling, past life readings, and other services on the platform.

Online psychic readings on Psychic Source are available in three formats: audio, online chat, and video calls, so you’re flexible in choosing the format that will be the most comfortable and fulfilling for you.

Features of Psychic Source


Here’s a list of what we love about our runner-up, Psychic Source:

  • the finest selection of psychic reading options available
  • effortless navigation
  • refunds if dissatisfied
  • multiple communication options, including psychic readings by phone, online chat, and video psychic readings
  • affordable rates

Our Rating

And here’s our rating for this online psychic reading platform — a well-deserved high total score:

  • Psychic screening process: 4.9
  • Types of readings variety: 5.0
  • Contact methods: 4.9
  • Satisfaction guarantee: 4.9
  • Guest bonus and other discounts: 4.9

Promotions for Our Readers

Enjoy 3 FREE minutes at the beginning of your psychic reading session at Psychic Source as a bonus for our readers.

Use your free time to connect with your chosen psychic and get a taste of their expertise.


#3. AskNow: High-rated Spiritual Advisors

AskNow was founded in 2005, but we’ve only known about it for several years. But these years have been the years of huge growth for the platform.

Let's learn how to start using online psychic reading services at AskNow together!

Getting started

AskNow makes it easy for us to sign up, it only takes a little bit of time and a couple of steps. After we have an account, we can use a search tool to find the right psychics for us, depending on how much they cost and what kind they are.


We love that the platform features psychics’ ratings and additional info for your easy choice.

AskNow Services

We know that AskNow does a strong background check of its psychics so that you can trust your specialist. We can also recommend the platform for its wide pool of readers with different rates. This allows you to get a reading even if you’re on a budget.

Besides, we’ve heard that AskNow is very helpful for career predictions, relationship issues, and future predictions based on astrology. You can also find dream interpreters to understand your life more deeply.

One thing that we and AskNow customers love about the platform is that horoscope readings are FREE. You can subscribe and get your reading via email to always know what to expect from life.


Also, online psychic readings on AskNow are available in Spanish and English, making AskNow suitable for a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.

Key Features

AskNow has some great features available — here are the ones we love most:

  • readings available in multiple languages
  • detailed information about the readers
  • excellent service and appealing discounts
  • wide range of highly skilled psychics to choose from

Our Rating

Rated third, here’s a breakdown of the platform’s score:

  • Psychic screening process: 4.8
  • Types of readings variety: 4.8
  • Contact methods: 4.9
  • Satisfaction guarantee: 4.9
  • Guest bonus and other discounts: 4.8

Promotions for Our Readers

We know how much affordability means to you when it comes to psychic readings. And this is why we want to offer you a DEAL! We give you a 15-minute psychic reading at AskNow just for $10 so that you can try out the services before you commit to the full price.


Experience the guidance and wisdom of a skilled psychic without breaking the bank!

#4. Keen: Best in Love Psychic Reading

We’ve heard about Keen all the good things and we can definitely recommend it to you. The reviews from some of the 35M users praise the platform for compassionate and qualified psychics. So, let us introduce you to Keen’s services and the features we love most.

Getting started

We’d like to start our review with some instructions. The first thing you have to do is to sign up on Keen by providing your birthdate and email address. You then can choose from 1,700 psychics, and you’ll find one regardless of whether it’s day or night. We also love that Keen charges per minute.


Some users, however, have reported that experienced psychics may have higher rates, which can be a disadvantage.

Keen Services Available

When you go to the website, you can easily see its wide range of services. Moreover, you can also get guidance on various aspects of your life.

We’ve noticed that the division of psychics on Keen is mostly by topics, like love affairs or family issues, which we think is quite convenient.

One of the go-to things on Keen, however, is Tarot reading. And we know that you’ll find some less traditional psychic readings like conversations with angels and ancestors. And of course, just like we’ve discussed with other platforms, you can get astrology readings, cleansing, and psychic medium services on Keen.


Key Features

Here are some of the most remarkable features Keen offers:

  • a mobile app available
  • excellent customer service
  • a robust screening process for their psychic advisors
  • mostly affordable psychic readings online

Our Rating

Here’s how we’ve rated Keen based on these 5 criteria:

  • Psychic screening process: 4.9
  • Types of readings variety: 4.8
  • Contact methods: 4.8
  • Satisfaction guarantee: 4.8
  • Guest bonus and other discounts: 4.8

How We Ranked the Top Psychic Reading Sites

We know that you may get tired of looking for the best psychic reading services online. That’s why we’ve reviewed some platforms so that we can now recommend you which we believe are the best ones! And here’s what we’ve included in our review.


Screening Process for Psychic Readers

We believe that good screening means the platform only hires qualified psychics to provide psychic readings online.

Psychic Specialties Available

We also looked at the list of services the platforms provide. The more different readers, the easier it is for you to find a psychic that will resonate with you. And we’ve ensured that the platforms we’ve listed in this article will help you find answers on any topic, from your love life to connecting with someone who’s passed away.

Contact Methods

The next thing we thought is very important for a good psychic reading platform is how you can get your reading. Our platforms offer psychic readings by phone or chat, and video readings.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that your money should be returned if you don’t enjoy the service. So we also checked whether the online psychic reading sites offer a refund policy or a satisfaction guarantee.

Guest Bonus and Other Discounts

We love bonuses ourselves, and we know that you love them too! So we definitely featured online psychic reading sites that offer deals in our list.

What Are The Benefits Of Psychic Reading Services?

We all know that talking to psychics can be really helpful, especially when we are feeling stuck or confused.

We want to tell you about the fun things we discover when we use these services.


  • We see things more clearly: Psychics use special skills and tools like Tarot cards to help us understand things better and even see a little bit of what might happen in the future!
  • We feel sure about our choices: Sometimes, we are not sure if we are making the right choices. Psychics can help us feel more sure or even think of better choices we didn’t see before.
  • We feel better about sad things: Some things are hard to stop being sad about, but talking to psychics can make us feel comforted and help us say goodbye to old hurts.
  • We learn about ourselves: By getting psychic readings, we can learn what we are good at and what we need to work on. It’s like getting a map of ourselves!


Remember, when we talk to psychics, we should be open to learning new things. They don’t have all the answers, but they can show us new ways to look at our lives and help us grow.


We all have questions before trying something new, like getting a psychic reading online. So, we made this simple list of FAQs to help you understand it better.

Are Psychic Chat Readings Accurate and Reliable?

We are talking about how sometimes talking to chat psychics can be hit or miss. Just like some people are good at drawing and some are not, psychics can be different too.


Here are some things we think about when we wonder if a psychic chat is getting it right or not:

  • How good the psychic is.
  • How much practice and good feedback the psychic has.
  • If we feel a good vibe with the psychic.
  • If we are open and ready to hear what they say.
  • How similar the psychic and we see and understand things.
  • Remembering we make our own choices.

So, yes, sometimes psychics can be right and help us, but it’s always good to listen with an open heart and remember they don’t know everything. It’s like they are showing us a map with different roads, but we pick which road to take.


Also, it’s good to mix what psychics say with what our own gut feeling is telling us, especially when deciding big things.

How to Choose a Psychic Reading Website?

If we're thinking about using a psychic reading website, here's what we should look at:

  • Check if other people say good things about the website. If many people are happy, it probably means the website is good.
  • See what special things the psychics can talk about. Like, if we want to know about friendships, we should find a website where psychics are good at that.
  • Check if the website makes sure their psychics are real and good at what they do.
  • Think about how you want to talk to the psychic. Some websites let us chat, call, or even video call with them. We should pick what we like best.
  • Listen to your feelings. If something feels weird or wrong, it's okay to find another website.


Remember, picking a good website is like picking a good book. We look at the cover, read the back, and maybe even the first few pages to see if we like it.

Psychic Chat vs. Phone Readings – Which is Better?

We are thinking about whether talking to a psychic on the phone or chatting with them is better for us. It’s like picking between ice cream flavors – everyone likes different things. Both ways have good things about them.

Here are some things about both ways to help us decide.

Psychic chat readings:

  • written record — you can refer back to the chat transcript later for clarity and to revisit the insights and guidance provided by the psychic
  • thoughtful responses — chat psychics give you time to carefully phrase your questions and answers, so you can take your time to express your thoughts and concerns
  • anonymity and privacy — you can communicate with the psychic without revealing your identity
  • multi-tasking — with chat readings, you can engage in other activities simultaneously while receiving the reading, and this flexibility can be convenient if you have a busy schedule


Phone readings:

  • real-time interaction — you can have a direct conversation, ask follow-up questions, and receive immediate responses
  • hearing voices — when we talk on the phone, we can hear the psychic’s voice and this can help us feel their energy and learn more
  • connection — some of us might feel more friendly and comfy talking directly
  • quick answers — if we are confused about something they say, we can ask right away and understand better

Some of us might like chat readings because we can read the answers again later and think about them. Others might like phone readings because we can talk and connect in real time. But each of us should pick what we like more.


How to Tell if Your Psychic Reader Is Legitimate?

We know figuring out if a psychic reader is real can be a little tricky because it’s all about what each person feels and thinks. But, here are some things we can look at to help us decide if a psychic reader is telling the truth:

  • if a lot of people say good things about the psychic reader
  • if our friends, family, or people online who we trust say they had a good time talking to the psychic reader
  • if the psychic reader is nice, follows the rules, and acts professionally
  • if the psychic reader tells us things that feel right and true about our lives or what might happen in the future
  • if the psychic reader is open about what they can and can’t do
  • if we feel safe and happy during the reading


So, we should listen to our gut feeling, ask around, and check if the psychic reader and the website are clear and safe. This way, we can figure out if the psychic is legitimate.

Psychic Readings vs. Tarot Readings – What's the Difference?

We are talking about two different ways people try to get help or understand things better: psychic readings and Tarot readings. They are not the same, but sometimes they can be a bit similar.

Here are the main differences between them.

Psychic readings:

  • rely on the intuitive abilities of the psychic reader
  • may use clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or other psychic senses to perceive information
  • can cover a wide range of topics, including relationships, career, health, and spirituality
  • may provide information about your past, present, and future based on the psychic’s intuitive insights
  • are focused on providing personal guidance, spiritual wisdom, and connecting with your energy or aura
  • may use tools like crystals or pendulums to enhance psychic abilities or receive messages


Tarot readings:

  • use a specific deck of cards, known as Tarot cards, which have symbolic imagery and meanings
  • look at the cards and their symbols to give us advice and help
  • help us understand many parts of our life, like friendships and how we are feeling inside
  • often help us think about what happened before, what is happening now, and what might happen later
  • Tarot readings have a set way of doing things, helping the reader use their feelings and the cards to guide us
  • sometimes, they might ask us to think about a special question or something we are worried about

Both psychic readings and Tarot readings can help us learn and understand more about ourselves and our lives, so it’s about finding which one feels right for us.


How much do chat psychic readings cost?

The money we have to pay for chat psychic readings can be different based on where we chat with them or how experienced they are.

Here are some usual ways they might ask us to pay:

  • Per-minute pricing — here, psychics will ask us to pay for every minute we talk to them. It can be anywhere from $1 to $10 or even more for each minute. We pay for how long we talk.
  • Package pricing — some places offer deals where we can buy a bunch of minutes or talks for a cheaper price. Like, we might get to talk for 30 minutes for $30, or have 3 talks for $100.
  • Fixed fee pricing — some psychics just have one price for talking a certain time, like $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for an hour.


And, we want to remember to ask about the cost before we start, so we don’t get confused or surprised.

What Questions Should I Ask During an Online Psychic Reading?

Here are some simple ideas for questions we can ask.

Life path and purpose:

  • What's our life's purpose, and how do we follow it?
  • How can we be happier and feel more complete in our lives?


  • Can you tell us about our relationships now or ones in the future?
  • What should we look for in friends or partners?

Staying healthy:

  • Is there anything we should know about our health?
  • How can we live a healthier and happier life?


Remember, these are just ideas. The questions we ask should be about things we really want to know.

How to Get the Best Psychic Reading - Verdict

If you're embarking on a journey into psychic readings, here are some practical steps to help you get started:

  • Figure out what you want: We need to think about what we hope to learn from the psychic readings. Knowing what we want helps us find the best psychic service for us.
  • Learn about different readings: There are many ways to do psychic readings. Some use cards, stars, or even energy. We should pick the one that feels right for us.
  • Find good psychics: We should ask friends or look online to find psychics that people say are good. Some websites even let us try a reading for free first!
  • Look at their experience: We should check if the psychic has been doing this for a long time and if they have any special training. This will make us feel sure about our choice.
  • Keep an open mind: Sometimes, the psychic might tell us things we didn't expect. Let's be open to what they say, as it can help us learn and grow.


Follow these steps and, you’ll be ready to learn from your psychic reading!

Final Thoughts on Online Psychic Readings

We can try online psychic readings with specialists who can see the future or help us feel better. These readings can help us understand things, feel supported, and heal if we are feeling sad. But, we need to pick the right website to talk to these people, so we have a good time and get the help we need.

That’s why we’ve reviewed and ranked 4 platforms providing accurate psychic reading services for you!

Which Platform Do We Recommend?

While we love all 4 platforms we’ve discussed, a platform that is our number one is Mysticsense .



Mysticsense is a reputable online psychic readings platform known for its diverse range of highly skilled online psychics.

Every psychic at Mysticsense goes through many tests to make sure they are real and know what they’re doing. Mysticsense lets us talk to psychics in different ways – we can chat, call on the phone, or even see them on video! This makes using the website easy and trustworthy for us. They have lots of different things we can try – like finding out our horoscope or getting Tarot card readings.

Don't hesitate to try Mysticsense psychic reading today and take the first step toward creating your destiny.


And remember to use your 5 minutes of free psychic reading that Mysticsense has generously provided exclusively for our readers!

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