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Pocket Option Review (Fake Or Legit) What Customers Have To Say?

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Pocket Option Review (Fake Or Legit) What Customers Have To Say?

Founded in 2017 by a group of Financial Tech and IT specialists, is an online based trading platform specifically designed to cater to the binary options market. The goal as stated by the company was to create an interface that was extremely convenient, easy to use, and more “fun” to use than the average brokerage or platform.

Pocket Option
Pocket Option

If you are looking to start or expand your investment strategies, you may have come across a platform called Pocket Option ( Pocket Option is an online based trading platform that allows users to trade Binary Options.


An excellent question and the answer is something that you should be at least a LITTLE familiar with if you are looking at investing in such a strategy. Understanding how binary options work is a little easier when compared with regular stock trading.

In traditional stock trading, an investor purchases a stock at a particular price. If the value of the stock goes up, the investor can sell the stock and pocket the difference from what they purchased to what the stock is valued at when they sell. Of course, if the stock value goes down, the investor will lose money if they decide to sell.

As you can see, there are an infinite number of scenarios that can occur depending on the varying value of the stock. Binary options, as you have guessed, only have TWO possible scenarios…and these scenarios are controlled by a fixed time. If you invest and when the time expires your speculation results in the value of the stock being HIGHER than an agreed upon fix amount, you profit or WIN that binary option.

If the value is LOWER than that agreed amount, you lose your investment. This type of trade is unique in its approach but fairly simple to understand, which makes it an enticing investment vehicle for many. Because of their increasing popularity and because these investment trades are not offered by traditional stock exchanges, many individual brokerages are offering such trades, which typically occur outside the US. One such brokerage is

Welcome To Pocket Option!

Founded in 2017 by a group of Financial Tech and IT specialists, is an online based trading platform specifically designed to cater to the binary options market. The goal as stated by the company was to create an interface that was extremely convenient, easy to use, and more “fun” to use than the average brokerage or platform.

Get Signed UP

Upon hitting the homepage of Pocket Option, you are prompted to create an account. This is free to do and can be done by creating a username and password or utilizing your existing Facebook or Google account. Some additional info is required, but overall, the signup process is fairly straightforward.

Once you are a “member” of the site, a pretty cool option is your ability to take part in trades using virtual (fake) money to allow you to get the feel or binary trading without the need to risk real funds. This is an excellent feature for those who are new to the world of binary options and is easy enough for even the most inexperienced to gain some experience as to how this trading strategy works.

Now It Gets Real

When you feel you are ready to jump into the world of binary options seriously and want to start using real money, pocket option makes the process extremely easy. Once logged in, you simply click the FINANCE section in the left menu bar and then click DEPOSIT. There are a variety of deposit methods available including cryptocurrency, debit and credit cards, and of course connecting to your current bank. The BEST part about this part of the process is your minimum deposit is only $50…pretty much the lowest available in the binary options industry which will allow you to get some experience with real binary options without the need to risk large sums of money.

The software is pretty comprehensive and includes real time INTERACTIVE charts that include information on stocks, currencies, indices and commodities. Everything you need to make an informed binary options decision will be at your fingertips. Once you are ready to jump in, making your first trade is fairly easy as well.

First, just choose an asset from the list of available trading assets. After that, simply enter the amount of money you wish to put up for this particular trade. Now it’s time to predict. Your goal is to predict whether that asset you are investing in will be valued higher or lower when the trade time expires. (note: you also choose the duration for the trade as well) If you believe the value will rise, you put in a “call” option. Conversely, if you believe the value will fall, you put in a “put” option.

When the time of the trade expires, if your prediction is correct, you will WIN the trade and profit. The amount you earn is typically 70-80% of what you invested. If your prediction is incorrect, however, you lose the entire amount you invested. This aspect of the risk/reward is what makes binary options a risky investment, but due to the ease of the trade, it is still increasing in popularity.

While the majority of people utilize pocket options for binary options trading, it is not the only way to make money on the site…

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ENTER: Pocket Option Affiliate Program

If you have ever looked for ways to make money online, then it is extremely likely that you are familiar with the term AFFILIATE MARKETING. Simply put, it is a way for you to earn money by selling or referring products or services to other people. If they purchase from the company you referred them to, you earn a commission.

It is an attractive way to profit as you don’t have to actually sell anything yourself, you simply tell others about the products or services and then send them to the respective website. If they purchase, then you profit, that simple. Pocket Option has been extremely successful, at least in part due to the fact that it created an affiliate program to allow others to earn money by referring interested investors their way. This allows the affiliate to earn commissions and grows the user base of Pocket Options at the same time. The way it works is simple as well…

Once a person signs up to become a Pocket Option affiliate, they are assigned a unique AFFILIATE CODE. This is tracked by pocket option such that when anyone visits their site after having clicked an affiliate link created by the affiliate, any money they spend will earn the referring affiliate a commission.

The affiliate can embed their link in a variety of places online in order to earn commissions including websites, blog posts, emails and more. Pocket Options has a robust affiliate platform that includes a dashboard that tracks all of the referred investor’s activity including their trading activity and the amount of commissions earned.

The commissions are based on the total amount of the trades so the more active a referred investor is, the more the affiliate can earn. Another fantastic aspect of the Pocket Option affiliate program is that it is multi-tiered. This means that if a referred investor ALSO becomes an affiliate, the original affiliate who referred them can earn additional profit from the activity of those people that the original referred investors refers as well.

Pocket Option helps support the success of their affiliate by providing an array of marketing collateral as well. This includes landing pages, graphic banners, customizable links and more to help ensure the success of anyone who wants to become a profitable affiliate of Pocket Option.


As you can see, Pocket Option is a feature rich service, so let’s take a look at some of the more positive aspects of utilizing this site:

  • Simple sign up-To create your initial account, you can utilize an existing Facebook or Google account allowing you to be up and running in no time at all.

  • Risk free trading-Because Pocket Option has a FREE binary options trading simulator, you can gain knowledge of how binary options work without risking any real money at all.

  • Low risk of entry-Once you are ready to begin earning money for real, you can start with a minimum investment of just $50. This amount is one of the lowest minimums in the industry and will allow a beginning investor to reap real profit without much risk at all.

  • Additional income possibilities-aside from the main platform of binary options trading, pocket option includes a robust affiliate program that can help you earn money simply by referring others to the platform.


While the site does have its advantages, no platform is PERFECT and Pocket Option does come with some disadvantages as well:

  • Forex minimums-while the platform offers low barriers of entry on traditional binary options, for those that want to jump into Forex trading, the minimum investment is $1000, make these trades off limits for many.

  • Slow support response-Pocket option advertises 24/7 support, but many users report that a support request is often not responded to until 24-48 hours after submitted. If you are investing significant sums of money, such a response time can be maddening.

  • Lack of guided trading-while the platform does include a way for you to complete some trades using virtual (fake) money, there is little guided training provided from actual binary options experts which means the average trader is on their own.


As you can see Pocket Option is a robust platform and offers both beginning and seasoned binary options traders the ability to earn using their relatively simple platform. The combination of a variety of deposit options coupled with low investment minimums make this an attractive option for many. In addition, their affiliate platform gives users the ability to earn money in addition to (or instead of) earning via binary options.

If you are looking for a website to begin a journey in the world of binary options, Pocket Option may be just the solution you have been looking for. In addition, if you are simply looking for a product or service to market as an affiliate, Pocket Option provides a solid solution for this as well.

Binary options can be extremely risky so while Pocket Option can be a way to earn using these types of trades, always do your research and use caution when investing in any trade or platform. Good luck and we wish you much success no matter what you decide!

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