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PhenQ Vs Phenocal (2023 Update) Critical Investigation Unveiled!

With so many weight loss supplements present on the market today, it seems impossible to choose the right one. Hence, in this article, we will compare two of the most popular ones - PhenQ and Phenocal - to see which one is a better fit for you.


PhenQ vs Phenocal

They say that half of your battles are over the day you decide to show up - but we only wish that the same was true in the case of losing fat and maintaining health! In this battle, you are not only required to build up the courage to begin the journey leading to your ideal healthy lifestyle, but also need to find the right products to help you on the way.

With so many weight loss supplements present on the market today, it seems impossible to choose the right one. Hence, in this article, we will compare two of the most popular ones - PhenQ and Phenocal - to see which one is a better fit for you.


What Is Phenocal?

Phenocal is a popular weight control compound and has helped several people reach their ideal weight successfully. It is manufactured by the US-based company Pharmaxa Labs, and claims to have reduced the overall body weight of 88% of its users within a month.

Although the main motive of this supplement is to help promote effective weight loss in your body, the core ingredients of Phenocal also provide other benefits. These include higher energy levels, improved metabolism, and lesser fat accumulation.

How Does Phenocal Work?

According to the information posted on the official website of Phenocal, the creators of this supplement used a unique blend of natural ingredients to manufacture a supplement that promotes weight loss. Phenocal can speed up your metabolism, thus helping your body convert food into energy faster - giving less time for fat buildup.


Further, Phenocal also prevents fat accumulation so that all your weight loss efforts do not go in vain. It also increases your energy levels, which is why you can feel more motivated to move and exercise - which can ultimately improve your overall health.

What Is PhenQ?

If you want to break free from the tight chains of strict diets and ruthless workouts, you can consider going for PhenQ . It is another popular weight loss supplement manufactured by Wolfson Brands, a UK-based company.

PhenQ also helps people lose weight by suppressing sugar cravings and reducing fat accumulation - but its benefits go way beyond these aspects. This supplement can also help you fight bloating and release toxins from your body, which will ultimately lead to healthier functioning.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ combines natural ingredients with modern approaches - thus creating a supplement that not only shows visible results but also helps your body sustain it for a long time.

The plant-based components along with the unique and native formula of this company (as we will discuss in the further sections) help your body break from the excessive unwanted weight gain easily.

PhenQ also uses ingredients that facilitate the thermogenic processes in the body, and the entire formula of this supplement is scientifically proven to help individuals lose weight. There are plenty of positive PhenQ reviews that report how it worked for them, which confirms the effectiveness of the product.


Phenocal Vs. PhenQ: Which One Is Better?

Now that we have talked about both PhenQ and Phenocal in brief, let us compare the two supplements in detail.

Phenocal vs. PhenQ - Which One Has Better Standout Features?

The standout features of Phenocal mainly include showing quick results when it comes to helping people lose weight. There are plenty of data and testimonials on the official website, specifying exactly what percentage of people experienced positive effects after using Phenocal.

For instance, according to its website, 94% of Phenocal users observed higher energy levels after taking the suggested dosage of the supplement, and 94% of people reported higher metabolic rates.


On the other hand, the standout features of PhenQ are its ability to detox your body while helping it lose fat and help improve your mood as well. When one starts controlling their diet to lose fat, it is understandable to get cranky all day long. However, PhenQ ensures that your mental state is calm so that your moods are balanced.

PhenQ and Phenocal both offer a variety of standout features to customers. Hence, we believe that the winner here would depend on what you are looking for while keeping your personal goals in mind.

Phenocal vs. PhenQ - Which One Has Better Core Ingredients?


Starting with Phenocal - the active ingredients in this weight loss supplement include biotin, 5 HTP, Chromium, glucomannan, hoodia gordonii, fucoxanthin, etc.

While ingredients like biotin, chromium, and fucoxanthin can help increase your metabolism effectively - glucomannan can help regulate blood sugar levels and digestive health. Similarly, hoodia gordonii and 5 HTP can reduce your food cravings, which will further help you stay within your set calorie range.

As a result, Phenocal ingredients do not simply reduce your appetite so that you eat less and lose weight - they can also provide overall health benefits. Components like 5 HTP can also increase dopamine secretion in your body, making you happier.


Moving on to PhenQ - this supplement also consists of several natural ingredients that can help facilitate the weight loss process, including capsimax powder and nopal cactus. These ingredients also suppress appetite, and the unique patented formula of a-Lacy’s Reset directly targets the hunger hormone in your body.

If we have to compare the two, we would say that PhenQ wins. This is because the core ingredients and formula of this supplement target your growth hormone, thus bringing down your appetite much more effectively.

Phenocal vs. PhenQ - Which One Has More Health Benefits?

While both PhenQ and Phenocal can effectively suppress your food cravings, a good supplement should provide you with additional health benefits as well.


Phenocal can help you improve your insulin levels, effectively target stubborn fat, and assist in metabolizing fats and carbs. It can also help maintain a healthy body temperature, thanks to ingredients like fucoxanthin.

On the other hand, PhenQ burns fat by increasing the metabolism and suppressing appetite. It also provides your body with adequate antioxidant support, which is why you can observe better skin health upon routine usage of this supplement as well. It also helps your body flush out the toxin buildup, ensuring that there is no blunder in its healthy functioning.

If we compare the overall health benefits of PhenQ and Phenocal, we have to give the point to PhenQ.


Phenocal vs. PhenQ - Which One Is More Effective?

The effectiveness of a weight loss supplement may vary from one individual to another, but it would be safe to conclude that the concentration of stimulants impacts it.

Phenocal contains caffeine due to ingredients like green tea extracts, making it help burn fat quickly. It also consists of several ingredients that are not stimulatory but can prompt a decent fat-loss process in your body, such as fucoxanthin, biotin, etc.

Now compare this with PhenQ - a supplement that has only one source of caffeine and several non-stimulant ingredients like Lacy’s reset and capsimax to promote weight loss.


While it may seem like Phenocal is the better option here since it has multiple sources of caffeine and a more complex structure - PhenQ works just as well with its simple formula. However, the latter can take longer to show visible results. Whereas, Phenocal is quicker. This is why we think that Phenocal wins this round.

Phenocal vs. PhenQ - Which One Is Cheaper?

Price becomes a significant factor when we compare products. While the one bottle supply of Phenocal costs $49.99, a single bottle of PhenQ will cost you $69.99. Both the supplementation brands offer their customers with discounts when they purchase 3 or 5 bottles.


However, it is crucial to note here that PhenQ offers free US shipping on all the packs - that is, the pack of 1, 3, and 5 bottles. On the other hand, Phenocal offers free shipping on just the 3 and 5-bottle supplies, and you have to pay extra costs if you wish to purchase the one-bottle supply.

Regardless, since the difference in price between PhenQ and Phenocal bottles is significant, we will give this point to Phenocal.

Phenocal vs. PhenQ - Which One Is Safer?

As we mentioned before, Phenocal works by regulating your cognitive function and thus suppressing your appetite. It also consists of several stimulant sources, which are scientifically proven to degrade your cardiovascular and liver health.


On the other hand, PhenQ contains just one source of caffeine and works by regulating the growth hormone in the body. Hence, the most extreme side effects that one can expect while consuming this supplement remain limited to headaches, upset stomach, and diarrhea in rare cases.

Hence, while both PhenQ and Phenocal do not cause immediate side effects on your body - the former is safer to consume for a long-term dosage. The ingredients of Phenocal can have a serious impact on your health if consumed for too long, which is why PhenQ wins the point here.


Phenocal vs. PhenQ - Which One Has Better Reviews?

No matter how much a supplement claims that it can do wonders for your health - customer reviews seldom lie. Since PhenQ is more popular than Phenocal, the former is more talked about on social media platforms.

As a result, there are more reviews of this weight loss supplement - most of which are positive. David Williams, who has been using PhenQ for quite some time now, says - I have never felt more comfortable in my skin. PhenQ has helped me lose fat without using any harmful chemicals, and I would recommend it to everybody.


Similarly, Mary Smith says - PhenQ changed the way I approached the process of losing fat. This supplement is different from any other option, it worked for me within 3 months!

Phenocal reviews, on the other hand, talk about how the supplement showed effective results within a brief period. For instance, Steve Parker says - I didn’t start consuming Phenocal with many expectations. To my surprise, I noticed a difference in my body within a month!

Since more PhenQ reviews report customer satisfaction as compared to Phenocal, the former supplement wins this round as well.

FAQs on Phenocal and PhenQ


What is the difference between Phenocal and PhenQ?

Phenocal and PhenQ are both weight loss supplements, but they differ in their core ingredients, pricing, and the speed at which they deliver results. PhenQ contains fewer stimulants and has a simpler formula, making it a safer long-term option.

In contrast, Phenocal works quickly and contains more sources of caffeine. The choice between the two depends on your preferences and goals.

Which supplement is more effective for weight loss?

The effectiveness of these supplements can vary from person to person. Phenocal is known for quick results due to multiple sources of caffeine and a more complex structure. PhenQ, with its simpler formula, may take longer to show results. So, the choice is really upto you!


How much do Phenocal and PhenQ cost, and are there any discounts available?

Phenocal's one-bottle supply costs $49.99, while PhenQ's single bottle is priced at $69.99. Both brands offer discounts for purchasing multiple bottles. PhenQ provides free US shipping on all pack sizes (1, 3, and 5 bottles), whereas Phenocal offers free shipping only on 3 and 5-bottle supplies, requiring additional costs for the one-bottle supply.

Are there any potential side effects associated with these supplements?

Both PhenQ and Phenocal are generally safe, but PhenQ is considered safer for long-term use due to its lower caffeine content and limited potential side effects, such as headaches, upset stomach, or diarrhea in rare cases.


Phenocal, with more stimulant sources, may pose a higher risk to cardiovascular and liver health if used for extended periods.

Are there customer reviews available for these supplements?

Yes, there are customer reviews for both PhenQ and Phenocal. PhenQ has more reviews, most of which are positive, with users reporting satisfaction with their weight loss results and improved overall health. Phenocal reviews also indicate effective results, often within a short period.

How can I choose between PhenQ and Phenocal?

The choice between PhenQ and Phenocal should align with your personal goals and preferences. If you want quicker results or a more affordable option, Phenocal might be suitable. However, if you prioritize long-term safety, a simpler formula, and a supplement with many positive reviews, PhenQ is the recommended choice.


Do I need a prescription to purchase PhenQ or Phenocal?

No, both PhenQ and Phenocal are over-the-counter supplements and do not require a prescription. However, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement.

Can I take PhenQ/Phenocal alongside other supplements or medications?

It's essential to be cautious when combining dietary supplements and medications. Consult with a healthcare professional before taking these weight loss supplements.

Final Verdict

Now that we have gone through several aspects of PhenQ and Phenocal, it is time to announce the winner - that is, PhenQ! It can provide you with ample health and weight loss benefits without causing many side effects on your body and is just as effective as Phenocal without using excessive stimulants.


However, it is also crucial to note that if you want to notice quicker results or want a cheaper alternative, Phenocal might be a better choice for you. Hence, make sure to choose the right weight loss supplement based on your personal needs as well!

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