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Performance Lab Reviews - Quality Health Supplements Or Cheap Wellness Products?

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Performance Lab Reviews - Quality Health Supplements Or Cheap Wellness Products?

Performance Lab's products focus on purity and quality, so they first put every formula through an independent third-party lab review.

Performance Lab Reviews
Performance Lab Reviews

Performance Lab is a company that offers a variety of helpful supplements that can promote better wellness. Every formula exclusively uses the top ingredients at clinical dosages, helping users to improve their health with lab-grown plants with patented technology.

What is Performance Lab?

Everyone wants to know they are giving their body the best they can. Managing a diet with a healthy assortment of fruits, vegetables, protein, and other nutrients is a big task, and the ability to get a square meal on the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a lot. The supplement industry has thrived substantially because of this need, and the creators at Performance Lab aim to offer better formulas than any other brand.

While other brands hide in proprietary blends, consumers won't worry about any hidden ingredients with Performance Lab. Every formula uses clinical dosages of their ingredients, displaying each one proudly on the label with the exact amount in each serving. They are the home of NutriGenesis, which is their method of ensuring that every ingredient is easy to absorb but incredibly bioavailable.

Performance Lab's products focus on purity and quality, so they first put every formula through an independent third-party lab review.

What Products Does Performance Lab Offer?

The incredible research from Performance Lab has made it possible to offer many different formulas to meet the needs of consumers. Read on below to learn about the options available to consumers from Performance Lab:
●    Multi Men's
●    Multi Women's
●    Omega 3
●    PL-Immune
●    Energy
●    Mind
●    Sleep
●    MCT
●    Caffeine +
●    Prebiotic
●    Flex
●    Vision
●    D3 + K2
●    SPORTMixer

Multi Men's

The Multi Men's supplement is a highly advanced multivitamin that caters to the nutrients men need. With a complete assortment of daily essential vitamins and minerals, this formula was designed by specialists who understand the particular needs of the male body. By restoring the missing nutrients in the diet, men can perform better in physical and mental tasks as their body's cells are revived and repaired.
The nutrients inside contain over 16 essential nutrients men need daily. The ingredients have undergone a bioengineering process that helps users absorb the nutrients more effectively than if they just took a regular supplement. Unlike other multivitamins, consumers benefit from NutriCaps, a unique Performance Lab capsule infused with prebiotics, supporting gut health. With four capsules a day, consumers get everything they need to keep up with the demands of their day.

●    Multi Mens Price: $49 each

Multi Women's

While the Multi Men's supplement caters to men, the Multi Women's formula offers the same benefits and perks (including NutriCaps) but with nutrients catered to women's needs. It is made easy to absorb, filling in the gaps in nutrition that women leave as they focus on the many other commitments and plans in their day.
While other multivitamins have synthetic ingredients and unhelpful additives, this formula focuses on offering natural and safe ingredients. There are no additives, and every ingredient used is grown in its lab. All dosages are balanced to restore the health of the mind and body effectively, and the prebiotic coating on the tablets makes them easy to support proper digestion.

●    Multi Womens Price: $49 each

Omega 3

Omega-3 helps consumers improve their bodies' health with the cleanest omega-3 supplement on the market today. This formula focuses on all of the natural benefits that omega-3 offers, like improved heart health and performance. To get the most natural and effective performance possible, it is sourced from algal oil, giving it a level of purity that other products can't match.

This formula uses a full spectrum of fatty acids, supporting the need for EPA and DHA. Condensed within a soft-gel capsule, users can get the same prebiotic support from every other formula on this list. Users will need three soft gel capsules each day, and it is best to include them with the day's first meal. Consistent use will support the heart, brain, muscles, and other body parts.

●    Omega 3 Price: $49 each


PL-Immune is one of the top products for immunity on the market today. The natural ingredients help users reduce their risk of illness, infection, and more, but it also supports the immune system's ability to heal naturally. As consumers enjoy this formula daily, the five main cell types in the immune system are activated, thanks to LC-Plasma (a probiotic with seven clinical trials to back it up).
Everyone's diet can fall short of what their immune system needs, which is why PL-Immune helps users to support their defenses and the gaps in their nutrition. The formula gets to work on restoring the weaknesses in the immune system first. Then, it helps the body daily to fight against diseases.
With one capsule a day, consumers get the support of vitamin D, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, Lactococcus lactis, and Setria Glutathione.

●    PL-Immune Price: $34 each


Energy is the Performance Lab supplement for consumers who need to revive themselves a little in the morning or evening. It improves cellular energy to heal and support overall needs. Still, the big reason that Energy is so helpful is that it doesn't need any caffeine to enhance the user's energy levels. Without any caffeine, consumers can enjoy the natural boost in their bodies without dealing with a crash later.

These effects are only possible with reliable ingredients, and Performance Lab continues to prove that this is precisely what they offer. In the Energy supplement, consumers will get support from elements like magnesium, acetyl L-carnitine, microencapsulated Bio-Enhanced R-lipoic acid, MicroActive Q10, BioPQQ, and BioPerine. Users will need two capsules daily to get the benefits, though the creators recommend using them in the morning and afternoon to maintain energy.
This formula can also be used as a pre-workout about 45-60 minutes before the user's routine.

●    Energy Price: $69 each



Mind is a popular brain health supplement that uses research-backed ingredients to help users to improve their focus and mental clarity. With the provided elements, Performance Lab allows users to restore the nutrients the brain needs but might not be getting in the user's diet. It improves peak performance each day and has a lasting effect on cognition.

Offering nootropic support, Mind is meant to promote better cognition and recovery after mental exertion, which is why mental energy is essential to these ingredients. With ingredients like Cognizin and Sharp-PS Green, consumers get a massive boost in their brain energy that other products cannot compete with.
Users can improve their brain health and performance with 1-2 daily capsules, but the creators recommend only swallowing them when the user hasn't eaten a meal.

●    Mind Price: $59 each



Sleep helps consumers focus on improving the time the user rests at night. This natural supplement differs significantly from medication because it won't force the user to fall asleep. However, it nourishes the body with natural ingredients that can help users get deeper sleep that lasts longer than they usually allow. It also enables users to wake up feeling refreshed, and there's no grogginess in the morning.

With the ability to improve the body's cell renewal overnight, consumers will notice that Sleep doesn't need many ingredients to deliver these benefits. With two capsules per night, users get the support of Magnesium+, CherryPURE, L-tryptophan, and organic sea buckthorn. CherryPURE helps consumers to get enough melatonin to trigger the proper sleep cycle when consumers don't easily make the transition from day to night.

●    Sleep Price: $44 each


MCT is available as a capsule, though oil is the main ingredient. This formula is primarily used to help consumers to improve their energy levels, improve their mind-body connection, and support their metabolism. This formula is only made with clean ingredients, but consumers won't have to worry about any flavor they don't have. It can be used in everything from coffee, shakes, sauces, and more.

To preserve the benefits that MCT oil offers, it is cold-extracted with superior technology by Performance Lab, and it continues by going through a triple-distillation process for better purity. MCT is sourced from healthy fats, primarily coming from coconut oil. Other companies use GMO coconuts to make their supplements, but Performance Lab MCT only uses the C8+C10 MCTs from non-GMO coconuts.

●    MCT Price: $39 each

Caffeine +

Caffeine+ provides users a boost in energy that isn't found in the Energy supplement – caffeine. This formula acts as a way to boost the mind with nootropic support, giving consumers the mental energy that they need to get through the day. While others use caffeine in high amounts that overwhelm the body, this formula focuses on a controlled caffeine dose that doesn't have any detrimental effects. The energy users get from this formula is smooth and comfortable, eliminating the risk of burnout from a crash.

Along with the support of caffeine, consumers get a total of 7 ingredients that are entirely backed up by research. The substantial boost that riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, natural caffeine, L-theanine, and L-tyrosine provides together. Consumers can still enjoy their morning coffee because this supplement only includes the caffeine their first cup might have.

●    Caffeine + Price: $44 each


Prebiotic is used to help consumers give their gut microbiome what they need without putting their body away from unnecessary detoxes and cleanses. This formula is used for anyone who wants to improve their digestive health, but it is far from the antacid many people turn to. Rather than just settling their stomach acid, this formula works on the gut's natural bacteria that could be the culprit behind issues like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and more.
Instead of introducing foreign bacteria, this remedy serves as gut food. It supports the healthy probiotic bacteria in the gut using Orafti Synergy1, which offers inulin-FOS from chicory root. With more fiber, consumers even start to feel fuller, helping them to reduce their appetite with just three capsules at breakfast. Consumers must follow up on this serving at their next meal with another three pills.

●    Prebiotic Price: $44 each



The Flex formula was made for anyone who needs to improve the health and strength of the joints. This formula supports users to improve their movement and flexibility, regardless of the current state of their joints. Consumers can naturally nourish their ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and more with various helpful botanicals. It even helps users to protect their joints from experiencing long-range damage.

Consumers who keep their joints healthy can enjoy engaging in different physical activities, whether they have to do with work, sports, or just fun. The formula bases its benefits on using ingredients like ApresFlex Boswellia serrata and CurcuWIN curcumin. All of the ingredients used in this supplement are vegan-friendly, which isn't a perk that other brands prioritize for joint health.

●    Flex Price: $49 each



Vision nourishes eye health from within to improve motion detection, night vision, and other essential functions. The right balance of nutrients helps users protect themselves from blue light rays, which is entirely credited to the six natural ingredients involved. Users can focus more effectively and even get long-range benefits. Users will get the support of clinically supported components, like bilberry, black currant, and saffron, meaning this remedy is entirely vegan-friendly.

By taking one capsule daily with breakfast, consumers can activate the benefits by ensuring they have some fat source in their meals. The remedy ensures that users can recover quickly from camera flashes, soothe eye fatigue, and alleviate the strain on the vision from squinting and brightness.

●    Vision Price: $49 each

D3 + K2

D3 + K2 offers the most advanced Vitamin D formula today. Even though vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients consumers need during the day, most Western people don't get enough during their day. Whether they don't spend much time in the sun or get enough in their diet, many people lack proper vitamin D3 levels. Users can support their bone health more effectively by using liposomal vitamin D3 and NutriGenesis vitamin K2. Plus, users won't need more than one capsule a day.

●    D3 + K2 Price: $29 each


Instead of another supplement to round out these products, consumers can properly mix any of the remedies with the SPORTMixer. This cup is perfect for mixing any powders but particularly beneficial for the protein powders available.

●    SPORTMixer Price: $15 each

Frequently Asked Questions About Performance Lab

Q: Why should consumers take Performance Lab supplements?
A: The Performance Lab supplements can help consumers to improve their body's performance at every level. Consumers can support their natural processes with multivitamins for men and women, plus a more concentrated formula for specific bodily issues. These formulas can be combined to improve the user's health further.

Q: What is Human Performance Optimization?
A: The primary mission that Performance Lab takes on is Human Performance Optimization, which means that the human body can take on different nutrients to tap into its power. It helps users to enhance their biological processes to surpass their current limits.

Q: How are Performance Lab supplements different from other products?
A: These supplements help consumers improve their body performance through many activities. The creators put every product through extensive research, tests, and other assessments to ensure consumers can safely use it for their needs. Every ingredient is natural and safe, using the top components available to prepare it.

Q: What are NutriGenesis vitamin and mineral essentials?
A: NutriGenesis was created to unlock the full potential of what consumers can do with their vitamins and minerals. With hydroponic growing methods, the creators use patented technology to prepare the NutriGenesis blends. They all provide many probiotics, fiber, enzymes, and other nutrients that make the remedies easier for the body to absorb.

Q: What are standardized herbs?
A: Standardized herbs help them enhance the health-supporting compounds with lab calibration. Since there are many ways that an herb's potency can be affected, standardization ensures that none of the nutrients loses their potency.

Q: Why do Performance Labs use plant-based ingredients?
A: The creators focus on using clean and pure ingredients; plant-based ingredients are the best way to achieve that. These supplements are accessible to the body, and every product focuses on using these ingredients.

Q: Why doesn't Performance Lab include any artificial additives?
A: While some additives can help with the quality of a supplement, Performance Lab avoids using them until they have to. If any additives are used, the creators keep them natural as possible.

Q: Are Performance Lab supplements safe?
A: Yes. The creators use clinical dosages for each ingredient to help users to get the cleanest and most effective serving possible. Each batch undergoes multiple quality control checks before reaching customers to ensure every person receives a helpful remedy to maximize their health. Every ingredient used is premium quality. The creators thoroughly examine every dose to ensure users get what they need and can see what is in every formula rather than hiding behind a proprietary blend.

Q: Are the supplements from Performance Lab legal?
A: Yes. The only ingredients used in these formulas are legal, each used at proven doses.

Q: Will consumers need to cycle with Performance Lab supplements?
A: Not at all. These formulas can safely be used long-term, so there's no reason for consumers to cycle them out.

Q: Can Performance Lab supplements be used with medication?
A: Every person is different, meaning their medication might have specific restrictions prohibiting them from using certain ingredients. Always check with a doctor to ensure the chosen formula meets their needs.

Q: How are the Performance Lab supplements eco-friendly?
A: The creators ensure every bottle comes from 20% post-consumer content, and consumers can throw them into their recycling bin when they finish the supplement. Performance Lab's shipping practices use recyclable shipping boxes with biodegradable packing supplies.

Q: Where is the Performance Lab supplement made?
A: All of these products are formulated in the United Kingdom, but they are manufactured in the United States in New Jersey to follow the proper processes.

Q: Where does Performance Lab deliver?
A: These formulas can be shipped around the world to most areas. However, countries with post-COVID-19 restrictions on supplements or unreliable carriers are not eligible.

Q: What's the guarantee?
A: Even though the creators have carefully crafted every supplement, they offer a 30-day return policy to get a full refund on order.

Q: Can Performance Lab formulas be purchased anywhere else?A: No. Consumers have to go to the official website.
The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected].

Performance Lab Summary

Performance Lab provides users with different supplements and formulas , helping users to maximize their health. Each one uses high-quality ingredients at doses just like the amounts used in scientific studies, and the natural base for each of them helps the body adjust properly. Users can get a single bottle of each one or increase the number of bottles in their package to keep their regimen consistent. With superior production methods and a healthy balance of ingredients in each formula, users even have the protection of a month-long return policy.

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