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OKX Referral Code NEW100 For $30 Referral Bonus 2022

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OKX Referral Code NEW100 For $30 Referral Bonus 2022

The latest referral code of OKX is NEW100 and you can unlock the invite bonus of $30 when you start trading. Now is the time to trade and invest because most of the tokens are having yearly low prices and you can consider grabbing the dip with OKX.

OKX Referral Code NEW100
OKX Referral Code NEW100

Signup with OKX referral code NEW100 and enjoy a referral bonus of $30 when you trade as a new user.

OKX is one of the top-rated crypto exchanges that is trusted by traders and investors across the world.

OKX Referral Code
The latest referral code of OKX is NEW100 and you can unlock the invite bonus of $30 when you start trading. Now is the time to trade and invest
because most of the tokens are having yearly low prices and you can consider grabbing the dip with OKX. The affiliate program of OKX is lifelong
rewarding whereas the referral program is only for short time bonuses.

What is OKX (OKEX previously)?
OKX was previously known as OKEX and they rebranded in 2022 with a brand new layout and a scaled platform to trade different cryptocurrencies.
The rebranding by omitting the E in the name made them a three-letter brand now which joins them on the club of ultra-successful startups that
start with O.

World's most powerful exchange is all set to provide the top-notch experience for traders and investors even if you are completely new to crypto, or is a professional trader. You can switch to the lite mode in case you find the UI overwhelming on the first day. Chances are high that eventually, you will enable the professional mode yourself when you get the gist of it.

OKX Refer and earn program
OKX offers two programs, an affiliate program and a refer and earn program. It's up to you to choose which one to get started if you would like
to refer to your network. The affiliate program is open only if your combined referral trade volume exceeds $100k in 3 months. If you meet this criterion,
you can continue as an affiliate and you will not be eligible for referral bonuses if you go ahead as an affiliate.

The difference between the referral and the affiliate program of OKX is that the referral program offers a one-time bonus of $30 whereas the affiliate
program offers 30% of your invited friend's trading fee every time they trade. Both work from the OKX referral code only and you opt for the affiliate from your dashboard in case you are interested. You can create custom campaigns that will pass a percentage of the trading fee back to the trader as a kickback and reward your referrals. By default, the referral link does not pass any bonus to the user and you can choose to customize the
kickback as per your choice.

How to signup with OKX exchange?
1. Download the OKX application from the Android/iOS market depending on your device. You can also consider the web platform as
well, it offers a widescreen trading view than a mobile device.
2. Click on signup and enter your email id and password, expand the referral code option and enter the OKX referral code NEW100.
3. Verify the OTP send to your email address and confirm it to activate your account.
4. Now you can see an option to claim your first reward which is a bonus and a rebate card for your next trade.
5. Go to your profile and click on verification and choose either of corporate account or an individual account.
6. Upload your documents depending on your location to verify your identity and start trading and withdrawing without limits.
Key highlights of the OKX exchange

A detailed review of the OKX exchange and the OKX referral program can be found here. A brief of the features that they offer is below.
● OKX offers futures trading, instant swaps with crypto.
● They offer deposit options in 17+ different currencies including Apple pay, VISA, master card, and more.
● The trading fees are minimal and are 0.1% for the market orders and as low as 0.08% for the take orders.
● OKX also offers a VIP program for traders with huge trading volumes and the fees are further lower than the normal fees.
● The referral program of OKX is very delightful and rewarding with your OKX referral code. You can also upgrade as an affiliate if you
meet that criteria.
● The other features of OKX include margin trading, earn, loan, basic trading, convert, metaX wallet, etc.
● OKX offers chat-based support and dedicated support based on their token OKB option as well.
● The referral rewards are earned in the USDT token which can be traded or exchanged with any other token.

Frequently asked questions about OKX
1. What is the latest referral code of OKX for a signup bonus in 2022?

 Use the OKX referral code NEW100 when you signup for a bonus.

2. What is the limit on referral earnings from OKX?
There is no limit on earning by inviting friends to OKX, you can earn as much as you invite.

3. Is the OKX affiliate program better than the referral program?
 It depends on your referrals. If they are high net worth individuals with huge investment capacity, it's always recommended to signup for the
affiliate program to earn forever.


It's always recommended to start with the learn section at OKX to understand cryptocurrencies and their volatility before you make
the investment. The OKX platform is trusted by millions of traders across the world and learns from their tutorials, documents, industry analysis
provided in the learning area.