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NeuroQ Review - Improve Memory & Cognitive Performance?

Looking for a way to boost cognitive performance and improve memory? Read our unbiased NeuroQ review before you buy Dr. Dale Bredesen's supplement.

NeuroQ Review

If you’re looking to buy a brain booster supplement to unlock that extra level of focus, mental clarity, memory and cognitive advantage, then your search may have brought up NeuroQ. After all, it’s heavily marketed.

Backed with a mighty advertising budget, NeuroQ’s TV ads are pretty influential, glittered with promises of a smarter brain and improved productivity and concentration, with minimal to zero side effects. It’s exciting stuff, all in a bottle – and you want some.

Perhaps you’re someone who struggles with brain fog, or you’re aging and want to nip cognitive decline in the bud. Maybe you’re a director of a company – you need to be sharp, highly productive, and focused.

Top 3 NueroQ Alternatives:

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Hunter Focus - Best For Calm Focus & Concentration

And you’d be right to consider nootropics. Also known as ‘smart drugs’, nootropics are cognitive enhancers that filter your intelligence, most often with natural ingredients. There are some incredible smart pills available today, offering genuine and effective solutions.

But there are also some pretty awful ones too, disguised behind their fancy marketing smoke screens. Nootropics are also classed as dietary supplements, and as such they are not closely regulated. This means that brands are not required to provide any clinical evidence that their chosen ingredients are actually effective.

I know my nootropics. I’ve used them and studied them for years, and it’s a real bug bear for me when manufacturers take users’ money with the use of a good spin doctor, rather than genuine results and scientific evidence.

Granted, all users should be aware that results and side effects can vary from person to person, and we always advise you speak with a health professional before embarking on a lifestyle supplemented with nootropics.

NeuroQ quickly fell under my red-flag radar. Its ingredients list doesn’t look the most effective compared to some of the best nootropics on the market (we’ll look at these in a moment).

To add insult to injury, there are also many reviews from users who felt no difference at all when using NeuroQ. Worse, some even felt lethargic – the complete opposite from what you’d expect of a quality nootropic.

So what is the truth – is NeuroQ a quality nootropic, or is it just cashing in on individuals by offering a placebo effect with no real scientific value? In this NeuroQ review, we’re going to strip away the advertising fandango to give you an educated insight into what a decent nootropic looks like, and whether NeuroQ fits the bill.

NeuroQ Review - An Overview

NeuroQ Review

As an honest reviewer, I’m going to start fairly by outlining who NeuroQ are, and what they claim to offer.

NeuroQ came about in 2018 as the brainchild of Dr Dale Bredesen, with a range of nootropic supplements that would improve cognitive function and mental clarity. They believe they’ve compiled high-caliber ingredients lists with the ‘latest scientific research’, to produce all-natural, over-the-counter supplements that will help people with their cognitive health, and alleviate depression, insomnia, anxiety and more.


Well, I’m going to get in there early and say I disagree. A bold statement, but I believe NeuroQ are simply capitalizing on a growing industry with the use of fancy advertising, shimmying the words ‘all-natural’ into our faces, in the hope we’ll trust that it’s the safest and most effective smart drug out there.

I’ve heavily studied and experimented with a number of nootropics over the years, as well as the scientific research and development behind them. To put it simply, there are much more effective and safer supplements out there than NeuroQ.

As an experienced user, the first thing I didn’t like when I came across NeuroQ is their ‘range’ of smart pills. They have one for memory and focus, another for sleep, one for memory, and another for ‘calm’. What a money spinner.

The best nootropics will intelligently combine the right ingredients to cover most if not all of these in one, whereas NeuroQ have craftily split their promises into a range of products – an opportunity for them to generate more income by leading you to believe you need them all.

As a consumer and a reviewer, that’s a big red flag in the trust department for me.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at each formula they have on offer:

NeuroQ Memory DHA-400

NeuroQ offers its Memory DHA-400 product, which contains 400mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). This is an important omega-3 found in fish oil, which can improve learning and memory performance.

NeuroQ Sleep Now

Sleep is incredibly important for us as humans not just for our overall health, but to help us store the information we absorbed that day – also known as memory and recall.


Sleep Now contains multiple natural ingredients including valerian root extract, magnesium, lemon balm leaf extract and chamomile flower extract, which are known to encourage you to relax and consequently fall into a better sleep routine.

NeuroQ Memory & Focus

NeuroQ states that this supplement will amplify your focus and help you stay alert, thanks to its combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

NeuroQ also state that this product is a ‘neuroprotectant’, protecting us from cognitive decline and stating it will enhance memory and processing speed as we age.

NeuroQ Calm Focus

Finally, we have Calm Focus, NeuroQ’s latest product, which is said to help extinguish anxiety and dampen stress, while encouraging cognitive improvement. The natural ingredients in Calm Focus include ashwagandha root extract, magnesium, theanine, and rhodiola rosea extract.

NeuroQ Ingredients

Now it’s time to turn to the facts and look at the main ingredients in NeuroQ’s different formulae, most of which have yet to be studied on humans as opposed to animals.

Ginkgo Biloba

We see Ginkgo Biloba a lot in nootropics ingredients lists, with its benefits pinpointed towards preventing cognitive decline. We don’t yet have clear evidence of its true ability in humans, however in animal studies the results showed an improvement in memory.

Gotu Kola

A herb from the parsley family, Gotu Kola has been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to remedy a number of ailments such as depression and anxiety, and to prevent cognitive decline.

No scientific evidence is currently available to show that Guto Kola can actually reduce stress, enhance brain function, nor improve cognitive performance in humans.



Melatonin – which is in NeuroQ’s Sleep Now – is a hormone your body produces naturally. That feeling when you’re sleepy and ready to drift off? That’s the melatonin on the rise. It can be produced synthetically, to be used to help restart a healthy sleep pattern. In fact, it’s also used for other situations, such as a sleep-deprived test in hospital, to help you drift off when you wouldn’t usually.

It’s highly backed by science and can certainly improve sleep quality. Top points to NeuroQ on this one, right? The thing is, they’re charging quite a price for this product, even though melatonin is cheap.

Neurofactor coffee fruit extract

Though we don’t yet have enough research conducted to solidify its efficacy in humans, coffee extract is believed to increase levels of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and is a natural extract that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.


An amino acid found primarily in green tea, L-theanine is often called upon to enhance focus and amplify productivity and cognitive performance, whilst reducing anxiety.

Yet, we have inconclusive evidence to support this. Before L-theanine is approved as a cognitive enhancer, more research needs to be done.


Turmeric is believed to improve memory and attention among other things, however it’s another ingredient that simply hasn’t had much scientific attention in humans to prove it.

NeuroQ Claims

So we’ve taken a look at NeuroQ’s biggest ingredients, what their supposed roles are in a nootropic, and the clinical studies that support them (or, in most cases, had not been extensively conducted).


In NeuroQ’s marketing, their headliner is that their all-natural ingredients will help users unlock another level of cognitive health and potential - stating it will boost cognitive performance and all round healthy brain function. NeuroQ claim that each formula in their range has been meticulously put together to power up your mental clarity, your focus, and your memory recall, as well as protect from age-related decline.

Let’s take a look at what NeuroQ are promising, and why unfortunately it’s not quite as exciting underneath:

Improved ability to process complex data

NeuroQ claims that its formula can help improve the rate of processing complex data by increasing levels of neurotransmitters like Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays a role in our attention, learning, and memory – so when this is increased, we become better at processing complex data as well as being able to recall it.

NeuroQ’s claim that it can improve brain function is unsupported. There are no studies that show these ingredients can increase Acetylcholin levels in humans, which is what would enhance cognitive function and mental ability.

Improved memory

NeuroQ’s brain supplement DHA-400 says it can help enhance your memory ability with its 400mg of DHA. Sounds like a punchy dose, doesn’t it?

However, research suggests that there may be no advantage to your cognitive performance when taking more than 200mg of DHA per day. Research on NeuroQ’s ability to increase levels of that important learning and memory protein Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is also inconclusive.

Reduced brain fog

From time to time, we all have a moment where we get a little confused or forget something we really ought not to have forgotten (like where you put your glasses, when they’re actually on your head!). But sometimes this brain fog can be detrimental. If you’re a nurse on a busy ward, or running a business, or studying for exams, we seek out nootropics that should be able to help enhance mental clarity.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that NeuroQ can boost blood flow or the production of healthy brain cells.

Increased focus

NeuroQ states that its ingredients have been put together to boost your concentration and focus. However, this hasn’t been proven – we don’t have enough studies to evidence NeuroQ’s claim, nor is there enough research conducted to prove they are even suitable or safe for long-term consumption.

NeuroQ Negatives To Know About

It’s disappointing reading such damning truths about a product that sounded so promising. As a fair reviewer, I do appreciate that whilst clinical evidence is crucial to identifying quality nootropics, it doesn’t mean a product doesn’t work.

The problem is, without these studies and research findings, we cannot be sure that what we’re buying and indeed consuming is safe, let alone effective.

So here’s what we can be sure of when it comes to reviewing NeuroQ:

Its Ingredients Are Inconclusive

Firstly, most of the ingredients NeuroQ are showboating have only been tested on animals. We don’t quite know how truly effective they are for us humans.

We also don’t know how any positive results would translate in the real world, as opposed to a clinical setting or process.

Amongst their ingredients, NeuroQ only has one gold-standard cognitive booster, Huperzine-A. The rest are just… well, fluff.

The Products Are Overpriced

This is a real zinger in my opinion. It tests a manufacturer’s trustworthiness when they stick a big price tag on a bottle and hope consumers aren’t wise enough to know much about what’s in it.

Take the Sleep Now product as an example. It’s a pricey product dazzling in promotional advertising – but it’s simply L-theanine and melatonin, which you can pick up for 90% less than what NeuroQ are charging.

Another example is the Memory and Boost. One bottle will set you back just under $60 for just 5 ingredients. That is incredibly over-priced, with similar nootropics half the price and with more powerful ingredients.

You’re buying expensive stacks from a manufacturer who invested no time in clinical research of their offerings.

The Dosages Are Insufficient

It’s one thing having a product full of mostly unproven ingredients, and another having stingey doses. For example, though studies show a minimum of 500mg of Gotu Kola is needed to have an impact, NeuroQ only offers 200mg.

NeuroQ Conclusion

This has been quite a negative review for NeuroQ, so I’m going to keep this slick and concise so we can move on to more positive, promising options.

Despite NeuroQ’s advertisements claiming their natural supplements can boost mental clarity, focus, concentration, memory, and sleep health, they have very little scientific evidence to support as much. Without this research, we simply do not know how effective or safe NeuroQ’s products are.

Additionally, NeuroQ’s products are overpriced for the ingredients and their low doses. You could certainly find other nootropics that offer better-quality ingredients at higher dosages, for less.

Unfortunately it’s a hugely disappointing outcome for NeuroQ – I certainly do not recommend their range of nootropics.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom here. Through my own personal experience and in-depth knowledge and research of nootropics, I have some much more effective, intelligently produced and clinically-backed supplements that deliver on their cognitive boosting ingredients, with money-back guarantees to seal their trustworthiness and confidence in their products.

Preferred Alternative Noocube

Noocube is my absolute go-to when it comes to nootropics, and though I’ve used many in my time, I often find myself going back to it. It’s simply brilliant for helping me boost my productivity levels and my memory.

Noocube contains seven scientifically proven ingredients, each carefully selected to amalgamate into one incredible nootropic that helps sharpen your focus, speed up your thought processes, and recall information.

While NeuroQ screams and shouts about a load of ingredients that haven’t really got any proof of working, NooCube is another nootropic that offers clinically proven ingredients that have been very carefully thought out by this top-tier manufacturer.

NooCube have also paid attention and care to their dosages too, ensuring effectiveness is maximized with minimal side effects. And it really hits the mark in three key cognition aspects:

Memory Recall

NooCube has brought together Huperzine A, Bacopa Monnieri and Alpha GPC, all of which have been shown in a number of studies to optimize your memory skills, learning ability, and capacity to recall information.

As a result of improved memory and the ability to recall, users find their productivity accelerates.

Mental Clarity

NooCube has added L-Tyrosine and Acetyl L-Carnitine to its combination, for that mental focus and clarity. These are precursors to neurotransmitters, acetylcholine and dopamine.

Focus And Concentration

L-theanine, caffeine and tyrosine have also been included. There have been plenty of studies on caffeine and tyrosine on their ability to improve energy levels, concentration, alertness and focus.

We’ve got that nice balance of L-theanine softening any anxiety and reducing distractions, in collaboration with caffeine to smarten your concentration and focus. This balance is complemented with tyrosine, which helps fight fatigue.

NooCube Price

For a 30-day supply, NooCube costs just $59.99 with its seven excellent ingredients and dosages, as well as a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. That’s how confident NooCube are in their product – and so they should be.

I highly recommend NooCube for its carefully crafted ingredients list that’s been effectively yet safely dosed, with an incredible money-back guarantee for your reassurance.

Hunter Focus – The Best For Pure Focus

You may be searching for a nootropic that focuses purely on… focus. Many students want this from a supplement. They’re not so concerned with reaction time or protection from cognitive decline (particularly the younger adult students, you lucky things!). Or perhaps your job relies heavily on focus – without it, the consequences could be huge.

Before the digital age, it was easier to remain focused on the task at hand. But today we’re overloaded with information, various devices, instant news updates… it’s relentless, and increasingly challenging to stay focused and achieve what we need for success.

This is why I’ve brought Hunter Focus into my top 3. It’s an elite nootropic that uses natural ingredients to get your focus streamlined and razor sharp. Consequently, the focus that comes from this powerful blend results in other game-changing benefits, such as:

Starting Up A Task Easier And Faster

Ever had a task in front of you that you just cannot get started? You could be sat there at your desk, fingers pushing on your temples, yet simply unable to ‘get into the zone’ of firing up what you should be doing. This is even more challenging if you’re distracted or tired.

Here’s where Hunter Focus steps up. It’ll energize those crucial neurotransmitters, keeping you focused and therefore motivated. Your productivity will rocket because you just keep steaming on.

Sleep Quality

Hunter Focus includes essential vitamins and minerals in its ingredients list so that its stimulants don’t negatively impact your natural sleep routine – a common problem for most focus-enhancing nootropics.

So after your productive day, you get a good night’s recharge ready for tomorrow.


NeuroQ made itself look sensational on its own advertisements, but when you put it in a room with genuinely high-quality, scientifically proven nootropics with effective yet safe dosages, it’s clear to see NeuroQ can’t fulfill their promises quite as successfully - so before you rush out to buy NeuroQ you might want to consider the alternatives...

There are some brilliant, intelligent, honest manufacturers out there – my favorite being in this list – who even ensure you have a money-back guarantee should you find it doesn’t work for you. I’d recommend you spend your money well and go with either NooCube, Vyvamind or Hunter Focus.

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