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Lost Object Psychic Reading: Find Missing Items

Want to learn about lost object reading and find the misplaced object? Try the best 5 lost object psychics sources that offer cheap sessions!

Lost Object Psychic Reading

When faced with the frustrating experience of a lost item, turning to a lost object psychic can provide valuable insights. 

If you contact online advisors, you will enjoy plenty of advantages that offline psychics can't offer, such as convenience, accessibility, and a diverse pool of discounts. Check the websites with talented experts below!

5 Best Lost Objects Psychics Services

  1. Nebula — An esteemed platform with free credits for chat consultations with psychics specialized in lost object numerology, clairvoyance, etc.
  2. Keen — The foremost platform for chat and phone lost item consultations at discounted rates.
  3. Kasamba — A top-notch platform with complimentary readings addressed through email, phone, and chat.
  4. California Psychics — A leading platform with psychics finding lost objects and a range of text and voice price packages.
  5. Mysticsense — A budget-friendly platform with text, voice, and video psychics to find lost items.

Explore our carefully prepared reviews of the best psychic sites, complete with main criteria to find lost object psychics, and current prices and special offers.


How the Process Works:

To get access to the list of Nebula advisors, you should create an account first. For this, you will need to provide your email and answer a few questions about yourself, including your name, birthdate, and gender. Upon registration, you will receive free credits for a chat session with a psychic to find lost objects.

Pros & Cons:

Several compelling features entice clients to this site, such as a generous introductory offer, personalized biorhythm checkers, beauty and health calendars, and horoscopes. Moreover, the Nebula service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, insightful blog articles, and a convenient mobile app. But, only chat readings are available on this site, unfortunately.

Prices & Discounts:

At the Nebula spiritual company, they employ a credit system where you acquire chat minutes with pet psychics by purchasing credits. Upon signing up, you get $14 worth of free credits, equivalent to a 100-credit package. Typically, regular chat consultations on this site require a minimum of 40 credits per minute.


How the Process Works:

Keen has a simple registration procedure that requires a few personal details and your billing information. Once you are done with it, you can choose a psychic and initiate the consultation.

Pros & Cons:

The Keen platform for spiritual consultations on lost things offers a unique deal exclusively designed for newcomers, along with a user-friendly mobile application, professional filters to refine your search, and a wealth of horoscopes and captivating blog articles to enrich your psychic reading journey.

However, it's important to note that video communication is currently not available on the platform.

Prices & Discounts:

As part of the welcome offer provided by the Keen platform, your initial consultation will only cost $1.99 for the first ten minutes. After that, the fees will be determined based on the price rating of a selected advisor. Typically, such consultations on Keen cost from $3 to $10 per minute.


How the Process Works:

At Kasamba, you can easily receive an honest divination at no cost. You only need to provide your name and email address to create your Kasamba profile. Once registered, search for an advisor, enter your banking information when starting a session, and click the "Get my three free minutes" button to begin.

Pros & Cons:

Kasamba distinguishes itself from other sites through several notable advantages. These include complimentary psychic readings, reimbursement of up to $50, free horoscopes, and various other perks. However, unfortunately, video consultations are not available.

Prices & Discounts:

Kasamba provides a generous welcome offer - the initial three minutes of your consultation are complimentary.

After these minutes have elapsed, you will be charged based on the minute rate of your chosen psychic. The advisors on the platform may charge between $4 and $19 per minute.


How the Process Works:

To talk to lost object psychics at the California source, register on the website first. It involves filling out a sign-up form with your full name, birth date, and email address. Once registered, you can select a psychic who fits your needs most. And when you decide, choose one of the available discounted packages and begin your first consultation.

Pros & Cons:

California Psychics is one of the best psychic sites since it has a lot of advantages, including a welcome deal, a 100% refund, free horoscopes and articles covering diverse subjects, and a user-friendly mobile app. However, one drawback is the absence of video psychic mediums for lost object reading consultations.

Prices & Discounts:

In terms of discounts, California Psychics offers three welcome packages: the first package is priced at $1 per minute and features affordable readers, the second package costs $2 per minute and includes popular advisors, and the third package is priced at $4 per minute and provides access to premium psychics.

Regular minutes, on the contrary, will be charged at a rate of $5 to $9 per minute.

  • Helping clients since: 2020
  • Experts available: 700+
  • Communication methods: chat, phone, and video
  • Welcome bonus: five free minutes
  • Per-minute pricing: $2–$6/min.

How the Process Works:

Filling out the sign-up form and providing answers to a few questions, along with your desired nickname and email address, is a first step to your spiritual journey with one of the best astrology websites — Mysticsense. Afterward, deposit a minimum of $10 into your wallet and initiate a consultation with your selected psychic. 

Pros & Cons:

The Mysticsense website offers a lot of good services: an enticing welcome offer, enhanced search tools, and a 10-minute time-back guarantee. Furthermore, you can access free blog articles and horoscopes. However, it's worth adding that many Mysticsense advisors prefer text sessions only. That's why it may be challenging to find a video psychic.

Prices & Discounts:

Newcomers to the Mysticsense spiritual site are granted five free minutes for their initial consultation. Meanwhile, regular consultations typically range from $2 to $6 per minute. It's important to note that the cost of chat, phone, and video consultations may vary based on the specific fee requirements of the chosen advisor.

What is a Lost Object Psychic Reading?

"Oh no, I lost keys from the vault!", "Where is the jewelry my granny gave me?"

Sometimes, every one of us goes through similar situations. And sometimes, there is no way for us to find a lost object without the help of higher forces. If you wonder, "Are psychics real? Can psychics locate lost items?", the answer is yes — this is the purpose of lost object psychic reading sessions.

How do these readings work? During a lost object psychic reading, an advisor may ask you to describe the misplaced things, show their photos, and mention the last place and time you saw the objects. Psychics also ask about the events or emotions associated with them.

Different psychics use various methods or techniques to find lost items, such as clairsentience (sensing energy or emotions) or dowsing (using tools like pendulums or rods), to gather information and provide insights about the location of the lost object. The most popular divination method is remote viewing which means perceiving or "seeing" distant objects with the help of intuition and psychic energy.

What Should I Expect from Lost Object Psychic Reading?

  • Advisors can provide clues. Although not all lost object psychic readings result in the immediate rediscovery of the item, still, at such consultations, you can get a lot of clues about where to look for a missing thing. Psychics may share their intuitive insights about the whereabouts of the lost object.
  • Advisors can provide guidance and suggestions. Your spiritual expert may suggest how to increase your chances of finding the lost object. They might give practical tips, such as retracing your steps, checking certain areas, or tapping into your intuition to guide you in the search.
  • Advisors can provide emotional support. Losing a valuable or sentimental object can be distressing, and sometimes, all we need is compassion, which you can receive with lost object psychic readings. An advisor may offer reassurance, empathy, and understanding during the session to help ease any anxiety or frustration you may be experiencing.
  • Advisors can provide transparency. Online psychic platforms typically provide detailed profiles for each psychic, which often includes information about their experience, skills, and areas of expertise. Additionally, you can often find client reviews and ratings that can help you assess the reputation and reliability of the psychic before booking a reading.
  • Advisors can provide convenience. Online experts provide accessibility to individuals who prefer consultations on misplaced things from their own space since it eliminates the need for travel and allows you to connect with a psychic from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

And what should you not expect from lost object psychics? Guaranteed results. There is no guarantee that a lost item psychic will be able to immediately and definitively locate your lost item. Psychic readings involve intuitive impressions and guidance, but they are not an infallible solution.


What Types of Lost Objects Can Psychics Find?

Spiritual advisors can find all types of missing items, including keys, jewelry, sentimental items, documents, and personal belongings. Moreover, lost object psychics specialize in relocating big things, like houses, cars, etc.

What Information Do I Need to Provide to the Psychic for a Lost Object Reading?

To help your lost item psychic advisor, you have to provide them with relevant details about the item, such as a description, when and where it was last seen. The more specific and accurate the information, the better chances advisors may have in assisting you.

How Accurate are Lost Object Psychic Readings?

Several things define the accuracy of lost object advisors, such as psychic abilities and experience of a chosen spiritualist, the information provided about the lost items, etc. Sometimes, the Universe doesn't want us to find a lost object and tries to hinder our search.

How Much Does a Lost Object Psychic Reading Cost?

The fee can be $50 or over a few hundred dollars per consultation. When you address the advisor skilled at finding lost objects, consider the per-minute price, their experience, and cost for a specific communication method, to calculate the potential sum you will have to pay for the missing item spiritual session.

Can I Have a Lost Item Psychic Reading Done Remotely or Does It Have to Be In Person?

Yes, this kind of spiritual consultation works like love psychic reading or any other divination practice. They can be conducted remotely, like through phone calls, video chats, or online platforms, which provide clients with maximum flexibility and convenience. However, it may happen that finding a missing object may require a physical touch. In this case, the consultation should be conducted offline.

Are There Any Guarantees or Refunds If the Psychic Is Not Able to Help Me Finding Lost Objects?

Often, when a psychic fails to find lost objects, you can apply for a refund to a spiritual platform where you order the service. But, the compensation terms differ on different websites. Some provide full refunds, while others ensure only a partial satisfaction guarantee. You should check the terms of use before the consultation.

Can a Psychic Help Me Find a Lost Pet?

Lost object readings are designed to help find only missing items. If you wish to define the location of your lost pet, you should address pet psychic readers — these consultants specialize in analyzing the emotions and energy of alive beings, while advisors who can locate lost objects work only with inanimate objects.


Seeking guidance from lost object psychics proves to be a worthwhile endeavor, as it offers numerous advantages. By tapping into their unique abilities, individuals can gain valuable assistance in locating lost possessions. 

The convenience, accessibility, and expertise provided by online advisors for fortune-telling make the journey of rediscovery even more accessible and fruitful!

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