Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lifology Global Fellowship – The Great ‘Teenage Transformation Moment’ For Indian School Students – Praveen Parameswar

The craze and euphoria that Lifology Global Fellowship generated is unprecedented. We decided to catch up with the ‘Man of the moment and of the movement’ – CEO of Lifology Praveen Parameswar.

Lifology Global Fellowship – The Great ‘Teenage Transformation Moment’ For Indian School Students – Praveen Parameswar
Lifology Global Fellowship

‘Fortune 500 for Companies | Future 10000 for School Students’ is the mantra of Lifology Global Fellowship. India has a lot of prestigious scholarships but no global fellowship. The craze and euphoria that Lifology Global Fellowship generated is unprecedented.

We decided to catch up with the ‘Man of the moment and of the movement’ – CEO of Lifology Praveen Parameswar.He is the alumni of London School of Economics who decided to provide the students with the once in a life time ‘Teenage Transformation Moment’ experinece through this international fellowship. He challenges us to contemplate that how despite having little institutional support from our education system, Indians are dominating the Silicon Valley.

We have literally seen a craze among school students for Lifology Global Fellowship. As the CEO of Lifology, were you taken aback by this kind of a response ? 

If I have to be honest, neither my team nor me did imagine such kind of a huge response for the Global Fellowship. This made us realise that our initial assessment was true. Indian school students and their parents are eyeing to build future on a global level. 

We thought we were seeing good response in the initial days of calling forth application. Soon it became a raving success and we are happy and humble that we identified a correct gap in the educational world. 

What is your vision with ‘Lifology Global Fellowship’ ?

 Have we all not had that ‘transformation moment’ during our teenage where we throw away the shackles of laziness and bad habits of yesterday to redeem and renew ourselves? We wanted Lifology Global Fellowship to be that ‘Teenage Transformation Moment’. 

The transformation from being a reluctant teenager to the young adult who can take plunge into the life and start their journey of accomplishments. 

It is a well-known wisdom that children are torch bearers of tomorrow. In this segment we believe teenagers especially hold the key to transforming the future. We wanted to unleash that teenage energy of India on a global scale. The students from 9th grade to 12th grade can apply for the fellowship. We are expecting to receive around 2 to 2.5 lakh applications for the fellowship from 2,000+ Indian schools around the world. From the applicants 10,000 students shall be selected on merit and will be provided with 2 weeks long International Certification Program including extensive mentoring by experts such as Chetan Bhagat, Dr Jebamalai (United Nations, UNIDO Frmr Principal Advisor), Dr Mukesh Kapila CBE (Frmr Advisor to World Bank), Dr Kiersten Connors (Aluma of Stanford University) and Rahul Easwar (Alumnus of IIM – Ahmedabad, London School of Economics) Lana Eghterafi (Alumna of Harvard University) and support to create a masterplan for future. Along with the students, their parents shall also be encouraged to be a part of the process. 

The vision is for this Global Fellowship to give that ‘Teenage transformation moment’ for our Youth. 

For the uninitiated, what are the benefits for students in Lifology Global Fellowship ? 

India has a very good education system. But one area of improvement we can point out is lack of more exposure and vibrance for the young students. Often our thought leaders and educational experts have pointed out that ‘international exposure’ is one aspect that is lacking in our educational paradigm.

Our students have arrived at the global stage in a big way. It is time to institutionally support them. We have Indians dominating the Silicon Valley now.  Just imagine with more structural support, what all can the future generations achieve. 

We would also remind that the entire initiative is FREE of cost for the students and scholarships worth 30 crores from Indian and global universities are offered to them. We are doing it as a part of enhancing educational opportunities and thus empowering our youth. 

Lifology Global Fellows would select  10,000 promising young Indian adults by assessing their talents and skills with an exclusive AI powered tool and will give them exposure to emerging career options, guide them to right future tracks, tune the mindset for success and enhance 21st century skills.   They can also win attractive prizes such as iPad, iPhones and MacBook and the top performer shall be recognized with a fully paid NASA trip. 

Could you walk us through your organization Lifology?

Lifology is a Guinness World Record winner and has created meaningful change in the education domain of India. We began our journey in London 17 years ago.  I had my higher education at Cardiff University and London School of Economics.  We are partners of various state governments of India in their educational initiatives and also a partner of some international organizations in furthering guidance, upskilling and education for Indian students. We have our footprints across London, Middle East, India and have plans to expand to other nations. 

Our initiative, Lifology Global Fellowship is fully aligned with the NEP – National Education Policy- envisioned by the Govt of India. This program ignites the vision set by NEP 2020, CBSE and National Skill Development Corporation regarding the development of Indian children into reality.

How can a student get enrolled for Lifology Global Fellowship? 

We welcome all brilliant young minds to be a part of the program. Schools, parents and students who are interested in the program can apply through the link available on and contact mobile number 7994820999 for assistance.  The last date to submit application shall be 26th January, 2022.

We invite our youngsters to have the ‘Teenage Transformation Moment’.