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Kancheepuram Central Co-Operative Bank (KCCB) Driving Inclusive Growth

Empowering communities through innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable growth.



R.Vanitha has been recently appointed as the administrator for the Tamil Nadu-based Kancheepuram Central Cooperative Bank (KCCB). Vanitha, the former Chief Director of the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) and Additional Registrar of Cooperative Societies with a proven track record of handling local and international cooperatives, brings a fresh perspective and strategic insights to drive the institution forward. 

The KCCB was formed in 1915 with 49 members and a share capital of Rs. 5,000 and has come a long way in achieving a robust business turnover of Rs. 6,326.54 crore, 860 members, and 365,859 customers, recording a net profit of Rs. 29.34 crore for the financial year 2022–23. KCCB has played a pivotal role in establishing 52 branches and a vast network comprising 264 Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Societies (PACS), 177 silk and cotton weavers co-operative societies, and 144 Employees Co-operative Credit Societies (ECCS) across its expansive domain of Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, and Chengalpattu districts in Tamil Nadu. It has 5 ATMs and has issued 23,644 specially designed ATM cards to its beneficiaries in Tamil Nadu. 


KCCB initiated Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to drive economic empowerment at the grassroots level, with a total disbursal of Rs. 253.32 crore, enabling 3502 individuals and small traders with Rs. 15.20 crore. Vanitha is championing the cause of SHGs and the physically challenged for the bank to enrich individual lives, strengthen the social fabric of the communities, and promote inclusion. 

The bank has issued loans to 48,493 farmers with a total disbursement of Rs. 389.27 crore, 4,315 fishermen with a total disbursement of Rs. 51.22 crore, 11,958 animal husbandry workers with a total disbursement of Rs. 67.43 crore, 14,649 weavers with a total disbursement of Rs. 85.65 crore, employees, and supporting traditional crafts and artisanal livelihoods, preserving cultural heritage. Under the category of employee sector loans, the bank is assisting 13,965 employees with Rs. 109.49 crore, while financial support has been extended to 2 cooperative sugar mills with Rs. 76.80 crore. This has helped contribute to the growth of the sugar industry and agro-processing sector.


 Embracing technology, the bank transitioned to the CBS platform in 2014, with the support of NABARD, the State Government of Tamil Nadu, and the Registrar of Co-operative Societies. Now, it is initiating computerization efforts in all PACCS and ECS, including the milestone achievement of computerizing Magaral PACCS for greater efficiency and accessibility in its operations. 

Looking ahead, the bank's focus on modernisation and expansion, evidenced by sanctioning 402 projects to the tune of Rs 43.28 crores for 168 PACCS conversion into multi-service societies and infrastructure development projects, reflects its unwavering commitment to serving the community and driving socio-economic progress in the region. These include the construction of go-downs, cold storage, the purchase of oil crushing units, neem oil cake units, air-conditioned mini-trucks, harvesting machinery, solar power units, drones, and JCBs, to name a few. The bank's remarkable performance was recognized with the ‘Best District Central Co-operative Bank’ award in Tamil Nadu for the year 2022.

“I have been appointed as the administrator of the Kancheepuram Central Cooperative Bank, which is the leading bank in Tamil Nadu. I will make efforts with my team to take the bank to new  heights," R. Vanitha said.

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