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Guide To Get Tretinoin Prescription Online: Find Out Experts Recommendation

Learn how to buy tretinoin online in this informational blog which explains why tretinoin is a dermatologists’ choice of treatment for acne, pigmentation and ageing.

Get tretinoin Prescription Online

Tretinoin: The Dermatologist Recommended Retinoid.

Tretinoin as we all know has taken the world by a storm due to its amazing benefit of improving the skin and reversing the signs of ageing. It is one of the most revolutionary products in skin care and is a common treatment for acne . It is most often prescribed by dermatologists and beauticians around the world for various skin conditions. If you are on the same boat with most other women of age group 16-45 who experience some or the other skin related concerns and are on a constant hunt of a saviour you must have heard about tretinoin multiple times on your skin care discussions on various forums. So users often turn to google and ask how to get a tretinoin prescription online. So in this article we will answer all questions such as, if tretinoin is a prescription medication and how to get a tretinoin prescription online and how to get the most out of tretinoin.

Author Bio: Dr. Janice molly is an author, renowned dermatologist and a medical researcher with an experience of over 15 years in the field of dermatology sheds some light on the use of tretinoin, its effects and the role it plays in reversing ageing. He also recommends places that provide a tretinoin prescription online.

Table of Content

  • What is tretinoin? Does it actually reverse ageing?
  • What does tretinoin treat?
  • What is a Tretinoin purge?
  • What are the benefits of tretinoin?
  • Tretinoin Side Effects
  • 5 Important Points to Keep in Mind When Using Prescribed Tretinoin
  • Step-By-Step process to apply Tretinoin
  • Before And After Using Tretinoin for 4 months
  • Is Tretinoin Prescription Necessary Online?
  • How to get a tretinoin prescription online?
  • FAQ’s On Tretinoin
  • Conclusion: Should you buy tretinoin online?

What is Tretinoin? Does it actually reverse ageing?

Tretinoin, a form of Vitamin-A, is a retinoic acid used to treat several kinds of skin conditions. Tretinoin works by increasing the rate of skin regeneration. It helps to shed dead skin cells faster and helps newer cell formation. Tretinoin is a dermatologist’s choice of treatment for skin conditions like acne, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Tretinoin is a prescription medicine and it is not available over the counter and only a limited number of countries have it as an OTC cream. Tretinoin is among the few products that have actually proven to reverse signs of ageing as it works by helping in collagen production.

What does tretinoin treat?

Tretinoin stimulates collagen formation that in turn helps to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines considerably and also helps to enhance the firmness of the skin. It has the ability to restore sun damaged skin along with treating acne and breakouts. The skin concerns that tretinoin treats are:

Heals severe acne and treats breakouts.

  • Corrects fine lines.
  • Minimises pore sizes.
  • Corrects dark spots by sun exposure.
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What is a tretinoin purge?

A tretinoin purge is a major skin break out reaction that occurs in the initial stages of starting tretinoin. Tretinoin is one of the most recommended forms of Vitamin-A used to treat acne or signs of ageing. Our skin sheds dead cells naturally so that newer cells can develop. With tretinoin this process is rapidly stimulated and dead cells are shedded quicker which often results in more breakouts, excessive flaking which is quite an ugly phase of tretinoin treatment. This starts in about the second week of use and may last for 4-5 weeks. One must not lose patience or stop using tretinoin when the purging state is on. Results from tretinoin can only be observed with continued use .


What are the benefits of tretinoin?

Tretinoin has been clinically shown to be effective in reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark spots on the skin. The important benefits of tretinoin include:

  1. Best Acne treatment: Tretinoin effectively treats acne by preventing the formation of comedones and unclogging any pore that might develop on the skin. It is the most recommended dermatologist treatment for acne .
  2. Anti-ageing benefits: Tretinoin helps to reduce the appearance of the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Tretinoin is known to stimulate the collagen formation and also expedite the cell turnover rate which in turn gives an youthful looking skin.
  3. Even Skin texture: Since tretinoin sheds off the dead cells newer healthier cells are generated faster which makes the skin smoother and even.
  4. Solution to hyperpigmentation: Tretinoin is a tried and tested solution to correct hyperpigmentation. Dark spots and uneven skin tone due to sun exposure and burning can be remarkably corrected by tretinoin.

Tretinoin side effects

Some of the common side effects of tretinoin include:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Scaling
  • Peeling and flaking
  • Excessive dryness
  • Occasional purging
  • Skin discolouration

The side effects of tretinoin can be avoided by responsible and sensible use of the product and following some basic advice such as starting with lower strengths and slowly increasing the frequency of application.

Top 5 Points to Keep in Mind When Using Prescribed Tretinoin.

Essentially, retinol functions by shedding dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new skin, so it can help treat a variety of skin conditions. But there are certain points to note to make sure that this super retinoid work for your skin with minimum side effects.


1. Correct Application

It is important to apply tretinoin in the correct method and at the accurate time. You should not apply tretinoin during the day time and it must always be applied before bed time. Please note that only a small quantity of the product should be applied on the face as too much product will not cause any benefit and not get absorbed to the skin.

2. Moisturise

Tretinoin can cause extreme dryness of the skin. To combat the side effects of dry flaky and peeling skin it is important to moisturise the skin generously. Use a good moisturiser that keeps the skin hydrated for a long time and that will help you to minimise the side effects of this treatment. Some of the popular moisturisers that can be considered are Cerave, La-roche posay, The Ordinary etc.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen use is the important thing while on tretinoin treatment. The treatment can make your skin photosensitive. It is important to choose a cream that is no less than 50 SPF and the sunscreen must be reapplied every 3-4 hrs to avoid any kind of harm to the skin. Some of the best recommended sunscreens include Elta-MD, Nutrogena Ultra Sheer, Sun Bum SPF 50 etc.

4. Keep Patience

Results from tretinoin are not instant in fact initially the side effects such as purging can make your skin feel worse but you must not lose hope or patience and keep going with the treatment and allow at least 3-4 weeks minimum for the effects to start showing. Full results from tretinoin may be seen only after 6 months of consistent use.


5. Apply No Other Skincare Products

Numerous additional therapies can be combined with tretinoin, but it's crucial to only utilise one at a time. The skin rejuvenation process will only be slowed down by using additional products on top of tretinoin. If you're not sure what you need or have any other concerns, though, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.

Know About Dosage & Strength : Step-By-Step process to apply Tretinoin

  1. Thorough cleansing: Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser at night and pat dry. This will help the product from being absorbed into your skin more effectively and reduce irritation. Start by cleaning your skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and warm water. This will help remove dirt and impurities from the surface of your skin, making it easier for the Tretinoin to penetrate.
  2. Slow & Steady Wins: When it comes to tretinoin, go slow and steady. Start with a mild concentration of 0.025% or 0.05% and use it every other day for the first two weeks.This helps your skin adjust to the Tretinoin formula. After that, you can gradually increase usage frequency up to once a day, depending on how well your skin responds.
  3. Only a Tiny Amount Is Enough: Wait for 15 minutes before applying the product. Use only a pea-sized amount of tretinoin when you apply it to your face, as this is all that’s needed. You need to apply Tretinoin directly on your skin. Start by washing your hands and face with warm water and gentle soap. Pat your dry skin and then apply a thin layer of Tretinoin to the affected areas. Allow several minutes to let tretinoin absorb in your skin before applying any other skin care products.
  4. Apply At Night: Tretinoin is an active ingredient, which means that it’s not just sitting around on the surface of your skin. It’s penetrating deep into the layers of your skin, working hard to improve collagen synthesis and cell turnover. That’s why it needs to be applied at night when your skin is in its most efficient healing and regenerative state. Plus, since tretinoin can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, it’s best to leave it on overnight and let your skin do its thing!
  5. Moisturise and slug your skin: Tretinoin will give you amazing skin.But, there’s a catch, tretinoin can be really drying. And when we say really drying, we mean like, really drying. Many people who use tretinoin experience dryness, flaking, and peeling on the skin – but don’t worry!You may experience some irritation or dryness on the initial stages of starting tretinoin but with time the side effects subsides.
  6. Use a Skin Barrier: Use a moisturiser after applying tretinoin to soothe your skin and help it stay hydrated.Wear sunscreen daily when using tretinoin to protect your skin from UV rays. Be sure to moisturise after use and wear sunscreen during the day as tretinoin can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun.

Before And After Using Tretinoin for 4 months

Tretinoin has been proven to be effective for the treatment of acne or other skin ageing concerns. The above image is from a user suffering from acne and dark spots. The improvement results after four months of use of tretinoin is noteworthy.

Note: It is an important disclaimer that this article does not promise to cure any skin related or health related issue. It is recommended to consult a dermatologist before starting tretinoin or any other similar treatments as use of tretinoin can cause certain unwanted side effects.


Tretinoin user posts before and after images of the results on the Reddit group r/tretinoindiscussions. Several more tretinoin reviews can be checked on Reddit.

Do You Need a Prescription To Buy Tretinoin Online?

Primarily, tretinoin was only meant to be used for severe cases of acne, but as time went and people noticed its “side-effects” to be a boon for the skin, tretinoin became a popular choice for all skin concerns.

Being a potent medicine, it is only available on a prescription from a local pharmacy while online there may be a few that provide tretinoin without a prescription. But it is recommended to look for places that ask for a prescription. However, with increasing acceptance and usage of skincare products, there are thousands of products available without a prescription as well. Long story short, you can get tretinoin online without a prescription. So, tretinoin prescription is not necessary online but definitely recommended. You just need to visit an online pharmacy to buy tretinoin online, and several websites will offer you a consultation online with a dermatologist to get a prescription. Few well known websites that provide a tretinoin prescription include Nurx and Dermatica.

Steps on How to Get Your Tretinoin Prescription Online?

  1. Get registered with one of the well known websites that offer a tretinoin prescription. You need to make an account and register. Most websites have a free registration.
  2. Once you have registered you need to select the choice to get an online consultation. You may choose among a chat based photo consultation or a video consultation as per your preference.
  3. Once selected you shall be given a form that must be filled. The form will contain all important information about your age and health conditions and the concerns you are experiencing along with the duration.
  4. Next you shall be offered a choice of treatment where you can specify that you prefer tretinoin treatment. If the dermatologist feels that tretinoin is suitable for your concern you shall be provided with the same.
  5. Next you shall be directed to the payment page where you need to make the payment for the consultation. Most websites charge between $30-$60 for a consultation. Remember this does not include the products.
  6. Once you have a prescription you can purchase affordable tretinoin from any website available online such as Skinorac. It is not necessary to get the tretinoin from the same website from where you get the prescription. Since tretinoin prices on those websites are on the expensive side.

Trusted Tretinoin Online Stores Based On Expert’s Research

Some of the popular and trusted places that provide a tretinoin prescription include:

Nurx: Nurx is a website that provides online prescriptions and promises to provide health care services without any condition. It is one of the most trusted places to get a tretinoin prescription online. Without insurance a prescription from Nurx may cost about $30.

Dermatica: Dermatica provides personalised treatment with prescription ingredients. To get a prescription from here may cost about $29 a month. Dermatica sells products manufactured under their own brand name.

Apostrophe: Apostrophe is a telehealth service providing prescriptions for skin care issues only. At Apostrophe it is a must to get a virtual consultation before a prescription is provided. To get a prescription at apostrophe it may cost about $20.

Other well known places that provide quality tretinoin include Skinorac that showcases several brands of tretinoin in various strengths.

Consult A Dermatologist Before You Buy Tretinoin Online

It is recommended to consult a dermatologist and get a tretinoin prescription online before starting the treatment to avoid any unwanted side effects or any kind of complications. Although tretinoin is considered generally safe for most people but it should not be used by a certain type of people for example:

Pregnant ladies or nursing females: It is not advised to be used by women who are expecting or women who are nursing since there is not enough evidence whether tretinoin poses some risk to the unborn or it can pass into the breast milk so it is recommended to avoid altogether.

Patients having other skin conditions such as Psoriasis or Eczema:

People with extremely sensitive skin conditions and suffering from rosacea, eczema or psoriasis should avoid using tretinoin as it can cause the condition to become worse and make the skin even more irritated and sensitive.

Open wounds or sunburn rashes: Tretinoin must not be applied to areas which

Tretinoin Secrets Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the tretinoin take to work?

The effects of tretinoin can be seen in 6 weeks if used on a regular basis and may take up to 2-3 months if used 2-3 days a week. Using it once a week may bring results in no less than a year.

 How many times should you use tretinoin?

Topical Tretinoin must be used only once a day at bedtime. The number of days to apply depends on the respective skin concern, the level of tolerance and on the recommendation of the doctor. Initially you can start with using tretinoin two-three times a week and slowly work up the number of times as and when the skin adjusts with the product. It is generally not recommended to apply tretinoin every day.

What should you not use while using tretinoin?

Since tretinoin already causes a lot of exfoliation, other strong exfoliating agents must be avoided with tretinoin to avoid additional irritation of skin. Products such as benzoyl peroxide , lactic acid, and high strength ascorbic acid should not be combined unless it has been advised by a doctor.

How long should you leave tretinoin on your face?

It is totally normal to leave tretinoin on your face overnight. As you apply tretinoin at bed time it is more beneficial as it can nicely get absorbed in the skin overnight. You may simply wash the tretinoin with normal water in the morning.

How much does tretinoin cost online?

Tretinoin costs $3-$4 for a tube of 20 gm online while a branded tretinoin online from a local pharmacy may cost anywhere between $35-$50. Online tretinoin is much cheaper as a number of generic options are available.

 Do you moisturise before or after tretinoin?

The recommended process to apply tretinoin is on a properly cleaned and dry face. Once applied you must let the tretinoin get absorbed for about 15 minutes and then you can apply the moisturiser or use petroleum jelly to lock the moisture in and avoid intense dryness that may sometimes result from tretinoin.

What strengths of tretinoin are available?

Tretinoin is available in multiple strengths ranging from 0.025% to 0.1%. The strength basically determines the concentration of the active ingredient. The strength of the product must be decided on the basis of the skin concern and its intensity, however for beginners it is always recommended to start with the lowest and then work up to the higher strengths.

Conclusion: Should you buy tretinoin online?

In this article we can conclude that though it is strongly advised to be under a doctor’s consultation when using tretinoin it is also suggested to avoid buying expensive tretinoin from a walk-in pharmacy and rather purchase from an online overseas store because to buy tretinoin online is simple, secure and affordable. There are a variety of options , several secure payment methods and doorstep delivery without any hassle of standing in the long queues.


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