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Ez Vac Pro Reviews Consumer Reports, Features, Worth, EzVac Pro Official Website

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Ez Vac Pro Reviews Consumer Reports, Features, Worth, EzVac Pro Official Website

The EzVac Pro (or Ez Vac Pro) is a vacuum cleaner, and unlike others in the market that I've been lucky enough to use, there are some perks I noticed when trying it out after my BFF Janet recommended that I give it a try. 

Ez Vac Pro Reviews
Ez Vac Pro Reviews

The EzVac Pro (or Ez Vac Pro) is a vacuum cleaner, and unlike others in the market that I've been lucky enough to use, there are some perks I noticed when trying it out after my BFF Janet recommended that I give it a try.

EzVac Pro is portable, easy to carry about due to its light weight, efficient, and gets the job done. However, for everyone looking for a compact-sized and relatively inexpensive vacuum cleaner for their car, office, RV, etc., this Ez Vac Pro customer review from an unbiased standpoint should help you make your buying decision. Let's get started!

Quick Tip: In case you want to skip this long review and all my blabbing and just head over to the EzVac Pro official website (with a limited Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo), CLICK HERE NOW!

EzVac Pro Reviews

This cordless, rechargeable vacuum cleaner was designed to be handy and used basically anywhere. It functions by simply charging the battery, which takes about 30-50 mins to a full charge, connecting the particular nozzle (I'll cover that later) that fits the task, and picking up all the dirt and debris around. One particular feature that sold me was the fact that I could have it in my clutch bag and wouldn't feel a thing. It's that portable and lightweight. Another interesting feature is that despite its size, it has impressive suction power and is not too loud. Let's cover the features in detail.


What's all the fuss about Ez Vac Pro? Well, here are the specifications and features:

● Portable: I've mentioned just how portable the device is. Unlike big vacuum cleaners that are too heavy to move around, EzVac Pro is lightweight and portable, making it an efficient handy vacuum cleaner that you can use anywhere and anytime.

● Durable: When I first landed on the EzVac Pro official website and saw the device and the price, I thought it was some inferior, fragile product shipped from China but boy when I felt it and used it, I sensed a value for every cent spent!

● Powerful Suction: There are two different suction settings (ON mode and the TURBO mode) with individual suction power levels, depending on what you are cleaning at the moment. For instance, the suction power when cleaning a rug or carpet should be higher than when cleaning your pet's hair.

● Has a filter: There is a detachable filter that protects the motor.

Dust Container: This collects all the dirty stuff for easy disposal.

● Rechargeable Battery: Unlike some vacuums that need to be plugged into a socket to function, Ez Vac Pro is rechargeable. It takes 30-50 minutes to charge completely and a full charge can last up to an hour, depending on the suction power setting.

● New Tech: The EzVac Pro is a 2023 modern innovation.

● USB Port and Cable: The battery is charged using a USB cable inserted at the port just underneath the device. This makes it very compatible and easy to charge, and the cable has an indicator light that will blink green upon a full charge.

● Cost-friendly: On the Ez Vac Pro official website, a single unit costs around $65, and you'd agree that when put against its cool features, that price is a steal. However, when I ordered mine (2 units for $129.98), I got 1 EzVac Pro for free. It was too good a deal to ignore. I gave out the extra as a gift.

● Cordless: No tangling or tripping over any wire when using this device. It does come with a USB cable, but only for charging the battery.

Easy to use: It's pretty easy to use the portable vacuum cleaner with just a click of a button. It doesn't have a complex or complicated procedure. However, I'll list the steps in the "how to use" section of this review.

● Fits Anywhere: Did I mention that the package comes with different detachable nozzles that fit different cleaning purposes? For instance, the 1.5" square vacuum brush is great for cleaning my keyboard. The 4.5" Vacuum extender is perfect for your car.

Back Blowing function: There's an attachment that can be put at the back of the EzVac Pro to blow up balloons, beach balls, etc.

Easy to maintain: After cleaning, simply separate the filter and dispose of the dirt in the container. You can use a clean rag to clean and a thin, soft brush. The nozzles should also be kept clean, as these are the only maintenance required.


  • 1 EzVac Pro cost $64.99 on the official website
  • Get 2 Units + 1 FREE for $129.98
  • Buy 4 EzVac Pro for $199.80


Where to Buy (Ez Vac Pro Price)

Shipping costs anywhere from free to $19.95, depending on the quantity ordered. You can make your payment using your credit card, Google Pay, or PayPal. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee in place that protects your purchases. I highly recommend that all purchases be made directly from the official website (links are scattered around this article) so you do not fall victim to a cheap replica or knockoff. Also, do not make the mistake of patronizing sellers on retail stores like Amazon and Walmart because there's no telling if they're selling the real EzVac Pro.

How to Use

This is the step-by-step guide on how to make good use of your EzVac Pro portable vacuum cleaner.

  1. Insert the charging cable and leave it to get a full charge.
  2. Connect the filter (if it's not already attached) and any of the accessories of your choice
  3. Power on the device by holding the function/power button located at the handle for 3 seconds, which takes it to ON mode
  4. To get to TURBO mode, click on the button one more time.
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What Comes with the Delivery?

  • 1 x EzVac Pro vacuum cleaner
  • 1 x Set of different suction nozzles
  • 1 x Filter
  • 1 x Air exhaust blowing nozzle
  • 1 x USB charging cable

Safety Tips

Having used Ez Vac Pro for a while now, these are the safety precautions I follow:

  • I keep the device away from the kids
  • I ensure it is properly dry before use
  • When not in use, I put it back in its box to prevent it from falling and breaking
  • I always empty the dirt container after each use
  • Ensure that the suction speed suits perfectly. For example, when cleaning the keyboard, be careful not to use too high suction power so as not to cause any damage.


Pros and Cons

● Portable and Cordless: You don't have to worry about wires being all over the place or feeling weak in the hand when operating the device. The only instance you'd need a cord is when you use the USB cable for charging, and EzVac Pro is very lightweight.

● Rechargeable: This feature allows the EzVac Pro vacuum cleaner to be used on demand. It doesn't matter if you're far away from a light source or out camping, once there's a charge on the battery, you're good to go.

● 60-Day Guarantee: Within 60 days of receiving your order and trying out the device, you're entitled to a full refund in the case that it doesn't meet up to your expectations, it came damaged or doesn't function as advertised. Just reach out to the company from 8 AM CST to 7 PM CST at 855-731-4755 - I found this info on the EzVac official website.

● Versatile cleaning: Most people have an indoor vacuum cleaner and one for their car. However, once you get EzVac Pro, you have an all-in-one cleaner that is so versatile that you can use it anywhere.

● Different suction nozzles: Modern problems require modern solutions, and in this case, different dirt and positions might require different nozzles. The package comes with 5 suction nozzles and 1 inflatable nozzle.

● Discounted up to 70% off: There are discounts from 50% to 70% on the EzVac official website, depending on the number of units ordered.

● Buy 2 get one free: I don't know how long this offer will last, but there's a current promotion that gives up a free EzVac Pro unit when you buy 2.

● Manufactured in and ships from the USA: There's this assurance you get when you order an item made in the USA, and shipping is faster and cheaper this way.

It is affordable: When compared with other portable vacuum cleaners, that somewhat lack in features, the EzVac Pro is quite affordable.

Free shipping available: Note that free shipping is available but is limited to the Multi-pack (4 units package) of the device. Otherwise, shipping and handling of a single unit is $9.95.

● Secure payment: The payment portal is secure with 256-bit SSL Encrypted Checkout, which means that your private payment info is not disclosed to anyone, even the manufacturers of EzVac Pro.

● No hidden charges: What you see is what you pay. No additional or recurring charges.


No unbiased review will neglect the cons after listing the pros. There are a few drawbacks to the device, and here are the ones I noticed:

  • Only Available Online: EzVac Pro doesn't officially sell elsewhere other than the official website.
  • Lacks high popularity: The device isn't really popular, reason why many people are skeptical to buy. Like I mentioned earlier, I got to know about it from a friend.
  • Would be better with a longer battery life and free shipping on every order.
  • EzVac is a reliable portable vacuum cleaner but I wouldn't see it as a permanent replacement to the traditional plug-in vacuum cleaners in terms of efficiency.

Who Needs EzVac Pro?

  • Car owners, who need a portable vacuum cleaner for those hard-to-reach areas housing dirt and crumbs over time.
  • Pet owners who want to get rid of pet fur in the surrounding
  • Busy people who need a swift and efficient way to keep their offices and homes clean at all times
  • Small business owners who do not want an expensive vacuum cleaner but one that is reliable and gets the job done
  • The elderly who would appreciate a lightweight cleaning device that is super easy to use
  • Every family (especially ones with children) literally needs EzVac Pro!

Ez Vac Pro Reviews Consumer Reports Conclusion

Ez Vac Pro has been rated by consumer reports in the USA a staggering 4.87 out of 5.0 for its effectiveness, reliability, affordability, and features. It sells on the company's official website at up to 70% OFF, ships from warehouses in the USA, and has free shipping available.


Ez Vac Pro or EzVac Pro is a portable, lightweight, cordless, rechargeable vacuum cleaner with powerful suction that can be used in the home, office, car, boat, etc. to get rid of dirt, debris, crumbs, and other unwanted objects. It charges with a USB cable and reaches full charge in less than an hour. It has varying attachable nozzles that serve different uses and is pretty easy to maintain.

Additionally, there's a risk-free payment since all purchases made on the official website are covered by a 60-day money-back refund policy. EzVac ensures that you can quickly get rid of dirt, no matter how out-of-reach they are with the different nozzle sizes and powerful suction. I highly recommend the EzVac Pro portable vacuum cleaner.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.