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Dynamic QR Code Generator: 5 Best Custom and Editable QR Code Generators With Analytics

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Dynamic QR Code Generator: 5 Best Custom and Editable QR Code Generators With Analytics

Suppose you want to use QR codes in your latest campaigns in printed mass media and other projects. In that case, finding dynamic QR code generators is necessary.

Dynamic QR Code Generator
Dynamic QR Code Generator

We are ready to help you with this question if you are looking for effective free tools. We have created an expert review of the best QR code generator options and a complete guide on these programs.

Best dynamic QR code generators with logo and analytics:

  • #1. ViralQR . The best service for generating dynamic QR codes. It offers numerous generation options, custom designs, the ability to add logos, and various frames for the QR code.
  • #2. QRcoDeal . The best service for generating short links with an integrated QR code generator.
  • #3. QR Codes Generator . One of the most experienced services with all the tools.

Next, we will take a detailed look at each of the main services and determine which one is best to trust for generating a dynamic QR code, and which service has the best functionality.

Rating of the best QR code generators starts with ViralQR. This service boasts a simple site with quite comfortable navigation, which does not cause any problems with its use. You can solve practically any question that may arise to a user with its help. This dynamic QR code generator offers many settings, allowing adding a logo image or downloading an additional static QR code. The site can operate as a free tool with limited functionality. To expand the options, you need to make a paid subscription.

This basic solution perfectly copes with its main tasks – generate QR codes in black and white. The service supports various types: e-mail, URL and websites, contacts, Wi-Fi, Instagram content or a tweet, and more. The modern tool is quite fast for creating dynamic QR codes. Still, the possibilities are limited for simple users in an accessible vector format. It is a good solution for the presented task if you want to make a unique visual sign. The virtual site also can log in.

The toolbar allows you to easily create dynamic codes and add them to specific folders. In addition, the platform displays several QR code scans of the signs and analyzes the data depending on the devices and location.

The free version offers relatively limited functionality, and it is worth using the paid version to get all the benefits of using the service. A subscription allows you to create and manage dynamic QR codes. The service offers several tariff plans:
  • Starter – to generate three dynamic QRs for $4.99/month.
  • Advanced – to create 50 dynamic QRs and provide full ViralQR Analytics, an unlimited number of scans for $9.99/month.
  • Professional – to generate 300 codes and provide personal support, creating an image in high resolution and an unlimited number of scans for $19.99/month.

It is possible to get additional services by different payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Maestro, Google Pay, Bitcoin, and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

QRcoDeal is a convenient service for creating QR codes (dynamic or static). The website has a rather minimalistic design and is excellent for generating custom signs. With the help of this portal, you can create dynamic and static codes. To create the dynamic codes, first, you need to enter the URL or any other type of content: Instagram, business card, text, etc. After that, it is enough to click the “Generate” button, and the process will start.

The toolbar is comfortable enough and does not cause questions, even for beginners. Also, you can find a step-by-step guide on adequately interacting with the dynamic QR code generator. In addition, the service offers examples of marketing QR code campaigns: how codes look on business cards, stickers and labels, product packaging, and banners.

Consumers and small businesses can easily use the free plan version. Also, the QR code generator offers a paid subscription, which offers more advanced functionality. It is possible to pay for additional services by different payment methods: bank cards, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Maestro, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is impossible to imagine the current rating of visual sign generators without QRCodesGenerator. The portal has been working since the beginning of the 2000s, and its main task is the creation of codes for individuals and the whole company. The site offers an API to create a QR inside a particular application. The developers have made two basic versions of the tool: QRCodesGenerator and QRCodesGenerator Pro.

QRCodesGenerator is a free tool that works as a static QR code generator with extended functionality by inserting the logo and various colors. Users can add a variety of content types: web pages, app store products, and cryptocurrency payments. If you want to create unlimited dynamic QR codes, you need to use the QR code generator Pro version. In addition to generation, this service also provides Google Analytics and campaign management services.

The QRCodesGenerator service is excellent for small and medium businesses, and it will also be the best solution for marketing teams or advertising agencies. The management platform and track analytics are great for tracking QR codes used in advertising campaigns. The portal offers valuable tools to implement the generated signs in various print designs, and it applies to multiple configurations, from soda cans to other options.

The paid option offers expanded functionality. It would help if you e-mailed technical support to learn more about the enterprise plan. You can buy QR code generator with analytics online for the paid format in various ways: Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, Maestro, GooglePay, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

You can also generate dynamic QR codes with the help of the service Everything is relatively simple: it is necessary to create an account, after which an unlimited quantity of dynamic and static signs will be available for the user. Also, using this service, you can monitor exactly how many people have scanned your codes, where they came from, and when.

With the help of this service, it is possible to create completely customizable QR codes of different colors. It shapes with other logos and tracks scan: how many people have done it, where, and when. The platform allows you to create dynamic QR codes, with which you can develop a customizable landing page. It can be changed and updated at any moment, regardless of whether it generated codes and whether it is publicly available. portal offers a free option on the site to create a personalized QR code. Before interacting with the service, you can read valuable information materials. If you plan to try this portal for a one-time project or a campaign, it’s worth using the free plan to test its possibilities.

The service can create signs on sufficiently flexible terms: the portal supports several different languages that can be changed depending on the content if necessary. In addition, the dashboard provides advanced analytics. The developers have managed to integrate QR codes with Google Analytics, which allows you to track the number of scans and give an idea of the users who did it.

The portal offeres an accessible interaction format and paid subscription plans that start at $5 per month, and you have to pay for one year at a time. The service can also offer ready-to-use collaboration options for companies. To clarify all the nuances and offers of paid subscriptions, contact the portal manager and call the sales department.

Dynamic QR Code Generator Guide

Competent creation of QR Codes also requires an understanding how these generators work. We have created a complete guide on how a dynamic QR code generator works, what dynamic QR codes are, where they are used, and how they differ from a static code. We also give the answers to the most popular questions.

Dynamic QR Code
Dynamic QR Code

All About Dynamic Qr Code – What Is It?

QR code comes from the word “quick response.” It is a type of matrix edit QR code in the form of a two-dimensional bar code. These images have a square shape, and VISUAL SIGNS readers work much faster than reading one-dimensional classic linear barcodes. The QRs can contain several thousand text characters or numbers. Accordingly, much information can be stored in the represented images. In particular, this refers to phone numbers, Facebook, links to YouTube videos, PDF files, and other web addresses of virtual portals.

The order of dots varies depending on what information is classified in the edit QR code. That is why the QR containing your domain will look slightly different from the code image, leading to the local weather forecast.

What Does The QR Code Generator Do?

The service that generates visual signs is a unique tool for easily and quickly creating custom QR codes. As soon as you finish making this two-dimensional bar code, you can download it or paste it into your website, landing pages, or e-mails. In addition, this image can be used on printed matter, displaying it for all to see.

How Does a Unique Program for the Generation of a QR Code Work?

The correct QR Codes created imply several main steps:

  1. Coding the specified information in a certain way (byte, digital and other) turns the data into a stream of bits – a specific sequence of ones and zeros.
  2. The formation of service data makes it possible to determine the code version and encoding.
  3. The created stream is divided into several blocks.
  4. Each block receives bytes for correction. It all depends on the selected type of visual sign.
  5. The source and correction block are combined into a single stream to create a data sequence.
  6. The information enters the code field. The remaining after the introduction of mandatory components is divided into several columns with a width of 2 modules. After that, the last one is filled according to the “snake” principle, where 0 – white module, 1 – black module.

In reality, the user does not see all of this. While working with the QR code generator with analytics, it is enough to specify the type of content (give a link) and create an image.

What Is the QR Code Generator Used for?

A code can lead to a variety of target landing pages. With this option, it is possible to optimize the user’s interaction process. Here is a brilliant example: you have attended a business conference, and there is a significant probability that many people will ask for your contacts. You can print separate business cards from the connection or place the information about your company on a QR code. As a result, a person can scan the sign to know all the contact information, which will be immediately transferred directly to this person’s phone.

QR code is also used for marketing purposes (for example, branding). With its help, the clients can get discounts and coupons and participate in promotional events. Recently, restaurants have presented the menu or the check to their clients using the image.

Why Do You Need to Create Dynamic QR Codes?

A dynamic QR code contains a URL that directs the user to a particular target page. The main difference between these changeable QR codes is that the landing page address can change after the visual sign is created. Besides, changing the target page address is possible while the image remains the same. Changeable QR codes – the universal variant.

What Is the Difference Between a Dynamic QR Code and a Static One?

Static QR codes are applicable when the sign is not precisely updated (for example, they are relevant in advertising campaigns, which are carried out once). Static QR has a URL with a specific address, and the address plays the role of a constituent part of the template, so it cannot be edited.

What cannot be said about dynamic QR codes? For example, these images can often be found on the packages of various goods and products. Just think how much money printing a new pack every time it will be necessary to renew a QR code would cost for a person in business. Visual signs are editable and provide many opportunities compared with the previous variant. Active QRs have a short URL that is part of the code, which directs the user to the target page. The target page address can be changed after creating the dynamic principle, while the short URL as a part of the sign stays the same.

In addition, it is worth noting that dynamic QRs are much easier to recognize by gadgets than static ones, as there are fewer elements in the picture. The user can also secure created code with a password and track how many people have scanned it and from what devices.

How to Choose the Best Generator of QR Codes?

Choosing a suitable service can cause specific problems. To make this process easier, we suggest you look through our rating above, where we have collected several proven portals and reviewed each. If you are looking for cheapest QR code generator, you could find it below.

Is There a Free Dynamic QR Code Generator? What the Privilege of Paid QR code Generator?

Creating dynamic QR codes can be quite a free procedure if you find the appropriate QR code generators. But also, in this situation, it is worth considering that advanced features will not be available. It will not be possible to create unlimited QR codes because free QR code generators often offer to do it only a certain number of times, after which you will have to subscribe. However, static codes can often be created many more times.

There are also paid QR code generators that offer many more possibilities. Most often, in this situation means a dynamic QR code generator because the very format of the scanned image allows you to change the encoded information. Presented QR code generators allow you to create multiple QR codes and get access to the statistics of scans. In addition, paid QR code generator is much better thought out in design. To choose the best QR code solution, you should first investigate all the offers. In this article, we have collected the best services that create QR codes for your purposes. You can design dynamic QR codes through business cards and other options depending on your preferences.

How Do I Create a Dynamic QR Code?

QR generators are simple enough to understand. QR codes generated take only a few minutes. The first step is to choose the best dynamic QR code generator. With the help of our article, you will be able to find the best QR code generator. Then, you can move on to the process itself. Several steps to create customized QR codes:

  1. Enter the custom domain to which the scan will go in a special field;
  2. Choose a suitable QR code type: static and dynamic QR;
  3. Choose the image design - a standard white QR code or a more original variant with a frame, in colours, and so on. Also, companies often choose circular QR codes, but they can be square;
  4. Run a dynamic QR code generator.

You can also use ready-made custom QR code templates to create a scannable image more easily. Simple and fast, easy QR code generation is the main condition by which we selected QR code generators in our top best.

Can I Convert a Static QR Code to Dynamix Codes?

Static QR codes are the simplest images. Nothing can be changed in them - custom domain, mobile landing pages and so on remain the same. Dynamic QR code option means that the embedded information can be updated anytime. In addition, additional QR code solutions can be offered: The user can view a dashboard, which can be used to monitor how effective the QR code campaign with dynamix codes.

These QR code types do not overlap - it is impossible to swap one for another. Static QR codes will remain the same. In any case, it will be possible to make unlimited scans of the finished image. To create a new image, you must use QR code generators again. Such multi url QR codes will be able to adjust to the set tasks at any suitable moment.

What is the Most Trusted QR code generator?

Generating QR codes is quite a simple process, but first, you must choose a suitable dynamic QR code generator. Our article contains the best dynamic QR code generators that you can trust. If you want to find a decent dynamic QR code generator, you need to study all its features: options, interface, whether there is a free version or you need to subscribe.

Additionally, when choosing an optimal QR code solution, you should be guided by several important criteria:

  • What kind of images can be created: static or QR code dynamic;
  • Whether bulk QR creation is available or it can be done only a fixed small number of times;
  • How easy is the custom QR code - whether the interface is clear to you, whether the navigation and the principle of using the site are not questionable, whether you can choose the design of dynamic QR codes;
  • How long does it take to generate QR codes?

Users can choose a suitable dynamic QR code generator: ViralQR, QR code chimp, Beaconstac or any other QR solution. On this page, we have collected the best portals where you can create dynamic QR codes, and it takes only a few minutes.

What is the Best QR code Generator for Events?

For one-time events, you can create unlimited static codes. It is also worth noting that this task suits different QR code types: static and dynamic. In this case, it is worth considering that a static customized QR code will become unnecessary after the event has passed because the information in it can not be changed. Dynamic QR code generators offer much more freedom - you can change the information afterwards.

It will be possible to place ready-made customized QR codes for the event on tickets, booklets and other information materials for visitors. QR code campaigns allow you to attract more visitors and raise the event to a higher level. For example, dynamic QR codes can be changed at any time - if one event is over and soon there will be another, you can easily change the landing page. For this situation, a vcard QR code advertising an event is best suited, while users can make unlimited scans of the image.

Trackable QR Code Generator - What Does it Mean?

Right QR code generator can offer the creation of scannable dynamic QR codes itself and advanced features, among which can be Google Analytics integration and data tracking system. Simply put, the customer of QR code generators can find out how many times a QR code image has been scanned and how many users have navigated through digital business cards to mobile landing pages. In addition, dynamic QR codes can have different customizable shapes depending on the user's needs. Trackable QR code generator proposes a lot of instruments.

The presented QR code solution is indispensable when you need to understand how effectively a campaign is using scanned image data. Generate QR codes in these services according to the same principle.

Do You Have Questions About the QR Generator? We Have the Answers

How Is the QR Code Created?

It consists of black squares on a square grid with a white background. Reading the represented barcodes with the help of different image processing devices is possible. For example, process them with a camera by Reed-Solomon codes until the picture is recognized. The device will be redirected to the specified page.

Which Generator Is the Safest?

QR codes are often called insecure. But phishing e-mails don’t mean e-mails because the communication channel is not secure. First, it’s worth determining why a visual sign is risky and taking specific steps to use the generated code safely.

Investigating the reviews on the internet, the generator ViralQR is considered one of the safest variants of the software for creating QR codes. Other modern services can also boast of similar quality. The best tools have implemented the following measures to provide safe and reliable use of codes:

  • Anomaly diagnostics is a unique platform that identifies inconsistencies in the behavior of users during scanning. It automatically notifies the account owner and performs data filtering. It is also responsible for information security.
  • Phishing identification. This option allows you to protect end users from malicious links that may be attached to QR codes.
  • User domain. The user must confirm ownership of the sign while viewing the part to which it has been redirected.

Suppose you are looking for a modern qualitative generator of QR Codes for one-time use. In that case, you should consider the most straightforward tools with a minimum of options. The presented review by the service will help you understand the principle of work of this software and find the best one.

How to Create a Dynamic QR Code By Yourself?

It is possible to create a visual sign using special software – a custom qr code generator. It’s necessary to act sequentially:

  1. Decide on the information you want to encode in editable QR code.
  2. Choose the optimal generating service for you.
  3. In a separate line for the text, enter the necessary data (contact information, site address, geolocation, and so on).
  4. Some generators offer SVG: to add some images, and labels, change the background color, and make other adjustments.
  5. Select the optimal size without exceeding the allowable number of pixels.
  6. Set a suitable radius of rounded corners so that the picture looks harmonious.
  7. Generate a QR.
  8. Download the result and use editable QR code.

Before closing the custom QR code generator, ensure you have created it correctly. In particular, after you have made a sign in the program, try to scan it. Take your phone, open the camera and direct it to the square to check how it is required, whether it leads to the right page, and whether all blocks of elements are well looked through. If everything works correctly, you can insert the ready-made code where you want it and share it with your target audience.

What Is the Cost of Dynamic QR Codes?

The user can create QR code types at special services. The free option often concerns static principles or a limited number of dynamic QRs but you can use the cheap QR codes without additional pay. It is necessary to activate the paid plan to access various options (many active signs, color images, available scan statistics, and other valuable benefits). Each portal offers its pricing options and the cheap QR codes. The initial project rates often start at $ 5-6 per month. Every user can choose the best subscription option depending on their QR code needs. In our rating you can find also the cheapest QR code generator.


The creation of QR codes is a process that is an essential part of modern business and is a necessary part of successful promotion campaigns. The need for contactless transactions and other interactions is constantly increasing, and visual signs have become the obligatory component of this activity.

Using a particular service that creates these black and white images out of squares is necessary. Before working with regulations, it’s essential to choose the optimal tool. You can find a considerable number of available tools on the web. To make marketing campaigns and other projects successful, selecting the optimal service to meet all the requirements is necessary. In this article, we have reviewed the leading free proposals which allow you to make the best custom QR code. We compare them with each other and give an independent rating so everybody can find the best solution for themselves, including pricing options and free trial.

We hope our expert review and guide on the best QR code generator will allow you to decide which service will suit you best!


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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