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Dr. Heena Sakhuja Breaks The Taboo Around Mental And Sexual Health With One Click Homoeopathy

Driven by the motto of delivering high-quality and personalized treatment, India’s first Online Homoeopathic Clinic is steadily making an impact on thousands of lives.

Dr. Heena Sakhuja
Dr. Heena Sakhuja

We are in the 21st century achieving the never-thought-before milestones, but when it comes to Sexual Health and Mental Health are considered taboo across the world. Even though our world has become more accepting of various aspects related to human life, many still shy away when talking openly about their sexual and mental health. For a majority of us, our sexual and mental well-being is still a private matter. Striven to break the shackles of this hush topic, Dr. Heena Sakhuja took the initiative to provide online consultation through One Click Homoeopathy, where one can get consultation sitting comfortably in one’s private place.

Driven by the motto of delivering high-quality and personalized treatment, India’s first Online Homoeopathic Clinic is steadily making an impact on thousands of lives. With the help of its experienced group of physicians and dedicated staff, the One Click Homoeopathy has become a par excellence medical clinic committed to improving and maintaining the health of its patients. Today, One Click Homoeopathy has created a legacy of 15 years of excellence in Sexual Health & Mental Health.

A patient can also avail of the services of receiving the medicines through courier. The clinic focuses on homoeopathic treatment as the practice not only cures the disease but also helps build a resilient internal system, in the long run, to prevent disease in the future. Over the years, One Click Homoeopathy has emerged as a life-saver for thousands of patients through preventive homoeopathic care.

One Click Homoeopathy was the brainchild of Dr. Heena Sakhuja who had the vision of providing homoeopathic treatment to maximum people in need in the comfort of their private space where they can openly talk about their health. The visionary Dr. Heena is a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BHMS) in Homoeopathic Medicine/Homoeopathy. Also, she holds a Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga (NDDY) and Diploma in HIV and Family Education (DAFE).

Dr. Heena has participated in and received 35 Certificates of Record of Achievement from the prestigious World Health Organisation. Some of her notable work was in the field of Infection Prevention And Control (IPC), Scabies And Tungiasis-Sand Flea Disease Training, Joint Risk Assessment (JRA OT), Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance of Treatable Sexually Transmitted Infections In Antenatal Care. She has also contributed to diagnostics and defining preparedness strategies for treating life-threatening diseases like Rabies, Anaphylaxis, Monkeypox Epidemiology, Tuberculosis, Marburg Virus Disease, etc.

Talking about the vision of One Click Homoeopathy, Dr. Heena says, “While our education system is actively taking steps to provide guidance and encourage dialogue into sex education, it is still far to meet its goals. As a medical practitioner, it is my duty to help people break the stigma regarding their sexual and mental well-being. The well-experienced team at One Click Homoeopathy is dedicated to ensuring that we properly address these issues and put our world on the path to a brighter future.”

One Click Homoeopathy offers a broad array of services that are carefully curated to cure common illnesses and injuries as per international medical standards. In the future, the clinic seeks to broaden the horizon of its services by further enhancing the efficiency of existing practices and state-of-the-art life-saving machines.

One can avail of their services by contacting on WhatsApp number +91-9818741667 or can directly book consultation at
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