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Buy Instagram Followers: How To Guide (Real & Active Followers)

Here are 4 quick reasons as to the benefits of buying Instagram followers, which provide some real value if you’re a brand, business, or even influencer.


Buy Instagram Followers

New Delhi (India), January 11: Is buying Instagram followers worth it? In this article, we explore the dos and don't when it comes to the shady industry of buying followers.

Instagram has been around for years, and let’s face it - It rose in popularity quickly, and with that came FOMO. (Fear of missing out).

So does falling for this temptation of buying Instagram followers really help?

Does it give you that edge, the good-feel feeling of being important?

Does it increase your “social status”, or will it tarnish your reputation?

Everyone has their reasons for giving in to this temptation, which is fine, but you must choose a safe and reputable company.


So let’s look in more detail at what we will cover in this guide.

TLDR; Short for time? Useviral.com has the best reputation for buying followers.

Table of Contents:

  • The benefits of buying Instagram followers
  • How to buy Instagram followers
  • Where to buy Instagram followers from
  • Cons of buying Instagram followers

Let’s get started!

The Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers (4 Reasons)

Here are 4 quick reasons as to the benefits of buying Instagram followers, which provide some real value if you’re a brand, business, or even influencer.

Establishing yourself as a brand on Instagram can be difficult as social influence often influences others to join in, and take you more seriously.


1. Going Viral - The impact of gaining followers quickly can help your account go viral and with that, you can influence others with your popularity and grow a brand of following much quicker.

2. Social Influence - Humans are often influenced by popularity, if it's good for her, it's good for me. This kind of mentality can help attract real followers to your profile too!

3. Brand Image - It’s important to maintain a strong brand image, and having a large following can improve the image of your brand and create a sense of success.

4. Increase Sales - Having a large following creates scarcity. People often act quicker when something is in demand, and a large following can do exactly that!

How to Buy Instagram Followers

1. Choose a provider

There are many providers out there, so you need to choose wisely and know what you are looking for. In this unregulated industry, you need to be sure to choose a reputable company to begin your promotion with and decide on the quality you are also after.

Also, please note: we highly suggest to also avoid sharing your sensitive information, like passwords which are commonly requested by Instagram growth services, this is why we advise with caution with these kinds of services.

Most reputable companies will never ask for your password, so take password asking as a red flag!

2. Choosing the correct plan


Most of the providers out there offer two types of followers, and I'll break them down below so you know the exact difference and what you will be getting.

High-Quality Followers
High-quality followers are decent quality with profile photos, a bio, and even followers of their own, and however, these will not interact with you. They are good followers if you’re on a budget, as they are often half the price.

Premium Followers (The best kind)
This is the best kind of follower to buy. They come with a profile photo, followers of their own, and even uploads. It's really hard to tell these are not real accounts. Premium followers will give you the highest chance of success.


3. Select how many followers you desire!
So after deciding on the quality of your followers, it's time to choose the amount of them you want, and remember more is sometimes less - You don’t want to cheap your way to fame too quickly, getting an influx of followers too fast can sometimes hurt your profile.

Most providers offer up to 10,000 followers, but it depends on how much you want to spend. You can buy packages that range like this; 100, 250, 500, 1500, 2500, 5000, and 10,000 followers from most suppliers on the market.

To create a more authentic experience when you buy Instagram followers we suggest buying lower amounts, and more frequently however the larger the package you buy you normally will receive a discount with it which can certainly make a big difference if you’re buying more often.


We also suggest that while focusing on your followers is great, it's also important to consider your engagement, and most of the providers that profile followers also sell likes and views too, so don’t forget about those comments.

Trusted Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

So by now, you know the benefits of buying followers, how to do so, and the difference in quality. Now we will explore some of the most reputable sites in which you are in safe hands when it comes to buying followers.

First has one of the best reputations in the industry and produces outstanding results:


Useviral - Your social media superpower

If you want more Instagram followers, Useviral has an outstanding reputation.

Useviral has been serving customers since 2016! With this long-standing time in business, they have successfully maintained a strong reputation in helping users grow on Instagram and other platforms.

They pride themselves and promise the highest quality in the industry and they have glowing reviews to back that up.

Buy Instagram Followers from Useviral now

Sidesmedia: Next up is also a great option, but fairly newer to the industry, however, it has emerged with a strong reputation and seems to be changing the way people are executing buying on Instagram.


They promise high-quality and fast delivery so you can expect to grow fast on Instagram with Sidesmedia.

Seeksocially: This is not your traditional get results quick they focus their efforts on helping you obtain real, genuine followers for Instagram which means you get real followers who interact with you.

The benefit of using Seek is that they take care of your growth overall as the followers you gain from them will also interact with your profile (This is the best kind of followers, real).

As you can see there are many great providers and even others who can offer you great options when it comes to getting more followers on Instagram.


So you can easily buy Instagram followers and get what you paid for quickly, however, you need to ensure you go with a trusted and reputable website. The above-mentioned names are leaders in the industry so you are in safe hands with these options.

Cons of Buying Instagram Followers (5 Reasons)

It’s time we dive into the negatives of buying followers on Instagram. They often say when something seems too good to be true, it's probably because it is.

A quick influx of followers is extremely noticeable and not very genuine, which is why I will explore the implications of trying to get famous overnight.


Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should not buy followers on Instagram.

Brands actively look for this (They will avoid you)

If you’re an influencer and eventually you want to have brand deals. Then this might sting, but brands have become actively aware of influencers buying followers and their tools to detect this kind of behavior.

This makes sense because they pour thousands into influencers and if they have a large number of bot followers, these users won’t buy from them.

Instagram is aware

Buying Instagram followers destroys your algorithm potentially organically because the Instagram followers you have purchased don’t engage with you and this lowers your engagement rate and effectively lowers your potential to rank organically.


Instagram's detection picks up the bot accounts you have acquired and you could be shadow-banned. For this reason alone, we highly suggest you be careful about buying Instagram followers.

In the past Instagram has actively been detecting this behavior and removing these accounts, so you might experience a drop in followers.

It was expensive!

It seems cheap! But you have to keep up the image you now have, you will need to continue purchasing Instagram followers and possible likes because your engagement ratio has to match your followers.

This is why we suggest, even though it’s slower, you try to attract real Instagram followers through organic marketing efforts.


Others will notice!

Not only does Instagram notice when you buy Instagram followers but others do too and they quickly leave your profile when they visit you. The chance to influence others is a lot less than you think, it’s a really bad look and it will be hard to explain yourself when people begin to ask how to suddenly grow overnight.

After a quick look at your followers, the accounts will look obvious, and then you have some tough explaining.

You’ll ruin your reputation

Reputation goes a long way and should always be noticed. You’ll quickly ruin your reputation especially if you buy followers for Instagram many influencers have been canceled for this kind of stuff.


That wraps up the 5 major points why you should avoid buying followers on Instagram and stick to real Instagram followers as this will help you build a brand community successfully that will last.

So have you decided to start buying Instagram followers or avoid it?

We hope we have made your choice easier with this article, and remember buying a few followers doesn’t appear to be all that bad, but if your entire strategy is to do that then the implications can be harsh, so is it worth it?

We understand that to stand out on a platform with over 2 million actively monthly users is tricky, and sometimes you need a little extra boost to get you going. However, we strongly believe creating a good strategy with high-quality content and traditional authentic marketing techniques will be a lot more successful in the long term.


If you want to outsource your Instagram growth many companies can assist and investing in your Instagram account is a smart idea, on the other hand, if you want to buy Instagram followers, remember cheap is not always the best, go with a reputable company.