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Buy Instagram Followers | 7 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers In 2023

Do you want to buy Instagram followers to give your business or brand a boost? Check out the best sites like Thunderclap.it, GPC.fm, and BuyReviewz.com to grow your account.


Buy Instagram Followers

Want to be Instagram-famous? Buy Instagram followers today from the best site - Thunderclap.it .

There are several other platforms to explore and purchase real Instagram followers. So, you can visit these platforms, choose a package of your choice, pay, and instantly receive followers.

Bring growth to your profile, thereby helping you expand your business. The only catch is that you should choose a genuine platform that will give you active and organic followers and not bot accounts.

Buy Instagram Followers From Top Sites

Want to get more views on your Instagram stories, more people to engage with and react to your post, or to have an increased number of new followers for your Instagram profile? Thunderclap.it is the perfect solution for all your needs. Buying Instagram followers from us ensures that you will not receive any bot followers but genuine ones. They will engage with all your posts but never spam.


If you want to avoid starting with an upfront payment, you can join the free trial period. For paying $0, you will receive 25 free followers, which will give you an idea of the quality of followers they provide.

Moreover, the customer service team is available 24*7. In case you ever find yourself in a mess or have complaints, you can always report it to them, and it will be solved right away.


  • A free trial period
  • The customer service team is available 24*7 for additional support
  • Safe and secure payment gateways
  • Instant delivery of followers


There are limited payment options


If you are in search of a platform that will bring you maximum, high-quality followers, you should check out GPC.fm. They provide the benefit of fast and instant delivery. The followers you receive from GPC.fm will constantly bring engagement. This will help you establish a credible source on Instagram. As a result, the chances of getting sponsored posts will increase.

The platform will provide you with genuine new followers. Thus, the risk of bot followers will eventually be eliminated. The chances of scaling your business increase as you get more quality followers. This will also give you an opportunity to boost your personal brand.

GPC.fm aims to help the respective accounts establish their social proof. With a wide range of payment options, you are likely to receive the best terms for your account.


  • Receive high quality Instagram followers
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Safe and secure payment options
  • Choose from a wide range of new followers


  • No trial period, and free followers

BuyReviewz.com is one of those platforms that will provide you the benefit of a genuine and active following. If you want to get rid of the risk of fake Instagram followers and bot accounts, they can help you. The platform is aimed at helping Instagram accounts scale from zero to a higher number of followers.


Over the years, BuyReviewz.com has proven itself to be a credible resource for buying Instagram followers. You can be sure that you're getting real Instagram followers on this platform. Comparatively, they provide cheap Instagram followers but genuine ones. You have the option of choosing from a variety of packages.

The visibility of your profile will easily scale up when you buy followers from BuyReviewz.com. They will boost your reach and help you find the best solutions that fit your needs.


  • Increase engagement and reach of your Instagram account
  • Get instant delivery of high quality Instagram followers
  • Choose from a wide range of affordable packages to buy followers
  • Select from various safe and secure payment methods



  • Customer support may take a long time to respond as the live chat option is not available

#4. Motion.View

Want to have a strong Instagram presence to reach a wider audience and build credibility? Motion.View is your platform to purchase IG followers. With them, you can seek a reliable solution to enhance your Instagram following and engagement. So, look no further than Motion.View.

With their comprehensive range of services, including competitively-priced follower packages, real and active followers, and additional services, you can ensure the growth of your IG account. You will not only gain more followers but also enjoy increased interaction and engagement.



  • Real and Dependable Customer service
  • Delivery on a priority basis
  • Buy genuine Instagram followers


  • No free trial

#5. SocioMath

Want to connect with your audience and establish your brand? SocioMath takes the lead in providing Instagram growth strategies that empower users to garner authentic and engaged Instagram followers. Additionally, you can choose your target audience and buy IG followers for a particular location.

By prioritising organic growth, SocioMath ensures that your Instagram account not only attracts new followers but also cultivates a dedicated community genuinely interested in your content. Let's explore Cave Influence's overview and three standout positive features.



  • Genuine and Organic subscribers
  • 24/7 dedicated support team
  • Instant delivery of followers


  • You can’t use Crypto as a payment option

#6. InstaMax

Buy authentic Instagram followers today with InstaMax. The platform offers you genuine IG followers from real instagram accounts. They offer affordable packages as per your business needs.

Additionally, they offer your instant delivery of IG followers on your account within a few minutes. You just need to go and select the number of Instagram followers you need and make the payment.


  • Genuine and Premium-Quality IG followers
  • Instant Delivery of Followers
  • Experienced customer support team


  • No free trial is available.


#7. MuseMe

MuseMe is one of the most affordable platforms to buy Instagram followers. The platform offers both high-quality and premium IG followers. You can also customize your packages as per your business.

Apart from this, the platform offers you fast delivery of IG followers to grow your account. You also get access to an experienced customer support team to answer all your queries quickly.


  • Premium and high-quality IG followers
  • Fast delivery of followers
  • Safe and secure payment options


  • No free trial is available

Latest Instagram Insights To Help You Grow Instagram Account

Instagram is hailed as one of the most 'active' social media platforms. With around 2 billion users, there is no doubt that it is the 4th most used social media platform.


In April 2023, it was estimated that advertisers could reach up to 310 million users via their ads. It is around 20.3% of the Earth's population. As a result, businesses can significantly expand their horizons on Instagram.

Anyone over the age of 13 is able to use Instagram. According to statistics, around 30% of users on Instagram are aged between 18-30 years. Nonetheless, 25-34 years is the largest demographic on Instagram ensuring maximum users from this age group. It's important to note that around 70% of Instagram users are below the age of 34 years.

In terms of user demographics, around 47.8% are female, whereas 52.2% are male. Most of the active followers on Instagram agree that Reels is one of the most loved features. Reels have an average engagement rate of 1.95%. Instagram Reels' popularity does not determine whether other features are any less worthy.


Even Instagram Stories has around 70% of people using it even today. To get maximum following and reach, it is advisable to mark the Stories on highlights. So, every time an Instagram user visits a profile, they will check your highlights. This will help you get a higher reach and traffic.

Why Should You Purchase Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram followers can provide a significant boost to your account, even more than you can imagine. The return on the investment that you make is significantly higher. So, why not leverage all the benefits of buying Instagram followers?

Here are some of the major advantages of buying Instagram followers:


#1. Increase Reach

When you buy Instagram followers, your profile's reach eventually increases. This can have a positive impact on your profile as more people learn about your brand or business.

An increase in reach ensures that you will receive an organic following as well. Therefore, by buying Instagram followers, you are only paving the way for more organic followers.

#2. Gain Organic Following

Organic following is said to have a positive impact on brands and businesses. It often helps your profile stand out as a credible, trustworthy, and genuine resource.

The organic followers will also ensure that the Instagram algorithm boosts your profile. As a result, it will be easier for you to grow your account in the long run.


#3. Grow Your Brand

When you buy high-quality Instagram followers, it becomes easier to grow your brand. This is more helpful when you're a small business. As your following grows, the Instagram algorithm itself will push you to rank higher.

Depending on the type of content you post, your post will become visible to more people. As visibility increases, the chances of growing your brand on social media platforms also increase.

#4. Earn Money

Instagram is one of the best sources for earning money. If you manage to grow your account, you will receive sponsored posts. So, by posting a story or a post about a specific brand, you will get paid.


However, you will receive these sponsored posts only if your following is high. Thus, if you do not have a high number of followers in the initial stages, you must consider buying high quality followers.

#5. Brand Loyalty

A high number of followers boosts credibility and fosters brand loyalty. Since it is slightly tough to grow on Instagram overnight, you must consider buying followers. Buying high quality followers will help you increase your follower count.

This will give you an upper hand as your brand achieves a significant rise. As your brand grows, more people will follow you. Therefore, it will be easier for you to gain the trust of your audience and increase loyalty.


What to Look for While Buying Followers for Instagram?

Buying Instagram followers isn't as simple as it sounds to be. When you choose a platform from which you buy Instagram followers , you need to be extra careful. Therefore, in the initial stages, you must do some research before taking a step forward.

Below are some of the major points you must look into while you're buying high quality followers for your Instagram profile:

#1. Quality of Followers

The quality of followers the platform provides is an extremely important factor to consider. The platform should provide genuine and active followers. You don't want dead followers for your profile who do not engage with your posts and only hurt its reach.


The quality of followers the platform provided can be understood from their past client reviews. So, make sure to check the previous reviews thoroughly before making a choice.

#2. Free Trial Option

If you don't directly want to jump into paying for followers, you should consider a trial option. Various platforms provide the option of a trial period wherein they provide a specific number of followers for $0.

This will help you analyze the quality followers the platform provides. If you're satisfied with the trial period, you can go ahead and pay for a subscription to receive more high quality followers.


#3. Previous Reviews

The previous reviews of the active Instagram followers from the earlier users can speak a lot about the platform. Any genuine platform will put up reviews of their past users on their platform.

If it is not available on the platform, you can either check for it on Google or any third-party website. The reviews of the platform can help you decide whether or not you should buy followers from it.

#4. Bot Account and Fake Followers

Bot accounts and fake Instagram followers are a huge No-No for your Instagram account. Rather than boosting your following, these are likely to harm the reach of your profile.


Moreover, when the number of followers in your account increases, it will always be susceptible to the risk of hacking. So, if any platform is providing bot followers, you must immediately refrain from it.

#5. Delivery of Followers

The delivery timeline of the real Instagram followers from the platform is an extremely important factor to consider. A trustworthy platform will deliver the followers immediately after you've made the payment.

However, there are platforms that might claim that they need some time to deliver the followers after making the payment. There are chances that these are scam websites. So, you should consider avoiding such platforms at all costs.


Can Buying Instagram Followers Help With Organic Following?

Buying followers for Instagram can be a great way to give your account a boost and receive an organic following. When you buy premium Instagram followers, the number of people following you on your Instagram profile also increases. This can be a great way to give your Instagram account a boost.

When the account gets a boost, it will reach more people, thereby helping you gain more real Instagram followers. This would translate to the fact that more people are watching your content. If you are regularly posting valuable content on Instagram, people will automatically follow you.


This would contribute to giving your profile a significant organic boost. As a result, it would have a positive impact on your business or brand's growth.

Final Words

When you buy Instagram followers, it will help your account grow. It is advisable that you thoroughly check the platform based on the checklist given above. A reliable platform like Thunderclap.it is what will bring you genuine and active followers who will constantly engage.

If any account just feels like spam, it is a huge indication that they will have. A negative impact on your brand than a positive.

While you're trying to build your professional or personal account, buying Instagram followers can be of great help. When you research the platform and buy from it, you can avoid the risk of fake followers.


A genuine platform like Thunderclap.it can bring you genuine Instagram growth, especially the one you're looking for in your Instagram profile. So, are you ready to give your social media presence a significant boost? Buy followers and start now!


#1. Why should I buy real and active Instagram followers from Thunderclap.it?

Thunderclap.it is one of the most genuine platforms to buy Instagram followers. Not only do they provide a huge number of followers at an affordable rate, they also offer 25 free followers.

You can sign up for the trial period and get 25 followers for free for $0. This will give your social media account a boost and allow you to gain more followers organically without hurting the reach of your account.


#2. Will I get genuine followers by buying Instagram followers?

When you're buying Instagram followers, you must always check how genuine the platform is. If you're buying from a genuine and reliable source, you can be confident that you're receiving active followers and not just spam.

Usually, the platform you're buying the followers from will have reviews mentioned from their past clients. You can go through those reviews to understand the quality of followers you will receive. This will help you in making your decision.

#3. Do I need to share my password while buying Instagram followers from Thunderclap.it?

No. Any trustworthy platform from which you buy premium Instagram followers will never ask for the password to your Instagram account. If any platform is asking you to enter your profile password, it is a huge sign that they may not be an authoritative website.


It is strictly advisable that you must not enter your password. If you do so, rather than gaining new followers, you will be at the risk of losing it. Well, this is mostly because they will be hacking your account.

#4. How do I differentiate between fake followers?

A good way to differentiate between genuine and cheap Instagram followers on your Instagram account is to check how they interact with your brand. Any follower who regularly comments on something meaningful, shares your posts on their story, and does not spam your Instagram post with too many comments is a genuine follower.


On the other hand, fake followers are likely to post too many meaningless comments. You should mark it as spam and get rid of it, for it can hurt the reach of your account.

#5. Will my follower count be affected negatively when I buy followers?

No. Instead, when you purchase Instagram followers, there are chances that your follower account will improve. As you buy genuine Instagram followers, the follower count will improve.

This will help your profile reach a positive point in follower perspective. As a result, it will help you gain more followers organically. This will allow your brand on Instagram to prosper, thereby receiving more followers.


#6. How many followers will I receive in the trial period from Thunderclap.it?

Thunderclap.it has some of the best packages for Instagram followers. You can therefore receive a huge number of followers for a very affordable rate. However, if you don't want to directly get started with the investment, you must consider opting for the trial period.

In the trial period of Thunderclap.it, you will receive 25 followers. The best part is that to receive so many followers, you will have to invest $0, which indicates it is free.

#7. What if the followers are not engaging with my posts?


If you notice any suspicious activities on your Instagram profile after buying the followers, you must immediately report them to the platform. This can also include when your followers are not engaging with your posts.

After reporting or asking for support, the respective platform will take over the process and verify what is wrong. As a result, they will help you avoid negative impacts on your account and follower count, thereby increasing reach and engagement.

#8. Can I get packages from Thunderclap.it if I want to buy followers in bulk?

Yes. If you're buying followers in bulk, you can always get a package. Thunderclap.it has some of the most affordable packages, so you can make an informed decision. Well, the price of the package will significantly depend on the number of followers.


For example, Thunderclap.it has packages for $5, $10, and so on. You can visit their website to check which package is available for how many followers. As a result, you can compare and analyze how many followers you need in your account and make a purchase accordingly.

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