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Best Psychic Apps For Accurate Readings

Did you know the best psychic sites are a few clicks away? See this overview of psychic reading apps for empowering advice.

Best Psychic Apps

Prepared by Dan Allender from Psychic House of Magic

We live in a world of 5-inch screens that can be carried around in your pocket, so people are putting faith in psychic readings that can be obtained on the go. To achieve this, they seek the services of free psychics operating on the online psychic reading platforms. An accurate psychic reading becomes a reality with a certified advisor that can support, empower, and bring a clear perspective. The benefits of free fortune teller apps outweigh the risks associated with visiting a local psychic—you can download a psychic reading app and install it within minutes, with customer reviews and refunds ensuring the app's credibility. Bring happiness to your life with online psychics that will help you get through tumultuous times.

Top 5 psychic apps & sites 🔮

  1. Nebula. $14 free credits for psychic readings will wait for new customers on Nebula, with private chat rooms to get you started on a psychic journey.
  2. California Psychics. $20 credit for signing up and points earned with every purchase are the main benefits of California Psychics.
  3. Keen. A special offer of 10 minutes for $1.99 is Keen's most powerful tool to keep you on the site and connect with psychic advisors 24/7.
  4. Kasamba. With 3 free minutes of psychic readings and 50% off your first psychic reading, Kasamba wins its place under the sun among top psychic reading websites.
  5. Purple Garden. Purple Garden awaits you with a special offer of $10 credits delivered to your account, as well as affordable psychic readings from $1/minute.

Discover our reviews of the best psychic apps, including top criteria for selection, with all prices and special offers.


Main features 👍

  • Personalized horoscopes. Nebula is known for its professional astrology psychic readings, including birth charts and daily horoscopes.
  • Online astrology chat. If you want to know where your relationship is headed, a private chat with an astrologer will be your love compass.
  • Psychic match tool. AskNebula offers a quick test to match you with your psychic and generate the list of online psychic readers you are compatible with.
  • One-click access. Get your chat psychic reading started in just one click as you visit the psychic's page and press the Start Chat button.

Mobile app

⭐ Star rating: 4.1 (Google Play), 4.7 (App Store)

🌟 Number of downloads: 5M (Google Play), 143.7K (App Store)

Would you like the stars and planets to benefit your relationship, career, and life? Spiritual readings on Nebula psychic chat app will provide you with in-depth astrology consultations and horoscope readings. Nebula is more than a generic horoscope provider. It is an advanced tool available on Google Play and App Store, making predictions based on your birth chart. Keep your horoscopes and astrology guides in one place as you receive palmistry reports, moon phases readings, zodiac signs charts, and compatibility reports daily and weekly.

Prices & promo codes 💰

If you are looking for a cheap psychic reading, Nebula is your go-to online psychic reading website. As a newcomer, you will be treated to a welcome offer of $14 credits. The average rate for a psychic reading is 30 coins per minute. Nebula will charge the same amount of 30 coins/minute for every psychic reading type. The lowest rate is $1/minute, with the basic package available for $19.99. You can purchase a weekly subscription for $9.99, an annual subscription for $49.99, and a lifetime subscription for $119.99.


How to use mobile application

All newcomers will receive a special offer of $14 credits they can use on 3 minutes of free psychic readings. Nebula fortune teller app for Android and iOS has a sign-up process similar to the one you get on Nebula desktop:

  • Create a profile. Enter your email address and password for Nebula member-only features and discounts.
  • Choose an advisor. Select a psychic reader based on their specialty, reading type, and psychic reading theme.
  • Enter your date of birth. Type in the correct date of birth to help Nebula readers create an accurate astrological profile.
  • Make an appointment. Connect with the psychic reader as you click on the Start Chat button in the psychic's profile.

Main features 👍

  • Vetted psychics. California Psychics has a complex vetting process and will only accept 2% of the psychic readers.
  • Instant connection. On California Psychics, you can reach out to your psychic reader by means of phone call and chat messages.
  • Karma Rewards. The Karma Rewards loyalty program will help you unlock the benefits including a free birth chart and points for every purchase.
  • Handy app. California Psychics medium reading app is packed with a handful of features for an easy reading, free tarot readings included.

Mobile app

⭐ Star rating: 3.0 (Google Play), 4.3 (App Store)

🌟 Number of downloads: 500,000+ (Google Play), 1K (App Store)

California Psychics is one of the top psychic apps for astrology reports and tarot readings, with the app's most recent features including:

  • Instant chat reading. Access the best chat psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and tarot card reading experts 24/7. Reflect on the symbols that you saw in a dream or order a natal chart from the best online psychic.
  • Phone psychics. Hearing the voice of a psychic in a free phone psychic reading will help you get the emotional support you need.
  • Callback feature. The online psychic reading app has a psychic queue for customers to make your waiting process a seamless one.

Prices & promo codes 💰

The best psychics on this psychic reading site come at a reasonable price of $4-$16 per minute. There are three packages the customers can choose from:

  • Affordable ($20 for 20 minutes)
  • Popular ($40 for 20 minutes)
  • Premium ($80 for 20 minutes)

You can also save on your psychic readings as you subscribe for the Karma Rewards loyalty program. The points you've earned are put toward future psychic readings.

How to use mobile application

Once you create an account on California Psychics, connect with the psychic using the Chat/Talk button. If you enroll in the Karma Rewards program, you will receive a $20 credit as a welcome offer. If you are using the desktop version of the site, click on the psychic's profile and select the preferred means of communication.

The callback feature allows free psychics to get back to you when they are online. If you want to claim the welcome offer using the live psychic chat app free features, download the free psychic app on Android or iOS and select the reader using the search filters (topics, abilities, tools, and style). Once you find the best psychic match, set up an account and start the call or live chat.


Main features 👍

  • Get Matched feature. The Get Matched tool will have you answer the list of relevant questions to determine the best psychic match for you.
  • Rating system. Online psychics on Keen have user-generated reviews to make sure you only get the top picks in tarot readings, love readings, life readings, and astrology predictions.
  • Keen horoscopes. With Keen, you will receive your daily horoscopes and psychic videos about the dos and don'ts of Keen psychic reading rules.
  • Money-back guarantee. Keen will never let you worry about spending a fortune on psychic readings, with the money-back guarantee ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.
  • User-friendly app. The platform has one of the most convenient psychic reading apps available, creating a safe setting for chat and phone psychic reading sessions.

Mobile app

⭐ Star rating: 4.5 (Google Play), 4.7 (App Store)

🌟 Number of downloads: 100,000 (Google Play), 6.9K (App Store)

45 million conversations make Keen a hotspot for users that need an affordable psychic reading. Keen psychic reading free app features include a natal chart based on your date of birth. You will also get live updates on your psychic's status and availability. Aside from the welcome offer of 10 minutes for $1.99 that you will get on Keen app after you complete registration, customers will have full access to the callback feature informing them when the psychic is online.

Prices & promo codes 💰

If you need an online fortune teller, Keen's welcome offer of 3 free minutes and a special deal of 10 minutes for $1.99 is not something you could pass on. The Keen program for collecting points will unlock the higher-level psychic services and free psychic readings. Once you link your credit card, you can load it with funds and claim your welcome offer. You can pay from $1.99 to $9.99 for a psychic reading, with high-tier psychics charging up to $14.99 for psychic services.

How to use mobile application

You can find psychics with a Get Matched tool, set up an account, and choose a payment method to get a free psychic reading of 3 minutes or 10 minutes for $1.99. You can sort the psychics by price, reading type, star rating, skills, status, contact methods, specialties, and tools on desktop and mobile.


Main features 👍

  • Reading topics. Kasamba features a distinctive range of reading themes, with rare ones like New Age spirituality and graphology taking the lead.
  • Extra features. With Kasamba, you'll get over-the-top options like free horoscopes and articles on love, career, well-being, and astrology.
  • Contact methods. Reach out to the best available psychic by phone, chat, or email as you order a top-notch paid or free psychic reading online.
  • Welcome offer. Those who are new to Kasamba will get a special deal of 3 free minutes with any psychic and 50% off for their first psychic reading.
  • Interactive app. The app on Kasamba is open to 3 million clients, with an easy download and free minutes for psychic conversations.

Mobile app

⭐ Star rating: 4.1 (Google Play), 4.6 (App Store)

🌟 Number of downloads: 500,000 (Google Play), 3M (App Store)

3 million customers have chosen Kasamba as their number one psychic reading free app. The first 3 minutes of your psychic reading are free. With 24 years of experience and a satisfaction rate of 93%, the app presents multiple features for every client:

  • Real-time availability. A network of 300+ psychics is available in real time to offer insightful predictions 24/7.
  • Kasamba chat. A free psychic chat with online psychic mediums and love readers allows you to get readings on the go.
  • My readings feature. You have free access to all of your psychic readings to refresh your memory and make sure the psychic was on point.
  • My messages feature. Customers will receive notifications as soon as their favorite psychic is online.
  • Free horoscopes. Let the stars decide your fate with Kasamba free horoscopes feature, delivering daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes.

Prices & promo codes 💰

Kasamba rates vary from $1.99 to $40 per minute, with new customers getting a welcome offer of 3 free minutes and 50% off for your first psychic reading. Every time you choose a new psychic, the same discount applies. The platform does not have a pre-paid package system, so you can either load funds to your account or use the pay-on-the-go feature as you enter your payment method (credit card, PayPal, Google Play).

How to use mobile application

Kasamba follows in the footsteps of other tarot reading apps and simplifies the process of getting a free psychic reading. Download the app, choose the preferred psychic, and claim your free 3 minutes as you enter your payment information.

Main features 👍

  • Video sessions. On Purple Garden, you will get a face-to-face session with an online psychic for a more meaningful connection.
  • Ordering process. You can get your online psychic reading in a few clicks as you pick the right psychic and pay for the chat.
  • Video introductions. Each reader has a pre-recorded video in their account that helps them make a proper introduction.
  • Streamlined app. The easy-to-use psychic chat app on Purple Garden has a 91.5% accuracy rate and features vetted psychics.

Mobile app

⭐ Star rating: 5.0 (Google Play), 4.8 (App Store)

🌟 Number of downloads: 100,000 (Google Play), 100,000 (App Store)

Purple Garden has a user-friendly, interactive app with vetted advisors. You can find a trusted confidant in your psychic with 900+ mediums and video readings available on the app. Purple Garden, being a reputable fortune teller app, offers services such as video, chat, and voice readings, tarot readings, love readings, and love coaching. 

Pricing & promo codes 💰

With the starting rate of $0.99 per minute, Purple Garden presents a competitive pricing policy for new customers. If this is your first time, you will receive a $10 credit for online psychic readings. Some of the top-tier psychics will charge up to $16.99 for one session, but the most common rates remain within an affordable range of $3-$6 per minute. Purple Garden will require the minimum deposit of $15 before you start a free psychic reading.

How to use mobile application

After you complete the payment, you can choose chat, phone, or video call options for your online psychic readings. Start your spiritual journey on the Purple Garden app as you install it on your phone and connect with your favorite psychic.

What is a psychic reading app?

The best free fortune telling apps exist to help us get information about the future via downloadable, easy tools that give us access to online psychic readings no matter where we are. If you want to receive an insightful free psychic reading on the go, the psychic apps might be what saves your day. Unlike in-person online psychic readings, free psychic reading apps have customer reviews to back up their credibility claims and a screening process to help you get the best psychics at your beck and call. Using a free psychic reading app to scroll the list of advisors will save you time and effort when looking for tarot card readings, astrology readings, and more.

What to expect from an online psychic reading?

As your free psychic reading is about to begin, you can expect the psychic advisor to offer explanations on how they work and what tools they will use to get the answers the client is determined to get at the end of the reading. You should also expect the psychic to ask open-ended questions about your situation and tune into your energy field for a more insightful prediction. In case of the best astrology websites, the reader will require your date of birth to conduct a zodiac sign assessment and create a natal chart for a more personalized approach. The psychic will perform occasional check-ins to make sure your connection is stable and go over any issues that need clarification.

Benefits of using psychic apps & sites ✅

As you take advantage of free psychic reading apps and online psychic reading websites, it is easy to determine the features that make online psychic readings such a powerful tool:

  • Easy access. You can now access psychics 24/7 and rely on their prompt replies to guide you through uncertain times.
  • Reading specialties. Your local psychic will most likely be proficient in only one field of psychic knowledge, making app readings a lot more versatile in comparison.
  • Instant connection. If your psychic reader is online, you can access their profile immediately and start an online chat without the need to make a prior appointment.
  • Ratings and reviews. The ability to read your psychic's customer reports is a much-needed option when looking for an honest assessment of their abilities.
  • Reasonable pricing. With your local psychic charging by a set rate, you have unlimited options when it comes to free psychic reading sessions with top advisors on psychic apps and sites.


If you are ready to get a free psychic reading, there is no need to choose a traditional path and stick to local psychics. You can now use psychic sites and apps for profound guidance and instant access to your favorite readings. With apps allowing you to chat with psychic guides 24/7, your choice of psychic applications would be completely justified. Online psychic reading websites that we have reviewed earlier have psychic readers to bring you comfort and closure. By picking the best psychic reading apps from the list, you will get the best deals with no risks.


How do psychic apps work?

Psychic apps will give you easy access to psychic chats as you download and install a specific application on your smartphone. Once you have studied the psychic's profile, you can proceed to enter your payment method, load your account with funds, and click the Start chat button for a new conversation.

Can I trust the accuracy of psychic readings through apps?

It is natural for customers to remain doubtful when trying to assess the accuracy of online apps, but you can rest assured that top psychic reading sites with multiple customer reviews prevent any risk of fraud and provide a high level of accuracy.

What types of readings can I get through psychic apps?

The most common themes you can access on an app are love readings, tarot readings, spiritual readings, astrology readings, fortune telling, dream readings, soulmate connections, and oracle readings. You can also get insights into topics like affairs, family issues, LGBT, and dating.

Are there any specific features I should look for in a psychic app?

A mobile app that values its presence on the psychic scene will make sure it has versatile features such as one-click readings, psychic match tool, notification alerts, and daily horoscope generators. These are a must for any app that considers itself a trustworthy one.

Can I communicate with psychics in real-time through the app?

If you want to establish a connection with a psychic advisor and interact with them in real-time, there is no better place to order a psychic reading from than an online app. You can have a conversation with a spiritual guide without the need to leave your home.

What payment options are available on psychic apps?

The most popular payment options sought out by psychic customers include credit and debit cards, gift cards, and PayPal, assisting users in conducting a transparent payment and loading their account with funds as they complete registration.

Are there any privacy and security measures in place for psychic apps?

If you want an online psychic reading that is safe and secure, you should look for the best psychic reading sites available. They generally use an encryption system and a high level of safety measures to avoid the details of your reading being compromised.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with a reading on the app?

A medium reading app has the purpose of providing exclusive psychic reading services to customers from the comfort of their own home and on the go. If you feel like your latest reading did not meet your standards, you can ask for a psychic refund to be delivered to your account.

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