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Best Mushroom Gummies: Top 3 Mushroom Gummy Brands [2023]

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Best Mushroom Gummies: Top 3 Mushroom Gummy Brands [2023]

The best mushroom gummies to buy are the top three we have meticulously selected for this list! They certainly have everything from the taste to the choice of ingredients to the effects! Who knows? Daily dose of this delicious gummy can be the key to a better overall health.

Best Mushroom Gummies
Best Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are efficient, convenient, tasty, and fun way to reap the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Consuming them can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Functional mushrooms provide many health benefits that may be good for overall wellness and immune support. The easiest and most efficient way to take medicinal mushrooms daily is through supplements.

It contains concentrated mushrooms, which is optimal in having the body absorb and work with the nutrients more directly. But with many options, we give you the best mushroom gummies in the wellness industry.

Best Brands To Buy Mushroom Gummies From

As functional mushroom gummies are becoming increasingly popular, so are the number of brands starting to flood the mushroom supplement market. You may spend quite a lot of time to determine which ones are the best.

So to spare you all that trouble, and save you a lot of money and time, here are some gummies that stood out for us. We’ll also explain in detail why and how these brands made it to our top 3 picks and not something pulled out from thin air.

1. Golden Bloom Gummies - 1st Pick - Best Mushroom Gummies Overall

2. Fresh Cap Gummies - 2nd Pick - All-In-One Mushroom Gummies

3. Plant People Gummies - 3rd Pick - Budget-Friendly Gummies

#1Golden Bloom Gummies - 1st Pick - Best Mushroom Gummies Overall

Golden Bloom Gummies
Golden Bloom Gummies

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Golden Bloom gummies are our 1st pick due to their awesome taste combined with a superb choice of ingredients, resulting in superior effects! Their potent little gummies feature an awesome blend of medicinal mushrooms and another premium ingredient that synergizes with the effect of that specific mushroom.

Aside from such a fantastic product, Golden Bloom also offers awesome deals and incentives that your wallet would enjoy.

Product & Brand Features

Golden Bloom is a more recent brand, but what makes them stand out is how they utilize ingredients with effects that synergize. They use the finest organic mushrooms grown with utmost care using the best methods.

Golden Bloom’s signature triple extraction process also seems quite impressive. It mainly involves using hot water and organic food-grade alcohol, along with fermentation. The entire process is said to take around 120 days, but definitely worth the wait as it yields quite a high amount of Beta Glucans!

Amazing Mushroom Extracts Taste & Healthy Ingredients

The taste of Golden Bloom Gummies is amazing and leaves quite an impression; they definitely have their recipe down!

The assorted fruit flavors taste more like the actual fruits they are based on and are far from those overwhelmingly sugary gummies. They are also juicy and have zesty aftertaste that leaves a great, refreshing taste in your mouth.

Golden Bloom gummies taste great, but they also surprisingly use all-vegan ingredients, making their functional mushroom gummies suitable for almost everyone.

Superior Effects

Amazing taste aside, Golden Bloom gummies also provide superior effects due to their impressive choice of ingredient combinations.

Golden Bloom didn’t just slap ingredients together because they would taste great or because they provide many benefits. Golden Bloom had combined what would synergistically work together, resulting in “super ingredients” that provide a superior boost to the desired effects!

Using the absolute healthiest and premium-quality mushrooms, Golden Bloom has blended them with the likes of Turmeric Curcumin, Ashwagandha Extract, and Bacopa Monnieri, to name a few.

Golden Bloom Mushroom Gummy Options

Golden Bloom gummies are also labeled based on the primary benefit they could provide you, such as Performance, Focus, and Immunity, making it easier to choose which one would work best for you based on the aspect you wish to improve.

Golden Bloom [Performance] Mushroom Gummies

Their primary ingredients are Cordyceps Mushroom + Turmeric Curcumin, which provide energetic effects, such as an energy and stamina boost!

Cordyceps are known to support natural energy levels, combine that with the endurance-enhancing effects of Turmeric Curcumin, and you’ll get an athletic-level performance! This could also act as a healthy alternative to energy drinks!

Golden Bloom [Focus] Mushroom Gummies

Their primary ingredients are Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps + Ashwagandha Extract, providing brain and memory effects such as a boost to cognition!

Lion’s Mane is best known for their brain-boosting effects, Cordyceps for their energy boost, and Ashwagandha sharpens memory. Put them together, and you get to increase your focus and mental alertness! It could also serve as an alternative to coffee minus the caffeine!

Golden Bloom [Immunity] Mushroom Gummies

This complex 14 Mushroom Blend + Bacopa Monnieri boosts healthy immune response, stress relief, mental clarity, and cognitive function a gummy form! This fantastic 14-mushroom blend contains the following mushrooms:

  1. Lion's Mane
  2. Cordyceps
  3. Chaga
  4. Turkey Tail
  5. Reishi Mushrooms
  6. Shiitake
  7. Maitake
  8. Suehirotake
  9. Oyster
  10. Poria
  11. Mesima
  12. Agarikon
  13. Blazei
  14. True Tinder Polypore

Deals & Incentives

Golden Bloom also offers awesome deals and amazing incentives; others may try them because of such, only to realize how great tasting and effective their gummies are! If you haven’t tried Golden Bloom products yet, you are in luck, as you get a 20% off your purchase for the first time!

You could also get 20% off by signing up for their email newsletter (They also wouldn’t spam you). You also don’t have to be concerned about ordering too few and shipping costs, as they offer free delivery for all orders!

Golden Bloom Mushroom Gummies Pros & Cons

Golden Bloom gummies are undoubtedly a premium-tier functional mushroom gummy, but since nothing is perfect in this world, here are some pros and cons.


  • Amazing tasting flavors overall!
  • 3 variety of gummies to choose from
  • Gummy choices are conveniently labeled based on what you wish to improve
  • Synergistic ingredients resulting in a Super Supplement!
  • Blend of premium quality mushrooms and herbs
  • Uses all-vegan ingredients


  • Premium quality “super ingredients” reflects in the price
  • Lack of reviews in the meantime

Customer reviews

There aren’t many reviews at the moment due to being from a more recent brand. Golden Bloom needs more attention and promotion, but considering the taste and quality of the product, it would definitely accumulate the ratings it deserves over time.

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#2. Fresh Cap Mushroom Gummies - 2nd Pick - All-In-One Mushroom Gummies

Fresh Cap Mushroom Gummies
Fresh Cap Mushroom Gummies

Fresh Cap gummies are our 2nd pick, thanks to its unique cola flavor that would make you crave more! Their gummies are a great blend of 6 medicinal mushrooms, which produce various benefits such as increased energy and focus and improved immunity.

Fresh Cap products also have a reputation for being more affordable but without sacrificing quality due to their great standards.

Product and Brand Features

Fresh Cap uses high-quality organic mushrooms imported from countries with an extensive history of cultivating medicinal mushrooms, such as China and Russia, and has been tested for safety and quality.

Effectiveness of functional mushrooms

Fresh Cap uses their signature dual extraction to ensure their products contain a good amount of Beta Glucans. Fresh Cap Gummies contain 145 mg of Beta Glucans per serving! Fresh Cap’s “Ultimate Complex” Gummies contains the following type of mushrooms:

  1. Lions Mane
  2. Cordyceps
  3. Chaga
  4. Turkey Tail
  5. Reishi
  6. Maitake

Great standards

Fresh Cap has great standards for mushroom quality, such as using 100% fruiting body extract from fresh mushrooms. They have also been analytically tested and contain no funny stuff, such as grain fillers.

Affordable products

Fresh Cap prices could be considered affordable for a brand that uses true mushrooms. For example, their gummies at default price are around $34.95, but you could even get a 20% off and end up at $27.96 if you subscribe to their subscription service plan!


For an established brand, they are lacking variety for their gummies for some reason, with only one option. However, their “Ultimate Complex” makes up for it by already covering several benefits.

Fresh Cap Gummies Pros & Cons

The following are the Pros and Cons of Fresh Cap “Ultimate Complex” Gummies.


  • Delicious and unique crave-worthy cola flavor!
  • 6-mushroom blend containing the most famous medicinal mushrooms!
  • Uses high-quality, organic mushrooms, and not those fake “grain” mushrooms
  • More affordable price for such a high-quality product
  • Vegan formula


  • No variety options
  • No extra benefits since there are no additional synergistic “super” ingredients

Customer reviews

Fresh Cap gummies currently have around 77 reviews, with most of them giving 5 stars or sometimes 4 stars. Pictures provided by their customers make it safe to say they are authentic. Fresh Cap is also nice enough to respond to the reviews.

Visit the Official Website Link

#3. Plant People Gummies - 3rd Pick - Budget-Friendly Gummies

Plant People Gummies
Plant People Gummies

Our 3rd pick initially got our attention because of its amusing-sounding name and prices. Turns out they taste good and are quite a viable budget option! Mushroom Revival is one of the popular brands in the market, but why we chose Plant People instead? It's for many reasons.

Product and Brand Features

Plant People was established when its founders recovered from traumatic injuries thanks to plant-based healing. Plant People offers not just mushroom products but also CBD products.

Budget-Friendly Options

With the main goal of spreading the wonders of plant-based healing, Plant People products are also more budget-friendly. They also offer deals, such as saving 15% if you sign up for their repeat delivery service.

Flavor Variety Options

Plant People offers 2 varieties for their gummies, one for daytime and one for the night.

  • WonderDay Mushroom Gummies - This daylight gummy has a delicious wild raspberry flavor to help you boost your mood and reduce your stress to help you jumpstart your day! WonderDay mushroom gummies contain 2500 mg per serving of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps.
  • WonderSleep Mushroom Gummies - These nighttime mushroom gummies have a delectable wild elderberry flavor to help you calm down after a stressful day of work and give you a good night’s sleep!

It contains 4300 mg per serving of Reishi mushroom and other flowers, herbs, and spices such as Saffron, Corydalis, Chamomile, Passion flower, and even GABA. This special blend of mushroom gummy supplement will certainly put you into a deep slumber, but you’ll also wake up feeling refreshed!

Deals & Incentives

Some of their products have a 10% off if you order in 3 packs, such as their Wonderday gummies. You would also get 15% off if you signed up for their repeat delivery service or email newsletter. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee and a rewards points system.

Fresh Cap Mushroom Gummies Pros & Cons

Below are the pros and cons of Fresh Cap gummies.


  • Lots of amazing deals and incentives!
  • More budget friendly
  • Wondersleep contains an amazing blend of ingredients
  • Both varieties taste good
  • Vegan ingredients and no corn syrup


  • No extra benefits for Wonderday
  • Fewer options
  • No information about their extraction process and sources for their functional mushrooms. But with lab reports and a practitioner advisory board, you can rest assured they are safe for consumption.

Customer reviews

Wonderday currently has around 258 reviews, with 215 being 5-star ratings. Wondersleep is a more recent product with 52 reviews, with 38 being 5 stars.

Visit the Official Website Link

How Did We Select The Best Mushroom Gummy Brands?

The following are the factors we considered on how we decided which ones would be among our best picks.

Quality Of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients could determine many factors for the product's overall outcome, ranging from taste and safety to its effectiveness. Plus, each gummy is gluten-free for better results.

  • Quality Of Mushroom Ingredients - It is a mushroom supplement first and foremost, so the mushroom is the most important component, such as how they are sourced and extracted.
  • Quality Of Added Super Ingredients - What makes the addition of super ingredients important is that this makes them stand out and is guaranteed to be extra effective. Without super ingredients, then they are just another generic product.

Strength Of Effects

The reason why one is taking up mushroom supplements in the first place is because of their effects. It's important if you want to reap all the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms like boost immune function, a healthier digestive system, and decrease brain fog.

Mushrooms have beneficial nutrients, which have been used in the traditional chinese medicine. However, one gummy can't treat patients and it won't diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. It can only support the body's systems - just like other supplements.

Deals and Policies For Shipping & Returns

Sometimes, no matter how great a product is, if the company behind it has screwed up policies, then it doesn’t feel worth it. In addition, the more you get to save on buying a product, the better.

Mushroom Gummies - FAQ

The following are the frequently asked questions about mushroom gummies.

What are mushroom gummies good for?

They are generally good for your health and wellness. However, different types of mushrooms also offer different types of benefits.

How do mushroom gummies work?

They work by having your body absorb all the essential nutrients and elements it contains as you chew on them, as well as while digesting them.

What are the best medicinal mushroom types?

Here are some brief highlights of some of the most popular medicinal mushrooms.

  • Lion’s Mane Mushrooms - improve nervous system, nerve repair and growth, brain-boosting effects
  • Cordyceps Sinensis - improve energy, endurance, and stamina
  • Chaga - high in antioxidants, good for gut health
  • Reishi - improve immune system function, increase strength
  • Maitake - manage stress levels, reduce high cholesterol

What is the best mushroom gummies dosage size?

There is no best dosage size since it differs from one user to another. So, always follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosages.

Can mushroom supplements and gummies have any adverse side effects?

They are generally safe and have no known adverse side effects.

Do mushroom gummies expire or go bad?

Like anything that contains natural ingredients, they eventually do. Always check the expiration date, but they usually have more than a year of shelf life. Proper storage is important to prevent contaminating the gummies.

How to store mushroom gummies?

These gummies are from real mushrooms. So, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and ensure the containers are still airtight and have no cracks.

Final Thoughts: What Are The Best Mushroom Gummies To Buy?

The best mushroom gummies to buy are the top three we have meticulously selected for this list! They certainly have everything from the taste to the choice of ingredients to the effects! Who knows? Daily dose of this delicious gummy can be the key to a better overall health.

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