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Best Luxury Mattress In Australia

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Best Luxury Mattress In Australia

The Australian luxury mattress market is booming, but not all that glitters is gold. While many brands slap on a hefty price tag and claim luxury but lack the certifications, testing, and genuine comfort you crave?

Best Luxury Mattress In Australia
Best Luxury Mattress In Australia

Many luxury brands, like Tempur, offer comfort but at a price that's nearly 10 times what most mattresses cost. And with traditional brands, you're also paying for showrooms, storage, and extra staff.

Enter the world of luxury mattresses in a box. These brands have revolutionised the industry by cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings directly to you. Not only do you get a luxury product, but you also benefit from quicker innovations and improvements.

Right now, the best luxury mattress in Australia is the Emma Zero Gravity mattress .

The grid layer leaves you feeling weightless as you drift into sleep, every inch of your body cradled in comfort. As a result, Australians will enjoy the best sleep money can buy.

In this article, I'll explore the crème de la crème of luxury mattresses available in Australia. Whether you're new to luxury mattresses or looking to enhance your current sleep experience, we've got the perfect fit for you. Say goodbye to overpriced, underwhelming mattresses and hello to genuine luxury.

The Best Luxury Mattresses Are:

  • Emma Zero Gravity — *best overall
  • Koala Soul Mate
  • Emma Diamond Hybrid
  • Origin Hybrid
  • Dusk & Dawn Signature

Emma Zero Gravity Mattress - the best luxury hybrid


  • Recognised as 2023's pinnacle of luxury, with reviews from Australian sleep experts and satisfied customers.
  • Despite the unique features and testing, it is still affordable.
  • Grid layer similar to the Purple mattress.


  • Only available in Australia (Sorry Kiwis)

Just released in 2023, the Zero Gravity is poised to revolutionise the Australian mattress scene, much like the Purple mattresses did in the US. Offering an unparalleled sleep experience, it gives sleepers the sensation of floating on air.

After testing it firsthand, I'm convinced it's not just a mattress; it's the future of luxury and comfort, destined to become a household name.

Even so, the mattress isn't just about relieving pressure; it's improved my deep sleep. It adapts seamlessly to your body evenly dispersing pressure regardless of your sleeping position. The advanced design allows airflow for temperature regulation, so you stay cool throughout the night.

Emma Zero Gravity Mattress
Emma Zero Gravity Mattress

It’s not just another mattress; it's an experience. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, here are other areas that stand out:

This mattress dynamically adapts to your weight because of the zoned pocket springs. With its unique layer, it’s the most breathable mattress yet. Encasing the mattress is a super soft, breathable UltraDry™ cover that wicks away moisture, enabling you to sleep more comfortably. Plus, the cover is removable for easy cleaning.

Pricing: The Emma Zero Gravity mattress is currently priced at $998.55, down from its original price of $2,219. Don’t miss the 55% saving, plus, you can pay in 4 instalments with 0% interest, no sign-up fees or late fees.

Koala Soul Mate - best for couples

Koala Soul Mate
Koala Soul Mate


  • Comes with a 120-night trial.
  • Kloudcell® foam and a Flippable comfort layer.
  • Zero partner disturbance.


  • No longer made in Australia.

The Soul Mate mattress by Koala has a flippable comfort layer. So, you can change from medium-firm & firm at home by simply unzipping and turning it over. I went for the firm and found it perfect (not too firm).

I like that they included an antimicrobial charcoal-infused layer. This allows airflow but the main feature is its naturally hygienic properties for a cleaner sleep.

The biggest selling point? It's the adaptive foam springs, they are set up in 5 zones for better full-body pressure relief across shoulders, backs, hips, knees & feet. What’s unique is that they are foam springs instead of metal. No other brand does this. The benefit is they won’t squeak over time, are responsive, and absorb motion better, great if you have a restless partner.

Pricing: The Koala Soul Mate mattress starts at $2,490, with pay-later options like afterpay and zip.

Emma Diamond Hybrid - best for hot sleepers

Emma Diamond Hybrid
Emma Diamond Hybrid


  • Multiple award winner & rated 4.7 out of 5 stars in ProductReview.
  • Optimal sleeping temperature aids in falling asleep faster.


  • Standard appearance.

The Diamond Hybrid mattress features Diamond Degree® technology, which is diamond-infused foam. It’s designed and tested to be the best mattress for hot sleepers in every layer; foam, springs, and cover which have improved heat dissipation throughout the night for a better deep sleep.

And as if that weren't enough, the climate-regulating elastic cover is fully breathable, removable, and washable. It’s designed to help facilitate heat dissipation of the Diamond Degree graphite foam.

Pricing: Originally priced at $1,460, the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is currently available for $730, making luxury sleep accessible to all.

Origin Hybrid - best for side sleepers

Origin Hybrid
Origin Hybrid


  • Built with sustainable fibres and materials.
  • Hexagrid™ technology adapts to your body for optimal sleep.


  • Not as many reviews
  • The cover is not removable.

This mattress offers great value for the price point. The innovation they've included is truly commendable. Here’s what I like:

In addition to winning multiple awards, the Origin Hybrid mattress has a patent-pending orthopedic layer, HexaGridTM, which is similar to zoned pocket springs, and provides softer pressure relief in specific areas. Moreover, it allows the foam to breathe and dissipate heat.

It’s built with sustainable fibres and materials like the Tencel fabric cover and layers of natural latex, gel-infused memory foam, and reflex stability foam. They also plant a tree for every mattress sold.

Price: Currently priced at $459, down from its original price of $765, making it a budget-friendly mattres

Dusk & Dawn Signature - best for back pain

Dusk & Dawn Signature
Dusk & Dawn Signature


  • Multiple unique layers.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • Made in Australia.


  • Most expensive mattress

Dusk & Dawn's Signature mattress is a premium Australian made mattress. You’ll notice a much higher price tag that comes from that this mattress isn't a mattress in a box. However, it will still be delivered to you. There are also 8 layers including edge support.

The standout feature is the use of a double-decker system of pocket coils, targeting five body zones for effective contouring and minimal partner disturbance. You get regular pocket springs like in the other options but also a micro pocket coil system.

Also, we like the wool layer that’s treated with “Dusk-Air Tech” formula which is a sustainable, bio-based microbial control solution derived from coconut oil.

These layers together provide a rich and comfortable sleep experience, ensuring optimal support, breathability, and temperature regulation.

Topping it off, there are three firmness levels to choose from, so you can find something that matches your sleeping preferences. Due to the mattress' weight, changing bed linens can be challenging.

Pricing: The Dusk & Dawn Signature mattress is priced starting at $2,349 (on sale from $2,899), offering luxury for a price.

What to consider when purchasing a premium mattress

When it comes to achieving the ultimate sleep experience, a select group of mattresses in Australia stands out. These mattresses, while diverse in their offerings, share common features that set them apart from the rest.

Common Features:

Hybrid Design: Most of these mattresses are hybrids, meaning they combine the best of both worlds: foam and springs. This combination ensures that sleepers get the contouring and pressure relief of foam, coupled with the durability and support of springs. Springs, especially pocket springs, are known for their longevity, making these mattresses a long-term investment in sleep quality.

Advanced Materials: From the pressure-relieving Graph-tek Graphite technology in the Dusk & Dawn Signature to the unique Airgrid system in the Emma Zero Gravity, these mattresses employ cutting-edge materials and technologies. They prioritise not just comfort but also health, with features like anti-bacterial foams for a clean sleeping environment.

Customised Support: With features like the 5 zone pocket springs, flippable comfort layers, and foams that adapt to the body's unique contours, providing relief where it's needed most and support where it's essential.

Breathability and Temperature Regulation: A restful sleep is also about maintaining the right temperature. The top mattresses prioritize airflow, whether it's an open-cell diamond structure, like the Emma Diamond Hybrid, or Kloudcell technology like the Koala Soul Mate. They ensure that sleepers remain cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Innovative Designs: While most of these mattresses incorporate pocket springs for enhanced durability and support, the Koala Soul Mate stands out with its foam springs. You’ll notice most of the mattresses offer something unique, We still love the grid foam layer in the Zero though.

Price Point: The mattresses in this elite category generally start from around $700 to $3,000. This price point is a testament to the quality, research, and innovation that goes into each product.

In conclusion, while each of these mattresses we’ve reviewed has its unique offerings, they all represent the pinnacle of sleep technology in Australia. They are the embodiment of years of research, innovation, and a deep understanding of what sleepers truly need. For those looking to invest in their sleep, these mattresses are the gold standard.

A Few Steps to Remember with Your Mattress Budget

1// Price doesn't always equate to quality. While higher-priced mattresses often offer advanced features and materials, it's essential to assess the value they provide.

2// A $1,500 - $2,000 budget is ideal; this will generally give you a wide variety of premium options to fit your sleeping style.

3// Opting for a larger mattress size will mean a bigger budget. While the price doesn't skyrocket with each size increment, you will be paying more due to the increased material use. For instance, transitioning from a single to a queen can significantly impact the price.

4// Avoid going extremely economical. Spending less than $500 for a queen can potentially have higher toxicity of chemicals, lower-quality materials, and reduced durability.

Remember, mattresses should last 8-10 years. So, if your new bed costs $1,000, over 10 years, that's just $0.27 a day. Don't skimp on your mattress! Your sleep and health are worth more than 27 cents a day.

Other mattress brands

Sleeping Duck: The Mach II is now called. We don’t rate it. They use complicated names like a motherboard for pocket springs and other mattress marketing jargon to make it sound better. You’ll find it priced at $1,649 for a Queen making it one of the pricier options too. The foams are made in Aus, however, it’s shipped to China to be assembled and back to Australia, so not very eco-friendly.

Eva mattress: The Eva Premium Adapt is a unique hybrid, priced at $1,640 for a Queen. It boasts three firmness levels, offering tailored comfort. Over 650 pocket springs ensure support, while the "unzip and flip" system adds versatility. However, it's best on flat, solid surfaces. Some users have noted delivery issues. Despite this, it's a top choice but didn’t make our cut.

Tempur mattress: Tempur is a brand that's been around for a while, often associating itself with luxury and quality. However, they shy away from transparent prices. One can speculate that the new generation of mattresses overshadows their offerings, especially given that their range can span from $3,000 to a whopping $15,000.

To get a real feel of their mattresses, you're expected to visit a showroom. This experience can be a bit awkward, as you lay down for a brief moment while a salesman tries to convince you of its worth.

And unlike many modern memory foam mattress brands, they don't offer a trial period. So, while their mattresses might be of high quality, the buying experience and lack of transparency can be off-putting for many.


Starting Price

Price for Queen


Trial Period

Emma Zero Gravity

$998.55 (on sale from $2,219.00)

$1,399.40 (on sale from $3,109)

10-Year Guarantee

100-Night Trial

Koala Soul Mate



10-Year Warranty

120-Night Trial

Emma Diamond Hybrid

$730 (on sale from $1,460)

$1,095 (on sale from $2,190)

10-Year Warranty

100-Night Trial

Origin Hybrid

$459 (on sale from $765)

$699 (on sale from $1,165)

15-Year Warranty

120-Night Trial

Dusk & Dawn Signature

$2,899 (on sale from $3,449)

$3,299 (on sale from $3,899)

Not mentioned

100-Night Trial

Final Thoughts on AU Luxury Mattresses

To conclude. Our top pick is the Emma Zero Gravity mattress due to the grid foam layer, its breathability, strong brand, and affordability. It has a 10-year warranty, a 100-night trial, and weightless pressure relief combined with the springs to make it ultra-supportive.

You might find another choice that suits you better, that is why we gave a few options, but if you're looking for the best online luxury mattresses in 2023 (and 2024). Try out our top pick, it's loved by plenty of Aussies, and it has a free trial for 100 days.

Happy shopping.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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