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Best Free Psychic Reading Websites In 2023 | Chat, Phone, Email Readings

Look no further than the top 5 sites we have picked to help you enjoy psychic reading free and receive the guidance you need for personal growth and self-development.

Best Free Psychic Reading Websites

In a significant shift, free psychic reading websites have become increasingly popular due to their reliability. Technological developments and the knowledge of true psychics have contributed to its astonishing accuracy. These channels allow people to get answers to their toughest problems and uncover their true calling by leveraging cutting-edge technology and well polished expertise. But to get the best service, it is important to pick the most reliable platform with positive reviews and valuable features.

3 Best Free psychic reading websites

1. Nebula - 10/10

2. App Nebula (check here ) - 9.6/10

3. Zodi (check here ) - 9.2/10

4. Purple Garden – 8.7/10

5. Psychic Source – 8.4/10

The only problem is not all psychic reading websites are the same. Each website has its own database of advisors, and they may vary in terms of experience and skill set. Also, the biggest issue is that some of them may charge you a lot for a session as short as a few minutes. That is when people look for a free psychic reading to get answers to their questions.

Thankfully, there are ways to find psychic reading sites at affordable rates with several free minutes, and we are here to help you select one for you by comparing the best in the business.

1. Nebula - 10/10



· Skilled advisors for free accurate psychic readings

· An extensive database of online psychics

· best psychics for fortune telling

· Easy to find love psychics for video and phone psychic readings

· Free psychic chat with real love and relationships experts

· Quick sessions for phone and email readings

When looking for a free online psychic reading, you should never ignore what Nebula has to offer. Nebula is among the best psychic reading sites if you are looking for true psychic assistance. With its extensive customer base and hundreds of free psychics, getting free psychic readings is a breeze on this website. A short reading session is all that you need to identify the best deals and confirm you are working with genuine psychics.

How to Get a Free Psychic Reading on Nebula?

Nebula makes it easy to have a free psychic reading by letting you talk with an online psychic at no cost. So many sites connecting you with free psychics work on the same principle, but Nebula stands out as it helps you make the most out of those minutes you spend talking to a pro.

Nebula, like many other psychic websites, offers free minutes to new consumers but costs for in-depth readings. By signing up for email readings, you will quickly qualify for their $14 free credits. Some psychics may offer even more with several free minutes. But in most cases, you can order a reading for as low as $1 per minute, which is as good as free.

You get a satisfaction guarantee with every service you use through Nebula, and it backs everything with a money-back guarantee. Getting a refund is a breeze, but you won't have to go that way, especially if you take advantage of various offers and use your free minutes to get an idea about the quality.


More about Nebula Psychic Network

Nebula can help you organize sessions to get a psychic reading online on anything from your job to your finances. It maintains an extensive network of the best psychics who go the extra mile to deliver the best online psychic reading session. Whether you need some help with fortune telling, dream analysis, palm readings, tarot reading, or even past-life readings, Nebula has a reader to serve you well.

You can personalize your time with Nebula to meet your specific requirements by choosing from its roughly sixty reading topics. In addition to traditional astrological and numerological services, the platform also hosts a large community of psychic readers.

The majority of Nebula's internet psychics have 4.7-star ratings or more, guaranteeing precise predictions. There are more than 180 tarot card readers and 300 online psychics to choose from on Nebula. In addition to tarot readings, phone aura readings, and love readings, the site also provides a very accurate psychic medium service along with an opportunity to connect with pet psychics.

Best Features

From using free minutes for free psychic readings to receiving email life readings, you can find many interesting features on Nebula psychic readings online.

In comparison to other online psychic reading services, Nebula stands out for its professionalism and innovative features. For instance, there are more than 300 reviewed psychics and clairvoyants for you to choose from when looking for specific advice or spiritual guidance. In only a few minutes, you can be talking to the psychic of your choice to know answers to your questions about your future.


Nebula's psychic readings are thorough, spanning over 60 areas of expertise. You can order love reading, get numerology readings, and even work with tarot card readers for detailed reports delivered to your email. A blog section and other helpful materials written by genuine tarot readers, fortune tellers, and psychics are also available.

Overall, Nebula is a reliable psychic reading platform providing professional and financial counsel. Users can get accurate and tailored readings in a variety of areas because of the site's big pool of psychic advisors and diverse selection of topics for consultation. Nebula is the best option for people looking for psychic counseling in their personal or professional lives because of how easy it is to sign up, how reasonable the prices are, and how helpful the resources are.

2. App Nebula (check here ) - 9.6/10

App Nebula


· Accurate readings through free chat with online psychics

· Exceptional help for astrology

· Daily, weekly, and yearly horoscopes

· Free psychic reading through free minutes and special plans

The Nebula App should also be on your radar when your focus is on free psychic readings. From free psychic chat to free minutes with free psychic experts, the app knows how to help you form a connection with a real expert and make psychic reading online look affordable and irresistible.

The Nebula App is a multifaceted tool for those interested in broadening their spiritual horizons by giving them access to psychic readings, individualized horoscopes, professional guidance, and a warm and accepting online community.


How to Get a Free Psychic Reading on App Nebula

Getting a free reading from real free psychics is no longer a dream, thanks to the availability of the App Nebula. After signing up for the first time, you will connect with real psychics for a quick psychic reading session for several free minutes. If it does not seem to answer all your questions, you can always pick from other deals and enjoy better rates for a full-length reading.

Nebula has a variety of subscription plans to suit the needs and budgets of its users. After your initial free consultation with a top psychic reader, you can choose from a number of different online psychic reading plans.

There are three different subscription options for the app. The Weekly Plan, at $7.99 per week plus a free 3-day trial, is the best option if you are new to astrology readings. Successful weekly plan users often upgrade to the monthly plan, despite its higher price. The pricing of the Three Month Package is $29.99 and includes three complete months of service. You can also count on online psychic discounts and bonus minutes during your readings.

It is important to remember that your app-based membership will perpetually renew itself. You must cancel your psychic love reading subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing cycle to avoid being charged for another period.

More about App Nebula Network

The App Nebula has an extensive network of psychic readers, making it better than many top psychic websites. If you are looking for a website with phone psychics in particular, the Nebula desktop version continues to be the best bet. But, still, you can trust the App Nebula for its psychic predictions.


The app is the best place to go for accurate psychic readings online. In addition to providing excellent psychic love readings, it also provides excellent spiritual readings, aura readings, and more. Anyone in search of reliable horoscope predictions at the right time will appreciate this app's sleek design and smooth operation.

There are people from more than 50 different nations using Nebula to get psychic advice on love, relationships, and professions, and the app is available in six different languages. Through the app's extensive network for psychic reading online, users can have live chats, phone readings, and email readings with psychic mediums, tarot readers, and other spiritual experts.

Best Features

Nebula is more than simply an app to connect with an online psychic reader; it is an astrological guide that offers a wealth of innovative features to enrich the experience of its users.

By facilitating communication and camaraderie between astronomy fans all over the world, NebulaTalk is a wonderful resource for the field. NebulaTalk provides users with access to astrological education and tailored guidance that you cannot find on other online psychic reading sites.

Video calls and text conversations are both available on mobile devices, giving users the freedom to pick the method of communication they like to get the answers to their questions. Psychic love readings, spiritual readings, aura readings, and more are just some of the many services available on the Nebula App.

Overall, users interested in astrology and spirituality from all over the world can benefit from the app's user-friendliness, flexible subscription options, and unique features like NebulaTalk.

3. Zodi (check here ) - 9.2/10



· Easy to find capable and skilled readers

· Unparalleled astrological help from psychics online

· Easy-to-use daily and weekly horoscopes

· Thousands of clients

Zodi is a trustworthy site for free online psychic reading. It is among the best places where you can locate a psychic reader who is an expert in tarot reading, astrology reading, love readings, and more, and who also provides several free minutes.

well over 250,000 users, Zodi has established itself as a cutting-edge astrology app with a reputation for precise and free psychic readings. It is primarily an astrological app, but you can definitely find someone to deliver the best psychic reading online.

How to Get a Free Psychic Reading on Zodi?

Finding free psychics is never an issue on Zodi. Just like Nebula, you can find hundreds of the best psychics all offering their services for various rates. Within minutes, you can find someone offering an online psychic reading session at an affordable rate, if not free.

Zodi has several subscription tiers to fit a wide range of needs and price points. With interesting deals becoming available from time to time, it gets even more affordable to use this app. Lifetime access costs $119.99, weekly access costs $9.99 with a free 3-day trial, and a yearly subscription costs $49.99 with a free 3-day trial.

The good thing is that this mobile app allows you to manage your subscriptions in the App Store. And it also means you can cancel your subscriptions whenever you like. With all these deals and discount offers, Zodi is actually a much better option than any psychic site promising free psychic readings.

More about Zodi Network

One of the most important things to check in a psychic reading service is how extensive and easy to use the network is. Zodi impresses you in this regard with a variety of real psychics and psychic readers who can help you with astrology, tarot cards, and other psychic mediums.

However, Zodi is ideal for those interested in astrology and want to learn more about the significance of their star sign. That is mainly because experienced astrologers and phone psychics are always willing to serve you well through a quick session.

While Zodi may be lacking in psychic mediums, it does have access to readers who can assist with finding your life's purpose, finding romantic partners, and advancing professionally. Zodi's specialists are put through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that their clients always receive reliable, comprehensive horoscopes and reports based on in-depth analysis of their natal charts.

Using the mobile app, you can connect with psychics for free readings and gain insight into various areas of your life thanks to its astrological foundation.

Best Features

With experienced psychic readers and astrologists, Zodi has everything available to deliver maximum satisfaction. When compared to competing astrology apps, Zodi stands out for its exceptional features and services.

One of the best things is that it has professional astrologers available for free psychic readings on call 24/7. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes for each zodiac sign are all available on Zodi, allowing users to better plan their life around major astrological events and make educated decisions.

Zodi is unique among astrology apps in that it provides advice based on the moon's impact, allowing users to have a deeper familiarity with both their moon and sun signs. This improves their foresight and helps them successfully traverse obstacles.

Moreover, members can have a free conversation with any advisor on the platform to help them find the best possible match. Once you get going, you can benefit from affordable rates, which look even better than those that charge you for minutes. Similarly, Zodi's excellent customer service is a major factor in the company's success in what is otherwise a competitive industry for psychic advice.

Overall, Zodi is the best astrology app out there, offering tarot, astrology, and love readings, among other psychic services. Users looking for direction in their personal and professional lives have flocked to the platform due to its distinctive emphasis on astrology and user-friendly features. Whether you are new to astrology or not, Zodi makes connecting with skilled psychic readers easy and provides reliable predictions to help you face the problems of everyday life.

4. Purple Garden - 8.7/10

Purple Garden


· Over 1200 online psychics

· Various psychic reading themes

· Highly detailed profiles

· Introductory cash-back offers


· No free minutes

· Slow mobile app

· No user satisfaction guarantee

Purple Garden is a psychic reading service with a straightforward goal: to help you enjoy life to the fullest by enjoying accurate psychic services. This psychic reading site has earned the trust of thousands of people throughout the world despite entering the market much later than other top psychic reading websites.

This psychic online website is part of the Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics sites. There is no need to wade through pages of text or worry that the online psychic will not comprehend your inquiry because of the site's intuitive design.

It lets you connect with gifted psychics who enjoy positive reviews for phone or chat-based psychic readings with several free minutes. No money-back guarantee is available, but you are less likely to need it anyway.

How to Get Free Psychic Readings on Purple Garden

For online free psychics, you can put your money on Purple Garden, where you can find an online psychic reader willing to serve you with several free minutes.

First, Purple Garden does not offer free minutes like other websites. That being said, Purple Garden takes great satisfaction in providing psychic services to people of all financial means. Its typical rates reflect this, starting at just $0.99 per minute. All psychics have been vetted and trained extensively to ensure accurate readings.

It gives its loyal customers 5% cash back on any psychic service purchases, including tarot readings. The money is added to your account immediately, and after you reach $10, you can use it to purchase another reading from any reader, unlike many other psychic websites.

The goal of this initiative is to make you feel valued as a client and a supporter of the platform's online psychics. So at these rates, you do not always have to worry about minutes when arranging psychic reading sessions.

More about Purple Garden Network

Purple Garden has an extensive network of over 1200 psychic readers. They have clairvoyant psychics, spiritual psychics, and other specialists who can help you with fortune telling, palm readings, past life readings, dream analysis, and tarot reading. They have certified accurate psychics who are also able to deliver psychic medium help and offer guidance from the spirit world.

Best Features

Like many other best sites in this category, this psychic reading website offers over 10 types of psychic readings. Not only this, you can enjoy various modes of communication, including live chat or phone readings. The customer service is quite impressive too, and you can find a mobile phone app as well. Though the app is not truly up to the mark, it is still a feature to consider. What's more, no free minutes are available but regular packages still help you find cheap psychics.

5. Psychic Source 8.4/10

Psychic Source


  • Over 300 psychic readers to choose from
  • Find a Psychic tool for finding a reader
  • Various life themes to choose from
  • Experienced psychic readers


  • Not all that affordable
  • Slow customer support
  • Free minutes for first-time users only

Psychic Source is your best bet if you are looking for a place to get a free psychic reading online. You will have a wonderful time learning about the spiritual realm and making contact with the other side thanks to the extensive online psychic reader network, a wide range of free psychic reading online themes, unique features, and frequent discounts and deals.

How to Get Free Psychic Reading on Psychic Source

Getting free readings at Psychic Source is possible because it is among those online psychic sites that support free minutes. You can definitely find answers to your questions during those minutes, but ultimately, you need to have a personalized session.

Psychic Source has several pricing tiers to accommodate customers with varying budgets and service requirements. To get a feel for the platform and its psychics at rates that will not break the bank, first-time users can take advantage of the $1 per minute 10-, 20-, or 30-minute bundles. Remember that this offer of free minutes is valid only for first-time subscribers.

Promotional offers and free psychic reading minutes are some of the ways new customers can arrange sessions for less and find answers to their burning questions. You can test out the psychic's skills for free with these exclusive offers before deciding to invest in a full reading.

More about Psychic Source Network

At Psychic Source, you may choose from approximately 300 online psychics, so you are sure to find the right one for you and your situation. Angel Card Readings, Astrology Readings, Reiki Healing, and Tarot Readings are just a few of the many services offered by their psychics. Those online psychic readers are also capable of delivering personalized spiritual readings to give you insights into your true life purpose.

In addition, each member of Psychic Source has access to a complimentary daily horoscope that reveals what the stars have in store. Psychic Source has faith in the talents of their psychics and offers a satisfaction guarantee to prove it. You are welcome to ask for a refund or credit to use with another online psychic reader if you are unhappy with your reading.

Best Features

Many things go towards making Psychic Source one of the best online psychic reading sites. With its interactive search features like the "Find a Psychic" tool and the standard filter, you can locate a psychic who meets your needs in terms of expertise, specialization, tools, and experience with minimal effort. Finding a reliable psychic is now much simpler because of these resources.

At Psychic Source, you can choose from a number of reading formats to best suit your needs. For a more personal and in-depth experience, you can choose a video reading instead of a phone or chat session.

Besides ordering free psychic readings, you can use the platform to improve your knowledge of psychic reading in general. You can find articles, podcasts, etc., on the "Articles and Media" page on the website with useful information on psychic and spiritual matters. For tips on how to get the most out of your reading, check out the "All About Psychic Readings" section.

Finally, the "Kindness" program at Psychic Source is another important feature as it gives one percent of your total purchase price to the charity of your choice. It is a win-win because you get the free psychic reading online you need while helping a cause you care about.

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Online Psychic Reader?

The popularity of online psychic reading sites has grown as more and more people go to them to know their future and find answers to their questions. However, finding the best online psychic reading sites might be challenging because of the abundance of available possibilities. Here is what you should consider when exploring a psychic reading service to find the best online psychic reader.

Determine Your Needs and Expectations

You should know what you want out of a psychic reading service before comparing them. Think about if you want a reading based on tarot cards, astrology, mediumship, or something else entirely. If you know what you are looking for, you can focus your search and locate the best service much faster.

Research and Read Reviews

Whether you choose a mobile app or arrange a session with an advisor on a psychic reading site, never forget to read reviews. Doing some research online helps you find a psychic reading advisor experienced enough to help you explore your future.

Assess their Communication Style

The best psychic reading business will have straightforward methods of contact and be simple to get in touch with. Make sure the psychic reading service offers your preferred method of contact, whether it is in-person, over the phone, or through online chat. You should also consider the psychic's availability, as you may have to wait for a response or schedule an appointment in advance if they have set business hours.

Compare Pricing and Payment Options

Psychic reading services can range widely in price, so it is important to shop around to find one that works within your budget. There are services that charge by the minute, while others have set session rates. Pick ones offering more affordable rates. You should also make sure that the accepted ways of payment (such as credit cards, PayPal, or other online methods of payment) suit your needs.

Try a Sample Reading

You can get a feel for different psychic reading services by taking advantage of their free trial periods or other introductory offers. This is a great chance to gauge your chemistry with the psychic, as well as the psychic's abilities to make predictions. So, keep this advice in mind and always go with your gut instinct when picking a psychic, and go with someone with whom you have a genuine connection.

When Can You Benefit from Psychic Readings?

People are increasingly turning to psychic reading services as a means of gaining direction and understanding in their lives. Finding the best site for online readings is still a catch, but doing your research and reading customer reviews can surely help. But why exactly should you be looking for a psychic reading site in the first place?

If you find yourself in a sticky situation or have questions about your very existence, working with these advisors may help. Let's talk about some of the most common situations when a clairvoyant or psychic reader can be an invaluable resource.

Relationship and Love Issues

The desire to learn more about your love life is a common motivation for seeking out psychic reading services. A psychic reader can shed light on the nature of your existing relationships, reveal areas of compatibility, and offer advice on how to find and keep a loving partner. The best thing is that a psychic reading can provide emotional support and guidance for moving on after a split or divorce.

Career and Financial Decisions

Psychic reading services can be helpful in easing the stress and difficulty of making important life choices like those involving your career and finances. Career advice from real psychics on matters of work, including promotions, job changes, and even investments can really help you make informed decisions. Their help could also be useful in recognizing and overcoming obstacles to success in your career or financial life, such as doubt in your abilities or preconceived notions about your worth.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Development

Top free psychic reading sites have clients only looking for help with personal growth and spiritual development. In fact, a large majority of people turn to psychics for guidance on their path to enlightenment. To better understand your life's purpose and spiritual journey, a consultation with a psychic might be invaluable. There is a chance they will give advice on how to get through tough times, let go of the past, and find harmony within yourself.

Family and Parenting Challenges

The challenges of navigating family dynamics and parenting might feel insurmountable at times. Psychic reading services can help in these areas by providing insight into how to better manage arguments, open communication lines, and fortify family ties. A psychic can also shed light on the specific difficulties and demands of each child, allowing parents to better foster their development.

Grief and Loss

Loss and grief are difficult experiences to go through alone. Mediumship-focused psychic reading services, in particular, may be a great source of solace and strength during trying times. Messages from departed loved ones can bring comfort and closure when communicated through a medium. Psychic readings can also help people deal with loss and move on with their lives.

Major Life Transitions

Any forecasts from a real psychic advisor can offer insights and guide you while making major decisions in life. Changes as big as relocating to a new area, changing careers, or retiring can cause a lot of stress and worry. A psychic reading session can provide insight and guidance during these times of transition, empowering people to confidently adjust and seize new chances.


Finding one of the best free psychic reading websites to receive online tarot readings for questions related to career, love, life path, or anything that comes to your mind can be hard. Unless you are willing to do an online search and explore online reviews, you will have a hard time finding the best free psychic reading site. The problem is that you need to compare various sites offering online psychic readings for the quality of their free readings, life themes, and years of experience those online psychics have. It can take a lot of time, which is hard when you have so much else on your mind.

To save yourself from all the hassle, you can always begin your search by trying the sites we have covered. Most of these sites offer free online chat for first-time clients. Just arrange a free psychic reading with online psychics on one of these sites and see if they suit your unique needs. If you like what you get, you can always plan a full-length session considering the cost you have to pay.


Where can I get a free psychic reading

You can get free psychic readings on a site that offers free minutes. Many websites offer free readings to new clients, but remember that a full-length session will still cost money.

Are free psychic readings accurate?

Yes, free readings from real online psychics are highly accurate, but ultimately, it depends on the quality of the website as well as the experience of the reader working with clients.

How do free psychic readings work?

Getting free psychic guidance for career, love, etc., is easy these days and the process is quite straightforward:

· You sign up for a quality site.

· You explore the psychic reader database.

· You compare the most suitable options.

· You read reviews for a reader offering advice on love, career, etc.

· You use your free minutes to arrange a chat.

· You like what you get and arrange a full-length session.

How to prepare for a free psychic reading?

To prepare for psychics readings on a reputable site, you need to remember the following:

· Set clear intentions before you begin a chat session.

· Take your time and write down questions before a chat.

· Calm your mind and nerves through meditation.

· Choose a quiet space.

· Check your internet connection for an uninterrupted chat.

· Begin your session and take notes.

What to expect from a free psychic reading?

Clients should have positive expectations from a psychic chat session, but depending on the site you choose and the experience of the reader, here is what to expect from a reading:

· Expect to get a basic understanding of your life situations.

· Expect the free minutes and free session to be over quickly.

· Expect a better understanding of how psychic readings work on a site.

· Expect free psychic readings to be very short.

· Expect no guarantees with free psychic readings.

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