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Best Free Hookup Sites In The UK To Start Casual Dating [2023]

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Best Free Hookup Sites In The UK To Start Casual Dating [2023]

Are you ready to find a casual date? We’ve made a list of the best hookup sites in the UK for finding singles in your area.The casual hookup sites listed have free registration and high success rates – only reputable and reliable dating sites catering to casual encounters with British singles! We’ve analysed these with factors like privacy, unique features, userbase and efficacy.

Best Free Hookup Sites UK 2023
Best Free Hookup Sites UK 2023

Most Popular Local Hookup Sites UK In 2023

  • Ashley Madison – Best for a discreet hookups😍 
  • SearchingForSingles – Meet likeminded singles in your area❤️
  • AdultFriendFinder – Best for casual hookups 🔥 
  • Friends With Benefits – Casual singles dating site
  • Hinge – Best iOS app
  • eHarmony – Largest dating app
Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison – Best Local Hookup Site UK

Ashley Madison is a discreet hookup site that gained significant attention and notoriety for its unique focus on facilitating extramarital affairs.

Launched in 2001, Ashley Madison quickly became a controversial and highly debated platform due to its unconventional approach to relationships. Despite the controversy, Ashley Madison attracted a large user base, with millions of members seeking discreet connections outside of their committed partnerships.


  • Discretion and Privacy
  • Large user base
  • Easy to use interface


  • Too much to choose from!

Why Should You Use Ashley Madison?

The main benefit of using a hookup site like Ashley Madison is the privacy and discretion it provides. As mentioned previously, Ashley Madison offers various features to ensure that the identities and personal data of its users remain secure and private. Additionally, having millions of members gives users plenty of options when searching for someone compatible; making it easy to find a casual connection with like-minded individuals.

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

Ashley Madison is an online hookup site that gained significant attention and controversy in 2015 due to a data breach that exposed the personal information of its users. This incident raised concerns about the safety and security of the platform.

In recent years, Ashley Madison has shown that it is one of the most trustworthy dating apps on the market. They’ve improved their security and are now one of the top hookup sites available.

Pricing & Membership

The most basic plan is the “Free” plan, which comes with limited features such as browsing profiles and sending winks. The “Total Connect” plan is the most popular option and costs around £49 per month, featuring a range of features such as access to private albums and enhanced search filters. The “Affair Guarantee” plan is the most expensive option, costing around £99 per month.

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Searching For Singles
Searching For Singles

Searching For Singles – Best Casual Hookup App In The UK

SearchingForSingles hookup site is a premier online platform dedicated to helping individuals find their perfect match and meet singles in your area wanting a discreet date. With a user-friendly interface and advanced search algorithms, SearchingForSingles provides a seamless and efficient way for singles to connect with like-minded individuals who share their interests and values.


  • Easy to find quick, naughty hookups
  • Best for chatting and meeting up fast
  • Discreet


  • Can be hard to get used to at first


SearchingForSingles is a hookup app that offers numerous benefits to individuals looking for casual encounters and quick hookups in the UK. One of the main advantages of using this dating site is the ability to find like-minded individuals who share similar interests and values.

Is SearchingForSingles Safe To Use?

SearchingForSingles is a dating website that claims to provide a safe and secure platform for individuals to connect with potential partners. However, it is important to exercise caution when using any casual dating site UK, including SearchingForSingles. While the website may have safety measures in place, such as verification processes and privacy settings, it is ultimately up to the user to ensure their own safety.

After testing this app out for ourselves, we came to the conclusion that it is safe and reliable for UK singles!

Pricing & Membership

The “Plus” plan costs £9.99 per month and comes with enhanced features such as access to private albums and priority customer support. The “Premium” plan costs £19.99 per month and includes features such as advanced search filters and message read notifications.

Both paid subscription plans come with a seven-day free trial. Additionally, users can pay an additional fee of £9.99 per month to access the “No Strings Attached” feature which allows them to search for compatible matches without being visible on the website.

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AdultFriendFinder – Easy To Use Hookup Site

AdultFriendFinder is one of the best hookup sites on the web and has been around for years. This popular adult site offers a wide range of features designed to help members find a compatible partner and explore their wildest fantasies in a safe and secure space. Its large user base, active community, swinger events, video chat features, and above-average success rate have made it one of the most popular online dating sites available.


  • Lots of members who are into different things
  • Casual dating (mostly)
  • Search features for finding your match


  • Can be Overwhelming


Firstly, it provides a platform for like-minded adults to connect and explore their desires in a safe and discreet environment. The site boasts a large and diverse user base, increasing the chances of finding compatible partners. Additionally, AdultFriendFinder offers various communication features, including messaging, video chats, and forums, allowing users to engage and connect on multiple levels.

Is AdultFriendFinder Legit?

When it comes to safety, it is important to exercise caution and use common sense, as with any online platform. AdultFriendFinder does have measures in place to protect user privacy and security, such as secure browsing and encryption of personal information.

Pricing & Membership

AdultFriendFinder offers a range of subscription plans, from a free basic membership to a premium, paid membership. The basic membership is free and provides access to the website’s basic features. The Gold memberships start at £14.95 per month and includes additional features such as access to advanced search filters, message read notifications, and video chat capabilities. The Silver memberships cost £19.95 per month and offer additional features such as access to private albums and enhanced customer support services.

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eHarmony – Best Dating App In The UK

eHarmony is a well-known free dating site in the UK that was launched in 2000. It is designed to help individuals find long-term and meaningful relationships by using a unique compatibility matching system. Unlike other dating sites that primarily focus on physical appearance or personal interests, eHarmony takes a more scientific approach by analyzing personality traits and compatibility factors.


  • Largest online hookup site
  • Guaranteed that you’ll get a date
  • Great for meeting your match after a long break


  • Mainly 40+ use this site
  • Not many casual users


It offers numerous benefits to its users. One of the main advantages of using eHarmony is its sophisticated matching algorithm, which is designed to connect individuals based on compatibility and shared values. This helps you find both casual dates, and long-term. This app is versatile.

Is eHarmony Safe to use?

eHarmony is considered a safe platform to use for causal hookups. The website has implemented various security measures to protect its users' personal information and ensure a safe online environment. eHarmony uses encryption technology to secure user data and has a strict privacy policy in place to safeguard sensitive information.

Pricing & Membership

eHarmony offers three different membership plans; a free basic membership, a paid Basic plan, and an extended Premium plan.

The basic free membership allows access to the website’s search function and limited communication features.

  • The Basic plan starts at £59.95 per month and includes unlimited communication features, as well as advanced search filters.
  • The Premium plan costs £69.95 per month and offers additional features such as profile boost and the ability to see who has liked your profile.

Hinge – Best UK Dating App for Younger People

Hinge is a popular UK dating app that aims to match users with other singles in their area who share the same desires. Unlike other casual dating apps that focus solely on swiping and superficial matches, Hinge is designed to foster more genuine and authentic conversations. It achieves this by providing users with a curated selection of potential matches based on their preferences, interests, and mutual connections.


  • Convenient app for local hookups
  • Lots of users
  • Relaxed environment


  • Mostly younger users


One of the benefits of using Hinge, a popular hookup app UK, is how well it matches you with other users, unlike other apps – this has a unqiue algorithm when it comes to matching singles, this means you can find casual flings, and serious relationships all in one place.

Unlike other dating apps that prioritize casual encounters, Hinge aims to help users find long-term relationships by encouraging them to showcase their personalities and interests through detailed profiles – however, a lot of users will always be tempted with quick flings if you find the right person. This allows users to make more informed decisions when swiping and matching with potential partners, increasing the likelihood of finding a compatible match.

Is Hinge Safe to use?

Hinge is considered to be a safe hookup app in the UK to use. Hinge verifies user profiles by linking them to their Facebook accounts, which helps to authenticate the identity of individuals. This reduces the chances of encountering fake profiles or catfishing scams.

Pricing & Membership

Hinge offers three different membership plans; a free basic membership, a paid Preferred plan, and an extended Premium plan. The basic free membership allows access to the app’s features such as swiping, matchmaking, and advanced search filters.

  • The Preferred plan starts at £19.99 per month and includes unlimited likes and additional communication features.
  • The Premium plan costs £29.99 per month and offers additional features such as profile boost and the ability to see who has liked your profile.

Best Cities in The UK For Hooking Up With Singles?

The "best" city for hooking up or casual dating in the UK can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and what you're looking for in a dating experience. The United Kingdom offers a range of cities with diverse dating scenes. Here are a few cities that are often considered good for dating:

  1. London: London, as the capital city, offers a vast and diverse dating pool. It has a plethora of restaurants, bars, cultural events, and entertainment options. It's a cosmopolitan city with people from various backgrounds – this makes it easy to find women looking for just casual dates.
  2. Edinburgh: Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant arts scene. It's a city with a romantic atmosphere, making it an excellent place for dating. Hooking up is similar to London, lot of people ready to chat!
  3. Manchester: Manchester is a lively city with a thriving music and nightlife scene. It's known for its friendly and approachable people, making it relatively easy to meet new casual encounters.
  4. Bristol: Bristol offers a mix of cultural events, beautiful parks, and a relaxed atmosphere. It's a city that encourages outdoor activities and has a creative spirit, making it a great place for unique and memorable dates.
  5. Birmingham: Birmingham is a diverse and dynamic city with a growing food and drink scene. It offers a variety of entertainment options and is known for its friendly and sociable residents. This city is very large with different ethnicities, you will find a variety of different encounters here.
  6. Glasgow: Glasgow, in Scotland, is famous for its vibrant music and arts scene. The city has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere – if you are looking for a casual hookup in the UK, we suggest you give this city a try!
  7. Brighton: Brighton is a seaside town known for its quirky and eclectic culture. It offers a mix of fun activities, a vibrant LGBTQ+ scene, and beautiful coastal views.
  8. Cardiff: Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has a youthful and energetic dating scene. It's known for its sports events, cultural festivals, and nightlife. If you’ve never dated a Welsh girl, now is your chance!

Ultimately, the best city for hooking up in the UK depends on your interests, lifestyle, and what you're looking with casual dating. Factors like preferences, availability, and the type of dating experience you desire should guide your choice. Additionally, hookup apps and have made it easier to connect with potential partners for a causal encounter, regardless of your location in the UK.

FAQs: UK Hookup Apps

Are hookup apps in the UK effective?

The effectiveness of UK hookup sites varies depending on factors such as location, personal preferences, and how well users engage with the site or app. For many people, these sites have been effective in finding casual encounters and short-term relationships. We suggest you test out multiple apps and try to find the right one for you.

What is the hookup culture like in the UK?

Online dating has become increasingly popular, providing a convenient way to meet potential partners. British politeness and humor often play a role in dating interactions, with lighthearted banter being a common way to establish rapport. Overall, the hookup culture in the UK is diverse, with people pursuing everything from casual flings to long-term, committed relationships, making it a dynamic and ever-evolving scene.

What is the best casual hookup app in the UK?

Ashley Madison is by far the best hookup app in the UK, it has thousands of active users just wanting to hookup. There is others, however they can be harder to use: Tinder is widely popular and used for casual hookups due to its large user base and straightforward swiping feature. Bumble also offers a solid option, allowing women to initiate conversations, putting them in control.

How do I choose the right online hookup app?

Choosing the right hookup app depends on personal preferences and specific needs. Consider factors such as the app's reputation, user base, security measures, privacy policies, and features offered. Reading reviews, comparing different apps, and understanding their terms and conditions can help in making an informed decision.

Are UK hookup sites completely free?

Many hookup sites and apps in the UK offer free basic memberships that allow users to create profiles, browse other users, and send limited messages. However, they often include premium or subscription-based features, such as unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, or the ability to see who has liked your profile, for a fee. We suggest you test the ones you like first, before putting any money down.


Free hookup sites have become a popular and widely accepted way for British singles to connect and explore their romantic desires. With the advancements in technology and the rise of hookup apps, people in the UK now have more opportunities than ever to find like-minded individuals and engage in naughty encounters and casual dating.

With the amount of free local hookup sites on the market, you shouldn’t find it hard to find the right encounter for you. However, you should always be cautious when dating online and never compromise your safety.

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