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Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval [2023]

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Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval [2023]

What are guaranteed approval loans and where to receive bad credit loans guaranteed approval if you have a poor credit history—read in the article.

Best Personal Loans  for Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval
Best Personal Loans for Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval

Is your poor credit history preventing you from getting a much-needed personal loan? This financial challenge won't be a problem anymore with very bad credit loans from direct lenders.

We found secured credit providers offering quick cash without time-consuming pre-qualification and approval processes. Apply for one of these poor credit loans and receive guaranteed approval!

Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

  1. MoneyMutual. Best for small and medium personal loans of $250-$5,000 with a fair interest rate and funds within 24 hours.
  2. BadCreditLoans. Best for a rich choice of network lenders and getting a fast approval for up to $10,000.
  3. PlanBLoan. Best for an easy loan signing process and an opportunity to borrow from $200 to $5,000.
  4. CashUSA. Best for receiving a personal loan up to $10,000 with appealing repayment terms up to 72 months.



MoneyMutual became one of the top choices among Americans in terms of getting guaranteed personal loans. This trustful source lets you receive the necessary cash for emergency expenses, medical bills, car repair, groceries, and even traveling. Only several minutes to spend on an application form, and you will receive your guaranteed loans bad credit within 24 hours after approval.

  • Providing loans: since 2010
  • Loan types: cash advances, loans for people with bad credit scores
  • Loans available: from $250 to $5,000
  • Monthly website visitors: 121K

Pros & Cons

A MoneyMutual website, a place that helps you connect with potential creditors, has a lot of good features you might like. Firstly, many lenders here provide flexible repayment terms. Secondly, the platform claims it protects your personal data when you apply for a loan, so you can be sure no third parties (except potential lenders) will know about your income, financial situation, and other details.

Another good thing about MoneyMutual is that you can get your bad credit loans guaranteed approval and cash from your lender within one business day, which will let you pay the emergency expenses.

💸 Apply for Personal Loans for Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval on MoneyMutual 💸

However, MoneyMutual is not ideal. Firstly, as with any bad credit providers, creditors on MoneyMutual ask for pretty high-interest rates.Secondly, you won't receive a guaranteed loan approval if your monthly income is less than $800, which is a bit unfair for people who lost their jobs and need time and resources to get back on their feet. Also, it's probably not a disadvantage, still, it's worth mentioning: the maximum loan amount of $5,000 can be too low for people who need bad credit loans.


  • A variety of lenders to receive secured and unsecured loans
  • Data protection
  • Quick registration
  • Fast cash disbursement 


  • Your monthly income should not be less than $800
  • High interest rates 



If you need to meet a reputable lender who can provide you with a credit of up to $10,000—BadCreditLoans is a solution. With a simple registration, you have access to hundreds of lenders who can offer loans for a variety of purposes, including cars, tuition, mortgages, and business and personal loans.

  • Providing loans: since 1999
  • Loan types: bad credit scores loans, personal loans
  • Loans available: from $500 to $10,000
  • Monthly website visitors: 56.7K

Pros & Cons

BadCreditLoans platform provides other features that you may like as a user. Firstly, the company says its support team is ready to answer your questions "24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Secondly, you will definitely like BadCreditLoans professional yet simple website design, which lets you easily find all the info you need to meet a perfect bad credit loans guaranteed approval direct lender. 

And lastly, it's a scam-spotting guide. BadCreditLoans offers a whole catalog of articles that will help you avoid scamming bad credit lenders, including posts on scam Twitter direct messages, BBB email imposters, debt collection scams, and many others.

💸 Apply for Personal Loans for Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval on BadCreditLoans 💸

BadCreditLoans has several drawbacks, though. For example, it states its lenders may not be available in all American states. That's why, if your state is not on this list, you will have to look for another marketplace. Secondly, the loan providers on BadCreditLoans are expensive, setting the repayment fees from 5.99% (3 months minimum) to 35.99% (72 months maximum).


  • A scam-spotting guide
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Quick funding speed


  • Not available in all states
  • Repayment terms may not be that flexible



A comfortable borrowing is guaranteed with PlanBLoan—a newcomer in the field of bad credit loans, which has earned its name for its up-to-date interface and easy credit application process. Receive up to $5,000 for your personal emergencies and get a chance to improve your credit history by keeping to the monthly repayment with affordable interest rates.

  • Providing loans: since 2021
  • Loan types: personal loans, online payday loans, installment loans
  • Loans available: from $200 to $5,000
  • Monthly website visitors: 58.7K

Pros & Cons

The first good thing about PlanBLoan you notice when visiting its website is how well-thought-out the interface is planned. From up to bottom, you see all the essential info you need to apply for guarantee approval loans.

Secondly, PlanBLoan directly states that it has a data protection providing SSL security system, which will ensure your info won't be handed to other parties than those involved—you, PlanBLoan, and your potential creditors.

In addition, PlanBLoan has a sub-section that includes the answers to the most burning questions you might have when dealing with bad credit loans, such as the info about APR its lenders may set, the impact on your credit history after applying for a bad credit loan, etc.

Additionally, this company has an easy loan application process. When you fill out the application form, where you mention the basic info about yourself, you receive a set of lending options: choose the lender who offers repayment terms that fit your financial capacities and receive your cash within 24 hours.

PlanBLoan also offers Customer Support ready to answer your questions via email. However, some drawbacks of this platform arise. Contacting the support team is possible only via email. Unfortunately, no phone connection is available. Also, the platform mentions its services aren't available in all states, so you may get disappointed when you find it applies to your state, too.


  • Decent security measures
  • Quick approval process
  • Fair interest rates
  • A possibility to improve your credit score with this platform


  • Customer Support doesn't work via phone
  • Available not in all states



Do you want to repair your house or take a vacation but have no money or not enough money for your little dream? CashUSA can help you by providing short and long-term personal loans. This trustworthy company offers a secure form to connect with your ideal lender and receive quick cash up to $10,000.

  • Providing loans: since 1997
  • Loan types: personal loans, installment loans, tribal loans
  • Loans available: from $500 to $10,000
  • Monthly website visitors: 331.4K

Pros & Cons

CashUSA is a lending network connecting individuals with bad credit lenders for more than 20 years. First working with traditional loans, the company then started providing other types, such as personal and installment loans. With the help of CashUSA, people get up to $10,000 on their emergency expenses.

One of the best things about this platform is that receiving money is easy: you only need to fill out the application quiz, which will require such details: age not lower than 18 years, USA citizenship, income not less than $1,000, contact numbers, and valid email address. Then, your application will be given to the network's lenders to consider, and afterward, you will receive offers from creditors—select the one that best fits your preferences in the loan amount and interest rates.

By the way, the network of lenders on CashUSA is enormous—approximately 5,000 providers are ready to offer you a loan with beneficial terms.

In addition, CashUSA is one of a few providers that offer tribal loans—lenders providing these loans work on tribal land. However, because of this, the lending laws common for the whole country may not work on these lands. That's why you need to be a bit careful when considering such creditors.

CashUSA does have several cons, unfortunately.Firstly, the monthly income requirement of $1,000 may be too much for some applicants who consider trying to find a lender on this platform. Secondly, the interest rates are also a bit high here: from 5.99% to 35.99%.


  • Loans provided in 50 states
  • Cash will be applied to you within 24 hours after approval
  • Co-signers and co-borrowers are accepted
  • A straightforward interface


  • Your monthly income should be not less than $1,000
  • High interest rates

What are bad credit loans guaranteed approval and how does it work?

When you hear the phrases "poor credit loans guaranteed approval" or "poor credit instant approval," you might assume it means you can get money within a matter of seconds. However, instant bad credit personal loans imply something different. A no-credit verification loan does, indeed, mean you can get cash no matter what your credit history looks like. Bad credit lenders don't make such a thorough credit search of your personality. However, they will pay attention to other characteristics to make sure you will be able to stick to repayment terms. These things include your income (some personal loan providers may set a minimum monthly income for potential borrowers) and employment status to check if and what kind of income source you have. They can also check your bank account information, assets, and even education. Moreover, a key condition to receive a loan approval is to prove you are 18 or older: no institution, even bad credit lenders, provides credits for people younger than this age.

As we said, instant payday loans don't mean a one-second approval because bad credit loan providers need time to screen the info in your personal loan application. They have to do it because personal loans are quite an unsecured thing: who knows, maybe you won't give the money back? That's why they need this sort of defense against unpaid online loans.

However, bad credit loan companies are more loyal than banks and other financial institutions, like credit unions, for example, because they are more likely to approve your bad credit application and send you a needed fund within 24 hours after approval. These bad credit check loans fit best for people who have emergency situations and can't receive a loan from their bank.

It's also worth talking about the loan amount you can get from a bad credit lender. Bad credit loan funds are usually smaller than the loans you get from a bank, typically ranging from $200 to $10,000.

Are payday loan creditors a completely ideal option? Well, they are definitely an excellent way for people with a bad credit score as they are like a silver lining for such emergencies as covering other credits or paying unexpected medical bills. They allow you to do it without sinking in bureaucracy papers and waiting for ages for approval. However, they set higher interest rates than banks. Why? Not only clients want a secure deal. Creditors also want to secure repayment of these loans. That's why the fees from payday lenders may be quite high, reaching 30.00% and more.

Things to consider while requesting guaranteed loans for bad credit loans guaranteed approval

How to find a secure bad credit lender to get a mortgage without a credit report? You don't have to worry about this question because we curated a list with one of the most trustworthy online lenders who give loans to individuals with a bad credit history. However, if you want to learn about other websites besides those provided in this article, you should check the following features:

  • Firstly, you need to check the reviews and ratings available about potential low credit score providers. It will give you an overall understanding of whether the sources are reliable.
  • Secondly, read through their requirements. For example, a minimum credit score provider can mention they require a borrower to have a monthly income starting from $1,000, while you may have only $900. In this case, the lender won't approve your application. Also, the lender may ask to be a citizen of a specific country, the USA, for instance. If you have another citizenship, they won't be able to provide you with funds.
  • Then, check for loan terms. This info must include the duration of a loan—how much you have to repay for this loan, what is the final sum of money you will have to pay as a repayment? The latter point also implies comparing the interest rates and fees of a potential service with other bad credit direct lenders and thinking whether it will be profitable for you to address this particular provider for help.
  • Lastly, look for hidden fees. Often, unsecured loan creditors can have hidden fees, which may, as a result, increase your final repayment sum. For example, bad credit score loan services may offer optional insurance products, which will have its cost, although the company won't mention it. You need to check carefully on the website or ask your lender or customer support. By the way, it's a great way to check the responsiveness of the customer support team. Its responsiveness is crucial because the company should react quickly if you have troubles concerning your bad credit score loan.

It's worth adding that even with such lenders, you will need to sign a loan agreement. When you receive your instant loan approval for bad credit, you should carefully read the terms and conditions, checking whether the provider doesn't "accidentally" add fees they didn't mention before, etc.

How do I apply for a personal loan for bad credit guaranteed approval?

Your journey of getting secured personal loans for bad credit will look like this:

  • Firstly, you define the amount of money you need to borrow. You can't say a random sum for several reasons: a) if you ask for a lower sum, you might end up borrowing money again; b) if you ask for a bigger sum, you will need to pay a higher repayment. Another thing you have to check is your credit score because it will define how high the interest rate on a particular platform will be for you.
  • Then, you look for a reputable (and beneficial) bad credit score provider (how to find them, you can learn in the previous sub-section).
  • Once you decide on a provider, you send an application for a bad credit personal loan. The application form will require basic info about you: name, contacts, income, and job situation. Usually, you need to "support" these details by providing certain documentation, such as documents that show your real income and identity (a copy of your passport, pay stubs, etc.).
  • Now, wait for a bad credit approval! It won't take much time: only several hours of a business day or a couple of days. Some providers do a quick credit check and can apply funds to you instantly. Once your application is approved, you get a loan agreement, which you need to read carefully, and only then send a signed copy to your lender.
  • Lastly, use your funds wisely and be ready for repayment.


What credit score do I need for a personal loan?

Although lenders have different credit score limits, they usually set such requirements: over 720 scores are considered as an excellent credit history, while a score starting from 650 is good. A credit score is considered poor when it's lower than 630 or, on some platforms, 580 points. When you have poor credit, you need to address companies that provide guaranteed personal loans for bad credit.

Will the inability to make loan repayments on time negatively impact my credit score?

It depends on the sympathy of your lender. Usually, bad credit lenders accept your justifications (if they are reasonable) for late monthly payments. However, some providers can file your account, which can lower your credit score even more.

Do any loans guarantee approval?

No, you may not pass a credit check and not receive approval if your credit score is too low or you don't fit the requirements of a potential creditor. Always check whether you can fulfill the conditions of potential lenders to get a bad credit approval.

What types of loans are easiest to get approved for?

The very first "loan lenders" you can address are your family and friends :) They won't ask for interest rates and set hidden fees for their "services." Other options include:

  1. Cash advances (payday loans): such lenders don't do a credit check of your profile and can apply funds to you within 24 hours. However, they usually have very high interest rates.
  2. Secured loans: these providers offer loans backed up by collateral. This collateral can be your house, car, etc. If you fail to repay your loan, the company can take away your collateral.
  3. Credit union: A credit union is a cooperative whose members invest their savings in their common "money pool" and can take loans there at a low-interest rate. However, to be a member of such a union, you have to have something in common with other members. Usually, it's a trade union, a church, or even people living in the same area.

How can I quickly obtain a loan with no credit?

The easiest way to obtain such approval is to apply for personal loans no credit check direct lender as they usually have low requirements for borrowers, although the interest rates might be too high.

Summing up

Guaranteed approval loans for individuals with a bad credit score may seem like a hard-to-achieve goal. But it is so if you don't try providers who lend bad credit personal loans—an excellent solution that will let you receive emergency money that credit unions and banks would refuse to give you because of your poor credit history.

We hope that now you know a bit more about bad credit loans and will benefit from the info we provided on the best companies with lenders offering guaranteed personal loans for poor credit in the USA.


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