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Augusta Precious Metals Review: Fees, Ratings, BBB, Complaints, Is It legit?

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Augusta Precious Metals Review: Fees, Ratings, BBB, Complaints, Is It legit?

Want to learn more about this company? With this Augusta Precious Metals Review, we'll help you explore why this gold IRA company is a top choice for many investors.

Augusta Precious Metals Review
Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta Precious Metals Review: Fees, Ratings, BBB, Complaints, Is it legit?

In today's time and economy, investing wisely is crucial. Given the financial landscape changing rapidly and the traditional investment avenues becoming more at risk of market volatility, people now need remarkable solutions to safeguard their retirement savings.

Fortunately, Augusta Precious Metals has that kind of service!

My Research of Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is well-received and seen by the public. It was crowned by Money Magazine as the Best Overall Gold IRA Company in 2023 and even has a few more notable awards and recognitions under its belt. Unsurprisingly, it is among the most recognizable names in the gold investment and precious metals industry.

How did Augusta achieve such a feat? The firm double-checks to ensure you invest for the right reasons by assessing your financial objectives. After that, they suggest the best investment strategy and solution to help you reach your financial goals quickly.


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Though, the question most people ask is this: Is it well-earned? Does Augusta Precious Metals deserve the hype around its name and reputation?

I researched Augusta Precious Metals to derive my conclusions and find answers. This Augusta Precious Metals Review is the fruit of that intensive and thorough research and analysis.

At the core of the gold and silver IRA market, I learned that Augusta Precious Metals stands tall, towering over numerous gold IRA companies in terms of solid reputation and public perception.

One man was behind the initial creation of this gold investment monster of a company — Isaac Nuriani. Several years of working and assisting American seniors in meeting their financial needs pushed Nuriani to develop a personal mission. He wants to inform the public of potential retirement issues led by economic policies that would be more on the side of giant banks than civilians and individual retirement savers.

He created Augusta Precious Metals to help equip people and investors with the proper tools and knowledge to help them survive investment concerns like market volatility and economic fluctuation. With his gold IRA company, Nuriani urges investors to diversify their retirement and investment portfolio with precious metal products.

Alongside Nuriani, the people who helped Augusta reach the level it is now are Devlyn Steele, Director of Education, and Howard Smith, Chief Financial Officer. They are dynamic and influential leaders and figureheads of Augusta who highly contributed to the company's current success.

It's been over a decade since its establishment, and Augusta Precious Metals has made giant leaps in making a difference in the precious metals market. Over the years, this gold IRA company became a reliable and trustworthy company that helps investors diversify their portfolios with precious metals individual retirement account (IRA).

With a general focus on catering to gold investment customers and clients interested in purchasing gold and other precious metals, Augusta Precious Metals marked itself as a beacon of excellence in gold investment.

Augusta's dedication and commitment to transparency and education make it different from many gold IRA companies. Its vision of giving top-tier gold-related services and educating clients to help them make better financial decisions makes Augusta Precious Metals genuinely thrive in the industry.

What Do Clients Think about Augusta Precious Metals?


When deciding on a company to work with in the gold and silver IRA market, learning what their clients say about them would help you get a general idea of the business. To help gauge the overall unbiased view of the public, reading Augusta Precious Metals reviews from current and former clients is essential.

We checked several reputable and reliable review sites to see people's experiences with the firm.

We learned that Augusta Precious Metals focuses solely on precious metal IRAs, particularly gold and silver IRAs. It's a rare business concept or plan since larger companies tend to offer additional products, like crypto assets and conventional retirement accounts, to attract large-scale investors.

Augusta's choice to set its sights on a single market makes it appealing to many investors and clients. The single-minded focus attests to Augusta's dedication to excel and thrive in gold and silver IRA services and precious metals investments.

For investors, Augusta's long-term focus on sticking to precious metal products and services speaks a lot about its security and reliability. After all, to most, it is always better to place your trust in a successful and highly competent company that stood the test of time.

Overall, Augusta Precious Metals has a solidly positive reputation. Here's a grand overview of the ratings from various review sites:

  • Better Business Bureau: 4.97 out of 5 stars, with no complaints
  • Customer Affairs: 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Google My Business: 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • TrustLink: 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Business Consumer Alliance: AAA rating, with no complaints
  • Facebook: 4.8 out of 5 stars

No matter which huge review site you visit, you will only find positive reviews aimed at Augusta Precious Metals. As it turns out, current and former clients have nothing bad to say about the company's gold IRA account services and staff.

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Why I Think Augusta Precious Metals Stands Out From Its Competitors (Better Business Bureau)

Augusta Precious Metals is an excellent choice of gold IRA company for clients looking to buy gold and other precious metals for the first time. However, it also has services that better fit veteran investors searching for a long-term partner who can protect their retirement account and investment portfolio.

The company offers tailored investment recommendations, insights on market trends, and storage options for all their clients. Their personalized approach ensures that every client will have their financial needs met.

Augusta Precious Metals offers much more than helping with your gold IRA account. This firm stands out from its competitor companies due to the following reasons:

Augusta Precious Metals Highlights Education With Its Customers

Augusta Precious Metals takes education and knowledge seriously. The firm ensures they go above and beyond in educating their customers, ensuring they are adequately aware of everything they need to know before they purchase gold or open an Augusta Precious Metals IRA.

With the rich amount of educational resources Augusta has, you won't have to worry about going into this industry completely blind. In fact, among the first things that Augusta Precious Metals offers its potential clients is a free gold IRA kit. This comprehensive guide contains practical and valuable information about precious metals investing, ways to safeguard investments, gold's role against inflation, and more.

Their abundant educational resources do not end with guides, articles, videos, or other informative materials. Augusta Precious Metals also offers a complimentary investment webinar hosted by a Harvard Economist, Devlyn Steele, who gives information about the benefits of investing in precious metals and how to start a self-directed gold and silver IRA account.

The company aims to educate customers and help them navigate the complex precious metals investing world. Augusta's official website even has a page dedicated to helping customers avoid gold IRA scams. The company can empower investors to make intelligent and confident financial investing decisions by giving them access to helpful resources and educational material.

Augusta Precious Metals Provides Lifetime Customer Service

Among the primary company values that Augusta lives by is dedication to its customers. They embody that by ensuring they provide continuous and consistently exceptional customer service and support with their team of highly competent professionals.

Based on my experience and the personal account of multiple other customers on various review sites, Augusta gives every customer access to their entire team of gold and silver IRA professionals mainly dedicated to assisting investors in reaching their financial goals.

What's more admirable with Augusta Precious Metals is that they offer lifetime customer support and service. Rest assured that you will receive only expert assistance and guidance for every precious metals investment issue you have.

From the beginning of your journey with Augusta Precious Metals, a personal account manager will be with you — from account creation to funding and product selection. They are also ready to assist you with any questions or queries about paperwork or fees.

The account lifetime support extends to every inquiry regarding required minimum investment, liquidations of physical gold, distributions, and transfers.

Augusta Precious Metals Has an Easy Account Opening Process

With Augusta, you can expect endless educational resources and an easy, step-by-step account opening process. If you're new to precious metals investing, you have yet to gain experience opening a gold self-directed IRA account. Being a beginner-friendly company, Augusta Precious Metals ensures you are guided throughout the account opening process, making it much easier.

They have a straightforward investment process. Being someone who has been investing in precious metals for a while now, I can say that Augusta is one of the only gold IRA companies providing this level of simplicity. Thus, their streamlined approach can truly catch anyone off guard.

Aside from creating the retirement account, clients can ask Augusta to help roll over their funds from an existing IRA account to the new one. Augusta will ensure it will be as stress-free as possible for the client.

Their team of gold and silver IRA experts and professionals collaborates with you to handle all the paperwork smoothly and with no issues. Their willingness to assist is also not limited to Augusta Precious Metals gold IRA creation. They provide lifetime support, so be sure to take advantage of that.

Augusta Precious Metals Has a Dedicated IRA Processing Department

This company also has an IRA processing department. They are in charge of helping customers complete the necessary paperwork to ensure smooth sailing and management of their precious metals IRAs.

In particular, The IRA processing department will work with the client to help them complete the IRA transfer paperwork. At the same time, the order desk at Augusta will guide clients through the options available to them. They will also help you purchase precious metals.

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Getting Started with Augusta Precious Metals

Now, how to get started with Augusta? As mentioned, the process is ultimately straightforward. The main reason this company is known to have exceptional customer service is primarily due to the willingness of the staff and team to lend a helping hand to all of its clients.

In Augusta Precious Metals, there are five simple steps you need to take to open a precious metals IRA.

Contact an Agent

If you want to set up a precious metals IRA in Augusta, you need to contact an agent from the company. You can find their contact information on their official website.

The agent you will get in contact with will guide you through their account creation process. Augusta also offers a complimentary consultation with their professional or specialist to help answer all your inquiries.

During this initial stage, be honest and transparent, especially with your financial goals and objectives. That way, they can help you determine the best investment strategy and solution that would fit your needs.

Before opening the account, know that a minimum investment is required to set up a precious metals IRA, which is $50,000.

Get Access to Educational Materials

Augusta Precious Metals has a wealth of educational content and resources, including videos, webinars, and articles. These help investors expand their knowledge about investing in precious metals.

Their official website is a bank of resources about gold and silver IRA. You can quickly access these contents as soon as you become a client. The free gold IRAs guide you will receive initially is something you can only find here. Augusta Precious Metals also offers a newsletter and blog about investing and buying precious metals.

Start the IRA Processing

Next comes the actual precious metals IRA account creation and set-up process. Setting up a gold and silver IRA with this reliable gold IRA provider requires the completion of all the required paperwork and funding the account with a transfer, rollover, or deposit.

Aside from the minimum investment in Augusta worth $50,000, various other fees are attached to gold IRAs. These costs cover setting up and maintaining the gold and silver IRAs. They are there to ensure that the firm can provide the best possible service.

Build Your Portfolio

Augusta Precious Metals offers expert assistance for portfolio-building, primarily to retirement savers and investors looking for ways to diversify their accounts with precious metals investment. As a premier provider and distributor of gold and silver IRAs for portfolio diversification, Augusta prides itself in offering some of the broadest array of investment products and options in the market.

They have various gold and silver coins, rounds, bars, and IRA-eligible coins that you can use on your self-directed gold IRAs. With the help, guidance, and assistance of Augusta Precious Metals, investors can safely and confidently build a diversified investment portfolio that can help them secure a great financial future.

Finalize Your Order

The last step involves finalizing your order. Upon deciding on the precious metal products, you will receive a call from an Augusta representative. They will confirm your order to ensure everything is set.

After finalizing your order with the representative, the firm will process it immediately.

Products I Invested in Through Augusta Precious Metals

The company sells physical gold products and manages Augusta Precious Metals gold IRAs. Investing in precious metals in Augusta can offer many benefits, including protection against inflation, potential capital appreciation, and portfolio diversification.

Under the product selection of Augusta Precious Metals, the various products are divided into several main categories.

Common Gold Bullion

Under the gold bullion selection of Augusta are the following:

  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Gold Canadian Polar Bear
  • Gold Bar
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic
  • Gold American Eagle and more

Common Silver Bullion

There are several standard silver bullion products offered by Augusta, with some of them being:

  • Silver Round
  • Silver Bags
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • America The Beautiful
  • Silver Round 1oz
  • Canadian Silver 5 Blessings
  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver
  • Silver 90% Bar and more

Premium Gold

Augusta Precious Metals holds some of the best collections of premium gold coins and products in the market, in my opinion. Some of them I invested in happened to be:

  • $20 Liberty
  • $20 Saint Gaudens
  • 2014 Canadian Gold Arctic Fox
  • $10 Indian
  • Commemorative and more

Premium Silver

If you're an investor looking for some premium silver products, here are some assets from Augusta Precious Metals that caught my interest:

  • Mercury Dime
  • Canadian Silver Polar Bear and Cub
  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver Soaring Eagle
  • Ben Franklin Half Dollar
  • Commemorative Dollar and more

IRA Eligible Coins

Finally, this product list would only be complete with IRA-eligible coins. Here are some of the IRA-approved precious metals that you can invest in Augusta:

  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • American Silver Eagle
  • American Eagle Proofs
  • Australian Striped Marlin and more

Remember that to qualify as an IRA eligible, a precious metals coin must meet the IRS requirements. Gold coins, except the American Gold Eagle coin, must have a 99.5% minimum purity. Silver coins need a purity of at least 99.9%.

What Are the Fees or Costs of Setting up an IRA with Augusta Precious Metals?

Before opening and setting up an account with Augusta Precious Metals, you must know the associated costs and fees. Buying gold and placing it in an IRA is a costly investment. There's also the fact that there are other fees to worry about besides the account set-up and storage fee.

To help you prepare, here is a breakdown of fees you should expect when opening a gold and silver IRA at Augusta Precious Metals:

  • Setting Up Fee: To set up an account with Augusta Precious Metals, you must settle a $50 fee.
  • Premium Fee: Augusta Precious Metals charges a premium fee for the bullion and coins above the spot silver and gold prices. The premium will vary, mainly depending on the product — though it usually ranges from 3-10%.
  • Gold Storage Fee: There's an annual storage fee if you store your gold and silver coins with the company. That fee covers the cost of insurance and secure storage. It will cost around $100-$250 annually, depending primarily on the value of the assets.
  • Custodian Fee: Like storage fees, there is an annual custodian fee. Typically, Augusta charges $100 annually.
  • Spread: The company has a 5% spread, lower than most companies. However, premium purchases can go as high as 35%.
  • Other Costs: Depending on the investment asset and the investor's circumstances, there may be other costs associated, like shipping fees, penalties, and transfer fees.

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Is It Possible to Purchase Physical Gold and Silver with Augusta Precious Metals?

Owning precious metals outside of an IRA is possible if you purchase physical gold and silver bullion with this firm. Augusta Precious Metals offers gold and silver cash purchases with premium and high levels of customer service from qualified professionals.

Augusta Precious Metals safe and secure delivery ensures you will receive your gold and silver coins and bars without any issues or hassle. Given that it's a private delivery, the delivery man wouldn't even have a single clue on what the item is. This private delivery method ensures the packages arrive safely in clients' homes, lowering the risk of theft and stolen goods.

Augusta promises to be accountable for the package shipment and will only transfer the responsibility to the client once the precious metals arrive in their homes. To purchase physical gold and silver coins, there are three notable steps to follow:

  • Funding the account
  • Buying the gold and silver products
  • Signing up for delivery

Once the order is finalized and paid for, Augusta Precious Metals will take over the shipment and delivery. As the client, you must only wait patiently for your precious metals to arrive.

However, before purchasing, know the IRS rules and regulations when storing physical gold.

Augusta Precious Metals Pros and Cons

Before dubbing Augusta Precious Metals as your personal gold IRA company, you must first carefully analyze its pros and cons. Do the benefits far outweigh the flaws of the firm? Is investing in it genuinely worth it?

Here are the pros and cons of Augusta you need to know about:


  • Augusta Precious Metals has many benefits that make us love its service.
  • Extremely positive reviews from the Better Business Bureau
  • Free shipping on all your orders
  • Free extensive educational content and resources
  • Professional guidance and assistance to help clients manage their paperwork and complete the opening of their IRA
  • Wide array of precious metals
  • Competitive gold prices
  • Long list of collector's coins to choose from
  • Free gold offers and deals for clients
  • Lifetime support and assistance from qualified professionals who specialize in precious metals
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Gold buybacks
  • Nearly perfect customer reviews with almost no Augusta Precious Metals complaints
  • Straightforward set-up process
  • Emphasis on client education regarding precious metals investing
  • Free webinar hosted by a Harvard economist to aid clients in understanding the need to diversify portfolios with precious metals
  • Real-life price chart to keep clients updated on the most recent prices of precious metals
  • Latest market news with expert updates on the economy that clients need to know about


  • Unfortunately, like any other precious metals company, Augusta also has its series of flaws and drawbacks to work on. Among those are:
  • A high minimum investment of at least $50,000
  • Only serves and caters to clients in the US, with only one depository option located outside of the country (Ontario, Canada)
  • No pricing of their products on their website
  • To get the prices of their products, you will need to reach out to their company representative
  • Don't accept online orders
  • Need to dig through multiple forms to find the fee structure
  • Spread is high for premium purchases

Frequently Asked Questions About Augusta Precious Metals

Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit?

Augusta Precious Metals is a legitimate gold investment company. It has been around for over a decade and has proven time and time again that it deserves the positive reviews and feedback it receives.

The firm is well-regulated and managed, with solid financial backing and reputation. Augusta is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Numismatic Association. It is also registered and part of the US Mint, so rest assured that it is a reputable and trustworthy source of precious metals.

Are There Hidden Costs To Augusta Precious Metals?

No. Augusta Precious Metals promises a transparent fee structure with no hidden fees or service charges. You can check with their company agent or representative to check the prices of the products and services.

Is Augusta Precious Metals Worth It?

Yes. Augusta has three core principles that it stands by — transparency, simplicity, and service. The company strives to embody these principles in every business transaction while ensuring they provide the best possible service possible.

Augusta's commitment to these principles helped it become a leading gold provider.

Are The Augusta Precious Metals Reviews Authentic?

Yes. Looking and sweeping through multiple customer reviews from various trusted review sites gave us a clearer view and idea of how Augusta does its business.

Overall, Augusta has a positive reputation and public reception, gaining great and exceptional reviews from its former and current clients.

Final Thoughts - Augusta Precious Metals Review

Retirement savings are among the main things that people stress over these days. Given our harsh economy, investing and saving are necessary to secure a great financial future upon reaching old age. Most turn to traditional investment vehicles, like stocks and mutual bonds, though more and more investors are giving precious metals a chance.

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Amid precious metals' growing popularity, Augusta is leading the march of gold investment companies. In response to its stellar reputation, I evaluated the company to see if Augusta's fame and positive feedback are well-earned, with this Augusta Precious Metals Review being the result.

From what I gathered, Augusta Precious Metals does not disappoint. From educational content and exceptional customer support to transparency and professional experience, Augusta goes above and beyond.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.