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An Early Dogecoin (DOGE) Investor Shares How To Make A Bank's CEO Salary Without Working Hard Like One

Learn the secrets of an early Dogecoin (DOGE) investor who made a bank's CEO salary without breaking a sweat. Discover how you can achieve financial success in the crypto market and increase your earnings without working like a CEO.


Dogecoin (DOGE)

Grass to grace stories have become a norm in cryptocurrency space, all thanks to high-risk high-returns meme coins. Due to their fun nature and their explosive tendencies, meme coins have become the go to investment option for investors seeking exponential gains.

In quest to make our dreams a reality, we sat down with an early Dogecoin (DOGE) investor to share some tips on how he did it. Like the saying goes, whenever you want to learn, try and learn from the best.

Join us on this exclusive as we unravel his remarkable journey.

Dogecoin (DOGE): The Beginning of Breakthrough


Meet Jake, a guy known for his tenacity and selflessness. 

Having lost hope during the financial crisis of 2008, he was inspired after reading Bitcoin’s whitepaper. He saw through the innovation and believed that cryptocurrency could be the next big thing. 

Jake followed through on his belief by keeping tabs on crypto for years waiting for more adoption before diving in. While waiting, come Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) among others.

As a lover of dogs, Jake was attracted to Dogecoin. He also cited that what made him invest was due to the low price of Dogecoin. He felt he could acquire a lot of DOGE with $1000 compared to other cryptos on the market.


He watched Dogecoin’s growth for 2 years before finally putting his money where his mouth is in 2015 when DOGE hit $0.0000869 acquiring about 11 million DOGE.

Throughout the years, Jake was tempted to sell especially during 2018 when DOGE peaked at $0.018, then, his investment was sitting at $207k. Jake later blamed himself for not selling before the crypto crash of 2018.

It took another 3 years before another DOGE rally which saw DOGE’s price peaked at $0.74 in the 2021 bull-run.

Jake sold some of his bag at $0.53, a move which took him to an elite status in crypto space.

Takeaways From Jake’s Story

From Jake's journey, we can glean three valuable investment strategies:

  • Small investments in small-cap cryptocurrencies can yield bigger returns compared to large investments in large-cap assets.
  • The next breakout investments might be unknown today
  • Successful investments often require holding through challenging times, persevering for months or even years.

According to Jake, If you're seeking the next big thing, here's a little secret for you: focus on quality presales and get in early. Timing is paramount! To capture those Dogecoin-like returns, seek out projects with fresh and innovative ideas.

One such project Jake is betting on next to replicate Dogecoin's success, is Anarchy. 


Wondering what he saw in Anarchy? Let’s take a look together

Anarchy (ANA): Jake’s Next Bet

The crypto space is about to undergo a radical transformation as Anarchy (ANA) takes the stage. Embodying the true essence of freedom and decentralisation, ANA is not your typical meme coin. It stands as a beacon of hope, challenging corrupt financial organisations with a witty arsenal of memes and humour. Let the era of accountability begin!

At its core, Anarchy is driven by a noble mission – to hold traditional institutions accountable and advocate for transparency. Through creative memes and stickers, the project empowers its vibrant community to make a change while having a blast doing it.


The heart of Anarchy lies in its commitment to community governance. With the introduction of the DAO Treasury, every ANA token holder has a voice in the project’s trajectory. 

Your opinions matter, and together, we decide on fund allocation for investments or charitable endeavours through democratic voting. The profits generated from these investments are then shared among all members, fostering inclusivity and rewarding participation.

Experts and investors alike have recognized Anarchy as a meme coin like no other. As the year unfolds, ANA's unique approach to fighting corruption is set to outshine its competitors and this is what made Jake realised that Anarchy is the real deal


Are you ready to join in on this endeavour? Secure some ANA in the ongoing presale and gain access to a community that thrives on collectivity and inclusivity. 

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