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AltSignals Crypto Follows Growth Pattern Of AI Cryptos Like The Graph — Why Invest In ASI?

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AltSignals Crypto Follows Growth Pattern Of AI Cryptos Like The Graph — Why Invest In ASI?

ASI incentivizes investors with more tokens by granting them greater access to the robust ActualizeAI ecosystem. Holders with more tokens may gain earlier access to new updates and tools before they are released to the general public.

AltSignals Crypto Follows Growth Pattern Of AI Cryptos Like The Graph
AltSignals Crypto Follows Growth Pattern Of AI Cryptos Like The Graph

2023 has been a year of twists and turns for crypto. Once-promising cryptos like The Graph (GRT) struggle to recapture their all-time highs, outshone by a new generation of AI utility projects like AltSignals (ASI). Notably, the AltSignals presale is picking up steam, raising $1.4m thus far as it enters stage 2 of its long-awaited initial coin offering. Can AltSignals follow The Graph’s growth pattern during the latter’s 2020 ICO phase? And which AI crypto is a better buy in 2023?

What is AltSignals (ASI)?

AltSignals, an established trading signals platform servicing over 50,000 subscribers since 2017, is among the most trusted names in the game. Boasting a lifetime accuracy rate of 64%, AltSignals is again making waves with the initial coin offering of its ASI token.

The ASI token presale will fund AltSignals’ new AI-enabled trading solution called ActualizeAI—a next-generation AI-integrated platform designed to increase AltSignals’ win rate to over 80%. The introduction of AI to AltSignals’ existing offering is expected to solidify the company’s status as the premier trading signals provider in the business.

Astute crypto observers are projecting big things for AltSignals, comparing its growth pattern and successful ICO to the Graph’s 2020 launch - a prelude to how ASI could skyrocket in value as artificial intelligence drives the next wave of Web3 adoption in the coming years.

AltSignals is following in the footsteps of successful AI projects like the Graph by leveraging the rising demand for generative AI technologies—a sector set to grow from $40 billion in 2022 to $1.3 trillion by 2032.

How does the AltSignals (ASI) presale work?

The ASI presale is the perfect opportunity for growth-minded investors to get into the lucrative sector and recognize the immense potential of AltSignals’ offering. It’s a project virtually programmed to appreciate in value over time.

Currently, ASI tokens are available at a discounted presale price of $0.01875 as it approaches month 8 of its ICO. This represents an excellent entry point for investors looking to invest at the very beginning of a protocol widely expected to recreate, if not outdo, the Graph’s early successes.

ASI holders will gain access to exclusive trading insights from ActualizeAI. Holders of over 50,000+ ASI tokens will become part of the exclusive AI Members Club, with lifetime access to the sophisticated AI trading platform. This includes early access to new rollouts and beta testing opportunities.

AltSignals has appointed Sebastian Diaconu as Head of Product, working closely with the team to implement the finishing touches of AI sophistication to the final product. Diaconu brings decades of experience in the blockchain/fintech/Web3 sector to AltSignals.

It’s clear why forward-thinking investors are looking at AltSignals as the next big thing in the AI crypto sector—making the ASI presale launch among the most highly-awaited ICOs of 2023.

What is the Graph (GRT)?

The Graph (GRT) is among the early AI crypto projects that burst into the scene in 2020. It’s an open-source, decentralized indexing protocol that gathers, processes, and stores data from blockchain services and applications. The Graph indexes data across 26 blockchain networks and counting, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum, among others. It uses AI to do what Google Search did for Web2—only the Graph does it for Web3. 2023 saw the Graph surge in value off the heels of growing interest and positive sentiment for AI crypto investment opportunities.

ASI vs. GRT: 2025 price predictions

With AltSignals still in its ICO phase, ASI has a significantly higher ceiling for its price to skyrocket. On the other hand, the Graph already peaked back in February 2021, when GRT traded at $2.84 per token. Today, GRT trades at $0.11, trading 96% below its all-time high. And at a current market capitalization of $1 billion, GRT’s growth trajectory is capped. In 2025, investors can expect GRT to trade around the $1 to $1.50 range—representing solid, if unspectacular, prospects.

ASI, meanwhile, has barely scratched the surface of its immense potential both as a crypto investment and as a trading signals platform. The projected exponential growth and demand for AI-as-a-service and AI crypto projects, in general, should drive ASI token prices through the roof. It’s not surprising why crypto analysts predict ASI to trade near the $1 to $2 mark when the next bull market comes around in 2025, representing gains of over 100x to 200x from its launch price of $0.01.

The Graph (GRT) vs. AltSignals (ASI): Which should you buy?

AltSignals’ potential to appreciate ahead of 2025 far outweighs that of its fellow AI crypto, the Graph. With the demand for AI crypto expected to skyrocket—and with a dearth of quality AI crypto projects in general—AltSignals has the potential to do a 30-50x increase ahead of the next bull market.

GRT may have seen its best days—and it might have already peaked too soon. Meanwhile, ASI blows GRT out of the water in terms of its potential for ROI and long-term viability. If you’re looking for one of the best investment opportunities in the AI crypto space, don’t miss out on the AltSignals presale.

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