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7 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes Instantly & Cheap

Having the maximum number of likes is the key to taking your Instagram account to the next level. If you are an aspiring Instagram influencer or a business owner with an active Instagram handle, you must have as many likes as possible.

7 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes Instantly & Cheap

Instagram likes are the best way to get your product or services noted online quickly. Also, it establishes you as a brand and generates traffic further. But getting a high number of likes is not very easy. It may take you months and years to get noticed on Instagram and start having a steady number of likes.

So, one of the best ways to get maximum Instagram likes is to buy them. Many trusted online services let you purchase authentic Instagram likes from them. But as many are available, you may need help finding the right one for you.

Too long to read? BuzzVoice is the #1 website for buying Instagram likes - they offer guaranteed and instant delivery, with pricing starting at just $2.97!

If you are up for a detailed explanation which websites are best for buying Instagram likes and why - keep reading and you will find 7 top Instagram likes websites and also understand why purchasing Instagram likes is advantageous for your profile.

Top Sites to Buy Instagram Likes

The top-rated sites to buy Instagram likes from are as follows:

Top 7 Sites to Buy Real Instagram Likes Instantly & Cheap - Detailed Reviews, Advantages and Disadvantages

1. BuzzVoice.com 馃

BuzzVoice.com is a website famous for its social media marketing services. They provide various marketing services for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and many more.

They primarily provide services that increase the engagement of various social media profiles. They have one of the top-rated services regarding Instagram likes and followers.

Customers can purchase 100 likes onwards for their Instagram likes order page. The price range of Instagram likes at BuzzVoice.com starts at an affordable $2.97. The website requires no Instagram passwords for delivering the likes. So, you need not worry about them violating your privacy or safety.

BuzzVoice is rated at 5/5 based on 4500+ verified reviews.

Pros 馃憤

路 Easy-to-use interface on the website.

路 Affordable prices.

路 The number of likes to deliver is highly flexible to choose.

路 Multiple payment options available.

路 Ensures delivery in a few hours.

路 Offers real likes.

Cons 馃憥

路 Support is handled through email only (24-hour response time)

You can order any number of Instagram likes from BuzzVoice.com. The options are available from 100 likes to 50,000 likes. Even if you order a large number of likes, the delivery starts within thirty minutes. You can choose the pace of the delivery.

The platform also offers same-day delivery. You can get the entire order delivered to your profile within the same day without paying any extra charges.

They also ensure to provide likes from some of the top accounts on Instagram. These likes add authenticity to your account and attract more traffic.

BuzzVoice.com has two packages available: Instant and Real. The Real package contains likes from real users only. Some of the likes in the Instant package are from relatively inactive accounts. But the Instant packages are priced at much more affordable rates.

You can use safe payment options like PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, etc., to purchase from BuzzVoice.com. They are also one of the very few Instagram promoters who accept Bitcoin.

BuySocialMediaMarketing.com is one of the oldest companies in the market, incorporated in 2014. This company provides various social media growth services for its customers, including Instagram likes, which start at just $1.59.

They have their services available across the globe. The affordable price packages, quality services, etc., are their key to popularity.

BuySocialMediaMarketing.com provides marketing services to almost all social media platforms. One of their most popular services is delivering instant Instagram likes from real users. They are noted for providing their services in one of the lowest-priced packages in the industry.

BuySocialMediaMarketing is rated at 4.89/5 based on 2400+ verified reviews.

Pros 馃憤

路 Safe and secure service.

路 They do not ask for the customer鈥檚 Instagram login details.

路 They offer a solid money-back guarantee.

路 Provides followers, likes, and comments from real Instagram users.

路 Offers fast delivery.

路 They even provide likes from some of the premium users of Instagram.

Cons 馃憥

路 24/7 customer support is not available.

路 Several customers suspect the presence of Instagram bots.

The highlight of BuySocialMediaMarketing.com is their safe HTTPS website. The website does not compromise the safety of the customer鈥檚 sensitive information in any way. The clients can contact the company through the on-site contact form available on the home page of their website.

The platform hosts a number of verified payment gateways, including Bitcoin. Their website has a dedicated blog section that answers all queries and doubts regarding their service.

They offer Instagram likes packages with 50, 100, 500, and 1000 likes. You can order as many likes as needed in a single order. Fifty likes at BuySocialMediaMarketing costs only $1.59.


Once you place the order, the company delivers the likes almost instantly. Even if you place a bulk order, you will start getting likes within a maximum of thirty minutes. Although the likes contain real accounts, most are from relatively inactive accounts.

SocialShaft.com is a popular social media growth service that primarily operates online. They are focusing on various Instagram growth services. Customers can get services like followers, likes, comments, etc., from them at reasonable prices.

The significant advantage of purchasing Instagram likes from SocialShaft.com is that they split the purchased engagement between various posts. This provides the impression of an organic boost in traffic in the client鈥檚 profile.


Another exclusive feature of SocialShaft.com is their free demo. They offer a free demo of fifty Instagram likes. The customers can check the service in the demo and decide on partnering with the website.

Pros 馃憤

路 Delivers orders instantly.

路 Provides 24/7 chat support.

路 Requires no Instagram password for delivery.

路 Multiple payment gateways available.

Cons 馃憥

路 Packages are relatively expensive.

路 Contact options are pretty limited.

SocialShaft.com offers the service of a number of safe payment options for customers. Some of them are Mastercard, VISA, PayPal, etc. They also accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The delivery process on this website is pretty impressive. They deliver the orders instantly once you finish paying for your order. Even if you order a large number of likes, they make sure to deliver them immediately.


They have divided their packages into Instant and Automatic. In the Instant package, they will instantly deliver the chosen number of likes to the post of your preference.

But the Automatic packages use a new post-detection feature that identifies whenever you make a new post in the next thirty days. The platform then distributes the ordered likes across your latest posts organically.

The Automatic packages are available for monthly subscriptions. The Instant packages start at $2.95, whereas the Automatic packages start at $19.95 per month.

Followers.io is one of the most reliable Instagram growth agencies currently operating online. Followers.io offers high engagement and real followers for their customers. They are highly particular about not using fake accounts or bots for the likes. So, the customers get likes and comments from real Instagram users.


Followers.io makes sure that all their prices are affordable for the customers. The Instagram likes package starts at just $1.37, which is one of the lowest prices for this category. Despite the low prices, they are particular about delivering the likes instantly.

Pros 馃憤

路 Competitive pricing plans.

路 Only delivers high-quality likes.

路 Guaranteed instant delivery

路 24/7 customer support through live chat.

路 Can purchase up to 50,000 likes at once.

Cons 馃憥

路 Suspected bot likes.

One of the significant highlights of Followers.io is the facility to split the likes. That is, the customer can choose to or not to split the likes while ordering. If you decide to split the likes, you can also select multiple posts on which you need the split likes.


The likes-splitting feature is extremely helpful in creating natural traffic on the customer's Instagram profile. They do not ask for any login details from the customer. So, there is a high level of safety and security.

They also use some of the most trusted payment gateways for ordering. They are VISA, Mastercard, and Bitcoin.

Stormlikes.net is an exclusive Instagram growth agency popular worldwide. They claim to be delivering real likes and followers to their customer community. They stand by their claim by offering ten free Instagram likes as a trial for their customers. They let their customers judge their service first before proceeding with any orders.


Stormlikes.net provides the facility to choose the country from which you require likes. This feature offers targeted growth to the customer鈥檚 profile. The prices at Stormlikes.net start at $1.39

They also provide you the option to choose the gender that you like the most for likes to come from. This is also helpful if you are trying to market any gender-specific products or services.

Pros 馃憤

路 Extremely affordable prices.

路 Can order a minimum of fifty likes.

路 Instant and monthly plans available.

路 Packages are open for customization.

路 Supports VISA and Mastercard.

Cons 馃憥

路 Have some issues with the retention of likes.


路 The free trial option does not work sometimes.

One of the most noted features of Stormlikes.net is its automatic post-detection feature. This feature allows you to split the likes you order for your new posts. So, whenever you make a new post on Instagram, Stormlikes.net provides some likes on it. This feature works on a monthly subscription plan.

You can adjust the speed of delivery with Stormlikes.net. Also, you can make the likes delivered to your post now and then to avoid any suspicion. If you get many likes together, your followers may find it strange. Stormlikes.net helps you avoid this problem.


Social-viral.com specializes in Instagram growth services. Customers can buy Instagram likes, comments, and followers from Social-viral.com. Even though they offer growth services for almost all social media platforms, their Instagram growth services are the most popular.

The prices of Instagram likes at Social-viral.com start at just $2.98. You can buy a minimum of a hundred likes for the introductory price. You can purchase up to 5,000 likes in a single buy from this platform.

Pros 馃憤

路 Plans are highly flexible.

路 Only provides high-quality likes.

路 Secure and discreet to use.

路 Robust data protection policy

路 Location-specific likes are available.


Cons 馃憥

路 A free trial is not available.

路 Only limited options to reach customer care.

Social-viral.com guarantees real Instagram likes. You need not provide any of your Instagram login credentials with them. Their packages are divided into two: High-quality likes and Active likes.

Socialplus.net is a top-rated Instagram growth service. You will get real Instagram likes, followers, and comments from this agency. They provide organic growth to all of their customers.Socialplus.net starts their prices at $1.95. Despite the low prices, they provide premium-quality likes. They have over ten years of experience in the industry.

Pros 馃憤


路 24/7 live chat support available.

路 Can order a minimum of 100 likes

路 Safety guaranteed.

路 Instant delivery

路 Can split the likes to multiple posts.

路 Does not ask for the customer鈥檚 login credentials.

Cons 馃憥

路 The retention rates are not very good.

Socialplus.net offers exclusive location-based likes service. Customers can choose from the multiple locations available, and the likes will be delivered from those locations. You can buy 10,000 likes at a time from this platform.

Why is Buying Instagram Likes Important?

Here are 9 reasons why buying Instagram likes will be beneficial for your Instagram profile:


  • Buying Instagram likes improves the visibility of your profile.
  • You will likely start getting more organic followers.
  • Your social media pages will improve in SEO ranking.
  • You will grow regarding the number of people you can influence.
  • Due to the high influential potential, you will get more opportunities for promotion and collaboration.
  • You will get more income opportunities as your posts will have a higher value.
  • If you own any business or brand, a high number of Instagram likes will improve your brand's reputation.
  • You can save a significant time promoting each of your posts by simply purchasing them.
  • You can spend your valuable time on quality content creation rather than going around promoting your posts for likes.


Likes are one of the crucial factors that influence Instagram analytics. With a significant number of likes come great opportunities on Instagram. From brand deals to collaborations, likes determine everything on Instagram.

Quality content is considered the right way to gain more likes. But it can often be time-consuming. The fastest and easiest way to increase the number of likes on Instagram is to buy likes.

Choosing one of the mentioned reputed growth agencies and you will be definitely happy with your decision.

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