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7 Best Bodybuilding Peptides (Muscle Growth + Weight Loss)

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7 Best Bodybuilding Peptides (Muscle Growth + Weight Loss)

As peptide therapy becomes more popular however, so do the lies and scams. That's why we wanted to write a definitive guide to the best peptides for muscle growth and weight loss, based on scientific research (our citations are at the very end of the article), so you can make an educated decision as a consumer!

Bodybuilding Peptides
Bodybuilding Peptides

I've been in the peptides and SARMs industry for 15 years, and over the past year peptides for weight loss and muscle growth have SOARED in popularity. More and more people are finding out that they can use peptides (like the ones sold here ) to increase lean muscle mass, boost growth hormone, shred off body fat, and totally transform their physiques within a matter of months. [1]

As peptide therapy becomes more popular however, so do the lies and scams. That's why we wanted to write a definitive guide to the best peptides for muscle growth and weight loss, based on scientific research (our citations are at the very end of the article), so you can make an educated decision as a consumer!

Here is what today's article will cover:

•    Peptides for Muscle Growth
•    Peptides for Weight Loss
•    Peptides for Growth Hormone
•    Peptides for Muscle Recovery
•    ...and more
So, if you're looking to pack on some lean muscle mass, boost growth hormone, or simply lose some body fat using some of the most popular peptides on the market, then keep reading!

What Are Peptides?


First off, what are peptides? In a nutshell, peptides are the building blocks of biology, and play a crucial role in your overall health, hormone production, recovery time, and energy levels.

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, compared to proteins which are long chains of amino acids. This means that peptides are very fast and easy for your body to process, leading to improved strength, fat loss, and muscle gains very rapidly. [2]

Here are the various benefits of peptides:

•    Pack on Lean Muscle Mass
•    Rapidly Accelerate Weight Loss
•    Huge Growth Hormone Release
•    Increased Strength & Power
•    Improved Immune Function
•    Increased Energy Levels
•    Better Overall Health
•    ...and more

While more research should be done on certain peptides, overall most healthcare professionals agree that peptides have the ability to massively improve your overall health and lifestyle.

Are Peptides Legal?

The FDA has yet to add peptides to their list of banned substances, meaning that it is legal to buy and sell peptides online for research purposes. Not a single person has been arrested for buying peptides for weight loss in human history. In fact, it's commonplace for body builders and other individuals to buy peptides for sale from places like this one here all the time.

Best Peptides For Bodybuilding

Peptides For Bodybuilding

Different peptides will have slightly different effects on the body. Some excel at building muscle mass, others are better for weight loss, improving healing, or other things. Overall, most peptides will enhance fat loss AND muscle growth, but we've ranked them based on which peptides are strongest and have the most wide-reaching benefits.

Here are the 7 best peptides for muscle growth and weight loss in 2023:

1.    CJC 1295 w/ DAC - Strongest Peptide Overall
2.    Tesamorelin - Best Peptide for Muscular Growth
3.    Semaglutide (GLP-1) - Best Peptide for Weight Loss
4.    AOD 9604 - Best Peptide for Protein Synthesis
5.    BPC 157 - Best Peptide for Healing Health Benefits
6.    TB 500 - Best Peptide w/ Anti Inflammatory Properties
7.    Sermorelin - Best Peptide for Fast Fat Metabolism

If you're just looking for the strongest peptide to promote muscle growth, accelerate fat burning, and improve your overall health, we recommend you choose CJC 1295 w/ DAC.

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1. CJC 1295 w/ DAC - Best Bodybuilding Peptide Overall

CJC 1295 w/ DAC

CJC-1295 w/ DAC is easily the king of peptides for weight loss and muscle growth at the same time, and probably one of the STRONGEST peptides on the market right now.

This body fat shredding peptide is comprised of 30 amino acids, all analogues to growth hormone releasing hormone. In short, CJC-1295 w/ DAC boosts human growth hormone, which helps with every single aspect of bodybuilding. [3]

CJC-1295 w/ DAC is Best For:

•    Enhance Muscle Growth
•    Quickly Build Muscle Mass
•    Rapidly Accelerated Fat Burning
•    Boost Growth Hormone

If you want to take this peptide in its injectable form (the only form it comes in) for rapid absorption, take a dosage of 1mg twice per week until you get the results you want.

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2. Tesamorelin - Best Peptide for Muscle Growth


Tesamorelin is one of the most popular muscle building peptides out there, consisting of 44 amino acids, which act on the anterior pituitary gland to boost your growth hormone and overall muscular development almost instantly. [4]

By boosting your body's HGH, peptide therapy with Tesamorelin leads to incredibly fast muscle gains, bordering on anabolic steroids like results. Of course, Tesamorelin has far less side effects compared to steroids (in fact, almost no side effects).

Tesamorelin is Best For:

•    Rapid Muscle Gains
•    Lowering Body Weight
•    Increasing Overall Strength

If you're planning on using Tesamorelin to transform your body and pack on tons of lean muscle mass, a dosage of 2mg a day for 5 days a week is what's most common.

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3. Semaglutide - Best Peptide for Weight Loss


Semaglutide, sometimes called GLP-1, is easily one of the best peptides for weight loss, if not the absolute best. There's a reason peptide therapy with Semaglutide has exploded lately.

Semaglutide was initially made for diabetics, to help them regulate blood sugar. However, bodybuilders quickly realized that by regulating their blood sugar, they could use this compound off label to rapidly reduce body fat on your body. [5]

Semaglutide is Best For:

•    Rapid Weight Loss
•    Shredding Away Fat
•    Regulating Body Composition
•    Quick Fat Oxidation

So, if you want to get many of the weight loss benefits of exercise without actually having to exercise, consider a Semaglutide dosage of 0.25mg just once per week! That's all it takes.

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4. AOD 9604 - Best Peptide for Stubborn Fat

AOD 9604

AOD 9604 is another growth hormone releasing compound made up of small chains of essential amino acids, but this peptide actually has a very interesting mechanism of action.

This peptide actually TARGETS stubborn body fat and fat cells throughout your body and promotes lipolysis (breaking down fat cells) while also inhibiting the growth of new ones.

While it lacks the sheer power that Semaglutide has, AOD 9604 is still one of the best peptides for weight loss if you're struggling with especially stubborn belly fat. [6]

AOD 9604 is Best For:

•    Targeting Stubborn Fat
•    Lowering Body Weight
•    Raising Energy Levels

If you plan on using AOD 9604 to torch that stubborn abdominal fat, a dosage of 0.25mg to 1mg per day for up to 24 weeks. That's equal to 1 nasal spray in each nostril daily.

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5. BPC 157 - Best Peptide for Healing

BPC 157

BPC 157 is a very interesting new peptide that has many benefits for the body going far beyond hormones. This is often called the "wolverine peptide" because of how rapidly it accelerates healing in all essential bodily processes. [7]

With BPC-157 peptide therapy, you can heal injuries 10x faster. It's not unheard of for people to get over tendon injuries, broken bones, and other issues in just a month or two with this.

BPC 157 is Best For:

•    Healing Bones
•    Healing Tendons
•    Fixing Gut Issues

So, if you want to get other health benefits aside from building muscle or losing fat, consider taking BPC 157. It has a ton of synergistic benefits that pair well with almost any peptide.

For the dosage, just take 1 spray in each nostril daily for as long as your injury needs healing, then once it's healed, take a break of 2-3 months. No injections required.

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6. TB 500 - Best Peptide for Anti-Inflammation

TB 500

TB 500 is very similar to BPC 157 in that they both don't really affect your hormones a whole lot, but still manage to increase energy levels and overall health by healing the body.

This peptide works by having strong anti-inflammation effects, so it's often taken in a stack with BPC 157. By reducing inflammation, it gives your body a better chance to heal. [8]

TB 500 is Best For:

•    Anti-Inflammation
•    Sore Muscles
•    Chronic Injuries

When you combine TB 500 with exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and a good diet, it's a great peptide to pair with any of the previous five peptides on your weight loss journey.

This is another peptide that comes in nasal spray form, making administration way easier than injections. For the dosage, take 1 spray in each nostril once per day.

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7. Sermorelin - Best Peptide for Metabolism


Sermorelin is another peptide that acts on growth hormones in the body. By affecting the pituitary gland in the brain, it tells your body to start making more HGH. [9]
Sermorelin is generally considered to be very safe, as it was FDA approved in 1997 to be used for children who have low growth hormone. AKA, this is a legitimate medication for HGH.

Sermorelin is Best For:

•    Boosting HGH Levels
•    Increasing Metabolism
•    Shredding Off Fat

Of course, Sermorelin will also have tons of other benefits, like increasing the strength of bones, helping to put on some muscle, and more - but the main benefit is fat burning.

The dosage for Sermorelin is going to be anywhere from 0.2mg to 1mg per day, depending on your bodyweight and goals. It's best to always start small and work your way up, however.

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Peptide FAQ's

Are Peptides Safe?

Many peptides have been FDA approved to help fight certain medical conditions, and assist patients in getting a healthier body. So in short, yes - peptides are generally considered to be safe, and most people tolerate them extremely well since they are naturally occurring.

What Are The Best Lean Muscle Mass Peptides?

As stated, every peptide on this list will help with muscle gains, but some will be more effective than others. The most effective peptides for bodybuilding and gaining muscle are going to be CJC-1295, Tesamorelin, and AOD-9604.

What Are The Best Fat Loss Peptides?

Every peptide on this list will definitely help encourage your body to burn fat much faster than normally possible, but some will be better than the rest. The best weight loss peptides are going to be GLP-1 (Semaglutide) and Sermorelin.

What Are The Best Human Growth Hormone Peptides?

The top peptides for boosting HGH are going to be CJC-1295, Sermorelin, and Tesamorelin, which all act on the brain's pituitary gland which is in charge of HGH production.

Do Peptides Have Side Effects?

While some people may have adverse reactions to certain peptide therapies, in general, all of these peptides have been tested and clinically researched and are universally lauded as being safe as long as they're taken within the recommended dosages.

Are Peptides for Bodybuilding Common?

Absolutely, yes. Bodybuilders want every edge they can get in packing on as much muscle as possible and shredding off as much fat as possible, and peptides are a great way to do this.

Do Peptides Require Injections?

While it's uncomfortable at first, eventually you get used to it. Most peptides do require injections, however, some can be dosed by using a nasal spray version. Where possible, we have included the option to purchase the nasal spray instead of injectables for research.


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