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5 Best Sites To Buy Automatic Instagram Likes In 2024

Boost Your Instagram Presence: Top 5 Sites for Automatic Likes in 2024


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A whopping 2 Billion people actively use Instagram in a month. The high number of monthly users proves the incomparable popularity that Instagram currently enjoys. Instagram has become one big marketplace where content from various parts of the world is exchanged.

Instagram now enjoys a much bigger position than a simple social media platform. It now poses a large number of income opportunities to its users. People with more followers and likes on Instagram are offered brand deals, paid collaborations, affiliate marketing opportunities, etc.

To make a stable career on Instagram, the most basic requirement is to have many followers and likes. This is where the option to buy automatic Instagram likes becomes significant. You can pay and buy Instagram auto likes from various service providers. It is the fastest way to get noticed on Instagram, and here are some of the best sites to buy automatic Instagram likes safely.

Best Sites to Buy Automatic Instagram Likes: Our Top Picks

Our carefully curated list of the best sites to buy automatic Instagram likes online is here.

1. Fameoninsta

2. Growthoid

3. UseViral

4. SidesMedia

5. Twesocial

Best Sites to Buy Automatic Instagram Likes - Detailed Reviews

  1. Fameoninsta

Fameoninsta is considered the one-stop solution for all services required to make it big on Instagram. From likes to followers, you will get premium quality services from Fameoninsta. 

At Fameoninsta, the core team believes in needing external support to improve an Instagram page’s visibility. They ensure that the likes and followers they provide are genuine and long-lasting, which helps the client become more popular on Instagram.

The highlight of Instagram services from Fameoninsta is that they ensure diversity in the likes and followers they provide. So, the instant hike in likes and followers will appear organic to the actual users of the platform.

Prior clients of Fameoninsta vow the excellent service they received from Fameoninsta. Based on the client feedback, it is clear that Fameoninsta has already partnered with hundreds of Instagram users to help them gain maximum visibility.

Fameoninsta: An Overview

Fameoninsta.com is an Instagram growth service provider based in Houston, Texas. Although they provide growth services to almost all platforms, they are particularly popular for their Instagram growth services.

Fameoninsta extends its service mainly online. As of now, they have active clientele across over 60 countries. The company was founded only in 2006. However, within just the initial years, they managed to pull excellent customer attention through the quality of their services.

The company claims that it only provides services from verified Instagram accounts. They offer clients various Instagram growth services, including likes, followers, real views, etc.

Fameoninsta: Services Available

As mentioned, Fameoninsta offers its client community various Instagram growth services. The most popular ones among them are as follows.

  • Instagram followers

  • Instagram likes

  • Automatic Instagram likes

  • Instagram spread likes

  • Instagram views

  • Instagram story views

  • Automatic Instagram story views

  • Instagram monthly packages

Fameoninsta: Buy Automatic Instagram Likes

Buying automatic Instagram likes is indeed quite different from buying regular Instagram likes. Automatic likes save the time of ordering likes separately for each post. By subscribing to any one of Fameoninsta’s automatic likes plans, the customer will get a chosen number of likes delivered to each post they make. 

At Fameoninsta, both regular likes and automatic likes are popular. But let’s talk about the automatic likes service in detail.

Fameoninsta Automatic Insta Likes: Plans Available

The significant plans available at Fameoninsta for automatic Instagram likes are as follows.

  • $20 per month: 100 automatic likes

  • $35 per month: 250 automatic likes

  • $75 per month: 500 automatic likes

  • $95 per month: 800 automatic likes

  • $135 per month: 1000 automatic likes

  • $205 per month: 1500 automatic likes

  • $295 per month: 2000 automatic likes

  • $455 per month: 3000 automatic likes

  • $665 per month: 5000 automatic likes

  • $1195 per month: 10000 automatic likes

Despite the variation in the number of likes and the price, several features are standard to all the pricing plans mentioned above. They are as follows.

  • Real Instagram likes from verified accounts

  • Free complimentary video views

  • Drip feed delivery

  • Dedicated customer support

  • Unsubscribe at any time



Fameoninsta Automatic Instagram Likes: Purchasing Process

It is pretty straightforward to purchase automatic Instagram likes from Fameoninsta. You only have to follow several steps to complete the purchase. They are explained in detail below.

1. Choose A Plan

The section above mentioned many pricing plans to buy Instagram auto likes. As the first step to the purchase, customers must choose one of the plans available on Fameoninsta's official website. As it is possible to cancel the plan anytime, you can experiment with any of them. 

2. Provide Necessary Details

Once the customer chooses an available plan, they must provide the Instagram account details to which the likes are directed. So, the customer has to provide their Instagram profile’s user name, URL, etc. 

It is important to remember that Fameoninsta does not ask for the customers' Instagram passwords. So, the customer’s privacy is completely protected during the purchase. 

The only thing the customer should be careful about is making their account public before placing the order. Fameoninsta cannot deliver the order if the customer’s Instagram account is private.

3. Complete the Purchase

After providing all the Instagram credentials, the customers can finish the purchase by paying for what they have ordered. Fameoninsta offers multiple safe payment options for customers to choose from.

The most popular payment options on Fameoninsta are PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, etc. Once the payment is successfully done, the customer will receive a confirmation regarding the same. The ordered likes will be delivered to the target account or post almost immediately after payment completion.

Fameoninsta Automatic Instagram Likes: Advantages

There are many reasons why it is the right choice to buy automatic likes on Instagram from Fameoninsta. Some of them are as follows.

Plenty of Packages

At Fameoninsta, numerous automatic Instagram likes packages are available for customers. This variety helps all kinds of customers to choose the right package for their requirements. The packages at Fameoninsta start from 100 likes per month and go up to 10,000 likes per month.

Instant Delivery

Fameoninsta causes no delay in the delivery of the likes. Once the payment for the order is complete, the target posts will start receiving the likes almost instantly. But rather than delivering all the likes at once, Fameoninsta prefers to deliver them in a drip-feed manner. The likes will be provided at a gradual but steady pace to make it look organic.

Unlimited Posts

One of the most significant advantages of subscribing to Fameoninsta likes plans is that the ordered likes can be divided among unlimited posts. That is, even if the customer has chosen to post once a month or multiple times a month, the selected number of likes can be divided among them appropriately. 

Professional Customer Service

At Fameoninsta, customers receive the service of a professional and polite customer support team. The customer service team is appropriately trained to provide satisfying answers and solutions to the customers. The Fameoninsta customer center caters to all, from technical queries to service-related doubts.

Easy Ordering Process

The ordering process of Fameoninsta's automatic Instagram likes was detailed in the same article. The process is easy enough to be even done by a beginner. Customers only have to go through an easy three-step process to finish their ordering process properly.

Customers can place their orders for Fameoninsta's automatic Instagram likes at https://fameoninsta.com/buy-automatic-instagram-likes/

Affordable Prices

The affordable prices at Fameoninsta are undoubtedly a highlight. Fameoninsta claims their prices are relatively much lower than almost all of their competitors.

Complimentary Features

Fameoninsta offers many complimentary features to its subscribers for free. One such popular complimentary feature is the free video views the customers receive. Customers will receive several complimentary Instagram video views upon placing an order for automatic Instagram likes.  

Multiple Payment Methods

Safety is of utmost concern for customers when it comes to making online transactions. At Fameoninsta, customers can make their payments through multiple safe options. All the payment options are discreet and private. So, the customers need not worry about compromising their sensitive information.

2. Growthoid

Growthoid is a popular social media growth service agency. The agency has been serving the online community for quite a while now. They are particularly popular for their Instagram growth services. 

Under the Instagram growth services category, Growthoid offers the following services.

  • Instagram likes

  • Instagram comments

  • Instagram views

  • Instagram followers

A good number of packages are available at Growthoid for Instagram auto-like purchases. Customers can choose any package based on their requirements and budget. The ordering process is also reasonably simple at Growthoid. Customers can reach out to the agency any time of the day as they have a dedicated round-the-clock customer service team in place.


The most essential advantages of subscribing to Growthoid's automatic Instagram likes packages are as follows.

  • Proven success record

  • Instant delivery of likes

  • Warranty-protected

  • Multiple pricing packages

  • 30-days refill guarantee

  • 30-day refund guarantee

3. UseViral

UseViral is a popular website widely noted for its easy-to-use interface. The website offers comprehensive digital growth services to clients. They offer likes, followers, and similar services for almost all social media platforms. 

At UseViral, the automatic Instagram likes services are given a particular focus. Customers can purchase any number of automatic likes from UseViral. The website ensures that all likes come from verified and active Instagram accounts. 

To make the purchased likes look organic on the account, UseViral makes the same profiles to like and comment on other elements of the customer’s account. The presence of comments and likes on stories, photos, etc., make them look like regular, active users.

UseViral gained popularity after its recent appearances in popular media like Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, etc.


Here are some of the most important advantages of buying automatic Instagram likes from UseViral.

  • Guaranteed instant delivery

  • High-quality, genuine accounts

  • Private and safe payment options

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Refund guarantee

4. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is a popular choice for people buying automatic Instagram likes online. The agency has been focusing on providing Instagram growth services for a long time. The highlight of SidesMedia is that all the likes the customers receive from them are from authentic Instagram users only.

To make the automatic likes process more believable, SidesMedia helps comment and share the target posts just the way an organic user will do. SidesMedia has been the most popular choice for buying automatic Instagram likes across numerous countries. 

Due to the quality of its services, SidesMedia is constantly featured on international and national media outlets like Outlook, TechCrunch, etc. The instant and quick delivery of likes from SidesMedia is widely appreciated by its client community.


The significant advantages of subscribing to SidesMedia Instagram's growth service plans are as follows.

  • Real and authentic likes

  • 30- day refill guarantee

  • One-minute checkout process

  • Guaranteed quick delivery

  • Constant customer service

  • Refund guarantee

5. Twesocial

Twesocial has been a popular choice for buying automatic Instagram likes online for several years now. They have a pool of real Instagram users from which they offer real Instagram likes for the customers. 

Twesocial has become popular for growth services for many social media platforms. The credibility and reputation of their services make them one of the primary choices in purchasing automatic Instagram likes, too.

The accuracy and efficiency of the services are the highlights of Twesocial. Customers can choose any number of likes in their order. Twesocial ensures that the same likes are delivered to the target account immediately.

The attention to safe payments, user-friendly websites, etc., make it clear that Twesocial prioritizes its customers over anything.


Some of the most popular advantages of hiring Twesocial for automatic Instagram likes are as follows.

  • Guaranteed results

  • Instant delivery

  • Long-lasting likes

  • Refill guarantee

  • Refund guarantee

  • Multiple safe payment gateways

Best Sites to Buy Automatic Instagram Likes: Buying Guide

It is essential to very clearly understand the features to look for in an ideal automatic Instagram-like provider. 

The most crucial thing to consider is whether the Instagram likes are from real accounts. Likes from bot accounts can disappear after a while, significantly affecting your account's credibility.

It is also essential for the customer to be able to choose the number of likes they want to purchase. An ideal growth partner should have plenty of packages suitable for all customers.

A commitment to instant delivery is also very crucial. Quick and efficient delivery of the likes will benefit the customer immensely.

It is also essential for an Instagram growth partner to have a solid refund and refill guarantee in place. It increases the trust element around the service provider.


Instagram Likes
Instagram Likes

Final Wrap

Instagram has evolved to be one of the chief income sources of the new age population. Instagram influencers have become a globally accepted job profile, too. From popularity to substantial monetary rewards, there is so much that a well-maintained Instagram account can offer its owner. 

Getting as many likes as possible is essential to get the most out of an Instagram account. And Instagram growth services have introduced the best way to get the maximum likes – buying automatic Instagram likes. Among many automatic Instagram-like providers, Fameoninsta leads the way with its real likes and high-quality services.


1. How do you get automatic likes on Instagram?

To get automatic likes on Instagram, it is advisable to subscribe to an Instagram growth service. Because organic likes won’t be automated. It is impossible to guarantee that an Instagram post will collect a certain number of likes. So, hiring an Instagram growth agency and purchasing automated likes from them is always better. These agencies deliver the chosen number of likes to the target accounts every month until the subscription ends.

2. Is it legal to buy automatic Instagram likes?

It is not illegal to buy automatic Instagram likes. There are not any watertight rules or laws that prevent people from buying automatic Instagram likes. Even Instagram does not provide a clear stand on people subscribing to Instagram growth services. Although there are no legal consequences, it is advisable to keep the purchase discreet. Because purchasing likes is not very welcomed among the Instagram community usually. It can easily affect the reputation and credibility of the account owner. So, it is better to keep the purchase a private affair.

3. Which is the best service provider to buy automatic Instagram likes from?

The best service provider to buy automatic Instagram likes from is Fameoninsta. This website is based in Houston, Texas. However, it has an active online presence across multiple countries. The agency is the lead provider of all kinds of Instagram growth services, especially automatic Instagram likes. Their affordable prices, commitment to quality, professional customer service, etc., are widely celebrated. A vast number of packages with varying numbers of likes are available for purchase at Fameoninsta.


4. Is it safe to buy automatic Instagram likes?

It is safe to buy automatic Instagram likes from a reputed service provider. Many Instagram growth services exist online that make unreasonable claims. Customers need to look out for such scammers while choosing an Instagram growth partner. The first and foremost thing you must take care of while selecting a growth partner is not sharing your Instagram password with them. No reputed service provider will ask for any password.

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