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2022's Best Online Psychic Reading Services For Accurate Psychic Predictions

Our guide lists the best online psychic reading platform and services for spiritual guidance and psychics prediction, compare and find the perfect psychic expert that suits you best.

2022's best online psychic reading services
2022's best online psychic reading services

The internet is full of online psychic readings platforms available through various websites and mobile applications. Getting in touch with them has never been easier, and all the solutions to your problems are just a few clicks away. It is an utter lie to presume that there are people who have their entire life planned out. All of us are constantly striving to achieve the ideal life we’ve envisioned.
You should be aware that you are not the only one dealing with this. Fear and anxiety have the power to break the strongest people, and you're not alone in dealing with this. We've all made long-term plans, but things may not turn out exactly how we'd expect them to, but we still carry this weight from the past. Seeking external assistance from time to time is okay. 

People with divine powers can be a source of knowledge and wisdom for you to learn from. The universe has entrusted psychics with the duty of guiding us to the right path, and there is a reason behind that. Interpreting what the universe is trying to tell you is the psychic's job and also their duty to communicate it to you.
Go through our detailed guide below to see how each of these three leading psychic websites is making its mark in the online mystic world and how you can take advantage of them. 

The 3 Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms for First-Time Users

Here is a quick summary of the leading psychic online websites and their top features for first-time users.


  • Best Psychics Online Platform for Spiritual Journey
  • Free Psychic Readings Trial – First 3 Min + 70% Off
  • Chat, Email, Phone Psychic Online Available

Psychic Source

  • Best Psychics Online Platform for Love Seekers
  • Free Psychic Readings Trial – First 3 Min + 75% Off
  • 3 Decades+ Experience in Mystic Services

California Psychics

  • Best Psychics Online Platform for Career Enthusiasts
  • Free Psychics Readings Trial - FREE 5-mins using 'ADD5' Promo Code
  • Exceptional Customer Care Department 24/7 Online

Now we will go over detailed reviews of the top online psychics and look at what each platform stands for.  

1. Kasamba - Where Users Come Looking for Spiritual Healing


Spirituality and psychic readings go hand in hand. Suppose you feel a certain void in your life that can only be filled by spiritual readings from the best online psychics platform on the market. We are talking about none other than, Kasamba.

Even though there are several psychic reading online portals on the web, Kasamba is running its own league, providing satisfactory psychics online services to its millions of users. The mystic service portal is more famous for their free psychic reading online, astrology readings, fortune telling, psychic medium, etc., but their spiritual readings are equally impressive. 

With over two decades of experience as the top player in the online mystic world, Kasamba has established an excellent reputation in the market amongst both its competitors and users. 

When things seem like they are no longer in your control and you feel constant despair and discontentment, a psychic reader from Kasamba will be there to help you. If you are still scratching your head over whether seeing psychic reading online on Kasamba would be worth your money and time, keep reading this guide as we spill the beans for you.  
Reliable Pool of Psychic Reading Experts

Kasamba does not believe in keeping things from their customers. That's why they have a transparent portfolio showcasing all their psychic advisors and profiles. You can visit the page and check out all the essential details of the reader like their credentials, experience, qualification, specialty, and user reviews. 
If you are looking for a specific niche like career, love, marriage, etc., you can search for your psychic reader based on these keywords using the special search filter. You can also bookmark and save a psychic profile using the 'Favorites' button. This way, you can review their profiles later and shortlist them accordingly without hassle.

Enjoy Psychic Readings from Your Comfort Zone 

When it comes to shortlisting a psychic online platform for yourself, it means that you have to find a needle from a haystack. There are so many fake, scam and fraud websites out there pretending to offer free readings and high-quality services when they are nothing but a hoax. With Kasamba, you can be assured that you are in safe hands. 

The website is 100% secure and reliable, with certifications and legal approvals from all authorities. Moreover, Kasamba makes it easier to enjoy psychic readings from your comfort zone with their mobile app. You can simply install the app on any mobile and enjoy live psychics at your convenience. 
From chat psychic readings to psychic phone readings to emails, you have the liberty to choose a communication mode that suits you. You can book your reading session according to your schedule and availability. Kasamba allows flexibility and gives you complete control over things. 
In addition, you may also choose to keep your identity hidden if you are uncomfortable with it. User preferences are prioritized at Kasamba and all your personal and critical data remain safe and confidential on the portal. 

Kasamba - Customer Feedback 
“Hey this is Danny Barog and I’m a graffiti artist from Manhattan. Living in the big apple has been nothing short of a dream come true but one that came with a price. When I first moved to NYC, I had no friends no social circle no one to support me. I was just a guy with ambition in his eyes and spray paint in the hands. To my surprise the graffiti artists circle of New York was huge and promising. I met some wonderful and some not-so-wonderful people along the way. Here only I met the love of my life who became my biggest strength in life. A year ago, my father died of heart attack and at that time I did not have the money or means to travel back to my homeland to see him one last time. It was heart wrenching and I blamed myself for everything. Completely shut myself out from the world. My girlfriend saved my life and sanity at that time by introducing me to Kasamba’s spiritual readings online. I also took sessions with psychic medium experts and past life readings online to grieve for my father’s death. It really helped me heal from inside. The platform has an exceptional pool of psychic advisors (phone psychics + chat psychics) who are 100% professional and satisfactory. I will personally recommend everyone to try this cheap psychics platform at least once in their lifetime.”
Best Psychics Offers - Free Psychic Readings & Discounts 

If the reasons mentioned earlier were not enough to convince you to sign up on Kasamba, this one definitely would. So, one thing that entices new users to join this platform is the introductory offer which allows you to avail yourself of psychic reading online minutes for free for the first 3 minutes of your first session. Besides this free trial, Kasamba members can enjoy a 70% discount on their sessions and get a taste of cheap psychic readings. 

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2. Psychic Source - Where Users Come for Love & Relationship Advice

Psychic Source
Psychic Source

You must be familiar with the feeling of grief if you have been betrayed by someone you once trusted. When you are hurt by someone close and are hit unexpectedly, it strikes you like a flash of light and blinds your vision as to whatever you had been watching; believing becomes a lie just like that.
Ending a toxic relationship is easy because you get so many reasons and red flags over time that by the time you conclude to end that relationship, you are already over it. However, if, even in a toxic relationship, you find out that you have been deceived and the other party was playing upon you, that’s something that leaves you with rage and disappointment.

Everyone has a different coping mechanism for dealing with grief and fighting over the feeling of anguish and disappointment. Some people go shopping and shop their heart out, calling it retail therapy, some people actually go to seek proper therapy, and some just try to discipline themselves by focusing more on life and trying to move on by adapting to new hobbies and daily activities.

However, some people do seek help from psychic experts as well. Psychic guidance helps them to have their focus back in life and helps bring peace to their heart and soul. Psychic love readings can be constructive when it comes to an understanding a relationship when you are having some difficult time.
Psychic Source has been in the market for 30 years and has been an expert in offering love readings and psychic reading professionally. When it comes to your love life, we know that you need someone trustworthy; finding the right love psychic reader is also a task in itself, and Psychic Source is here for you to find the best psychic readings online expert to solve all your love life problems.

Relationship Guidance and Love Psychic Readings 

Psychic Source makes sure that you are being provided by expert psychic opinion and health. If you want to look for the most authentic and experienced psychic readers, you need to check our genuine and knowledgeable psychic readers who will solve all your love-life problems with their brilliant and excellent predictions.
You will find many psychic reading sites claiming to be authentic and genuine, but the reality is that they all are just gimmicks for snatching money from you and not helping you even a bit. Psychic Source has highly trained and experienced psychic love readers who will guide you in paving a smooth road for your relationship and future love life.

Psychic reading at Psychic Source is not just restricted to love reading; it will help you cope with anything. Be it work-related stress, friendship, losing a loved one, or even finding love through psychic reading online.

How to prepare before your Love Psychic Reading Session?

If you are going to have a love psychic session and are clueless about the kind of questions you must ask for proper guidance, we are here to help you and suggest some questions that will help in knowing your readings perfectly, and this way, the session will be fruitful and successful for the reader and yourself. The online love psychic can give accurate answers if you provide perfect situations and questions. 

Below are a few suggested questions you must ask your psychic love reader in your online love psychic session.
•    Is there hope for my romantic life in the future?
•    Is there a possibility of an online relationship turning into something more meaningful soon?
•    Is there a long-term future in my current relationship? Because I don’t feel connected and want to figure it out.
•    Should a cheating partner be forgiven after being caught multiple times? Is he going to be loyal in the future?
•    My boyfriend is constantly betraying me; is there any hope?
•    My boyfriend is very toxic, and I am considering leaving. Will that work out for me?
•    I am growing old, just turned 35 this year. Still looking for love, will I find love in the near future?
•    I don’t love my husband anymore. Is there a future in this marriage for both of us?
•    I have had betrayal’s in the past, and now I have severe trust issues; it has nothing to do with my boyfriend; please help me fix those issues.
•    I never wanted to have children, but my husband now wants children, we had already discussed this in the past, and my husband thought I would change my mind. Should we stay in this marriage?
•    I recently had a breakup, and I am over my ex. Should I start looking for love again or give myself some time?
•    I have dreamt of a prince charming since I was a girl. Am I going to find one at all?

Psychic Source - Customer Feedback

“When people talk about love being difficult and complicated, I honestly could never relate. How could I? I was happily married to my childhood sweetheart and we had been together for twelve years. You can say it was a match made in heaven. At least that what it felt like. But one day it happened. The tragedy of life hit us, and it hit us hard, completely knocking us off our feet. We were trying to have children for the past two years without any luck. Several tests and treatments later, the doctor gave us the catastrophic news that having children was just not an option for us. Ohh, I still remember how I locked myself up and cried for weeks. I couldn’t look at my husband the same way, nor reciprocate the love he brought my way. I hated all of it. Everything and everyone. It was once when my husband caught me trying to overdose on sleeping pills, he realized it was time for a proper intervention. We began therapy, marriage counselling, joined a couple’s retreat, did everything to feel alive again. Things did get better but they were not quite right, not like how they used to be. One day I saw the name Psychic Source for love readings, and without wasting a second, I instantly clicked on it and booked our first reading. That was 6 months ago and last week was our 30th session with their cheap psychics advisor. As you can guess, it was a life-altering experience. One I will forever be grateful for. If your love life has also gone off track, come to Psychic Source for help. Their 24/7 available customer representative will help you book the first session and guide you with anything you’re struggling to understand. Good luck!”

Best Psychics Offers - Free Psychic Readings & Discounts 

When entering Psychic Source as a new member, there is a special offer for you. This includes a free reading trial for the first three minutes of your session. This means you can experience Psychic Source using the free minutes and decide which psychic reader is ideal for you. In addition, new users are also given a discount of around 70% off on the online psychic reading.

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3. California Psychics - Where Users Seek Career Guidance and Forecasts

California Psychics
California Psychics

California Psychics, a modern psychic reading platform, can help you solve essential life struggles like your job and financial situation. In a short span of time, the website has already distinguished itself as one of the leading sources of online psychic readings.
With a vast network of multiple online psychics that are certified and experienced, California Psychics take great pride in offering multilingual psychic readings.
If you're reluctant to swipe your credit card to pay anywhere, California Psychics can help you. Online psychic experts in this particular profession can improve your mental health by providing excellent advice related to your career and finances, and it will also save you money.

Trustworthy Financial & Career Predictions

You don't have to worry about money, not any longer. Your life's most critical concerns can be answered with the help of accurate financial readings and career forecasting, thanks to California Psychics.
• Will the stocks you want to invest in go up?
• How can I get my lost money back?
• Should I proceed with a business deal?
• Is it better to accept a new position or wait for my promotion here?
• Am I too old to switch careers? Should I start pursuing whichever career I genuinely enjoy?

Our online psychic reading financial experts can guide you through such queries. California Psychics consist of numerous online psychics who specialize in this field, all of whom are not only qualified but are also licensed. In order to get readings with the best online psychics, you don't have to look any further. The services they provide include numerology readings, dream analysis, psychic medium readings, along with financial readings. Irrespective of what type of psychic you're looking for, you'll find them at California Psychics.

Editor’s Review – Number One Psychics Online Site

While picking a company like California Psychics as your starting point, it's hard ever to go wrong. Due to the site's user-friendly design, you'll find reliable readers in no time. It consists of a simple portal, which can be used even if you're not tech-savvy.
The website is also referred to as the “best-balanced site” due to its modern design and user-friendly layout.
The secure payment gateway encrypts all the sensitive data available at the site and protects its users along with their personal information.
In order to save time, you can utilize the site's advanced search filters to quickly search for an online psychic reader who is fit for you. Enter a keyword or skim through California Psychics' database to promptly come across the best psychics.

California Psychics - Customer Feedback

"Investing in a new market is a huge gamble and I’m not a risk taker at all. Hi this is Chad and I’m a young investor who has just entered the market. Being a new entrant, I wanted to play things safe and not put my hard-earned money on stake. That’s why I reached out to a psychic advisor and career forecasts expert at California Psychics. It all started with my first stock investments. I was a teenager at that time but one who was always super ambitious. My father introduced me to California Psychics and that was probably one of the smartest decisions I made in life. From accurate psychic predictions to in-depth analysis of your problem to knowledge sharing - California Psychics outshines in all departments. So, do not waste any more time and book your first session today. You also get some free minutes as bonus so there is no harm in trying the platform at least once. Pro tip: make a mental checklist of all the important things you need to ask your advisor. This helps make the most of your first reading season. Best of luck with it. May you get what you’re looking for. Amen.”

Best Psychics Offers - Free Psychic Readings & Discounts 

Want to enjoy free reading minutes? California Psychics can make this wish come true! All you have to do is register on the website and use the promo code ‘ADD5’ while booking your session. With this promo code, you can enjoy the first five minutes of your readings for absolutely free.
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Best Online Psychic Readings: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right time to see an online psychic reader?


Psychic reading
Psychic reading

The decision to see a psychic reader online is not one that you take overnight. There are various reasons you should be seeing a psychic expert, most notably when you have felt you’re ready. You just need to be sure of what outcome you are trying to achieve from your reading. 
When you have clarity over what you are looking for from your first online session, then it is the right time to schedule one. As you know what answers you are seeking, the psychic reader or tarot readings expert will be able to help you accordingly. However, do not expect to get all the answers to your queries in one go. It may take several sessions to gain clarity over all your major life concerns. 
To sum it up, the right time to see an online psychic readings expert is when you are ready to face the truth and seek help and clarity in life. 
What are some things to avoid in your online psychic session? 

Your first online reading session can be scary and nerve-wracking. Don't worry; we got you. To make the most of your online psychics session, here are a few things to avoid during the session: 
Do not rush the psychic advisor – While you may be impatient and too excited to find out what the cards hold for you, try to avoid inflicting pressure on your reader as they are used to working in a calm and serene ambiance. Making them rush through things may leave a negative impact on your readings, especially for dream analysis or oracle card readings.
Do not ask vague questions – Save your and your readers time by asking vague and ambiguous questions that will not benefit the reading. This is why it is advised that you prepare a list of specific questions before your session so you can get precise and personalized readings. This comes in handy for astrological readings. 
Do not have unrealistic expectations from your psychic advisor – While we know that you trust your reader to give you accurate psychic predictions, sometimes things can be a hit and miss. Understand that your psychic is a human being, and if things do not go as per your expectation, you still show them the respect they deserve. They cannot change your life overnight; they can only help you see things clearly and advise you on the most practical solutions based on your readings. Do not have unrealistic expectations that your reader will fix all your life problems in a single session. It is simply not possible or practical, so keep an open mind when going for a reading. 

Are cheap psychic readings reliable? 

Of course, they are, but it depends on which platform you are using. When it comes to affordable or free psychics online, there are many top-rated platforms like Kasamba and Psychic Source that offer this service for their users. Before you decide to move forward with a cheap psychic platform, make sure that you carefully review and scrutinize the platform for legitimacy and accuracy. Read online reviews and study their services in detail before making any purchase with them. You do not want to risk leaking your crucial information to save a few dollars on online psychic reading, so make sure you conduct proper research before going for a new platform. 

Can online psychics see your future?

It is often perceived by people that psychics possess the power to look into the future. Keeping in mind our minimal understanding, the notion of time along with how it might connect with the soul is not an easy concept to understand. Distinguishing our past, present, and future selves cannot be accomplished. The actions we've done in our history, as well as our current actions, have an impact on our long-term prospects. In turn, this increases our odds of making better decisions in the future and making better decisions. To an extent, it is possible for psychic readers to predict the future. However, they don't have the power to change your fate.

Final Wrap Up – Is It Possible To Find Meaning In Life With The Assistance Of Psychic Readings?

A lot of people get discouraged by the reflection of looking for psychic readings on the internet. Most people would believe that it is, in fact, difficult to convince themselves to seek treatment, since they prefer not to be scammed online. In order to tackle this problem, we have put together a list of the best places to get a psychic reading that is free of cost. 

The pros and cons of every online psychic reading platform are mentioned above, allowing you to make an informed decision and easily compare and contrast within each of them. Moreover, you would already be aware of what to look for in a website that you can trust.
Selecting a platform that is safe and secure is crucial. Chances are, you could be asked to provide information about yourself which could include credit card details. You wouldn’t want any of this data in the wrong hands. Due to this, any trusted website would never ask for your personal information immediately.
These are a few examples of things that you need to watch out for. After all, these are the minute details that will come in handy once you start your journey to an emotional and physical recovery, which is why we have compiled everything in one place. An appointment with a psychic is only a couple of clicks away after you’ve gone through this article.

Never forget that you’re not alone in facing such struggles. Quite like yourself, many others like to keep their struggles within themselves. However, it is always good to seek help immediately. Some people who have come out stronger from similar situations can guide you with their past experiences. 
If you're concerned about your mental and emotional well-being, know that you are not alone. If you are not aware of what's causing your anxiety, that's perfectly fine. Seeking help from available professional online psychic readers can help you put your life in perspective.
Making wise decisions at the right time is crucial, as a psychic reader or a medium might tell you. Allow them to take your hand and give you the support you need before you embark on this new life.

Good luck!