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15 Best Psychic Reading Sites for Accurate Readings

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15 Best Psychic Reading Sites for Accurate Readings

What surprises does the future hold for you? Getting a psychic reading online on psychic websites can help you cut through the noise.

Best Psychic Reading
Best Psychic Reading

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It is not uncommon for us to get curious about our past, present, and future. A psychic reading you can find on psychic websites can change the course of your life in a few minutes. With online psychic mediums establishing a connection with the spirit world and clairvoyant psychics tapping into psychic sources like the Akashic records, you can easily gain a sense of clarity when talking to expert readers via live chat, phone, and video calls. A quality psychic reading can help you see things from a new perspective. A network of psychic readings has revolutionized the industry: you are no longer forced to leave your home to seek advice from psychic professionals.

A psychic reading performed over the web removes the emotional tension between the online psychic and the customer, providing for a clean psychic session. Psychic websites deliver easy-to-use transcripts of psychic readings with top psychics, allowing you to go back to your previous conversations to check their accuracy. Unlike the in-person psychic reading, an online divine consultation helps you stay in control of the process and only share information that is relevant to your reading. You can access online psychic readings 24/7 without the need to schedule in advance, with the psychic sessions online being a more reliable option since all the psychics are screened by the company, with customer reviews proving the authenticity of an online psychic reading site.

15 best psychic reading websites

  1. California Psychics . 20 minutes for $1 with the top choice of psychic readers and a satisfaction guarantee.
  2. Nebula . $14 credits given for your first psychic reading + a chat room for conversing with your favorite online psychics.
  3. Keen . 3 free minutes for an online psychic reading and a special offer of 10 minutes for $1.99.
  4. Kasamba . 3 free minutes for new customers and 50% off on in-depth online psychic reading services with expert psychics.
  5. Purple Garden . $10 credit for new members + video sessions with online psychics at $1/minute.
  6. Mysticsense . 5 free minutes for an online psychic reading, with refunds guaranteed on all readings.
  7. Oranum. 10,000 coins for becoming a member and free live streams with psychic readers before a paid session.
  8. AskNow. 5 free minutes with elite/master psychics and online psychic readings at $1/minute.
  9. Psychic Source. Psychic readings as low as $1/minute and video readings available on the platform.
  10. Path Forward Psychics. 3 minutes free for new customers and psychic rates starting at $1/minute.
  11. Seventh Sense Psychic. $1/minute for first-time customers and a special deal of $7 for 7 minutes.
  12. Psychic Center. Special offer of 10 minutes for $5 and 10% credits back of your monthly spending.
  13. Psychic Sofa. 10% extra minutes for a free special offer + customer bundles for 120–480 minutes.
  14. PsychicOz. First 3 minutes free and best value packages for call and email psychic readings.
  15. Psychics1on1. $5 credit for new clients and chat/phone/video call options for psychic reading services.

California Psychics

  • Established: 1995
  • Number of psychics: 300+
  • Number of visitors: 1.3M
  • Price range: $1-$15 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: $1 per minute as an introductory offer
  • Star rating: 3.9 (297 reviews)
California Psychics
California Psychics

✅ Pros:

  • Introductory packages for 20 min
  • Karma Rewards points
  • Refund policy
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Only 2% of the psychics accepted
  • Online psychics having 10,000 readings in total

❌ Cons:

  • No free minutes for new customers

California Psychics is a trustworthy place to get your accurate psychic readings online. Having been around since 1995, it served over 6 million customers, all of them satisfied with the number of top psychics on the platform for accurate readings. Your best bets at California Psychics are online psychic reading sessions starting at $1 per minute, as well as three introductory packages for newcomers (affordable, popular, premium). In addition to long-standing readers that have 10,000+ sessions in their track record, customers can earn points with the Karma Rewards program by adding funds to their account after every purchase. Are psychics accurate? California Psychics only accepts 2% of readers into their ranks, which is another evidence of their high ethical standards for online psychics.


  • Established: 2019
  • Number of psychics: 300+
  • Number of visitors: 349.1K
  • Price range: $2-$30 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: $14 credits for new customers
  • Star rating: 3.6 (6 reviews)

✅ Pros:

  • Lowest rate for psychic readings at $1/min
  • Free daily horoscope
  • Nebula Rewards program
  • Live chat sessions with online psychics
  • Convenient chat rooms for users

❌ Cons:

  • No video chats with online psychics

Like most popular psychic reading websites, Nebula has a special offer for customers that are new to the platform. You will get 100 credits for your first psychic reading once you complete registration. 100 credits will provide you with 3 free minutes with any selected psychic. After the trial psychic session is over, you can purchase additional credits for psychic readings. You can get a cheap psychic reading for $1/minute, with the Nebula Rewards program featuring weekly bonuses and free horoscopes. Customers will also be introduced to multi-faceted member profiles with chat rooms for psychic interactions, a psychic reader match tool, and the balance displayed in your account.


  • Established: 1999
  • Number of psychics: 1600+
  • Number of visitors: 1.7M
  • Price range: $1.99-$30 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: 3 free minutes + 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Star rating: 3.6 (463 reviews)

✅ Pros:

  • Psychic matching tool
  • Refund credits for psychic readings
  • Customized mobile app
  • 1600+ online psychics

❌ Cons:

  • No video readings available
  • Best online psychics at $40/min

Keen, being one of the most popular online psychic reading websites, is known for its impressive number of total readings—over 41 million—and a seamless reputation supported by reasonable pricing options. Any new customer on Keen will be offered 3 minutes for free psychic readings, with a special offer of 10 minutes for $1.99, inviting you to stay on the site.

The assortment of spiritual readings online and psychic themes is not limited to love readings only: you can also seek the services of life path psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, aura readers, and dream experts. The standard rate for a psychic reading session ranges between $2-$10 per minute. Some of the best online psychics will charge $30-$40 for a minute. You are entitled to the Keen refund policy of $25 once you have completed your first online psychic reading session.


  • Established: 1999
  • Number of psychics: 290+
  • Number of visitors: 757.3K
  • Price range: $1.99-$40 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: 3 free minutes + 70% off for your first session
  • Star rating: 4.3 (1089 reviews)

✅ Pros:

  • 3 million happy customers
  • Chat, phone, and email readings
  • Affordable psychic rates
  • Downloadable mobile app
  • Customer support 24/7

❌ Cons:

  • No video readings for users

One of Kasamba's undeniable benefits is the welcome deal of 3 free minutes reserved for your psychic readings. If you are looking for the best online psychics that can deliver accurate predictions and psychic readings live, you won't be disappointed once you become a member of Kasamba's dedicated online community. With free chat minutes that can be used with any online psychic and a special deal of 70% off the regular price, you will have an opportunity to test your psychic before committing to a paid reading. 3 million clients have enjoyed Kasamba's services, including love psychic readings, tarot readings, career forecasts, astrology readings, and dream analysis.

What is an online psychic reading?

Are psychics accurate, and how can I trust them as I opt for an online psychic reading? To make sure you never come across shady experts, you should always go with the top psychic reading sites in the business. Whether you are looking to achieve your goals, strengthen your relationship, or find new ways to deal with life's challenges, a genuine psychic reading can help. A free psychic reading is also good for connecting with the spirit realm and receiving messages from a world beyond our own.

An online psychic reading performed by top psychics can be an effective tool in exploring the multi-faceted aspects of divination. Given that these days mystic advice can be delivered without meeting the psychic advisors in person, people are more open to the idea of transforming their lives guided by a cosmic consultant. Despite the air of skepticism and distrust surrounding free psychic readings, getting timely assistance from the best psychic reading websites can help you live a better life. If you wish to transcend the boundaries of your everyday experience, the psychic's supernatural abilities will clear the path ahead.

What to expect from an online psychic reading?

During an online psychic reading, you will establish direct communication with a psychic advisor and assess their psychic abilities in providing mediums chat readings, spiritual readings, palm readings, and more. Top online psychic services will grant you free minutes for psychic readings. 

Using tarot cards and crystals, an online psychic can point you toward a better solution. By no means, a live psychic reading should be treated as a therapy replacement. The online psychic may also channel spirits to help them get the information they need. On occasion, you will hear the psychic say that it is actually the angel guide talking through them to deliver accurate readings. The best astrology website will provide you with an exclusive natal chart based on your date of birth and location, which is another way for a psychic to deliver predictions and tune into your past, present, and future.

The advantages of getting an online psychic reading

Accurate psychic readings are hard to come by, which is why getting the best online psychic reading can be a life-changing experience. In a fast-paced environment where people like to get immediate answers, finding an online psychic reading site is far more convenient than scheduling a psychic reading with local advisors. An online psychic reader will save you time and effort when looking for spiritual readings online. Today, psychic readings are way more detailed than any generic horoscope that can be applied to all zodiac signs. Other benefits of psychic reading sites compared to in-person readings include:

  • Instant readings. Most psychic readers you will find at online psychic reading services can process your request immediately. This means you will be delivered a psychic reading without having to leave your home. If this is not enough to make you excited about your next psychic reading, think of the long drives to the psychic reader and the time it takes to schedule an appointment with psychic mediums. 
  • Pocket-friendly rates. A psychic reading that is conducted online will always be fair to your budget, with free psychic readings online available to every new customer. Before you decide to join the best online psychic reading sites, check the welcome offers they have in store. More often than not, online psychic reading sites will provide you with introductory packages and discounted rates for online chat readings. With the average cost of online astrology readings and tarot readings being significantly smaller compared to those from a local psychic, getting an in-person tarot reading session becomes unnecessary. An online chat will not challenge your budget as the online psychic sessions are shorter.
  • Customer reviews. Customer reports indicate that the psychic reading site is worth your trust. Unlike face-to-face readings, where you can only rely on other people's references and word of mouth, psychic readings live will allow you to find out if the psychic lives up to your expectations. If psychic readers have multiple user reviews backing up their claims, this will increase the chances of a particular psychic advisor vibing with your energy.
  • Background and credentials. With in-person readings, it is almost impossible to check the psychic's background unless they choose to share their track record willingly. Psychic readings online, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to confirm the credibility of the top psychic readers. No more asking yourself if the clairvoyant readings that you get at a psychic parlor nearby are merely a product of a cold reading technique as you prepare for your first online psychic reading. 
  • Complete privacy. Another benefit of a free psychic reading online is the protection of your customer privacy provided by the online psychic reading platforms in question. When chatting with top psychics at a reputable psychic website or using an intuitive mobile app to order a personalized horoscope, you do not have to worry about any sensitive information of yours being revealed to third parties. The best psychic readers are bound by the code of ethics, implying that the transcripts of all previous psychic sessions can only be available to dedicated users. The psychic cannot share any details of the accurate psychic reading if they do not want to be accused of compromising the safety of their clientele.

Different types of online psychic readings

Online psychic readers specialize in different types of chat psychic readings and are well-accredited to provide psychic sessions on various subjects. The most popular reading types that you can come across are past life readings, clairvoyant readings, tarot card readings, and astrology readings. If you want to build rapport with your psychic and never waste time ordering life readings, these reading types will give you a rundown on how the psychic industry works.

Fortune telling

Some say that fortune tellers have been around for ages, providing invaluable services to every social class, from blue-blooded aristocrats to common people. Because the art of fortune telling was so beloved by kings, queens, and everyone in between, it set in motion the events that led to it becoming one of the most popular forms of psychic divination imaginable. A decent fortune telling session with a reliable expert will blur the lines between past, present, and future, allowing the customers to gaze into the unknown under watchful guidance.

Expect a free psychic reading with an online fortune teller to include divination tools such as tea leaves and crystal balls, the ever-faithful companions of every reputable fortune telling expert. A psychic reading session with someone who possesses the skills of fortune telling will help you achieve the goals that you've planned and follow your innate desires to reveal your full potential.

Tarot readings

Tarot card readings are a long-standing form of forecasting the future, its roots dating back to the Middle Ages. This type of supernatural practice was made mainstream by someone named Etteilla, who was later revealed to be an occultist developing a system destined to transform your life. His techniques were followed by a certain Lenormand and soon regarded as one of the most reliable ways to interpret your life decisions and see what awaits you.

Love readings

If you are puzzled and confused about a relationship or need second opinions from psychic experts on whether you can court a certain someone, a free psychic reading on love and relationships will be of use. Love readings allow customers to find their true love and connect with their soulmates as astrologers and tarot readers go the extra mile to establish a rapport with the higher realms. Love psychics play an invaluable part in how you perceive yourself in romantic affairs and whether your outlook on life will help you manifest the partner of your dreams.


How do online psychic readings work? Is it done through chat, phone, or video?

A free psychic reading online can be performed via chat, phone, and video call options. The communication method that you use with a selected psychic will depend on the psychic reading website you've chosen and its modes of contact. Once you've selected the psychic, you can either text them, call them, or have a video conversation.

Can I trust the accuracy of online psychic readings?

A psychic reading website with a reliable reputation ensures that all your readings are accurate, but you should remember that not all psychics are infallible and can still make generic predictions if they lack expertise. To safeguard yourself from inaccurate online psychic advisors, make sure you have studied the psychic's bio and checked the customer reviews on the website.

Are online psychic readings as effective as in-person readings?

While in-person readings can provide you with a sense of affinity and close connection that are not always found in online readings, the latter are more effective as you can schedule a meeting with an advisor and choose a psychic by studying customer reports and their credentials on the platform. In-person readings require you to rely on third-hand evidence and your own judgment when selecting a psychic.

How do I choose a reliable online psychic reader?

To find top psychics that are going to match your standards and remain effective, you have to make sure they are the real deal. First off, check if the psychic has customer reviews posted on their profile page and see what kind of readings they perform daily. You can also go through the psychic's bio to find any proof that backs up the psychic's claims.

What information do I need to provide for an online psychic reading?

Online psychics should never ask you for personal information such as your credit card number. Also, you should never share the details of your private life you are not comfortable with. However, talking to an astrology expert may include the customers providing the psychics with their birth date and place of birth to create a personalized horoscope.

Are online psychic readings confidential?

Any reputable psychic site will make sure they follow the code of ethics when delivering psychic readings, which means your privacy will never be compromised while talking to a psychic online. A psychic service that wants to secure their place in the business will go out of its way to ensure the confidentiality of its customers.

How much does a psychic reading typically cost?

Psychic readings can cost anywhere between $0.99 and $25 per minute, with the price of an individual psychic depending on their experience, number of readings, reputation, skills, divination tools, star rating, and more. As a rule, authentic psychic reading sites will offer an introductory deal of 3 free minutes to make the process of finding the right psychic easier.

Do different types of psychic readings have different costs?

If you are ready to delve into the mysteries of your soul under the psychic’s guidance, you can choose a video reading, which is usually more expensive than a chat reading or a phone reading. Chat and phone call sessions allow you to maintain a larger degree of privacy and are normally cheaper than initiating a video conversation with the selected psychic. 

Final thoughts

When in doubt, spiritual readings online can make life that much easier by providing an opportunity to talk to your psychic guide and get the clarity that your heart desires. A psychic reading online performed by a top-rated expert is a great way to gain valuable insights and reconcile with past trauma. Whether it is a problematic partner you are dealing with or a challenging life decision that needs to be handled with care, the presence of a psychic reader can ease the burden. These days, online chat readings no longer require customers to visit a psychic parlor. By choosing top psychics from one of the psychic services that we provide, you are guaranteed to find fulfillment and improve your outlook on life after just one session.


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