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10 Best Sites To Buy Verified Instagram Comments

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10 Best Sites To Buy Verified Instagram Comments

We're about to take a tour of the best places to get real Instagram likes. It's time to take your online presence to the next level by getting genuine interactions on your Instagram profile.

Best Sites To Buy Verified Instagram
Best Sites To Buy Verified Instagram

Are you looking to buy Instagram comments from a trustworthy and credible source? Well, you are at the right place! We understand the importance of credibility and authenticity in the world of social media, which is why we have compiled a list of the top sites that offer verified Instagram comments. You may boost both your post's reach and its credibility by investing in Instagram comments. Real user feedback boosts your content's legitimacy and trustworthiness, leading to increased organic engagement and distribution.

Below, you'll find a detailed breakdown of the best websites' features, advantages, and price structures. We'll take a look at their turnaround time, availability of customer care, and any supplementary growth services they provide to help you get the most out of your Instagram account. So, get comfortable, because we're about to take a tour of the best places to get real Instagram likes. It's time to take your online presence to the next level by getting genuine interactions on your Instagram profile.

So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at the best sites to buy verified Instagram comments.

1. Viralyft

Let’s start with one of our favorites on the list, Viralyft. Viralyft is one of the industry leaders with more than 50 years of marketing experience. There’s hardly any site as good as Viralyft when it comes to Instagram promotion. Over the years, Viralyft has naturally become one of the best options for buying comments for Instagram.

With Viralyft, you get to choose between high-quality comments and verified comments. The packages for high-quality comments range from 10 comments for $4.99 to 500 comments for $59.99. On the other hand, the packages for verified comments start from 5 comments for $15.99 up to 100 comments for $239.99.

In addition to the features that you get with the package you choose, Viralyft also has a lot of different benefits. For example, they accept crypto payments, have a very fast response time, and have 24/7 support available to help you whenever needed.

2. Socialpros

If there’s any site that proves to be nearly as good as Viralyft, it’s SocialPros. They want to help you reach your full potential and make sure that you get the Instagram success you dream of. After going through their reviews, you can see that they do everything they can to help and more.

Just like Viralyft, here also you get the option to buy from two different types of Instagram comments. The packages for high-quality comments start with 10 comments for $3.99. The largest high-quality comments package provides you with 500 comments for $59.99. There are 5 packages available for verified comments. The smallest package will get you 5 comments for $15.99 and the largest one will get you 100 comments for $239.99

3. SocialRush

SocialRush is a very popular growth service provider in the social media industry. They are known for being a one-stop shop for all social media services. They highly value the satisfaction of their customers. If you want to get any Instagram growth service like comments or likes, they are the place to go. However, unlike the 2 sites mentioned above, they don’t have separate packages to buy verified Instagram comments.

For YouTube comments, they have 5 packages available. The first package is worth $3.99 and will get you 10 comments. The last package you will find is worth $94.99 and gets you 500 comments. The other packages available are 25 comments for $7.99, 50 comments for $15.99, and 100 comments for $29.99. With their help, you can build a fan base for yourself by expanding your reach organically.

4. Socialpackages

Social packages are one of the safest social media growth services you can find. They don’t use any bot-generated comments or spammy and automated comments. They provide their services from genuine and active accounts. If you are looking to organically increase your comments count on Instagram, then you should consider looking into social packages.

They have 6 packages available for Instagram comments. Starting with 10 comments for $3.99, 25 comments and going up to 500 comments for $59.99. In addition to comments, you can also get packages for Instagram likes, views, and comments.

5. Socialdaddy

Next up we have It is yet another great option for people looking for Instagram growth services. They know exactly what it takes to stand out from the competition and successfully grow on Instagram. So, they tailor all of their services to fit your needs in the best way possible.

The thing that sets them apart from everyone else on this list is that they offer more than 60 packages. With their help, you can find a package that suits all of your needs. On their website, you can select the package most suitable for your account. They have different packages for different quantities of comments and at different price points. Additionally, they also have packages offering comments from different countries and genders.

Another unique thing about them is that they offer packages from well-established accounts. Some of their packages offer comments from accounts with a large following. For example, accounts with 30k to 1 million followers.

6. Promobanger

Promobanger follows all of the Instagram rules to make sure your account will be safe. Their services work in such a way that the Instagram algorithm will work towards making your account more visible. As a result, they help you grow organically. They have 4 types of packages available, viz., random comments packages, custom comments packages, random verified comments, and custom verified comments packages.

The random comments packages start with 5 comments for $1.1 and up to 5000 comments for $339. The custom comments packages start at the same price point and go up to 75 comments for $12. You can get as little as 1 comment for $2.6 with the random comments from verified accounts and go up to 10 comments for $17. The custom verified comments start at $4.3 for 1 custom comment and go up to $25 for 10 comments. As you see, their price points are comparatively more affordable than a lot of the other services mentioned on this list.

7. Buysocialmediamarketing offers great packages that are tailored according to the Instagram algorithm. All you have to do is choose the package you want, enter your username, and select the posts you want to see the comments on. Then just wait and watch the comments roll in.

Their random comments packages range from 10 comments for $2.99 to 2000 comments for $179.99. The custom comments packages range from 5 comments for $2.99 to 500 comments for $119.99. With custom comments, you can write your list of comments and personally choose the account types.

The real comments packages range from 5 comments for $6.99 to 150 comments for $119.99. Real comments will come from active Instagram users which will help increase your engagement. The verified comments range from 1 comment for $9.99 to 10 comments for $59.99. These verified comments will be from users who have the verified badge.

8. Plugviews offers amazing digital marketing solutions for all of your needs. They have customized their strategies over the years to help boost your online presence and generate leads. With their help, you can easily increase your ROI and become more trustworthy and credible. Their Instagram comments services will be delivered almost instantly and have the option of a lifetime refill.

You can only buy random comments from them. You can get 5 random comments for as little as $0.45. On the other hand, their largest package consists of 3000 random comments for the price of $270. All of these packages will help you increase the engagement rate on your account. Furthermore, you will be seen as more relevant since comments will directly make you credible.

9. Buyshazam

BuyShazam is one of the customizable social media growth services available. You can customize any of the packages according to your requirements. What this means is that you can get exactly what you want. If you only want to buy verified Instagram comments, you can! As long as the amount you set is within their minimum and maximum limits.

For their Instagram automatic comments packages, their rate is $5 for every 1000 comments and the minimum quantity is 5 and the maximum is 100,000. You can also get custom comments from influencer accounts for a rate of $85 for every 1000 comments (minimum 12 and maximum 80). Furthermore, you can also get comments from verified accounts for a rate of $2 for 1 comment. The minimum order here is 1 and the maximum is only 13. Above all, the best part is that you get to provide them with custom comments that you want to see on your posts.

10. Marketinghy is probably the most modern and customer-oriented growth service out there. They will start by auditing your entire online marketing campaign to see what your account needs. Then they will fix whatever needs to be fixed to help you get the growth you are looking for. Their main focus is on 3 things, lead capture, nurturing, and conversions.

Their package for buying Instagram-verified comments is worth $10 for 2 comments. The estimated delivery time ranges from 0 to 12 hours. They can do this because they promote your account to a wide variety of exclusive verified accounts who will then comment on your posts. Keep in mind that their comments will be random and are not customizable.

How to Buy Verified Comments on Instagram Posts?

You can easily buy verified comments by following a few simple steps. Firstly, choose a trustworthy service from the aforementioned list. The next step is to just choose the package that best accommodates your needs and also fits within your budget. Then give them the link of the post you want to receive the comments on. Lastly, finish your payment and just watch the verified comments delivered to your post, improving your engagement rate and credibility.

What's the Difference Between High Quality and Verified Comments?

The difference between high-quality and verified comments usually lies in their authenticity and the type of account they are made from. High-quality comments tend to be relevant to your content and aim to improve your engagement. On the other hand, verified comments come from active users on Instagram. They aim to provide more credibility as they are more authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Comments Delivered from Active Users on Instagram?

Yes, the comments are delivered from active users. They will help your account connect and engage with a real audience.

Do I have to Provide my Instagram Account Password?

No, you never have to provide your password to any credible service providers. All you need to provide is the link to the post you want to receive the comments on.

How Much Do Verified Comments Typically Cost?

The cost of verified comments varies based on which site you choose and the package you select. The cost can be anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on the quantity and quality.

What is the Best Place to Buy Comments from Verified Users?

Viralyft is known as the best place to buy comments from verified users. They provide high-quality and verified comments packages for you to choose from. Furthermore, they are the most credible.

Will Someone Know that I have Bought Instagram Comments?

No one will know that you decided to buy Instagram comments. All of the services are provided in a very authentic and trustworthy way to make sure it looks genuine.


So, now you know about the best sites to buy verified Instagram comments from. Their reliability in the market has been verified by their high rating and praise from customers. When making your choice of service provider, take care to verify that they place a premium on providing feedback from actual customers.

We hope that among these options, you will find the perfect fit for your Instagram growth goals and budget. With any luck, you'll be able to use the information in this article to propel your Instagram to new heights of success. Remember to bookmark this article for future reference and stay tuned for more insightful content in our upcoming articles.

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