Wrestlers' Protest: Delhi Police Asks 2 Wrestlers To Submit Photo, Audio And Video Proof Of Assault

With the ongoing probe regarding the sexual harassment cases against Wrestling Federation of India chief Brij Bhushan Singh, the Delhi Police who is looking into the matter with details have asked the complainants to show proof of their accusations.

Indian wrestlers staging protest against WFI chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh

Delhi Police is currently investigating this case of sexual harassment against Brij Bhushan Singh where they had reportedly asked two of the wrestlers to show proof of their accusations.

Reports say that notices were issued to the complainant wrestlers for responding and submitting the pieces of evidence they had. One of the wrestlers told The Indian Express, "We have provided whatever evidence we have. One of our relatives has also given the police what they asked for."

According to the reports, one of the wrestlers had complained about Singh hugging her for 10 to 15 seconds after she had won a medal and the wrestler had to cover her breasts with her hands to avoid being groped. On the basis of this complaint, the police have reportedly asked the wrestler to show proof of this hug in the form of photographs. this incident occurred overseas, so the police have asked the wrestlers to provide proper information on their stay and the roommates they had during that time and other potential witnesses. Reports also say that the police also wanted the details of the hotel they stayed in.

In another instance, a wrestler and her relative had reportedly complained of receiving threatening calls for going after the WFI chief. Thus the relative has been issued notice to submit proof of the conversation in the form of audio or video or screenshots.

According to the reports these notices have been signed off by the Investigating officer of the Connaught Place police station.

Reportedly the Union Sports Ministry had formed a Oversight committee on this matter and they have also asked the complainants to submit video proof of their accusations. 

The two wrestlers have both mentioned in their FIRs that the accused touched them inappropriately and sexually on several occasions. Reportedly, one of them said that during an overseas tournament in 2016, Singh touched her breasts as he asked her to join him at a table. She has also reported being groped by Singh at his residence which is also the WFI office, twice.

The other wrestler reportedly mentioned that once during a warm-up, Singh had lifted her jersey without consent and touched her breasts and defended his action by saying that he was checking her breathing patterns. She was again inappropriately touched in the WFI office, says the report.

Reportedly Brij Bhushan Singh has denied all of the accusations made against him claiming that they are politically inclined. 

The protesting wrestlers filed complaints against Wrestling Federation of India chief Brij Bhushan Singh of sexual harassment and criminal intimidation in Delhi's Connaught Place police station and later they took the matter to the Supreme Court when they were unable to file FIRs with the police.

The Delhi Police filed 2 FIRs against Singh on April 28 which contained a minimum of two instances of Singh demanding sexual favours for professional assistance, reportedly it also has 15 incidents of sexual harassment that includes 10 episodes of inappropriate touching, molestation that included running hands over breasts, touching the navel; several instances of intimidation including stalking. Reportedly the FIRs were about incidents that occurred between 2016 and 2019 at the WFI office at 21 Ashoka Road which is also the residence of Singh and tournaments abroad.

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