Women's Reservation Bill, Tripple Talaq, Anti-Terror Laws: PM Modi Cites Big Reforms By 17th Lok Sabha| Top Quotes

During his speech at the Lok Sabha, PM Modi emphasized on the 'reform, perform and transform' narrative.

PM Narendra Modi at Lok Sabha on Saturday | Photo: X/@narendramodi

Speaking in line with the NDA government's mantra of "reform, perform and transform", Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday hailed the 17th Lok Sabha during his speech on the last day of budget session ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

In his speech, while citing the the scrapping of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and the ban on triple talaq, the prime minister highlighted that the 17th Lok Sabha took several decisions that were waited for long by many generations.

The big reforms he cited also included Data Protection Bill, stringent anti-terror laws, removal of obsolete laws and the Women's Reservation Bill.

He further mentioned that the productivity of the 17th Lok Sabha was 97 per cent and 30 bill were passed during its term.

The Prime Minister said democracy would be stronger the more quickly "the government gets out of people's day-to-day lives", asserting that he believed in 'minimum government, maximum governance'.

PM Modi's top quotes at Lok Sabha

  • 'Reform, perform and transform'

During his speech, the prime minister emphasized on the 'reform, perform and transform' narrative to highlight the significant accomplishments.

"The last five years helped the country "reform, perform and transform. Many game-changing reforms which will lay foundation of strong India took place in last five years", PM Modi said. He added that it was very rare to see all three happening at once, and he is sure that the country will keep blessing the 17th Lok Sabha. 

  • 30 bills passed in first session

Lauding the the work of the 17th Lok Sabha, PM Modi highlighted that in its first sitting, 30 bills were passed in both Houses of Parliament. "This was a record in itself", he added. 

According to the PM, the 17th Lok Sabha showed 97 per cent productivity and the percentage was over 100 per cent in seven sessions.

  • Article 370 abrogation

"Many generations dreamed of one constitution but this house scrapped Article 370. People who had a role in creating the constitution must be blessing us today.  The people of Kashmir were distant from social justice. Today, we took it to them," PM Modi said.

  • Stringent laws to combat terrorism

    Highlighting the reforms in the field of anti-terror laws, PM Modi said, "We made stricter laws against terrorism. This will give victims solace and make them confident and make India free from terrorism."

  • Transgender people received ID cards

PM Modi also spoke of the focus on marginalised people including transgenders, 17,000 of whom "received identity cards". "We gave Padma awards to transgenders," he added.