'Zionists, Beautiful': Hamas Men 'Heard' Saying While Kidnapping Women; Netanyahu Reacts To Video

"He says "Here are the female captives. Here are the weak". He says "no no you're no beautiful" NOT "you're so beautiful," an X user said about 'mistranslation' of video.

Screengrab from the new Hamas footage showing abduction of 5 IDF soldiers Photo: X/@bringhomenow

The Hostages and Missing Families Forum shared a horrifying footage of five female Israeli soldiers being kidnapped by terror outfit Hamas during the October 7 attack.

The video was captured on the body cameras of Hamas militants that day as they launched their attack on Israel. Filmed 229 days ago, the footage shows Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa and Naama Levy. All five of the women are still held hostage by the militant outfit in Gaza.

One of the hostages' -- Liri Albag -- father told Channel 12 that he wants them to "broadcast this footage every day at the start of the news until somebody wakes up".

The video begins at Nahal Oz base, where the militants are seen tying the hands of the beaten women. They are seen talking to them, asking them where they are from.

Later in the three-minute-long video, they are also seen taking the women and loading them onto a vehicle. These Israeli soldiers, held hostage, are surveillance soldiers tasked with monitoring activity at the border, Times of Israel reported.

One of the militants allegedly yells at them, "You dogs, we will step on you!"

Levy then says, "I have friends in Palestine," while Albag requests for "someone who speaks English". The militants respond to them by yelling and asking them to be quiet and sit down. One of the militants tells them, "Our brothers died because of you. We will shoot you all."

Then one of the Hamas militants asks Albag to call his friend in Gaza, though not clear why, while another asks where they are from. Berger says she is from Tel Aviv.

Then the footage cuts to the militants praying in the shelter. Then one of them looks at the hostages and says, "women who can get pregnant".

"These are Zionists", one says pointing at the five women, when another says "you are so beautiful".

Later in the video, the militants are seen bringing the Israeli soldiers to their vehicle amid gunfire sounds in the background. One of the soldiers is seen limping, seemingly injured in the leg.

Reacting to the video, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said, "we continue to offer them (the soldiers' families) all our strength and love".

"Liri, Karina, Agam , Daniella, and Naama are all still in Hamas captivity and we are fighting to bring them home as well as all other hostages - 128 in total!" Herzog said in a statement on X.

He said that the world must look at this cruelty, asking "those who care about women's rights" to speak out. "All those who believe in freedom must speak out, and do everything possible to bring all of the hostages home now," the Israeli President said.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his was "shocked" by the video of the kidnapping of Israel's "dear female observers", adding that the country will do everything to bring them back.

"The brutality of the Hamas terrorists only strengthens my determination to fight with all my strength until the elimination of Hamas, to ensure that what we saw tonight will never happen again," Netanyahu said in a post on X.

The hostages' families said that "The Israeli government and the international community can't waste another moment -- we must get back to the negotiation table today!"

Albag's father, in conversation with Channel 12, also said, "This is the most sensitive version...and still terribly harsh."

"We are exposing ourselves and our daughters. We went back and forth over and over about whether to release it. Three of the mothers have not seen the footage, are not prepared to see the footage, cannot bear to see the girls (in the footage)," Albag's father Eli was quoted as saying by Times of Israel.


While the video shared by the Hostages Families Forum and Israel has pointed at the militants saying demeaning things such as "Here, these are the girls who can get pregnant", "These are Zionists", netizens on X have claimed that the video is "mistranslated".

One of the users on X said, "NO ONE said the words "get pregnant" or "Zionists" in the entire video!"

"He says "Here are the female captives. Here are the weak". He says "no no you're no beautiful" NOT "you're so beautiful," the user said.

He noted that, "All 5 captives were IDF soldiers at the Nahal Oz military base in charge of enforcing Gaza's draconian siege!"

"You know all this, but choose to lie deliberately!" the X user added.

Meanwhile another platform on X, "debunked" the video and said that there is false and missing translation in the footage.


"False Translation: Video2; They never said “Pregnant woman” as claimed in the video, thanks to @hoaxvstruths for providing this clip, they said “HAY IL SABAYA” which means “These are the girls” in Arabic," the X user said.

Questions were also raised at the portrayal of the Israeli soldiers as "girls".

Giving another example of false translation, the user said, "Last thing is at 2:03 in the original footage they claimed the Hamas fighter said “you are beautiful” while infact he said “no no you are not beautiful".

Then another "mistranslation" example comes in the video when the militants are seen taking the IDF soldiers to a vehicle. The X user/platform said, "At 2:25 - Incorrect subtitle. He said طلع - TALLE. Which means “get her up” he was referring to getting her up in the vehicle. He never said “without her”.


Earlier this year, in February, a fact check by Reuters said that a video footage of men purported to be Hamas militants speaking to a now-released Israeli hostage in Arabic, was circulating online with false translation that they said that she will be a "sex slave".

The X post of the video, according to the news agency, falsely states that men in the clip say in Arabic, "Here, we caught one of the Jewish dogs and we will take her as a sex slave. No man wants to see what we will do to her here in the fields."

As per Reuters translation, however, the man in the clip said, "The Jews ran away, here we have caught one, and we will leave her. If we catch any man, we will see what we will do to him. We are here in the fields.”


Reportedly, at no time in the clip do the men say Yanai will become a “sex slave.”

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